The World of Deities Chapter 404

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Suye opened the wooden box to reveal small remains like azure crystal.

“It’s beautiful…”

In the envious eyes of everyone, Suye picked up the box and went to the house.

“After a while, try out the formidable power after the wind. It is said that the wind can use the Wind Attribute magic beyond its own level.” Kasto loudly said.

“Really?” Suye really didn’t know.

“I saw it in the family book! If you get ice later, you will definitely become a Number One Person of Golden rank!” Casto said.

“I borrow your good words!”

Suye finished walking into the room, then summoned Di Aotian and Wang Dachui janitors, and then let the power of Magic Formation Chart absorb the remains of the wind.

The remains after the wind are only palm-size, which is harder to absorb than the unicorn remains, and it took more than ten minutes to complete.

“Summon bronze servant!”

The bright blue Magic Formation emerges.

A small fairy eyes opened, suspended above Magic Formation.

Small fairy palm-size, white skin, crystal clear body like jelly, slender skeleton faintly visible.

She was wearing a light azure dress, the skirt just covered her knees, and the low collar showed a striking collarbone and dazzling whiteness, like a blooming white flower.

Behind her, there are 2 wings composed of 4 shallow azure winds, gently fanning, wordless and uncommunicative.

Around her body, there were four tiny winds with big fingernails, which flew like bees.

She has long cyan-green hair, and her spiky oval face is inlaid with two emerald-like eyes, looking at Suye curiously.

She blinked lightly, her pure and charming temperament intertwined on her face.

“Can you speak?” Suye already has a lot of experience.

“Boring.” After the wind finished, the whole body twirled with light breezes, the skirt angle fluttered, and the white legs seemed to be attached with a faint white light.

She jumped gently and jumped on Suye’s shoulders, sitting with her legs crossed, leaning on Suye’s neck like a tree.

The skin is connected and slippery.

“Boring still leaning on me?” Suye squinted at the wind behind her left shoulder.

After the wind did not look at Suye, there was an azure leaf in his hand, put it on his lips, and gently blow.

The melodious melody reverberates in the room, which makes it relaxed and joyful, just like the summer wind and the mountains.

“Nice!” Wang Dachui laughed hehe.

“叽叽gu gu!” Di Aotian also laughed at hehe.

“Lick the dog!” Suye kicked away with one foot.

Wang Dachui and Di Aotian looked at each other and kept blinking.

“When am I not?” Wang Dachui in the right and self-confident said.

“叽叽gu gu.” Di Aotian’s doubts.

Suye asked them to stay in the house and walked to the yard by themselves.



“What a beautiful little man!”

“It’s just like coming out of a dream.”

A group of Sparta Rough Lords shines in their eyes, so such a delicate and beautiful woman, even if it is just a magic servant, is hard to dislike.

Kastor tried to reach out and was swiped away by Suye.

“She is mine!” Suye glanced blankly.

Commodus stripped off his armor.

“What are you doing!” Suye is always ready for the magic in the instant ring.

“Of course I tried her formidable power of Wind Attribute magic, what should I do if 10000 broke my armor. During the discussion just now, Kastor said very difficult to deal with after the wind.” Commodus finished. The whole body is covered with thick Golden divine power, shining brightly.

Suye glanced sideways at the wind on his shoulders, then looked at Castor and said, “You seem to know the wind better than me.”

Kastor was full of envy and said: “The book says that the wind queen is the descendant of the Lord of Wind Elemental and the fairy god. They have the same fairy entity, but they also have elemental bodies, so the body is translucent. Growing up to the Golden rank After the wind, it can be transformed between the flesh and the elemental body. The wind of others is the bronze rank, yours, should it be direct silver?”

“Well, she’s the silver rank.” Suye said.

“The book says that all Wind Attribute magic of the post-proficiency level, including all kinds of Human Magician can not learn. Moreover, you can also master the magic of the higher order. How many Wind Attribute innate skills are there after the wind? How many high-level Wind Attribute magic to master. If you have more Wind Attribute innate skill, she will master a lot of Wind Attribute Golden magic spell.” Casto said.

“Listening to what you mean, the wind might be better than the Netherworld unicorn?” Suye asked.

Kastor thought for a while and said, “It was originally like this, but it’s great for you! The book also said that if they cooperate with ice, they 2 will use the ability created by magic to form an ice wind dual system magic. .Because the ice queen is the descendant of the ice elemental master and the fairy god, it is half of the same race. You need to prepare for the ice queen.”

“Well, Aristotle said about it, he said he would help me pay attention. It’s really not possible, I will publish the message directly in the Magic Parliament. Strive to get together after the promotion of Golden Mage,” Suye said.

“Come, try the formidable power after the wind.” Commodus patted his chest.

