The World of Deities Chapter 401

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“So handsome?” The man was also stunned, his fingers leaving the jungle of chest hair.

Compared with the Netherworld throne and Netherworld armor, his chest hair was weak and exploded.


With Suye’s order, the Netherworld unicorn stepped on the deck, jumped high, jumped into the sea, and glid far away.

The sailor navy of the whole ship hurried to the side of the ship, and saw that the Netherworld unicorn fluttered down the sea like feathers, 4 hooves stepped on the water, the waves exploded, and jumped high again, as if flying in the sky.

Suye sat firmly on the throne of Netherworld.

Like a king.

“I also want…” Dimis’s eyes widened.

“General, that’s the Netherworld Demon King beast.”

“After this war, I went to Netherworld to take a trip and scratched back!” Dimis wiped the corner of his mouth.

In the drizzle.

On the blue black sea, the Navy of Greece killed the Navy of Persia.

On the deep brown muddy ground, the Persia army stepped on the grass in the mud and rushed to the Greece army.

Above the vast marathon plain, Suye is as small as a grain of wheat, no smaller than a raindrop.

However, a strange scene appeared.

In the Giant King Legion, the Giant who once fought against the Netherworld unicorn all stopped. Without saying a word, he turned and ran.

The Persia soldiers who were originally behind them will be puzzled, and have not yet waited for the reaction, they were killed by 100 Giant or stepped into the mud, or they were knocked off.

The 100 Giant’s faces showed fear that was hard to conceal, and weird awe.

“Damn! What are you doing!” King Giant felt wrong. He was clearly less than five hundred meters from the army of Greece and had to stop.

However, the Giants who escaped said nothing.

“You dumbass, why haven’t you said the reason for your last escape! You shouldn’t fight merely a trifling silver servant! Why don’t you tell me! And now, you are scared away by the dirty black horse again! I must eat He, must eat him! Dabu! Dabu! Come with me and eat the Netherworld Demon King beast!”

The Giant King roared, ignoring any military orders, and turned sharply towards the Suye and Netherworld unicorns.

“Eat the Netherworld Demon King beast!” the rest of Giant yelled and turned, slapping on the muddy water, following King Giant towards the coast.

The King of Flying Snakes stopped in the air, froze for a moment, and vomited scarlet letter gently, turning his head to look at the flying snakes around him.

None wanted to continue charging.

The flying snake is very strong, but it is difficult to fight independently. The ground spear throwing, magic demolition arrow and Golden rank magic are all their nemesis.

The Snake King’s eyeball turned and followed Giant King.

Some of Persia’s army is confused and some are crazy. What’s going on?

The general behind the Persia army was flustered and exasperated, shouting loudly, King Giant was deaf, and his mouth kept shouting “Dabu”.

Mardonius, the commander who had just been beaten by the waves, wiped off the rain and seawater on his face and yelled.

“Kill the damn dark horse, kill him! I can be insulted once by a brute, but not repeatedly!” Mardonius, who has always been famous for his temper and temper, yelled at Unable to Bear.

Having said that, Mardonius looked towards 2 Destiny Warlocks.

“You know, I can’t do it.” The new Saint Domain fate warlock did not look at Mardonius, but looked towards Suye and Netherworld unicorn with interest.

She is a mature woman over the age of 30, with a white veil on her face, standing tall between men. She does not show any slightness. She is taller than many Golden Warrior.

Another Golden Destiny Warlock said: “The distance between the collapse of fate and the casting of some small magic spells is two hundred meters. I can’t even kill his servant. It’s useless for him. There should be many God’s favors, even Main God’s. The Holy Flame of Destiny can indeed melt him, but that requires him to be within 100 meters. Instead of letting me do it, it’s better to send a team from Golden Magician and Golden Warrior…don’t mean, I’ve tried it. You should Think about other ways.”

Mardonius fiercely glared at two fate warlocks. Obviously, one was inconvenienced by his rank and the other was afraid of death.

“I believe that Giant King Legion and Flying Snake King Legion can certainly solve him!” Mardonius coldly snorted, turned his head to look at the Persia Navy, and prayed that the Navy would stick to it for a while. As long as the Marathon Fortress is occupied, the Navy’s mission will be completed.


“Even if you die in Giant’s hands afterwards, you won’t lose money!”

“Kill it…”

The Greek warrior, who was originally weak in legs and feet, saw the ace army on the opposite side disappeared, and confidence surged, rushing with the certain death mind.

The Persia soldiers scolded Giant Giant and King Flying Snake in their hearts, and they greeted the Greek soldiers helplessly. However, their morale is very stable, it seems that the 2 big ace Legion is just turning a corner to kill a person, and will soon return, maybe he can copy Greek from the side.

The two armies met suddenly, the splashes scattered, and the mud 2 splashed.

Suye looked at the aggressive 2 big ace Legion, and the retreat was thumping and anxious in her heart. She had wanted to rush into the Greece brigade, but what did the 2 big ace rush over mean?

