The World of Deities Chapter 396

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Kastor whispered: “Be careful, maybe we can speak now, he can hear it. And you can see the temper of this General, temperamental, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, whoever offends him, One is worse than the other.”

“I didn’t offend him again, he didn’t need to make enemies indiscriminately, and if he really was as spread by outside world, he couldn’t be promoted to Legendary,” Suye said.

“What you said makes sense, but… there is no harm in respecting him.”

“At least for the current marathon fortress, his arrival is a good thing. I finally know why those Aristocrat rushed to seize the power of Miltiades, which is to be robbed before the arrival of Dimis. However, does the coalition have no other Navy General?” Suye said.

Kastor shrugged and said, “Although we Sparta hates Dimis, Elder Council unanimously decided that if Sparta is to be sent out, then the navy must be commanded by Dimis. Not only Sparta, but also the City-State of the entire Peloponnese peninsula. , And most of the City-States in North and West Greece, require Demis to lead the navy. You have to understand that the lives of those civilian warriors are not Aristocrat or rich merchants, but the City-State warships are Aristocrat or rich merchants. Yes, we don’t want our property to float.”

“So that’s how it is, it seems that everyone trusts Dimis General,” Suye said.

“In addition to trusting Demeters, Athens Aristocrat is also good by the way. Look, Demeters are very happy when they punch and kick Athens Aristocrat.” Kastor said with a slight smile.

“It’s a pity…” Suye looked at Demi, who was high-spirited, thinking of his deeds.

“Next, Athens Aristocrat will be honest for a while.” Commodus said.

“They will be honest until the end of the Battle of Marathon,” Golden Mage said 10000. “If Athens Aristocrat wants to seize power again, the City-State will act together to help Miltiades General solve it.”

“That is to say, the 10000 people who died today were sacrificed in advance.” Suye’s voice was very soft.

No one is talking.

Everyone knows the answer.

Suye said slowly: “I suddenly remembered that the warrior sacrificed only life. The Saint Domain General sacrificed the official position, Aristocrat, sacrificed military merit.”

No one was talking in the yard.

“So, either change or eliminate. This time I made a mistake, and next time, I can’t make the same mistake.” Suye finished and turned back to his room.

“He shouldn’t blame himself for this matter.” Castor whispered.

“He should, because he has a Legendary heart.” Anto 10000 said with emotion.

Castor froze for a moment, his face ashamed.

Commodus brows tightly knit, said: “However, he is only silver, he has no way.”

“Yes, this is our perspective on this matter. And he, looking for a solution for the next time. I like this child, he is better than me.” Anto 10000 smiled.

“Find a solution for the next time…” Commodus chewed carefully.

“I should do the same! Next time, if I encounter the same thing again, I will oppose Athens Aristocrat in the name of family!” Kastor said firmly.

“If it’s not Athens Aristocrat, what if it’s your father?” Anto 10000 put away the water curtain and watching eyes and turned to leave.

Castor froze in place, speechless.

The marathon fortress was kept, but there was no festive atmosphere in the fortress.

A corpse was transported back to the fortress from the outside. The Magicians who were responsible for handling the corpse were simply too busy. Some City-State had to abandon the corpse to be transported back. They could only find the cemetery behind the fortress and bury it after one.

Soon, the result of the third battle appeared in front of Suye.

Greece directly killed more than 7000 people and seriously injured more than 3000 people.

The loss on this day far exceeded the sum of all battles before, and caused a fatal blow to the Greek coalition.

Some City-State reinforcements were killed in action.

Suye suddenly understood why Dimis would kick and kick Aristocrat.

Because he came from outside the city, he flew over the battlefield, and he passed the body of the Greece warrior.

After dinner, Suye continued to study the Silver Magic Formation Chart, Euclid broke into the door and simply used the blockade spell.

The ash grey rays of light enveloped the whole house.

“You have Devil Bloodline, what level?” Euclid helped the purple cloth cap.

Suye looked towards this young Golden Mage, his eyes seem to be hiding Scarlet Spider, weaving 2 red spider webs.

“Devil General Bloodline.”

“Is there Water Element Bloodline?” Euclid asked again.

“You didn’t read the book, it means you remember very clearly.” Suye said.

Euclid ignored Suye, bowed his head, and the Magic Book flew to his chest out of nowhere, quickly opened and turned the pages.

“There are 2 battlefields in this war, one is land and the other is sea. Persia can be delivered continuously, but if the navy is defeated, then the Persia Army will naturally collapse. The arrival of Dimis General made Miltiades General determined. , By defeating the Persia navy, to defeat Persia’s purpose.”

Suye nodded, did not speak.

Euclid continued: “The Persia navy is very powerful. They commissioned Miletus many years ago to make a magic flagship. You should be able to see that the biggest Persia ship is the crystal of the Wisdom of Miletus Magician, with a cost of up to 3,000,000 golden eagle. , Has the most powerful magic ability at the time. Not only can command all ships, but also early warning. The Legendary Grandmaster sits on it, even if the General Deems wants a sneak attack.”

