The World of Deities Chapter 399

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“Hehe.” Wang Dachui stood proudly behind Suye.

Di Aotian and 2 little Goblin’s bodies are obediently and honestly.

Di Aotian is better, 2 little Flame Goblin looks a bit pale.

This is the sea.

Suye said: “Euclid Teacher, you try it with Transfiguration.”

Euclid gently nodded, the deformation technique used for Di Aotian and Wang Dachui, respectively.

In the eyes of outsiders, the two people became two straight big tuna with blue and black back and white as silver abdomen.

However, in Suye’s eyes, the two are just a thin layer of mana, and as long as they are willing, a glance can break it.

“How is it?” Suye asked.

“You two try the water.” Dimis said.

2 people immediately jumped onto the ship’s side and then jumped into the sea.


“Let’s go down, too.” Dimis jumped down directly.

Euclid jumped after performing several magic such as Water Walking Spell and underwater breathing.

Suye has Water Element Bloodline, underwater breathing is a basic ability, Water Walking Spell is also far beyond magic ability, just cast a glide to himself, and jumped directly.

The ocean at night is very calm.

Puff … Puff …

5 Diving sounds with different sound levels break the calm,

Suye’s sound of falling into the water was very soft. After 2 feet stepped on the knee, he stopped sinking.

Afterwards, Suye stepped on the blue black sea and walked on the water.

The sea has never crossed the instep.

Not far away, Euclid will also Water Walking Spell, but the sea water still does not pass the waist.

Legendary warrior Dimis went directly into the water.

Suye thoughts move, as if the seawater under his feet seemed to be under his control, his body sank immediately.

The ocean is still that ocean, and I am still myself, but after entering the sea, I feel completely different from swimming before.

My clothes and skin are wet, but the sea water at night is not only not cool, but warm.

The body didn’t feel soaked in seawater, but seemed to be wrapped in seawater and held.

There seems to be a thin film outside the eyes, ears, snout, obstruct the sea water, you can breathe.

Suye motionless, but thinking about moving forward.

Immediately felt a thrust from the water behind him, pushing himself forward, faster than the ordinary person swimming full strength.

Later, Suye tried to swim and rushed out like a shark, leaving behind shallow water waves.

“This is called swimming.”

Suye has completely forgotten the tasks of 2 servants and swims in the sea as fast as he is flexible and faster than fish.

Familiar with the power brought by Water Element Bloodline, Suye looked towards Di Aotian and Wang Dachui.

Seeing 2 people swimming like two big fish, they were very happy.

Dimis followed two people and continued to guide.

Euclid stood in the water with a look of envy.

After a while, Suye swims to Euclid’s side and slowly rises.

“Don’t you have Bloodlines Strength?” Suye asked.

Euclid pouted and pointed proudly at his mind: “My mind trumps all Bloodline.”

“Yes, Wisdom and Magic are the roots, Bloodlines Strength is only secondary.” Suye said.

“As long as you know.”

“But quantitative changes produce qualitative changes,” Suye said.

Euclid gave Suye a blank look.

“You should have another innate skill?” Suye asked.

Euclid sighed, said: “I have a few innate skills, but I learned them slowly. None of them were obtained out of thin air, nor did I suddenly get a super strong innate skill like Aristotle did.”

“Sometimes, the correct mode of thinking is better than countless innate skills. I believe that you can become the brightest star in the World of Magic, no less than Aristotle!” Suye said firmly.

“Are you so optimistic about me?” Euclid looked at Suye suspiciously.

“I never lie to people,” Suye said.

“Yes, after all, I am also Academy Four Heroes. I am growing slowly now, and I will definitely be no less than Aristotle in the future! I want to surpass Socrates and Plato!” Euclid proudly lifts the head.

“You can definitely surpass them in your field, far surpasses!” Suye smiled.

“You don’t want to ask me anything?” Euclid narrowed his eyes and supported his hat.

“You’re so sorry to say this? What can you give me now?” Suye rolled her eyes and dived underwater.

Euclid froze for a long time and sighed: “Plato is an old pervert, Aristotle is a middle pervert, and now there is another small pervert, life is really difficult…”

After a while, Suye and Euclid got on the boat, while Dimis continued to train Wang Dachui and Di Aotian underwater.

Until late at night, Demis carried two people on the battleship and was content with the contentment: “Yes, the two of them are fully capable. And, the plan is to change.”

Wang Dachui and Di Aotian stared at Suye’s eyes, winking.

Hurry up and take back the two of us, too tired, this Dimis is not a person, has been tossing for half a night, I can’t stand it!

When Suye didn’t see it, he asked, “How do I change it?”

“The original plan was to let you dive under the Persia flagship, and then release the Magic Tool to destroy the Persia flagship. Because of your safety, we can only use the Magic Tool that you can walk to work. The choices are limited. After all, we Can’t even kill you with the Persia flagship. However, since you have these two little brats that are not afraid of death, you can choose more Magic Tool.” Dimis said.