1000 Giant, 1000 Flying Snake, that’s the existence of a thousand thousand army can’t stand.

Even if Aristotle of the Golden rank was there, there was a “continuous play” innate skill that inspired the bloodline of the Maharaja, and it may not necessarily win.

Suye sighed, grabbing the mane of the Netherworld unicorn, using servant sound transmission to signal it to move closer to the Greek army, avoiding Giant and flying snakes.

However, the Netherworld unicorn did not respond.

It was staring at King Giant, looking like a male and a female.

“Who did you learn from?”

Suye saw that this Netherworld unicorn was crazy, and he couldn’t cast it. In his hand, the space ring flashed, replaced with a floating ring that he didn’t usually use, and used floating technique on himself to cleanly jump the horse.

With a powerful battle body innate skill and floating technique and Wind Elemental Bloodline, Suye barely landed on the ground.

The Netherworld unicorn screamed, seeming to be happier, and the acceleration rushed forward.

In the process of forward rushing, as in the first battle, the whole body swelled rapidly, the whole body was in flames, and lava flowed.

“Dabu!” King Giant held the magic mark trunk and continued to charge.

The two sides were getting closer and closer, so that even the soldiers of Persia and Greece slowed down their hands and occasionally glanced at the direction of the Netherworld unicorn.

Persia soldiers are a little worried, afraid that this time is the same as last time, a horse scared away a Legion Giant.

The Greek soldier hopes to repeat the previous scene, but this Giant King is completely different from that Giant, and its probability is very small.

Amidst the concerns of the armies of both sides, the two sides approached.

“I’m going to eat you!” King Wang’s body emerged from layer to layer of rock armor, and his body was pulled up 2 meters high, completely transformed into a rock Giant.

Like the last time, the Netherworld unicorn stimulated all the power, the Giant Mountain left the body surface, surrounded it, and then jumped high and fell heavily.

A familiar scene appeared. The huge lava with a radius of 100 meters lava rose like a fountain column, submerging a part of Giant, and the treacherous flying snake Legion had not been close behind.

“This breath…I’m wrong!” King Giant suddenly uttered a horrified wailing, turned and ran.

All Giants burned by the lava of the hellfire were as if they had seen a ghost, so they turned around and ran away. Some Giants even had two legs that were soft and did not stand firm. They fell into the mud and crawled.

Giant outside the range of Hellfire lava even ran away Giant King at first sight. Without a word, he turned and ran.

“Wang, what’s going on?”

“what happened?”

“What breath?”

“Rolling and rolling!” King Giant scolded while arranging the lava around the prison fire, his eyebrows squeezed, and he kept thinking, and the rays of light flashed occasionally in his eyes.

The flying snakes floated in midair, staring blankly at the suddenly broken Giant Legion.

“Si si ……” The King of Flying Snakes confessed to the Giant King.

“Silly beep.” Giant King cursed and continued to run in the direction of Persia Camp.

The Flying Snake King was mad, and he scolded for a long time, turned his body, and ran away with Giant Legion.

Seeing the scene reappear a few days ago, each Greece warrior ignited an endless flame.




“Fuck Persian!”

There is no command from the general, and all Greeks, whether they are Magician or warrior, start to charge spontaneously.

“Hold it!” General Persia yelled.

However, the escape of the 2 big ace Legion caused the morale of Persia’s army to collapse.


Persian defeated across the board.

The Golden ranks and generals of Greece did not respond. They even suspected that they were illusions until Miltiades’s voice resounded throughout the audience.

“Greek, charge, kill Persian! Gods are blessing us! Our navy is about to win!”

“Kill it…”

The Greek soldiers will begin to hunt down Persian, and the Magicians continue to use the Transmission Gate to reach the front and bomb Persian with a large-scale magic.

Like every runaway, Persia’s mage ran away first.

In the collapsed camp, Mardonius and Persia will be crazy.

Ordinary Giant escapes, why does Giant King escape?

“His Royal Highness Mardonius, you surrender. The big brother must be willing to pay enough ransom for you,” lazily said the female Saint Domain fate warlock.

Mardonius glared at Giant.

“Look at what? Useless pretty boy.” Giant King scolded Mardonius from a distance.

Mardonius was flushed with rage, but he did not fight back.

The status of Giant King is no less than that of Persia.

Some higher-ranked Persian smirked sideways.

When King Giant rushed into the camp, Mardonius pointed to the first 100 Giants who had escaped, angrily roared: “Why did you run away! Why! Tell me! They dare not talk like a mouse, don’t you dare to say it?”

“Who are you talking to? Believing or not Laozi crushed you with a tree trunk? A pretty boy without eggs!” King Giant finished, sitting on the magic house destroyed by the waves.

“Atla! I can’t do anything with you, but His Majesty Darius and His Majesty Gilgamesh can break your legs!” Mardonius growled.

King Giant shrugged and said indifferently: “We agreed when Giant joined Persia’s. If there are siblings or necessary circumstances, we can refuse to play! Pay the ransom, we surrender.”

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