The World of Deities Chapter 405

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Soon, the entire group found a small training ground with a length and width of about 50 meters.

Euclid heard the news and cast a blockade spell to prevent outsiders from prying.

“Although I can’t afford Miracle Servant, but I also want to see the formidable power after the wind. By the way, you see the sky sky cloud, it doesn’t look like a thousand thousand golden eagle.” Euclid looked at the sky.

“Relax, donate as soon as I get back to Athens. Cheapskate.” Suye said.

“How to speak to Teacher?” Euclid said ill-humoredly.

“That cloud is gone.”

“I mean, you are right.”

“You are such a good teacher.” Suye said.

Euclid smiled modestly, but his teeth were a bit tight.

“Come on, let’s try.” Commodus, with his upper body naked, hooked Suye at 2 beyond ten meters.

“Come out, after the wind.” Suye said.

Suddenly, within a few meters of Suye’s body, there seemed to be a light breeze, the dust scattered, and the breeze gathered at the left ear. Then, the breeze Condensation became a delicate little man with a big palm.

“Boring.” After the wind finished, he leaned on Suye’s neck and sat down, took out the green leaves, and blew gently.

The melodious voice echoed in the training ground.

“It’s worthy of being my student’s demon servant. If this art innate skill goes to the competition, it will definitely win a music championship!” Euclid praised.

Suye pointed at Commodus and said to the wind: “Use the Golden magic you master to attack that guy, attack with all strength, don’t be afraid, he can’t die.”

After the little wind, as before, he pointed his finger at Commodus, and the blue wind fluttered at the fingertips, flying forward.

Commodus took a deep breath, used to protect Battle Skill, Golden divine power Condensation on the body surface into a double-layer divine power armor.

Azure Xiaofeng flew away from the fingertips of the wind, Condensation into a wind gun of 2 meters long, with a harsh shriek charge ahead.


Many people face surprised.

The speed is much slower than before.

Commodus did not retreat, but boxed out.


The fist collided with the gun of the wind, the blue wind exploded, the dust flew, and Commodus’ hair fluttered in the wind.

Commodus glanced at his right fist, only a fine crack appeared, not cracking as before.

“How come it’s not the sky this time? Come again, bombing Commodus with Golden-level magic,” Suye said.

After seeing the wind, he began to continuously point at Commodus.

Wind Attribute magic, wind gun, tornado, split wind, chaos wind blade, wind shackles, etc. dazzled out.

Although Suye closed the stripping of the innate skill, there are still 8 Wind Attribute innate skills left, plus the innate skill that may come with the wind, the attack ability is extremely strong.

However, the following dozens of magic did not appear before the scene of the sky wind, no Impact power, and no supersonic speed.

“How is the magic after the wind?” Castor asked Euclid.

Euclid thought for a while and said, “Overall, it surpasses the ordinary Golden Mage and reaches the level of Wind Attribute specialization in mage. But she is after all the silver rank, and the magical formidable power is poor. Her biggest problem is skill. Poor, any Magician who specializes in geometry will beat her.”

Suye said: “In front of you, her geometry is poor, but how many people are there in Wind Attribute Magician specializing in geometry? She doesn’t understand geometry, but she knows the wind and is already very strong.”

“You are right about everything.” Euclid and Yan Yuese.

“Continue.” Suye said to the wind.

After the wind, lazily continued to attack Commodus. After using more than 20 Wind Attribute magic, suddenly, a thick and tall tornado surrounded Commodus.

Far better than the previous tornado technique.

The tornado was light black, fast and anxious, densely packed wind blades flew outwards, and others hurriedly backed away.

“Good!” Through tornado, a silhouette of Commodus could be seen faintly.

one after another The bondage of wind keeps entwining him, making him unable to run out of tornado.

嗤chi chi…

The light black tornado keeps cutting the armor of Commodus, just like meat grinder, making a piercing sound.

“Equivalent to weaker Magic Evolution. It should be a unique innate skill after the wind. Unfortunately, the wind is too rare. In the books I have read, all the introductions are not detailed enough.” Euclid said.

Suye thought for a while and said: “You try to attack him with Silver Wind Attribute magic, using only the 3rd-layer wind blade.”

After the wind, tap your fingers and one after another 3rd-layer Wind Blade Spell flew out.

Suye calculated silently in her heart.

One, two, three …

After counting the 11th, the Twelfth 3rd-layer wind blade suddenly emits a huge rumbling sound, breaking through the speed of sound, carrying the sound of hong long long, and hitting Commodus.

Even if Commodus had already prepared for evasion, his shoulder was hit by the reinforced 3rd-layer wind blade and his body stumbled back.

“That’s it.” Commodus motioned to stop.

After the wind, he withdrew his fingers and gently blew some hot fingertips, and continued to play the leaves.

“It seems that we guessed right before. Its enhanced Wind Attribute magic does not necessarily appear, but has a certain chance to appear. Moreover, the higher the rank, the lower the probability of occurrence.” Suye said.