“Who said that we are not afraid of death?” Wang Dachui said with a choked neck.

“叽叽gu gu!” Di Aotian raised his hand to protest.

No one looked at them.

“For example?” Suye said.

Demis said with a slight smile: “One is responsible for using the Magic Tool that destroys Persia’s flagship, and the other uses the “sea burst crystal” later.”

“You are also cruel enough. Once the sea burst crystal is used, the 1000 meters of warships around it may sink, and even waves will form, Impact Persia Camp.”

“While destroying the Persia navy, must let the Persia Army taste the taste of the sea.” Dimis said.

“Then I wait and see.”

“This plan is very important. We will train for a few more days to ensure that 10000 is not lost.” Dimis’s eyes fell on Di Aotian and Wang Dachui.

The next 2 days, Suye lived on the magic battleship. Under the magic of the magic battleship, Dimis personally practiced Wang Dachui and Di Aotian. Two people who were not good at swimming were getting better and better.

On the early morning of the 3rd day that Dimis arrived, the marathon plain was drizzling.

Earth is painted blue and blue.

Lead-gray clouds covered the sky, and the clouds fluttered and fell on the Aegean Sea, staining the black sea.

The Persia army regrouped, and in the loud horn, a team stepped out of the Persia camp.

Giant King Legion and Flying Snake King Legion are ready to go.

In the Marathon Fortress, Miltiades General, who is back in power, stands above the city wall.

The Greek soldiers slowly walked out of the city gate.

In front of Giant Legion, defense is equal to being beaten.

Those who came to gilt Aristocrat obediently and honestly stood in the fortress, not even dare to climb the city wall.

André stood in the middle of Aristocrat, looking at the city wall, hesitant.

“You still don’t want to go out. In front of Giant Legion, it is useless even if Miltiades directs himself.” Aristocrat said.

“Yeah, anyway, your military power has accumulated to the head of the regiment. You can lead 1000 soldiers. After returning to Athens, you can directly enter the City Guard and slowly accumulate military power. There is no need to take such a big risk.”

“If Golden Mage hadn’t rescued you that day, you might have died at the feet of Giant.”

“We can’t do Aristocrat, not even Miltiades!”

“In this battle, it’s the same thing if you win the credit, but if you fail, you may lose your life.”

Aristocrat kindly persuaded.

After a long time, André sighed and said: “I listen to you, don’t go out. Anyway, my purpose this time is just to be the commander of the army. If I really become a General by virtue of this battle, I don’t know what kind of trouble it will cause. .”

“You can think about it like this. Battle of Marathon is defeated and we can escape. Even if we are caught, we will pay the ransom. What if we are afraid. 10000 If we are lucky and win, we Hero families have the right to choose spoils of in advance. war. There aren’t many Magicians in Aristocrat. What do you want, isn’t it what you said?”

“Say the same.” André’s smile widened.

The biting cold morning wind blew across the Marathon Bay, the waves were swaying, and the ship was shaking.

Euclid has returned to land, Suye and Demis standing on the bow of the ship, looking at the Persia navy ahead.

Regarding the number of ships, the Persia Navy is three times the Greece Navy.

On the advanced level of magic warships, the two sides are divided up and down.

However, the strength of the Greek Navy has always ranked first in the world.

But the Persia Navy has a huge quantitative advantage.

“Start now?” Suye asked.

“Wait, wait for the army to start the battle.” Dimis looked at the marathon plain on the left front.

Under the light rain, the 2 armies engaged.

Giant King Legion and Flying Snake King Legion are behind the Persia Army.

They have not yet entered the war, but they are like dark clouds, pressing heavily on each Greece warrior’s heart.

The battle under the drizzle is completely different from the battle under the clear weather.

Some people are so weak that they just want to save their lives and are not willing to work hard.

But another part of the people was uneasy and impulsive.

From a distance, the rain curtain seemed to be a sickle, and the soldiers on both Greece and Persia were like weeds, harvested by one blade after another.

wind and rain sound obstruct the sound of the battlefield.

Wordless and uncommunicative under the dark clouds.

“Almost?” Suye asked.

“hold on.”

After another half an hour, Suye looked at Giant King Legion.

I saw the Giant King with ten meters high walking around impatiently and roaring loudly.

The other Giants also started to become restless.

“Giant Legion is moving,” Suye said.

“Yes, your timing is ok, now you can.” Dimis said.

Suye uses the main and servant sound transmission, the golden Mage at the stern immediately for Di Aotian and Wang Dachui casting, 2 big tuna jumped from the stern and disappeared into the sea.

Time slowly passes.

Suye didn’t dare to look at the Persia Navy at a glance, afraid of exposing her intentions, but staring at the battle on the ground.

The black Persia flagship floats above the sea like a black giant whale, and thousands of nearby warships rise and fall with the waves. Only the flagship remains unmoved.

In front of the giant whale, Persia’s flagship, the warships are like sardines.

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