Suye squinted at the wind and said, “Try using the silver magic 3rd-layer wind blade first.”

The wind continued to blow the leaves after the wind, without lifting the eyelids, and pointed at Comodus beyond the ten meters.

Before the white fingertips and the pink nails, three strands of azure wind entangled and flew, and after a while, they expanded to fly forward.

boom ~ boom ~ ……

3 violent sky-splitting sounds sounded in the yard, and three 3-foot wind blades tore the air, punctured the sound barrier, and strikes directly on Commodus.

Rao was already prepared by Commodus, and was also directly knocked off.

He fell heavily on the wall and nearly collapsed the wall of the yard.

“This is what the hell wind blade!” Castor stunned.

Commodus covered in dirt and stood up.

“Is this a wind blade or a wind spear?” Commodus looked at his chest in confusion.

On the surface of the Golden divine power, 3 huge rips were torn open, leaving a slight scratch on the skin.

The scratches disappeared at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“He is the king of gladiator battle. He has more innate skills than me. Trifling silver magic can directly pierce his divine power shield?” Kastor dare not look at the wind.

Suye is also puzzled, this formidable power is too strong.

“Do you think that his 3rd-layer wind blade is like the power of Magic Evolution? Wind Elemental Bloodline and Giant Dragon Bloodline form the sky wind, which has many characteristics, such as outrageous speed, and has The powerful Impact force, her wind blade is in line. I have not learned the 3rd-layer wind blade, even if I learn, the speed can not break through the speed of sound.” Suye said.

“If you don’t want to expose the wind, put it away first. I’ll go find a small Practice Field, empty the people inside, and try the true strength after the wind. It’s a bit too strong.” Kastor was excited.

“Not so troublesome, after the wind, you talk about your abilities.” Suye said.

“Boring.” The wind continued to blow leaves after the wind.

Suye pondered for a moment and tentatively asked, “Aren’t you just saying this word?”

The melodious tune came to a noticeable pause, and then continued to sound.

Suye looked at her sideways, how did she feel her bulging, is it?

Isn’t this tormenting?

“Go, let’s try the power after the wind.”

Suye was about to take back the wind. When he saw the wind, he suddenly got up from his shoulders. His bare feet walked close to his ear and gently kissed Suye’s earlobe.

Sparta warrior are envious and show their love, is Magician so cool?

I also want to be Magician!


After the wind, it suddenly turned into a shallow tornado, and finally shrank continuously, falling on Suye’s left earlobe.

Everyone took a closer look, Suye’s earlobe, one after another azure line outlined the delicate body and face after the wind, like a tattoo.

The rest were envious, but Kastor was shocked.

“This… isn’t this imprint?”

“What do you mean?” Commodus asked.

“Those multiple pieces of divine power equipment can become gorgeous costumes and have powerful power if they are blessed by God at the same time. But the general Legendary costume and Hero costume are just powerful divine power equipment, and there is no too specific power. However, from Demi- From the beginning of the God costume, to the God costume, it can be changed to imprint and attached to the body. Once needed, you can summon it out directly. My brother has such a breastplate in this costume, which forms a tattoo on the chest. Alas, my parents are really eccentric, Even my Big Sister, I…”

“Stop, off topic.” Commodus said.

“Cough cough. In short, once in danger, it can stimulate the power of gorgeous dress. And this dress contains divine might, so it can continue to help and nourish the owner. I didn’t expect, the magic fairy can also form a dress imprint, Could it be that God’s dress has something to do with Magical Creature?” Castor was puzzled.

“Why can’t Paros’ victory gun sword form an imprint?” Suye asked.

“That’s an independent Demi-God device, not a Demi-God dress component. The complete Demi-God dress is also impossible for her to bring it out, and it’s placed in the family to worship, even directly in God’s Temple. My brother and I The reason why the sister’s costume components can be used is because the composition is missing, it is better to take it out and use it as a separate Divine Item. However, the victory gun sword is forged by Athena Goddess incarnation, and one piece is probably worth the majority of the Demi-God costume. “” Castor’s face was envious.

“So strong?” Suye asked.

“It’s you who underestimate the Pandian Family. Although our family is Zeus Bloodline, it’s the Godking family, Pantion Family believes in Athena, but it’s just the Main God family. However, Greece has a large piece of Zeus Bloodline’s Godking family, Athena’s Main God family, just So 2 3. So, Pandian Family is almost the same as our family. Especially Sisyphus, stabilized all of our Sparta 2 generations, only Leonida and him even matched. I suspect that Paros also has amazing power, It’s just hiding all the time.” Casto whispered.

Suye nodded, Paros did hide the power deliberately.

Commodus and Sparta warrior have a blank face. This group of guys can really show off and open their mouths and dress up the Demi-God.

“Come on, let’s find a Practice Field and try out how strong the wind is!”

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