Euclid thought while saying, “It’s very strong, not to mention ordinary silver servant, even if it is ordinary Golden servant, she is not as good as her. She is not interested in battle, but it can be expected that if she fights seriously, she will definitely be stronger. And She didn’t expose all her power. After I saw a wind, it was just a bronze rank, but when I tried to fight at full strength, my body became bigger and my magic formidable power became stronger.”

“Satisfied?” Suye looked towards Castor and Commodus.

“Satisfied.” Commodus said.

Castor looked thoughtful and said: “Suye’s servant is a bit weird, it seems that he can rise a lot of ranks, never out of date, which means that he will never be alone in the battle, a person equals a magic squad. If you have a double summon Innate skill, can summon the same rank 2 kinds of servants, it is simply invincible.”

“It can also be said that it’s a shame. On the quality, his magic is not as good as that of Aristotle in the same rank period, but the amount of discussion seems to have exceeded.” Euclid shook his head helplessly.

“Envy.” Commodus said.

“Are you sure you want to go in this direction?” Euclid said.

Suye thought for a while and said, “I have an innate skill in this area. If you don’t leave, it’s a waste.”

“Oh? What innate skill do you have for summon?” Euclid was curious.

“Summon golden eagle.” Suye said.

Everyone laughed and scolded.

Euclid finished his laughter and suddenly said, “It seems that I was too biased in the past. I have no problem studying geometry and studying magic, but if I can allocate my time and find a way to make money, maybe I can get promoted faster .I remember you……”

Euclid opened the book and read while saying: “You said that making money is assisting you to promote Legendary. I didn’t take it at the time, but now, I suddenly understood that there are many ways to help us promote Legendary. Money is just a way. But However, I have blinded myself for so many years because I despise wealth and businessmen. Well… some businessmen may be sinful, but the golden eagle itself is no problem. I like your attitude towards the golden eagle. In your eyes, the golden eagle is really It’s just tools, like bread and clothes. It’s because you don’t look at money high, nor do you look at money low, so you can have more money. Good, good!”

Euclid said while recording.

Suye thought that Aristotle had said something similar.

Commods sighed, said: “I used to think that money is the most important thing in my life, but now I understand that when I pursue money, I can only have money. When I pursue a higher objective, Money will follow naturally. I really don’t know how Suye’s brain grows, it’s so clear at a young age.”

Euclid touched his chin and said, “It makes sense what you said. You see, as long as I continue to study magic and geometry, Suye is willing to support me. Um… I don’t seem to have to spend my energy on making money, no money, Just go to Suye.”

Suye gave Euclid a blank look.

“This is the list of high-level spoils of war in the arsenal. You can see if you like it. You have the first choice.” Euclid handed the Magic Book to Suye.

Suye carefully browsed, far surpasses the imagination, all kinds of magic resources, Magic Tool or divine power equipment. Everything that could be picked up was taken away. I don’t know how many Warrior and Magician of Persia Golden rank have been ruined.

“Darius scepters are available? But can’t they be exchanged?” Suye said.

“It can be exchanged, but it has to pay double military power. Generally speaking, no one wants to exchange. After all, this is something that Persia must redeem. It is not worth it to offend Persia Great Emperor for a scepter.” Euclid said.

Suye continued to look down and asked, “There are some mysterious items, what do you mean?”

“Some spoils of war, no matter whether it is Aristocrat, General, Archmagician or Quartermaster, cannot be identified. Even using identification magic can only vaguely recognize the material. It is not clear what is specific, but it is listed as mysterious item. But I advise You don’t have to worry about it. 9 out of 1 of them are scraps. They should be fragments of various divine power equipment or Magic Tool. Good luck is a fragment of Demon Beast’s body, which is difficult to use.”

“There is a similar spoils of war in the arsenal of Athens’ main city,” Suye said.

“Yes, and many, throw it away, it’s too wasteful, keep it, don’t know how to use it. There is no way to sell these things, after all, it is spoils of war. If it is sold cheaply, it turns out to be a treasure. Who bears this responsibility? No one dared to bear it, so they threw it in the arsenal, and it is said that they had already filled up several arsenals. You wouldn’t want to try one’s luck? You are not Aristotle.” Euclid said.

“En? You mean, Aristotle has had luck?” Suye asked.

“He has both the light elemental and the flame elemental Double Majesty Bloodline, which makes him particularly powerful to sense the same kind of treasure, more than the Legendary Grandmaster. He can see all the treasures of these 2 series at a glance. I occasionally went to the arsenal with him. Or the magic market picks up leaks, alas, constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.” Euclid said.

“My sense of treasure is also very strong, and I suspect I have a hidden innate skill,” Suye said.

“Come on…” Euclid suddenly froze and put on a smiley face. “When I come back to Athens, I will take you to the magic market. I don’t want to do anything. If you find treasure, you don’t need it. I borrow it for a few years. That’s fine. I don’t care if it’s not treasure, mainly for geometry and magic.”

“I don’t believe it when others say that, you say it, I believe it,” Suye said.

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