The World of Deities Chapter 397

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“Don’t be afraid, Dimis General appreciates you. He even complained to me that “Jacquerie” should be changed to “Dimis” and let him kill Aristocrat in the drama. He even wants to invite you to make a tailor-made one for him The drama is called “Bounded Demeters.” Euclid in deadly earnest said.

Suye rolled her eyes and there was no lower limit for Misi.

“Come on, you want to inform Miltiades General. I am afraid that Demis General will go crazy temporarily, and give me a kick,” Suye said.

Euclid flipped through the book and said, “In my understanding of Dimis, he is a person who is base and shameless, for the purpose by fair means or foul, as long as you have great use value for him, he will not move you . He really wanted you to write a comedy with him as the protagonist. He had previously sought out the father of tragedy, Aeschylus.”

“And then?” Suye asked.

“I was scolded away, I remember this.” Euclid said.

Suye smiled.

“He didn’t touch the Master of Escoros?” Suye asked.

“He didn’t want to offend Greece’s dramatist, he cursed and left.”

“It’s rational than I expected.” Suye said.

“However, his temper for the young genius is not very good. At that time, Aristotle was a captain in the first battle. He also frigid irony and scorching satire. Later, he found that Aristotle innate skill was super strong, and he made a good deal. Aristotle was too lazy to look at him.” Euclid said.

“Aristotle is Aristocrat, I am a civilian, he should not be hostile to me, let me say that I am now an enemy of Athens Aristocrat. Wait, Aristotle’s World War I captain? What happened? I seem to have heard of it, but there is no detailed record “Suye said.

“Of course it can’t be recorded, and no one believes it. The key scene is too tragic. That war even left Egypt with a huge psychological shadow, so that wherever Aristotle went, Egyptians retreated. Aristotle was outside Egypt. No. is the Flame Demon King.” Euclid said.

“You talk about it.” Suye was full of curiosity and wanted to understand Aristotle’s perverted fame battle.

“Have you Fire Attribute innate skill: Splash?” Euclid asked.

“Have I, do you not know?” Suye asked back.

“I know you don’t, but who knows if you have any!” Euclid gave Suye a blank look.

“It’s really not there, and I don’t have to hide it in some cases,” Suye said.

“Then you know the splashing innate skill?”

“Of course I know that after the Fire Attribute magic hits the enemy, it will be divided into small flames and scattered. This innate skill itself has a general effect, but with Adhesion and Spread, it is equivalent to casting a range of several times.” Suye said.

“Scattered advanced innate skill, you know?” Euclid asked.

“Burst? Known as the most perverted group attack innate skill in the Fire Attribute innate skill? Aristotle has it?”

Euclid nodded.

“Then I understand how Aristotle made military achievements. If I have this magic, let alone the thousand thousand Persia army, even if the 1000000 army is in front of me, it is scum.” Suye was envious and helpless.

Euclid continued: “At that time, Egypt sent troops to attack a City-State on Crete. At that time, Aristotle happened to be traveling in that City-State. Aristotle… I don’t know if you understand or understand. It is the first of the Academy Four Heroes, overbearing, Taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, supercilious…Don’t tell him. In short, the City-State person begged Aristotle, Aristotle overbearing, taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, supercilious…nodded. Then, he said in front of the 2nd Army: Friends of Egypt, give me Aristotle a face, you go back, otherwise I will be the first shot of the Academy Four Heroes, you are too late to cry…”

“Wait!” Suye interrupted Euclid’s words. “How come I don’t think this is what he said.”

“Understanding spirit, the details are not important. Anyway, Aristotle overbearing, taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, supercilious, irritated the Egyptians. There are 30000 troops in Egypt, and the City-State is only 5000 old and sick. Are you afraid of a little Golden 5th grader? Then scold Aristotle, think about it, Aristotle overbearing, taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, supercilious…”

“If you say it again, I will tell Aristotle Teacher secretly!” Suye said.

Euclid glanced at Suye resentfully, lightly coughed, and continued: “Aristotle pretends to persuade them, where are they willing to listen, and throws arrows at Aristotle. Aristotle is not happy, and sends a Fireball Spell, then, the world is quiet. This is what The fire battle that few people know about.”

Suye did not ask, nor smiled, and a scene appeared in front of her.

In the sunset, in the yellow sand, Aristotle stood alone in front of the 30000 army. With the power of the light elemental Bloodline and Fire Elemental Bloodline, he formed Magic Evolution and won the fire of Heaven Realm. Fireball Spell can fly at least two hundred meters away.

Fireball Spell hit a person and nobody cares.

But then, under the action of the “snapshot” innate skill, dozens of pure white Heaven Realm Fireballs appeared on the person, dragging a small flame tail, and fell on dozens of people around them.

