The World of Deities Chapter 408

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“Silver-level Earth Attribute Protection Magic has only one sand trench coat. Once this thing is used, it is surrounded by sand and dust. If it solidifies, then when I eat, I will have a mouthful of sand when I eat. It’s too inconvenient. In fact, it doesn’t have to be married… rule out.

“Flame cloak is the same as above and cannot be selected. The drifting wind will not work either, and the food will fly out without waiting for the meal. It will not work to dim the haze, the enemy will not see me clearly, nor will the friendly army see me. It’s a pity that it’s cool to have another one forever.”

“It’s a pity that the floating blade can’t be solidified, otherwise it would be equivalent to an additional flying weapon that automatically protects the master.”

“The only choices are frost cold armor and wooden skin.”

“Frost cold armor is simple and direct, it is equivalent to an extra layer of armor, like rock armor. The wooden skin is a little special, which can greatly enhance the toughness of the skin and muscles. With my innate skill, it can greatly reduce the impact force. After all, even if I have armor body protection. The powerful warrior still hurts my body. At this time, woody skin can greatly weaken that kind of strength. And the magic curing will improve with the improvement of this magic by myself, now use it, wait for master Wood Attribute Magic Evolution, this magic will automatically become stronger.”

Suye thought about it, leaving behind the power of this magic curing, and later, after learning the woody skin, he cured himself.

Suye lowered her head and looked towards the world scepter in her eyes.

The shimmering Golden color, old Old Chen text, exudes a peculiar atmosphere.

Suye took a deep breath, holding the world scepter in both hands.

“Majesty Bloodline! Majesty Bloodline! Majesty Bloodline…”

“I’m looking for an opportunity to pretend to beep in front of Aristotle!”

“Brother Altar, give me a chance! Majesty Bloodline! Majesty Bloodline! Majesty Bloodline…”

Suye nagging for a long time, eyes opened, slowly put the world scepter representing the symbol of the founding of Persia on the altar.

The altar is softly trembled.

Suye shines binocularly.

The first ring lights up and goes out.

Ring 2, light up and go out!

Ring 3, light on and off…

The sixth ring lights up.

Suye’s heart was beating fast. Sure enough, it was indeed a sacrifice of the 6th ring.

Ring 6 went out.

The 7th ring is on!

Suye’s eyes glared like bronze bells, trying to restrain the laughter.

far surpasses the imagination!

The 7th ring is probably worth 200000000 million golden eagle!

A Demi-God Demon Beast’s body is only worth 10,000,000.

200000000 golden eagle, equivalent to the remains of True God!

Is this scepter so fierce?

Will there be Majesty Bloodline?

As the altar began to spray rays of light upwards, Suye closed her eyes again, like every superstitious person, mutter incantations.

“Majesty Bloodline! Majesty Bloodline! Majesty Bloodline…”

“Brother Altar, can you surpass Aristotle? It’s up to you!”

Suye finished speaking, jerking eyes opened, looking forward.

As usual, the altar spews upwards with a cone of light.

The difference is that this time the light body is particularly huge, ten meters high.

In the rays of light, a huge throne is suspended.

It was the Golden Throne of a blind man, how vulgar it was.

The glittering vulgar thing is made by Golden.

On the 2 sides of the chair back, there are 2 Golden Dragons. The tail is connected to the tip of the 2 sides of the chair back. The Giant Dragon body is flying toward the 2 sides, spreading its wings, and the entire dragon body is like a throne screen.

On the back of the chair is a glittering relief. At the top of the relief is a fuzzy person standing on the mountain and holding up the world scepter.

At the foot of the mountain, countless races such as Giant Dragon, Giant, God, Demon Beast, Dwarf, Shuren, Fairy, Human, etc. kneel down on the ground, each of their movements is wonderful, vivid and lifelike, making people feel always moving stand up.

The 2 side armrests of the Golden seat are 2 dark golden pythons, with a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, which looks like a Persia God anger snake comparable to Tiamat, 2 hands on it, showing domineering .

Above the seat cushion is a map of the entire Mortal World. The contours of the four countries of Northern Europe, Greece, Egypt, and Persia can be seen. The Aegean Sea is the center of the world.

The support under the Golden seat is not ordinary seat but legs, but a Giant. Some of these Giants have one-knee kneels with their arms raised, some are carried on their backs, and some knees are raised with one hand on one knee There are all kinds of images.

The glittering throne still feels vulgar, but it looks good.

“Divine Right: country.”

Suye received a message of Impact soul.

Divine Right? Can the sacrifice offer Divine Right?

Isn’t this God’s Strength? Can it be used now?

Suye immediately recalled the vague interpretation of Divine Right in the book. The authority of God, referred to as Divine Right for short, is one of God’s most powerful forces.

For example, War Divine Right and Battle Divine Right, both Athena and Ares, 2 people can use the powerful power of War Divine Right or Battle Divine Right, and their believers will increase their strength as long as they participate in war or battle.

Divine Right is one of God’s main strengths.

