The World of Deities Chapter 402

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Mardonius complexion slightly changed and muttered to himself: “You mean…”

“No matter you guessed it or not, shut your mouth.” King Giant glanced at the magic mark tree trunk, and then at Mardonius with a threatening look.

Mardonius looked at the Netherworld unicorn in confusion, then looked at the blurry silhouette of Suye in the drizzle, and looked towards the sea.

Persia’s magic flagship and all magic battleships have sunk. Without a powerful magic battleship, naval battles are almost one-sided.

The female Destiny Warlock looked at King Giant in confusion, and whispered: “No, it should be…when the time comes to ask the big brother directly. Mardonius, since it was King Giant who surrendered first, your guilt will be Very light. Now surrendering, we can still return with Persia’s warship, otherwise we can only return to the other side with Greece’s warship.”

“Alas…” Mardonius flashed a complex rays of light in his eyes, hesitated for 3 minutes, took out a special magic beard, and put it on his lips.

“Miltiades, Dimis, we surrender!”

Above the city wall, Miltiades gave a faint smile, and his voice spread throughout the marathon plain.

“Greek, we won!”

However, the harsh sound of Demis came from the beach.

“Call his name first and then my name? Look down on me? Keep killing! Then we take Ubeya directly!” Dimis’s voice echoed arrogantly in the air.

The Greek warrior didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“A truce!” Behind Mardonius, an old man in a black cloak suddenly opened his mouth. There was no magic beard on his mouth, but his voice spread throughout the audience.

Wherever his voice passed, the dark clouds dispersed and the rain evaporated.

In an instant, the sun was flooding the marathon plain.

Many people looked at the sky with surprise,

The dark clouds in the distance were still heavy, but a huge hole was opened in the sky above, and the sky was blue outside, and the sun was falling.

From a distance, a huge beam of light broke through the dark clouds and fell from the sky, shining only on the marathon plain.

Like a miracle.

“Didn’t expect you too.” Miltiades bowed his head slightly.

“Yo, isn’t this the big mouse who has been hiding his head and showing his tail and never dared to face the battle, the plane ship brought you over? Give you a face! Stop the attack, the 3rd Fleet stays, and the rest follow me to Ubeya Island !”

Demis issued a new order, reached out and beckoned, and the huge black sword shadow above the sky cloud disappeared.

The giant sword of the dark gate resuspended on his side.

Old man sighed, his body turned into fine sand, and dissipated with the wind.

Battle of Marathon, the end.

The two sides put away their weapons, and the Greek soldiers stormed into the Persia camp like a wolf, and began to confiscate all supplies except daily necessities.

Siege equipment, weapon equipment, magic item, precious resources, etc.

Only Warriors and Magicians of Golden rank or above are not harassed. Many Magicians and Warriors under Golden have been polished by Greek. All the things in the body have been searched away, wearing only the most basic singles.

Giant Legion eats and eats he he in the same place. King Giant occasionally glances at the high-pitched Netherworld unicorn, and occasionally glances at Suye with doubtful eyes.

The Netherworld unicorn returned to Suye, opened his mouth and stretched his tongue to lick Suye’s face.

“I’ll say it later.” Suye said.

The Netherworld unicorn looked at Suye with a bitter look.

“Send me back.”

Netherworld unicorn eyes shined, opened his mouth, and stick out his tongue.

Lick and send!

Suye’s complexion was low and shouted: “Climb down!”

The Netherworld unicorn shuddered in shock, kneeling reluctantly on the ground.

Suye coldly snorted, riding on its back.

“Go back to the city.”

“Boom…” The Netherworld unicorn whispered unpleasantly, dragging his head and carrying Suye back weakly.




Greeks cheered as Suye passed by.

Even the most jealous person knows who is the first player in this battle.

In front of Commodus and Castor, Suye rolled over and dismounted.

Suye glanced at the Sparta squad with only 20 people left, and a total of 1 people died in battle.

However, everyone in Sparta is happy.

“Good person!” Commodus rushed over and gave Suye a passionate hug.

Harder than gladiator battle businessman Julius.

Suye suspects that at least 2 bones were cut by Commodsler.

The Netherworld unicorn was startled, squinting at Commodus, with dangerous rays of light flashing in his eyes.

I can’t lick, can you hold? Remember you!

But Castor was puzzled, and asked, “Why can your Netherworld unicorn scare Giant Legion? The first time it was understandable, but the second time, it was very wrong.”

Castor stared at the Netherworld unicorn in a daze.

“Can I touch it?” Commodus looked enviously at the Netherworld unicorn.

The Netherworld unicorn’s hair blew up, raised its right front hoof, and kicked towards Commodus.

Commodus stepped back quickly.

“I want to ask this question. How did you do it?” Suye looked at the Netherworld unicorn.

The Netherworld unicorn looked up with pride.