Then, dozens of Fireballs popped out of the dozens of people and landed on more people.

Everyone hit by Fireball will form a continuous bomb, and the body will fire out of Fireball to attack others.

There are as many fireballs as there are people nearby.

After blinking, 100 to 1000 people were continuously fired by flames.

Suye seemed to have a picture in front of her. In the army of 30000 people, the densely packed white Heaven Realm Fireball continued to spread and flew continuously.

30000 Egyptian is like the domino Bone Token that was pushed down, but in the blink of an eye, it was burned to ashes by the fire of Heaven Realm.

“Is it true that Supreme is the limit?” Suye asked.

“Really, even if the whole world is full of people, for Aristotle, it is just a Fireball Spell. However, in a one-to-one or high-level battle, the continuous play is very weak, it is nothing more than a Fireball in the body. Spell only.” Euclid.

Suye sighed, said: “Why every time when I thought I knew Aristotle, within a few days, he became very strange again?”

Euclid patted Suye’s shoulder sympathetically.

“At the time, I thought the same way. Now, I still think so. We even discussed before we came. If Aristotle is still in the Golden rank, giving Persian 10000 guts, he would not dare to invade Greece.” Euclid said.

“He’s only one person who has the innate skill in a row?” Suye asked.

“Only one. This innate skill is rarely seen until it is considered non-existent until proven by Aristotle,” Euclid said.

“Pervert Aristotle!” Suye said.

“Good title!”

Suye shook her head helplessly, got up and walked out, said: “I hope I will be as abnormal as Aristotle one day.”

“Work hard, child, as long as you continue to work hard and continue to learn, one day, you will also have the opportunity to see the scene of Aristotle’s continuous bombing of 10000 troops.”

Suye gave Euclid a blank look, and all the teachers at Plato Academy are virtuous.

“Walk around, compared to listening to you bullshit, I want to see Mis General at first sight.” Suye said.

“Okay, don’t regret it.”

2 people walked to the residence of Dimis General.

Suye very carefully entered, and before waiting to see the courtyard and main hall clearly, I saw a silhouette pounced like a bear.

“Ha ha ha ha …… Dear little Suye, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

A bear hugs, Suye feels surrounded by steel plates, then hits the haystack, and the furry wild grass pokes straight on the face and neck.

Suye looked up dizzyly.

Compared with those powerful warriors, the Dimits General in front of him is not strong or tall, but only half a head tall, but after all it is Legendary warrior, a battle body innate skill and warrior innate skill, muscle skin is the same as cast iron , Hard and hard.

Dimis at this time was like a steel statue, and it was a steel statue covered with hair.

Dimis is thinner than ordinary people, darker in skin, smiling, glowing with health and vigor. Brown’s eyes seem to have 2 wonderful worlds hidden in it, his eyes leaping and full of strange charm.

Dimis put his left arm on Suye’s shoulder and his right arm on Euclid’s shoulder, and smiled and walked in.

“Go for a walk, we said inside. I prepared a good bluefin tuna, which is 6 meters long! I personally went fishing on the way, which was delayed for a while. You may not be used to eating raw fish, I You can be familiar with it, but it’s a pity.” Dimis’s voice seemed to be thin with sunlight, and the passionate soared.

Euclid’s eyes widened and he shook his head helplessly. When it was so important, he went to the sea to catch fish.

“hold up?”

The thought in Suye’s mind flashed, and then said: “How can bluefin tuna be cooked, of course, to be eaten raw. Leave me a big belly of fish belly!”

“Look, this is what you can eat, but tell you the bad news, I ate the fattest big belly. Don’t be discouraged, leave the fat and lean proportioned middle belly, the pattern is like the rays of divine spell of light. Walk around, we said while eating. Euclid, how about you?” Dimis patted Euclid’s shoulder again.

“I’m cooked.”

“Okay, let’s grill some tuna. Although it can be eaten, so… that’s all about it. Suye, what else do you want to eat?”

“Is there geoduck? Is there horse… sweet sea urchin? Is there big lobster? Is there gilado oyster? Is there king crab?” Suye looked forward to it.

“Um… um… there are big lobsters, there are in the house, I like to eat! As for the other, you will take me to eat next time.” Dimis suddenly felt that his arms were weak and could not hold Suye.

“Okay, we have the opportunity to go fishing in the sea, I want to eat for a long time.” Suye said.

“After solving the Persia guys, we will go to the sea to get food!”

3 people walked into the house, Dimis snapped his fingers, and 3 people chatted for a while before they saw various seafood being served.

The big octopus brachiopod cut into sections, a whole pot of clams, a pile of small conchs, 3 big red lobsters all over the body, strips of light red bluefin tuna belly…

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