The World of Deities Chapter 407

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“General, you… think about it again. I personally heard Miltiades General say that he likes to collect art, but he dare not leave this scepter.” The quartermaster showed a pleading look.

Castor sighed and said, “Darius gave Mardonius the world scepter for what, have you thought about it?”

“Think about it,” Suye said.

“Then talk about it.” Castor didn’t believe it.

“Mardonius is Darius’s son-in-law and protected by Legendary. Some of the army’s impossible people defy his orders. Therefore, Darius does not need to give him the world scepter. Moreover, Mardonius is only a son-in-law, not a daughter’s son, Darius is also impossible to him. At this level, Darius is in his prime, and has not reached the age of mediocrity. Then, it can only be shown that now or in the future, who has a much higher status than Mardonius, and may take Mardonius’ military power. This world scepter is for Against a person whose status is much higher than Mardonius.”

Kastor said nothing, and the rest listened carefully.

“Even Legendary Grandmaster or even Legendary warrior… No, in the Persia empire, even Hero does not dare to take Mardonius’ military power. If it is Demi-God, it is impossible to participate in the secular war. Plus we have heard the news from Gilgamesh before It is clear that Darius’s plan is to let Mardonius stand firm in Greece, and then ask Gilgamesh to conquer Greece. This scepter represents the Great Emperor of Cyrus, and the Great Emperor of Cyrus once acted together with many Heroes, forcing Gilgamesh Give up the fight against Persia, the two parties signed a double king contract. The world scepter is enough to deter Gilgamesh. What does Gilgamesh look like, you don’t know?”

Kastor nodded and said: “It seems that you also know the state of Gilgamesh. He was originally a famous tyrant, enslaving all beings, happily killing, unforgivable, full of evil. Later, God sent Enqi to punish him, and the result was 2 Become a partner. With the help of Enqidu, Gilgamesh changed his temperament and became a king. Later, in the battle with Greece, Enqi died in battle, and even the big sacrifice to God could not be resurrected. That day, Gilgamesh doubled Weeping blood and eating Enqidu. From then on, Gilgamesh will be the character of the tyrant and the character of the king of the world. The world scepter is to suppress the tyrant Gilgamesh to avoid his misbehaving, and to avoid the king of the game Gilgamesh from giving up the war.”

“So, I said before that Gilgamesh might come.” Suye said.

“Okay, I look down on you again.” Casto whispered.

“If you lose the world scepter and Gilgamesh arrives in Greece, will he kill the ring? He is King of Heroes. He once used a 10000 sword to kill Demi-God. Greece’s Demi-God may not dare to come forward. The only thing that can compete with him. , Only Hercules.” Commodus sighed.

“You said, will he find you directly and take away the world scepter.” Castor looked thoughtful.

“If the rumors are true, he should have come to you in person when he was a tyrant.” Euclid said with a little bluff.

“If the time really comes, I will give him the world scepter. Besides, Persian is not reason things out, and when I know that the world scepter is in my hand, I will definitely redeem it, when the time comes I promise them That’s it, I don’t suffer.” Suye said.

“Are you sure that the treasure you exchanged from Persian is more valuable than the one you exchanged from the arsenal?” Casto whispered.

“I’m sure.” Suye said.


“We are mad at you! Why are you so daring?”

“This matter, I have to report to General, and I need him to issue a password.” The quartermaster reluctantly opened the command.

After a while, the quartermaster stared helplessly at the command book for a long time, and said, “General said, everything is up to you, he doesn’t interfere. Well, I can’t control it anyway. The general collapses and the general bears it. You Take it away!”

“it is good!”

Suye opened the eyes of the altar again, glanced at the arsenal, and saw a few pieces of spoils of war, which cost a lot of military power, which is not cost-effective. Those so-called mysterious items, like Euclid said, are mostly worthless.

So, instead of changing the spoils of war, Suye prepared to go to the arsenal in Athens City to hunt for treasure.

“You pick it,” Suye said.

“Pick a fart, we are now thinking about how to clarify our relationship with you. I will go back and tell the Sparta Kings and Elder Council how to deal with Darius and Gilgamesh’s rage to prepare for the 2nd Battle of Marathon.” Card Storr lived in the army for a long time and began to swear.

“For the second time, they are unlikely to land on the Marathon Plain, which is their sad place.”

Suye finished, and his heart jumped suddenly.

They dare not land on the marathon plain, then…

Leonidas is still alive.

No, must must find a way to avoid the battle of Onsen Pass!

Don’t want to be one of 300!

Bringing 30Sparta warrior this time is not a good sign!

Once Gilgamesh goes crazy, it can destroy the entire hot spring pass.

