The World of Deities Chapter 400

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Captain’s room of Persia’s flagship.

Under the leadership of a Saint Domain mage, dozens of mages control the entire magic flagship.

In front of each mage, there are 4 or 5 water curtains. Among the water curtains, the scenes of the magic flagship are displayed.

There are sky, sea, and seabed.

“There are turtles, Bloodline monitoring and magic breath monitoring are normal.” a Magician shouted.

“There is an octopus passing by, and Bloodline monitoring and magic breath monitoring are normal.”

“There are 2 tuna. Bloodline monitoring and magic breath monitoring are normal.”

Magician, who is responsible for monitoring the bottom of the water, keeps reporting large seabed creatures.

The 2 tuna are getting closer and closer to the bottom of the ship.

The Saint Domain Magician eyebrows slightly frowned, thinking for a while, asked: “Is tuna a social fish?”

“Tuna are mostly in groups, but there are also separate from the fish.” Monitoring Magician.

Saint Domain Magician gently nodded, but his brows were still frowned, because he felt something was wrong, but he could not be sure for a while.

“How about the size of 2 tuna?” Saint Domain Magician turned to the water curtain where tuna was found.

“It’s bigger than ordinary tuna.”

Saint Domain Magician’s eyes fell on the two tuna, his face sinking.

“Quickly use an underwater magic crossbow to attack! Quick! Don’t let go even if you make a mistake! Tuna of this size will rarely appear on the beach!”

“As you bid!”

Monitoring Magician’s heart jumped sharply, and his heart was extremely disturbed, because Saint Domain Magician was right. He was responsible for monitoring for so many years, and he had never seen such a large tuna on the beach, and the size of the offshore tuna was not. So big.

He hurriedly pulled the lever next to the right hand to issue a warning to let the mage attack responsible for controlling the underwater magic crossbow.

The moment he touched the lever, his afterglow saw that the smaller tuna suddenly vomited a series of bubbles.

Among the bubbles, there seems to be a silver arrow, not big, only the thumb is thick and one foot long.

However, the blue magic mark on the silver arrow is very eye-catching and getting brighter.

“Enemies!” The monitoring Magician made a sharp shout, even too nervous to break the sound.

At the same time, all Magicians around the Magician flash in a row, and a strong protective force envelopes them.

Then, the harsh voice echoed over the entire Persia fleet.

Suye suddenly looked towards the Persia flagship, could it fail?

Dimis smiled, staring somewhere at Persia’s flagship ship.

The dark door of the Hero giant sword beside him suddenly disappeared.

When the silver arrow flew upward, the other big tuna spit out a faceted crystal with a big fist.

In the colorless crystal, there seemed to be a ray of smoke drifting.

The moment crystal entered the water, it burst suddenly and formed a very small shock point. Then, the power of terror spread from the shock point to all directions.

“What arrow is that?”

“Destroy the Demon.” Saint Domain mage’s voice was full of despair. The ring flashed in his hand and instantly moved to the sky, a pair of azure wings were born behind him.

He suddenly turned his head towards a slightly higher position on the left, and an old man stood in midair.

The old man’s hair is extremely wide, as if covered with gray-black kelp.

The old man’s face is wrinkled, and the light green moss thrives like an old tree bark in a tropical rain forest.

In his hand, he held a handful of black 8-section magic staff. The top of the magic staff was not a gem.

It is a narrow mountain.

If you look closely, the mountains and hills are intertwined, the chickens and dogs cross each other, and the farmers are busy, just like hidden land of peace and prosperity.

“Master, why don’t you shoot?” Saint Domain mage asked with a vibrato.

Legendary Grandmaster said nothing.

Saint Domain mage suddenly felt strange at the scene, the whole body was cold, and looked around hurriedly.

He stopped suddenly, looking at the lead-gray clouds above, with a pure black shadow inside.

Sword shadow.

Up to 1000 meters.

Saint Domain mage’s face appeared painful, and he looked down towards below.

A crisp voice sounded, like an egg with residual hen temperature falling on the marble.

The ocean beneath Persia’s flagship, the dark blue fades, and the silver light is completely dyed.

A line of silver light penetrates the Persia flagship from bottom to top.

2 threads, 3 threads, silk thread…

After a while, the densely packed silver light thread was sprayed thinly from under the Persia flagship, penetrating the ship’s hull, like a silver flower blooming and spreading out.

The Magicians in the cabin hurriedly stimulated various escape Magic Tool, but Magic Tool did not react.

Persia’s flagship cracked, and silver light melted everyone.

Suddenly, with the Persia flagship as the center, a seawater pit with a diameter of 1000 meters appeared, and the seawater was emptied, showing the seabed.

All ships within the range fell and fell heavily on the waterless seabed, making a bang, all split up and in pieces.


A weird sound came from the pits of the seawater, from the ocean to the marathon plain.

It seems that God is hitting the sky.

Everyone looked forward to it.

The water-white pillar with a diameter of 1000 meters rises to the sky like a snowy peak in an iceberg.

The circular wave burst and rolled towards all directions.

A Persia warship undulates on the sea like a leaf in the wind, throws, dumps, shatters, sinks…

Without waiting for Persian to react, the wave of one after another 50-60 meters instantly rushed to the shore.

The carefully arranged Persia camp is like a fortress on the beach.

No matter how subtle, no matter how hard it is, in front of the continuous waves, it is just sand.

