The World of Deities Chapter 395

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Giant Legion lined up, walking high towards the city wall.

The densely packed Persia army guards Giant like a servant.

The Persia army did not even use any siege equipment because they knew that in front of Giant Legion, the so-called city wall unable to withstand a single blow.

When the time comes, you just need to rush into the city.

Not only the regular army warrior knows that every Persian has heard similar stories.

Above the Giant’s head, the flying snakes flapped their wings, and the scarlet snakes shone.

On the city wall of the Marathon Fortress, a torsion rock thrower called a “wild donkey” is filled with stone bombs, and a powerful stretch stone thrower is also prepared. The crossbowmen quietly look at Persian and Giant.

The mage stood in front of the crossbowmen, and at the front were the warriors of shield spears standing in line.

lance is sharp and the shield is shiny.

Above the city wall, Aristocrat is barely visible.

Many Aristocrat have gathered near the back entrance of the Marathon Fortress, and once the city breaks, it immediately escapes.

However, the commander of Aristocrat stood indifferently above the city wall.

He knew that the moment the plane appeared, the moment Giant dropped from the sky, his own ending was already doomed.

Bear the charge of defeat.

“Stupid Human!”

King Giant smiled contemptuously and bent down.

All Giants also bent down.

As they saw their hands inserted into the ground, the power of Earth Elemental gathered, forming a huge stone between the two hands.

Before the Greek responded, 1000 Giants threw huge stones on the city wall at two hundred meters.


The harsh sound rang, and Greek on the city wall panicked.

The sky-bearing boulders fell from the sky like black clouds.

Some fell early, hit the ground, or hit the wall, making a huge noise.

Other boulders flew over the city wall and landed on the houses in the rear, some hit people, and mournful scream came.

More than half of the boulders fell on the city wall.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ ……

Countless soldiers were smashed into meat sauce.

A large number of city defense equipment was destroyed by boulders.


Greek hurriedly launched those stone throwers.

Counting 100 flying stones fell to Giant.

Persian was in a mess, but the Giants were smiling.

Giant Wang is unable to bear laughed heartily.

“Stupid Human!” He finished, grabbing two hands forward, each grabbing a flying stone flying over.

The same is true for the rest of Giant, catching the stones around them one after another.

Part of the stone fell in the unmanned place, part was caught by Giant, and only a very few boulders hit the Persia army.

The casualties on both sides are completely disproportionate.

“Stupid Human!” King Giant was loudly roared again, and the other Giants immediately threw stones at the Greek city wall again.

Throw stones several times in a row, corpses on the fortress city wall, blood flowing into a river, densely packed stones everywhere.

Even many Magicians were hit.

There is no Golden Magician in the city.



Giant King loudly roared, strode forward, leaving the footprint of each and everyone clear.

Earth vibrates like a Mercedes.

Seeing that Giant was about to rush over the city wall, a harsh voice sounded.

“What about the plane ship? Why is the plane ship gone? This General wants to fight the next plane ship as a spoils of war!”

Persia looked around. On the east side of the marathon plain, a black fleet appeared on the skyline. Between the blue sky and the deep blue sea, it was like Sea Beast.

Suddenly, the Persia Great Camp sounded the retreating horn.

Persian backed away in panic, the Giants turned around disappointedly and looked at the Persia camp.

King Giant glanced at Persia, and looked towards the Greek fortress in front of him, pursing his mouth and wrinkling his nose, revealing an angry look.

“Stupid Human, I want to eat the Netherworld Demon King beast, it must be made up! Big make up!” Giant King complained a few words and turned away.

At first, Giant King also moved forward slowly, but everyone else was striding forward. He glanced at the direction of the fleet and saw a man with thick hair, complexion slightly changed, speeding up his pace and leaving.

Looking at the back of the Persia army retreating, Greek was relaxed.

The soldiers on the city wall looked east, but unfortunately the east of the fortress was seen by the mountain wall, and they couldn’t see the Athens fleet in the distance.

Afterwards, the whole city cheered and Aristocrat went back to the city wall.

In the yard, Suye looked at the distant fleet from the water curtain and asked, “Is our fleet?”

“It’s Dimis General, his tart and mean voice, every Sparta person remembers.” Kastor’s expression was slightly more complicated.

The expressions of other Sparta people also have subtle changes.

Suye slightly smiled, Dimis is known as Sparta nemesis.

The battle between Sparta and Athens is a win-win situation.

Dimis’s battle experience also has victories and defeats.

However, in the battle with Sparta, as long as it is commanded by Dimis, whether it is a sea battle or a land battle, the Dimis battle is invincible.

Therefore, the attitude of the Sparta people to Dimis is very complicated. On the one hand, they adore this strategic and powerful Legendary warrior, and on the other hand, they hate this treacherous person who often turns the Sparta people around.

Dimis is a different kind of Legendary warrior.

Too many Aristocrat ridicule him, saying that he is more like Magician than warrior.

He is a Legendary, and is currently only one commoner background in all living Legendary warriors.