“Isn’t Saint Domain and Legendary not able to come off in person?” Suye asked.

“Dimis likes to pretend to be Golden Warrior and end.” Euclid expression calmly.

“That’s it…” Suye didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. This Demis is really a wonderful flower in Legendary.

“So, if you want to defeat the Persia Navy, you must solve that flagship. Do you have Water Element Bloodline, it is very important.” Euclid said.

Suye vaguely guessed some possibilities and said, “I have Water Element Bloodline, Water Element General.”

Euclid eyes shined, said: “Go!” Suye’s hand will be pulled after finishing.

“Speak clearly first.” Suye right hand retreated.

Euclid immediately withdrew his hand and said while turning the book: “Do you know the innate skill ability that comes with Devil Priest Bloodline?”

“I haven’t really seen this. Bloodline learns everything in general. Devil Bloodline is more mysterious than 4 elemental Bloodline.” Suye said.

“Your Bloodline rank rises one more level, which is Devil Priest Bloodline, and the additional ability is “Body-Transformation Technique”. Yes, the name is the same as Golden magic, and the effect is almost the same. It is to use the power of Illusion Spell, Make yourself look like another person or creature. However, the role of Body-Transformation Technique is only to deceive other people’s five senses. If you use similar magic such as Unreal Eye, Body-Transformation Technique is useless. But, if Your Bloodline is promoted to Devil Lord, then the Devil Body-Transformation Technique will be promoted to the real Body-Transformation Technique.”

“Real Body-Transformation Technique? Is it originally related to Devil Bloodline…” Suye said.

“It seems that you also know the true Body-Transformation Technique, which is to completely deform your body, whether it is hair, skin, muscle or skeleton, every detail of the whole body will directly change. Even God, if you don’t explore it carefully, You won’t notice the real Body-Transformation Technique. All magic detections are invalid for the real Body-Transformation Technique, because this is a real change. This is the real Body-Transformation Technique you know, but the real Body of Devil Lord Bloodline -Transformation Technique, if you use someone else’s body, you will even unconsciously make the habit of exactly the same after transformation, and even get some memories.” Euclid said.

“Is it so strong?” Suye completely didn’t expect Devil Bloodline’s real Body-Transformation Technique is so strong.

“Yes, Devil is synonymous with fraud and lies. Their Bloodline contains this kind of magical innate skill. Although you are only Devil General Bloodline, but your blood contains this power, which is why Devil’s Illusion Spell is very powerful, and the master of Netherworld has a big divine might turn into reality. If you just have Devil Bloodline, I turn around and leave, but you still have Water Element General Bloodline, the only person who fits the plan.” Euclid.

“Do you need both Devil Bloodline and Water Element Bloodline…”

“You can probably guess, yes, we will ask Saint Domain Master to use Transfiguration to transform you into a fish. Even Legendary Grandmaster’s Body-Transformation Technique is impossible and has tricked Persia’s flagship magic detection, but you have Water Element Bloodline, in magic detection, you will be judged as Water Element creature, that is, fish or water demon. However, magic detection also needs to detect whether there is Illusion Spell or other magic mark, you can also cover this with Devil Bloodline This kind of breath. In the end, there may be Magician who judges with naked eyes, and Transfiguration can be concealed. Water Element Bloodline, Devil Bloodline and Transfiguration are indispensable. Even if the Bloodline level is too low, it is easy to fail.” Euclid said.

“Now I fully understand that you are going to make me change into a fish and sneak into the Persia flagship, trying to destroy the Persia flagship?” Suye asked.

“No, you don’t need to. You just have to swim along the seabed all the way to the bottom of the Persia flagship, even if it is several dozen meters away. After that, you spit out the Magic Tool, and the Magic Tool will automatically charge ahead and destroy Persia. Flagship. I can guarantee in the name of Plato that this process is dangerous for others, but for you, there is no danger.” Euclid said.

“Hehe, Plato Academy students are playing Plato under the name swindle, isn’t it the tradition of Academy? I have done it too,” Suye said.

Euclid smiled awkwardly and said, “This time is different.”

Suye bowed his head and thought for a long time, saying: “I’m not refusing, but this matter is too dangerous and there are too many uncertainties. speaking of which is simple, it’s not quite the same thing at all, it will take me a while Relearn to swim like a fish. So…”

“I understand!” Euclid said. “The two Generals decided that as long as you can do this, no matter whether you succeed or fail, you will remember your first credit.”

“I already have half of my first achievements,” Suye said.

Euclid rolled his eyes and said, “Forget it, I’m still too honest and kind. I can’t tell you, go. I’ll take you to see the Demis General. Miltiades General is still stared by Aristocrat. As for Demis General, Aristocrat doesn’t Dare to send people.”

“Can you not see him?” Suye thought of the previous scene, a little flustered.

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