The World of Deities Chapter 398

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Suye took out the knife and fork, sliced ​​the bluefin tuna first, instinctively wanted to dip soy sauce and wasabi, but nothing, sighed, dipped in a little bit of fine white sea salt, put it in his mouth, close his eyes, and enjoy the long-lost taste .

The delicate fish meat is softer than the lover’s tongue, because of the incomparably freshness, the sour taste of the fish meat itself is faintly undetectable, and even becomes a seasoning.

The fish belly meat is not as fishy as the fish back, and the almost non-existent fishy smell is covered by sea salt.

Delicate and fat oil blooms in the mouth.

It is a pity that the thin muscles ruined the final taste and aftertaste, but the flaws did not hide.

Suye took out another piece of tuna and picked out the flesh inside. Although it didn’t look good, it should be put in his mouth and tasted carefully, gently nodded.

“The big tuna fish is slightly tenacious and has a great taste, but if it is a small bluefin tuna offshore, the meat will be tenderer and sweeter. If the small tuna can be cooked at an appropriate temperature for a few days, then the inside The tendons will disappear completely and the taste will be better.” Suye commented seriously.

Dimis stunned and immediately said: “I write down, I will let the chef on board study how to eat tuna!”

Euclid looks at the two people who eat raw fish like a savage.

Suye took another bite of lobster meat, brows slightly wrinkle, and asked, “Is the lobster awesome?”

“I make people remember!” Dimis’s voice was lower than before.

“The big conch is really delicious, you don’t need to put anything, just cook it and put it in your mouth as if you are chewing the blue Aegean Sea.” Suye praised as she said.

“I also like to eat conch, but I like your description more.” Demis finally had a happy smile on his face.

“Don’t forget that he is the owner of Giant Dragon’s Beatiful Object.” Euclid glanced at the book.

Demis happily nodded.

“Giant Dragon’s Beatiful Object needs these sea foods. However, it is difficult to get long-term supply, so many dishes cannot be prepared.” Suye said.

“How about we set up a special seafood fishing Trading Company?” Dimis asked.

Suye froze for a moment and said, “Okay, why not try it?”

“Sure enough, it’s the lovely Little Brat. When the Battle of Marathon is over, we will let the people solve the matter.” Dimis smiled.



Euclid gently nodded, dignified Legendary General, just a few words, seize this business opportunity, and take action, this keen, has far exceeded the overwhelming majority of businessmen.

And Suye a trifling silver mage, without any stage fright, promised on the spot, this decisiveness is not what ordinary people have.

After being silent for a few seconds, Euclid suddenly used a fork and fork to take Suye’s heart from the tuna that he was struggling to pick up, and put it in his mouth to taste it carefully. His facial muscles gently undulated.

“It’s okay.” Euclid gently nodded.

3 people smiled at each other and continued to gorge oneself.

After eating, the three came to the reception room on the side. Dimis made a wink. Euclid put a blockade spell outside to isolate the inside and outside.

“Eat and drink, let’s talk about business.” Dimis crooked backwards, his feet on the table, and a standard Ge You lay down.

At the same time, the yellow-gray index finger penetrated into the thick chest hair, playing with the chest hair like a girl’s long hair.

The strong visual contrast almost burst Suye’s eyes.

Suye glanced at Euclid, the future Master expressionless, but looked away and rolled his throat.

Maybe it’s just sashimi eating too much nausea.

“It’s really capricious, God’s capricious…” Suye secretly sighed.

“Euclid should have told you all, how about it?” Dimis narrowed his eyes and looked comfortable.

Fingers slowly agitated in the dense chest hair forest.

Suye also looked away slightly and said, “I have Devil Bloodline and Water Element Bloodline.”

“Okay.” Dimis whispered.

“But the cost is too high and the risk is too great,” Suye said.

“what do you want?”

“What can you give?”

“We can give too much.” Demis smiled confidently.

Tall cocked chest hair is more confident than a smile.

Suye’s eyes were far away again.

“First, we must ensure fair military merits,” Suye said.

“What do you think, why do I punch and kick those Aristocrat?”

Suye and Euclid are simultaneously nodded at the same time.

“Second, if I encounter difficulties in Athens in the future, the military will take one shot.”

The index finger sticks out of the jungle of chest hair and shakes gently.

“The Athens military has never been a monolith. No one can help you on behalf of the military. However, I or Miltiades can help you once. Of course, the premise is that you don’t violate Athens’ laws and will not affect yourself. Even if you don’t put forward this condition For the first marathon, we are willing to do it. Perhaps, when that day comes, both of us will take action.” Dimis said.

Suye nodded, said: “The last thing is the spoils of war. This is the highlight of every war. I want to put the ugly words at the front. I don’t want to be turned over because of the spoils of war. I remember a few years ago, Agamemnon and Achilles Going north against Northern European, the result is that the two best warriors in the contemporary era have turned their backs on the spoils of war.”


The index finger drilled into the chest hair forest again.