But in the blink of an eye, the waves flooded the Persia camp.

The battle between the two sides came to an abrupt halt, and no one knew what happened.

Even the Greek soldiers were terrified.

Is it Hai Demon Beast?

Persian was scared simultaneously backwards.

The Persia navy is the support of the army.

The waves were tumbling, and when they reached the fleet of the Navy, the waves were still half a meter high.

“It’s okay, otherwise you can only ask Hai Demon Beast to go out, and those gangs of Demon Beast are greedy one by one.” Dimis finished, raising his right arm and then swinging down hard.

In the navy of Greece, the horn sounded.

On the lookout of the magic battleship, a crew member was screaming quickly.

Greece Navy, move forward.

Seeing the Greek Navy like a shark swarm, the two sides suddenly realized.

It was the Navy of Greece that destroyed the Persia flagship!

What happened just now was done by the Navy of Greece.

“Victory belongs to Greece!”

“Greece must win!”


“Special invincible!”

“The glory of Corinth shines on the marathon!”

The Greek warrior on land seems to be impressed with numerous divine spells and insanity.

No general commanded, and all Greek soldiers charged.

Rush to Persian like berserk’s herd.

The King’s Army and Undead Army were still able to resist normally, but Persia’s Light Infantry collapsed on the first encounter and retreated.

The general Persia yelled and gave orders constantly.

However, half of the Persia ships sank, the entire Persia battalion was flooded, and the morale of the Persia army has dropped to freezing point.

“Depart Giant Legion! Depart Legion of Flying Snake! Get rid of Greek on land first, hurry!”

Persia commander Mardonius growled loudly.

“ao ……”

King Giant gave a gorilla-like roar, excitedly carrying the magic mark trunk, and rushed forward.

The rest of Giant also screamed forward.

Step forward, Flying Snake Legion follows Giant Legion shuaa~.

The Greek army, which was originally murderous-looking, immediately extinguished the fire.

The shadow of Giant Legion is still in everyone’s heart.

“Full speed! Or wait for us to eat the Persia navy, and the marathon fortress will also be occupied by Giant!” Dimis slightly frowned.

Suye looked to the marathon plain on the left.

The Persia army was about to collapse, but because of Giant Legion’s charge, Persian calmed down instantly.

Everything seems to be back to the day when King Giant appeared, Persian followed Giant Legion and rushed to the Greek soldiers.

No general announced his retreat.

The sound of the horn without retreat sounded.

No Greek soldiers retreated.

In the drizzle, Greek squinted and bowed her back slightly, the hand holding the weapon slightly loosened and clenched.

The chest and abdomen undulate and breathe deeply.

Suye’s eyes fell on the fiery silhouette.

The girl’s hand brushed the Golden Medusa necklace under her neck.

“I don’t need me here anymore?” Suye asked.

“No need for the time being.” Demis looked at the front.

“I go where I need to be.”

Suye said, casting a spell.

A huge Magic Formation appeared on the deck, and the dark and powerful Netherworld unicorn rose from the Magic Formation.

Even when Dimis saw the Netherworld unicorn, it was all bright.

“It didn’t die,” Dimis sighed in the impossible to bear.

The mouth of the Netherworld unicorn is slightly opened, and white teeth are visible in the gap.

Open your mouth wide and stick out your pale red tongue to lick Suye’s face.

Suye reached out and licked her tongue in Suye’s hand.

The Netherworld unicorn was puzzled, and there was a little grievance in his eyes.

“Last time you solved the Giant, I allowed you to lick, but did not let you lick your face.”

The Netherworld unicorn stepped back half a step, staring into the dark black eyes, and its face collapsed, like a woman who heard the derailed boyfriend calmly analyze the process and concluded that she was bad but could give her another chance.

“We go to the battlefield.”

Suye said, to shoot the back of the unicorn.

It’s a little high, it’s not taken, it can only be taken on the side of the stomach.


The Netherworld unicorn whispered reluctantly, and saw the back of the Netherworld soaring fiercely, and Condensation became the flame of the seat.

Fire of Netherworld, the Dark Throne.

Suye was slightly short and jumped sharply. With a powerful battle body innate skill…the angle was not mastered and she fell helplessly back onto the deck.

The Netherworld unicorn blinked quickly.

That’s it?

The sailor navy sideways smiled sideways.

The Netherworld unicorn is too tall, similar to some elephants.

Suye reluctantly performed gliding and floating on herself to make her body lighter.

As soon as the casting was completed, before jumping, there was invisible power to lift the body and put Suye directly on the Netherworld throne.

“En?” Suye looked towards Dimis.

He was raising his right arm across the air and slowly lowered it.

“Can’t you go early?” Suye asked.

“This time is just right.” Dimis said with a smile.

“No wonder your hand scolds you every day, obscene chest hair monster! Let’s go.”

Suye grabbed the mane of the back neck of the Netherworld unicorn and lightly clamped her 2 feet… without clamping her stomach, only her back.


The Netherworld unicorn screamed from the sky.

I saw the sudden Fire of Netherworld around it suddenly became more vigorous, and then the Fire of Netherworld covered Suye, turned into a black flame armor, only showing the face.

The armor is completely dark, but a trace of red lava flows in the cracks of the armor, which not only adds a little beauty to the armor, but also adds a kind of hard to describe.

In Netherworld, hellfire is the armor and lava is the decoration.

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