It is the true first generation Legendary Aristocrat.

Is the most controversial figure in Athens.

Those who hate him think that he is morally corrupt and lustful. He uses a variety of crafty plots and machinations to treat his opponents. Many Athens Aristocrat have been made painful by him and take the initiative to sum.

People who like him think that he is a civilian light. Although they may be morally corrupt, it is only for Aristocrat opponents, for other City-States, for Persia, for all enemies, but for Athens, he has always been making an all-out effort.

After a long time, the Greek coalition fleet reached the Marathon Bay, and the people on the city wall saw their fleet.

Most Greeks started cheering, but Aristocrat, who was on the city wall again, turned black.

Through the water curtain, Suye saw a middle age person with an ordinary figure standing at the bow of the fleet flagship.

It was a man who was only wearing brown leather shorts. His black upper body was more dazzling than the chest hair on his chest. It was the black hair on the abdomen above his shorts. The thick black hair could almost connect the chest hair.

A small half of the angular muscles were covered by the thick black hair on his abdomen.

Suye suddenly understood why Aristocrat always laughed at Mis as a “conspirator”. The black hair on his abdomen was really like that hair…

“It’s worthy to be called’that man’…” Suye didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Although Demis is naked, he wears a magic bronze helmet on his head. There is no normal Legendary wise rays of light or General in the eyes of a pair of deep browns. Instead, he reveals a faint color of playfulness. The cynical youngster doesn’t look like Legendary Aristocrat in his early 40s.

Suye’s eyes fell on the thick beard of his chin, his thick beard almost connected to his chest hair.

Not tall, not strong, even the skin is not fit, even the appearance of the chest muscles and abdominal muscles is not good-looking, especially the whole body hair, how to look has nothing to do with Legendary and General.

Suye looked away and landed on a sword to the right of Dimis.

It’s not a sword, it’s more like a door.

It is about 2 meters long, half a meter wide, with black shoulders and black blades.

The giant sword floated quietly in mid-air.

The Dark Gate, Hero’s Sword.

For this sword, Dimis not only went bankrupt, but also owed huge debts.

I haven’t paid it yet.

The sword was bought from Hercules’s dead skin and face, and it is said that the public was holding Hercules’ legs with a snot and tears, asking Hercules to sell it disgustingly.

The debt is due to Pantion Family.

His story is often circulated in Athens, and even if Suye doesn’t pay much attention, he has heard it many times.

“Yoah, Aristocrat of Athens, why are you standing on the city wall with a face? Quickly call the old guy Miltiades. When I get on the city wall, if I see Aristocrat dregs standing on it, I will see one fight one! “

The Aristocrat on the city wall looked at each other in blank dismay, and some whispered and some complained in a low voice, even preparing to go downstairs.

Suddenly, Dimis jumped off the boat, stepped in mid-air, and took a step of 100 meters, flying like a big bird.

The Dark Gate followed closely.

The Aristocrat on the city wall completely fry the pan. Like the rat dug into the nest, they fled towards all directions, and even a high-ranking warrior jumped directly from the city wall.

However, Dimis is the Legendary warrior.

His speed was too fast, he rushed to the city wall after a few seconds, raised his feet, aimed at the Aristocrat one by one, all kicked off.

“General, it’s me…” The commander of Saint Domain, who represents Areopagus, screamed in a hurry when he saw a foot fly.

Dimis kicked the current Allied Commander in one foot, and the dignified Saint Domain General smashed into the roof below like a dead pig. The wall exploded and four smokes were emitted.

“It’s you who kicked! If the Laozi arrived in time, the Marathon Fortress has become the Giant’s toilet! Waste, all waste!”

Demis hated his hatred and suddenly jumped off the city wall, kicking one at Aristocrat under the city wall and kicking them all.

Those with low ranks are only kicked with broken ribs, and those with high ranks are often kicked into the wall with one kick.

“General, we’ve got off the city wall…ah…” The speaker flew out, smashing the wall and vomiting blood.

“So you are all fools.” Cold light flashed in Dimy’s coldly smiled, brown eyes.

In front of the water curtain, Suye and the others stared blankly at the dozens of Aristocrat lying on the ground.

“I didn’t keep my hands very much, the lightest was the 2 broken ribs.”

“It seems that there are bad luck, almost breathing, it is probably the family of Dimis hate.”

“Is Dimis always so fierce?” Suye asked.

Castor and Anto 10000 were nodded hard.

“Aristocrat can bear him?” Suye asked.

“It’s not Aristocrat who can’t bear his problem, it’s that he has been looking for revenge on Aristocrat.” Kastor helplessly said.

“I know he was born in a merchant’s house. Mother is a foreigner. When he was young, he was often bullied by Aristocrat, but… he’s all Legendary, so self-willed?” Suye asked.

“He said that it was in order to be so capricious that he worked hard to become Legendary. If becoming Legendary is not so capricious, it is better to die.” Casto said in ear.

Suye didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

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