“What’s wrong with you?” Castor asked.

“Nothing, I suddenly realized that since Gilgamesh is coming, I will work hard to cultivate. When the time comes when he kills the door, I have at least the power to run.” Suye finished walking back.

The rest hurried to keep up.

Euclid quickly followed, saying: “The last time you successfully predicted the Battle of Marathon, then next time, if Gilgamesh is in person, where will they land?”

“Why don’t you think about it, who will be the next commander after Mardonius’ defeat?” Suye asked.

“This…it’s hard to think about it,” Casto whispered.

“Xerxes.” Suye said three words.

“God’s Son…” Castor took a breath as if he had a toothache.

Euclid said: “It doesn’t matter, Xerxes is still young, only Saint Domain, even if he is promoted to Legendary, the threat is limited.”

“En? You don’t seem to care much about Xerxes? He is known as God’s Son. His future achievements are not under Gilgamesh, and he is destined to become the Demi-God.” Suye said.

“Hehe, if he is God’s Son, then I am the one who defeated God’s Son…the same person.” Euclid said.

Everyone didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Aristotle beat Xerxes?” Suye asked.

“Aristotle has been promoted to Golden and owns Double Majesty Bloodline, but he has never lost, even when facing high-rank opponents.” Euclid said.

“I am more and more reluctant to hear the names of overbearing, taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, supercilious!” Suye half-cracking a joke said, “However, you have seen his double majesty Bloodline after opening Does it look like?”

“Have seen…” Euclid’s eyes seemed to have a volcanic eruption, and the flames soared into the sky.

“What exactly? It must be handsome,” Suye said.

“It’s not just handsome, it’s just like God’s descendants. At that time…Forget it, I still don’t tell you, I’m afraid you will be hit. I saw that he had a half a month of depression after turning on the power of the double lords. Academy Four Heroes, how can he be so good? Even so, he cannot overbearing, taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, supercilious all day…”

“Stop. I know that you are suffering, otherwise, how about you teaching a student who exceeds him? I know that although you pretend to be poor, but you must have something good, how about giving me? I will help you go beyond Aristotle. You think, if your students surpass Aristotle, doesn’t it mean you surpass Aristotle?” Suye said.

“Hehe, goodbye.” Euclid turned away.


“When I remember the 2 things I forgot, I will give you my treasure!” Euclid said with a smile.

“Then I have no hope in my life!” Suye loudly said.

“So, help me find the memory first! If you find the memory, I will give you a giant Divine Power Plane!” Euclid cunning smiled and turned away.

Suye stood still.

“You said, did he master the plane mark of a giant Divine Power Plane, or is he the Lord of Plane of a giant Divine Power Plane?” Suye asked.

Castor thought for a while and said, “The latter’s probability is very low. As far as I know, there are no more than four giant Divine Power Planes in Greece. He should be a sign of mastering a giant Divine Power Plane. And, know the secret of Divine Power Plane. But even so, it is equivalent to a treasure. The annual output of a giant Divine Power Plane is equivalent to the annual income of a top Hero family. If the giant Divine Power Plane is rich in products , Maybe even comparable to the Demi-God family.”

“It’s so precious?” Suye calculated the value of the giant Divine Power Plane in her heart.

“The area of ​​a giant Divine Power Plane is basically equivalent to the entire Greece. What do you know is the most important thing? The giant Divine Power Plane has been open for almost a long time, even if it only has the world’s plane mark, it can be entered at any time, and the benefits are far beyond Your imagination.” Casto whispered.

Suye thought for a long time and said: “Does your Demi-God family have a way to recover memories? If I get that giant Divine Power Plane, I and your family will jointly mine!”

“Forget it, we can’t help the forgetter Euclid recovery memory. The High Priest of God’s Temple said that he can’t even make a big sacrifice. Unless Euclid becomes God himself, he can retrieve his memory, or God can help him. “Castol said.

“Alas… I’ll think of a way again, after all, a giant Divine Power Plane.” Suye walked back while thinking.

Return to the room, the old rules, summon Di Aotian Wang Dachui, and then use the blockade spell.

Enter Ruins Space.

Previously, because Kastor was rushing outside, Suye left the sacrifice immediately after the wind, and did not look carefully at the result of the sacrifice.

After the original wind, it is very likely that you will get Wind Elemental General Bloodline, but you already have it, so just look at it for a while, and maybe you will have unexpected gains.

Suye closed her eyes, then opened slowly, looking at the altar.

“Ah… Okay.”

Above the altar, there is magic curing (silver).

“Unfortunately it is not Bloodlines Strength… However, magic curing is also good, I think about what curing.”

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