“Come on, you don’t know it yourself.” Suye said angrily.

The Netherworld unicorn looked embarrassed, but he lowered his head helplessly, screamed, and the 4 hooves stepped on the spot, stepping on mud 4 splashing, like a child playing with water.

“You don’t know?” Castor asked.

“Maybe I’m too handsome,” Suye replied casually.

Everyone simultaneously gave big eyes, including the Netherworld unicorn.

“It’s weird. I asked someone to ask the Giant King.” Casto whispered.

“Don’t forget to notify me when you ask. I have to go back and get a good night’s sleep. I stayed on the boat for 3 days, and my body is about to fall apart,” Suye said.

“You sunk the Persia flagship, did you do it? The two of us were still guessing the reason why Euclid called you away, and now it is basically determined.” Commodus said.

“That’s everyone’s effort, I only played a small role.” Suye modestly said.

“You don’t say this, I’m afraid.” Commodus said.

The rest were hard nodded.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to the city.” Suye gave them a blank look and walked on the muddy road towards the city.

Castor whispered: “Let’s go to see Faust General first.”

“Why?” Suye asked as she walked.

“Communicate with him and let him send the list of spoils of war as soon as possible, especially what you need.” Casto whispered.

“Don’t worry, I got the first prize, it’s my first choice anyway.” Suye said.

“You are only the first of civilians, not Aristocrat’s first.” Kastor was very serious.

“For the first time on the battlefield, I forgot about it. Well, let’s go, let’s go to see Faust General first.” Suye looked up at the city wall, Miltiades General had left, and many Aristocrat stood on the city wall with joy Exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, talking happily.

Suddenly, a young blond Aristocrat looked over.

4 mesh relative.

André and Urak.

4 The eyes are staggered.

Suye continued to move forward.

On the city wall, André brows frowned stretched again quickly and asked, “Who knows that Urak?”

“I don’t know, it’s Magician that just came out recently. It is said to be the illegitimate child of an Aristocrat in Sparta. He is next to Kastor, that is notable. I visited Kastor, but he was a pity It was said that it was inconvenient to communicate during the war, and I will talk later. Unfortunately, when he came to Athens last time, he only placed the Demi-God family. When we knew the news, he had already returned to Sparta.”

“Don’t forget, Urak may be the first player.” André gray green eyes cast a dark cloud.

“The first performer… is really enviable. Some historians have documented this incident, calling it the 2nd Hippo War, and the Battle of Marathon is probably the beginning of the 2nd Hippo War It is the end of the Second Hippo War. This Urak, destined to leave a thick stroke in the history book, will be tied with Miltiades General and Dimis General.”

“He was Sparta’s honor General before. This military achievement can directly promote him to the new General. If good luck, he may be directly promoted to senior General.”

“Unless he is the Demi-God family, even if the Hero family, Sparta is also impossible to promote him to a senior senior General. However, if we let him be promoted to senior General in the coalition, what will Sparta’s old guy think after he returns? ?”

“At the time of the first Hippo war, each City-State had vowed before Gods that the military power of the coalition was equal to the military power of City-State. Sparta had no right to deprive Urak of military power.”

Athens Aristocrat smiled at each other.

André unable to bear laughed and said, “He is not an official Aristocrat, just an illegitimate child. It will inevitably provoke the hostility of the orthodox Aristocrat. The way Sparta suppresses him is very simple, and will not really give him the power of senior General. The new General treats him as a hard work, or throws him in a place for retirement. Will he be reconciled?”

“It is in the interests of our Athens to let Sparta people fight for a while.”

“Then it is so settled, we secretly report Areopagus, let Areopagus help to kill Urak, it is best to give some honorary titles or awards. However, I don’t know why, every time I see him, I think he is annoying.” André said.

“After all, he is also Magician and has Magic Evolution. However, don’t worry, he is more than a decade older than you, but the rank is the same as you. Ten years later, you may already be Saint Domain, and he, at most, is only Golden. His potential is probably exhausted.”

André nodded, said: “Although it is a bit cheap for him, the headache is Sparta, we only need to watch the flames in Sparta city from a distance.”

“However, André, you must hurry.”


“He is the first performer and Magician. Once 10000 has a good spoils of war, the military will allocate him immediately. Miltiades General has always been known for its fairness and rigor. If he spoke first for spoils of war, even Demi-God Aristocrat can’t take it away. There is also Faust, Miltiades General, which is the smallest one, stinky and hard.”

“I almost forgot. Let’s go, we must immediately write down the list of spoils of war, and then go directly to the arsenal to get the spoils of war. Sparta people can’t be cheap!”


The Aristocrat of Athens left in a hurry.

Not long after, Suye and the others entered Faust General’s residence. Faust General patted his chest and promised that he would surely guarantee Suye’s spoils of war. If there were any missteps, he would drop his armor and return to the field.

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