Many Gods do everything they can to enhance their Divine Right.

Even, Magician suspects that God is just a slave of Divine Right, because they are forced to continue to do things to enhance Divine Right.

“I’ve read books about God, explained and guessed a lot of Divine Right, myriad, but haven’t heard of country Divine Right. Is it a moth created by the altar, or is it entirely derived from the power of the world scepter? This Divine Right , What does it mean to me?”

Suye is not blindly happy, not directly receiving this power, but constantly analyzing.

In the end, I vaguely understood a bit, but could not tell clearly, as if there was a layer of fuzzy glass separating myself from the world.

“Since it deserves it, you should bear it.”

Suye finished reaching out a little, and the huge country divine throne turned into golden light and got into her body.

Suye immediately exited Ruins Space and entered the meditation state.

After a while, Suye’s skin was flushed.

Di Aotian and Wang Dachui looked at Suye in surprise, and saw Suye’s skin swell slowly and become more transparent.

The blood vessels began to grow larger and thicker, the blood inside was like a waterfall Impact, hong long long sounded straight.

Looking closely, it seems that blood flowing in blood vessels is not lava but lava.

Among the lava, there is a touch of golden.

“This kind of power, really…” Wang Dachui stared blankly at Suye with a complex expression on his face.

“叽叽gu gu ……” Di Aotian was also blinded, scratching constantly on his body.

2 people also started to change.

The wind originally attached to Suye’s ear suddenly flew away from the ear and transformed into a small fairy shape. A faint red light appeared on the body, holding Suye’s neck, his body twisted slowly, and his mouth whispered like a serenade.

Spirit world in meditation, under 2 barriers.

Void and darkness, a strange Rays of Gods enveloped Suye.

The farthest divine rays.

In Rays of Gods, Suye’s eyes are closed, absorbing the power of Rays of Gods frantically.

Suddenly, the light of God Realm suddenly became brighter, and then the various divine rays shimmered.

If Suye eyes opened at this time, he must think that he came to the bar, no, it should be said to be an extremely old dance hall.

Devil flurry.

In the end, all the divine rays fuse together, turning into a hazy light like chaos, black and white, clear and turbid, and water and fog.

Surrounded by dim rays, Suye’s meditation effect is greatly improved.

I don’t know how long it took, Suye eyes opened and entered the Magic Tower.

Whether it’s the innate skill fairy that hu hu slept before, the big fat boy who ran around all day, or the Netherworld unicorn who always licked Suye’s face, he was staring blankly at the sky above the Bloodlines Crown.

Golden’s country divine throne stands high in the sky, exuding an atmosphere like a king, looking down on the world and instructing all beings.

At this time, Suye feels that country divine throne is not vulgar, even if the whole body is golden, it also perfectly integrates domineering and art, balancing worldly and extraordinary.

The dragon body is the wing, the Giant is supporting, holding the angry snake in his hand, buttocks world…

From the eyes of those innate skill fairy, magic servant and Magic Incarnation, Suye seemed to see a row of numbers flashing.


Persia Imperial Palace.

Ishina’s face was black.

Since the news of Mardonius’s defeat came, the entire Imperial Palace people were alarmed. They would not come here if they were not to comfort their Big Sister and Mardonius’ wife.

Who knows when his dear Darius lost his temper.

However, what makes Ishina most angry is that the good wind remains are gone!

“Damn Greek! Why every time I meet Greek, I’m so bad luck! King of Flame Goblin is gone, Miracle Stone is gone, and even the remains after the wind are gone! The Urak who holds Fire Attribute Magic Evolution, no Will it be Suye? Impossible, he could master 2 Magic Evolutions so quickly, geniuses like Aristotle can’t do.”

Ishina, who took off her veil, walked around in the palace, her body swaying gracefully, and her jade stone accessories ding dong sounded pleasantly.

However, Ishina was impatient.

“Damn Greek, not only interrupted the Great Emperor’s plan, but even destroyed my plan! My remains after the wind! I haven’t found it in Persia for so long, is my miracle Summoner really broken? Is it only a miracle Summoner? I am not willing to!”

“What’s more bad luck is that the defeat of this expedition means that the next expedition will be the madman Gilgamesh! His tyrant’s body no matter what the two countries agreed, once angered him, he may directly attack and destroy the city. when The time comes, which triggers Greece Demi-God to take action, and the entire Persia army is over. This time at least people can be redeemed, and next time only the corpse can be redeemed!”

“Damn, damn it! Why has my luck become worse since I met Suye? Well… But the new tableware works well, I actually made a lot of golden eagle. Overall, the golden eagle brought by Suye is far away Far more than my gains. From a profit perspective, he is a good partner, but emotionally, I really want to strangle him!”

At this moment, her middle-aged bearded bodyguard walked in hurriedly, her face full of joy.

“Your Highness, there is news! There is news!”

“What news?” Ishina tolerated her anger with a slightly impatient tone.

“There is news of the World Tree branch!”

“Really?” Ishina screamed in excitement, almost breaking the sound.


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