“I hope that Magician’s spoils of war will be selected by me first. If not, allow me to choose from the Athens arsenal.” Suye said.

Demis pondered for a few seconds and said: “No problem, I can promise you. But you must be clear that anyone who chooses the spoils of war first will establish countless enemies.”

“I’m still afraid of establishing an enemy?” Suye asked with a smile.

“Haha, you did a good job. Unfortunately, I’m too soft-hearted. If it is me, I will definitely find a way to solve the Aristocrat classmate in the Black Iron Trial. By the way, Battle of Marathon is not important. The important thing is whether you have Interested in writing a drama “Bounded Demis” for me?”

“If I remember correctly, there is a Renowned drama called “Prometheus Bound.”” Suye resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“What’s the problem? Prometheus is a rebel in God and saved Human. Then I can be a human rebel and save Human too. My power is not as good as Prometheus Titan God, but, my love for Human, I am right The credit of Athens is no less than him. Even the little girl of Sisyphus thinks he is no less than God, how could I lose to him!” Dimis said.

“Are you so boasting, are you afraid of being struck by thunder?” Suye very carefully asked.

“Compared with being struck by thunder, I’m more afraid of being struck by thunder.” Dimis’s expression didn’t care.

Suye’s eyes brightened, her heart praised, and indeed it was Legendary warrior. The so-called maverick is just an appearance. What really differs from ordinary people is the deepest way of thinking.

“Since this is the case, then we can prepare to sink the Persia flagship plan.” Suye said.

“Yes, you are very like my style. Wasn’t it just to swim a few hundred ships and swim under the flagship, I dare.” Dimis said.

Suye looked at Demis and thought she had a backache.

“It stands to reason that magic servant can also be transformed into a fish by deforming?” Suye asked.

Euclid froze for a moment, his pupils dilated.

Really not human!

“Sure enough, you are more treacherous than I thought.” Dimis showed his admiration, and his tone was full of unabashed affirmation.

“However, are you sure that your magic servant also has Devil Bloodline and Water Element Bloodline?” Demis asked again.

Euclid sighed, said: “Miracle Servant is different. Miracle Servant can indeed share all the master’s Bloodline and innate skill. Before Suye fooled others to say that he shared magic servant Bloodline, that is, the silly girls who believe that we are… …Well, we masters understand what is going on.”

“There are so many people in this room who are not afraid of thunder.” Suye looked up at the roof.

“Yeah, at least three.” Euclid gave Suye a blank look.

Dimis retracted his feet on the coffee table and sat upright. “We can try it first. If your magic servant works, you don’t need to go too deep. This battle can be lost, but your life is more important.” “

Suye’s heart is full of warmth, and he deserves to be the general of the future generations, and he has a vision.

“You have to wait for you to finish “Bounded Dimis”.” Dimis said with a smile.

Suye and Euclid rolled their eyes together.

“Then let’s try Fleet now?” Suye asked.

“Go, use your Magic Carriage to prevent others from seeing you,” Euclid said.

Three people took the Magic Carriage, drove out of the fortress, and landed on the magic sea ship of the United Coalition.

Suye looks around the magic sea ship with a very familiar style. This is a large magic battleship created by Plato Academy. Although it is a little smaller than the Persia flagship, it is also 120 meters long, which is called a huge monster.

“Relax, this magic battleship also has powerful magic capabilities. The nearby 1000 meters of Sea Territory will not be discovered by magic. What we are doing here, will not be discovered, even more how in the sea. Go.”

Dimis took Suye and Euclid to the stern.

Along the way, the sea army soldiers smiled and he said hello to Demis, not treating him as Legendary Navy General at all, but instead taunted his chest hair from time to time.

Dimis laughed and scolded all the way, without any hands on the soldiers, and the domineering person who disappeared when playing Aristocrat disappeared without a trace.

3 people walked to the stern.

“Try it,” Dimis said.

Suye summon is out of Wang Dachui and Di Aotian.

“Huh?” Both Demis and Euclid looked at these two little Brats with surprise.

Di Aotian is already bronze, and Wang Dachui successfully promoted to silver.

“Your Wonder Servant seems to be a little stronger than Aristotle. Aristotle’s servant has only one super-rank promotion. Your servant is better. Apprentice servant is promoted to bronze. Black Iron servant is promoted to silver. They are all super 2 ranks.”

Dimis touched the black tall demon sheep who was more tall and sturdy. I didn’t know that he was flooding the sheep with all his heart. Anyone who knows can guess that he is comparing his chest hair and wool.

The black demon sheep stands obediently and honestly, motionless.

Wang Dachui squinted at Dimis, and lifted the hammer halfway down.

“Touch it casually, don’t need money.” Wang Dachui rolled over and ran proudly in front of Suye, showing a taller body, harder muscles and more gorgeous armor, and finally supported the crown above his head.

“Less to show off!” Suye kicked Wang Dachui’s ass. Who did you learn this stink from?

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