The World of Deities Chapter 409

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Greece, Marathon Fortress.

Suye stared at the country divine throne of gold and jade in glorious splendor over the Magic Tower.

Before seeing Bloodlines Crown, I was able to communicate and get information, but now, country divine throne does not give myself any useful information.

“Is it…”

Suye thought about it and jumped a little, Spirit Body flew into the air, sitting on the huge country divine throne.

divine throne shines, rays of light ten thousand zhang.

The blazing golden light is just like the midday sun, and the originally dark Magic Tower is as bright as daylight.

All the creatures in the Magic Tower are on one knee, kneeling halfway down, and dare not look directly at Suye.

Suye leaned back on the chair of the country divine throne and felt a peculiar breath rolling in the divine throne, but it seemed to be sealed by some power and could not really exert its power.

Then, some information came to mind.

Without divine might, without mastering the power that belongs to God, you cannot fully control divine throne.

However, after all, the country divine throne is too powerful, and it can still give a power, that is, to double the radius of all field-like forces.

“Not bad!”

Suye smiled.

Fire Elemental General Bloodline’s Lamp of Flame and Earth Elemental General Bloodline’s Land of Protection are both domain forces.

After being promoted to Saint Domain, Magician can also use domain power.

The only flaw of the domain force is that the center is always oneself, and the scope is too small.

For warrior, the domain power is simply Divine Item, which is mostly beyond their own Battle Skill attack range.

The area of ​​Magician is very large, the radius is far beyond the warrior, but it is far shorter than the casting distance of normal magic.

Therefore, in Magician’s hands, the domain power is just for protection.

Suye’s Lamp of Flame can only cover a radius of 15 meters, but the casting distance of ordinary magic has reached 60 meters. The higher the rank, the greater the gap between the two.

Now, under the influence of country Divine Right, the field magic directly expands to a radius of 30 meters. This progress is beyond imagination.

This means that once the Lamp of Flame and Land of Protection are released, everyone within a 30-meter radius will not only be attacked by these two magic types, but also be continuously attacked by Earth Attribute and Fire Attribute innate skill.

Real warrior nemesis.

Later, Suye got the information of the country divine throne. As his rank increased and his power increased, the country divine throne would gradually give more powerful power.

Suye nodded, after all, this is God’s only power, even if it is just a little breath, it can also make a huge profit.

“However, I still want the power of Lord Bloodline…”

Sitting above the country divine throne, Suye looked around the Magic Tower to see if there were any new changes.


Suye suddenly reached out and beckoned, and saw a brand-new innate skill fairy flying in the distance.

It’s a small fairy that is much larger than all innate skill fairy, with palm-size, there are ten pairs of light wings behind her, and her body is composed of light golden light, and those simple and ordinary innate Skill fairy is completely different.

This innate skill fairy did not appear in the altar, which means that this should be an additional innate skill after owning the country Divine Right.

Suye stared at the golden innate skill fairy and immediately learned her power.

Divine-Level innate skill: Low God is immune.

It is immune to a certain amount of pure god formidable power and can weaken any additional divine might attacks.

“Good stuff!” Suye unable to bear praised.

If it is not divine might, Demi-God is only stronger than Hero in “quantity”, unlike the essential difference between other ranks.

But with divine might, there is a qualitative improvement.

The King of Heroes in history can kill Demi-God because their own God Bloodline is too rich, not Demi-God can use divine might.

If it is not a special innate skill, do not use special Magic Tool, magic or divine power equipment, even if Legendary encounters Demi-God, it cannot fight divine might.

Moreover, many people in the Demi-God family, even if not Demi-God, also have the power of divine might.

This means that from now on, the threat of Demi-God Bloodline will be greatly reduced.

Looking away from the first Divine-Level innate skill fairy, Suye looked at Mana Tree.

Mana Tree is a few thick circles!

The 4 elemental tree roots are also thicker.

This means that the total amount of basic mana has doubled! And Mana Well is increasing the total amount of basic mana by 10%, which means that the total amount of his mana will be more than 4 times that of the previous one.

“It’s the power of God, even if most of the power is sealed by the altar, sprinkling water can increase my mana so much. And, mana roots seems to increase several times…”

Suye roughly counted the little mana roots on the tree roots and froze.

More than 1000!

Previously, there were clearly more than 100 articles.

“This is a bit too much, it’s almost an 8-fold increase. The growth rate of my Mana Tree has increased from 1% to 10%, which is too much. Although it is not as good as Aristotle More than 30 10000…”

Suye was lost in thought, and then looked at her Magic Tower again, and found that the entire Magic Tower also changed, but it was very subtle, and might be changed by the country divine throne slowly.

“After all, it is a symbol of the authority of a founder. After all, it is the power bred by a country. Okay.”

Suye left Magic Tower.

After the wind, lazily lay on Suye’s shoulder, watching Suye eyes opened, and it turned into a wind, forming an azure imprint attached to Suye’s left earlobe.

Di Aotian and Wang Dachui were startled and hurriedly knelt on the ground, daring not to raise their heads.

“What have you changed?” Suye asked.

Wang Dachui respectfully said: “Reporting back to your majesty, we feel your Supreme power.”

“Less shoot flattery.” Suye said.

“My strength has increased, as if some kind of shackles have been broken.” Wang Dachui said.

“Be more specific.” Suye said.

“It’s impossible to say, and there seems to be an invisible door opened in front of me.”

“Have you read too many philosophical books? Forget it.”

Suye opened the Magic Book and saw that it was already morning. Didn’t expect absorbed the power of the whole night by himself.

Di Aotian and Wang Dachui were dispersed, and Suye left the room.

As soon as I went out, I heard that Kastor and Commodus, like the two good-for-nothing counselors, whispered with other Sparta warriors.

“You said, what if Suye brought in Gilgamesh or even Darius? Darius is in the car, it’s not a joke.”

“Who knows what this product thinks, I really regret not killing him in arena!”

“It’s useless to regret, because you’ve made him Undead.”


“Yo, what are you talking about, are you praising me, right?” Suye glanced at Commodus and Castor with a cold eye.

2 people laughed immediately and hehe stood up, the fake smile on his face was as if smeared.

“Eat first, after dinner, go with me to the Persia camp, oh, it has been changed to the captive camp,” Suye said.

“What do you want to do?”

Everyone looked at Suye vigilantly.

At this time, Suye, the first person to see the Persia captives, is not afraid that the Persia captives will rebel?

“Okay, you go.” Casto whispered.

“We stand on the city wall to deter you from Persian!” Commodus embraced his arms with a serious look.

“Don’t make trouble, everyone’s relationship is so good, close to brother, how can I deduct your military merits and medals?”

Sparta warrior suddenly lost their temper.

After eating, the entire group left the fortress and arrived at the Persia camp.

Seeing the familiar Magician, Persia rioted.

“Can’t let him underestimate us!”

“I heard that he still bombed the flagship hero!”

“It seems to want to insult us, go, and can no longer be bullied by him!”

A group of undressed Golden Warrior and Golden Magician gathered in grief and anger.

Blockbusters of Persia Aristocrat, Warrior, Magician, soldiers, flying snakes and even some Giants were collectively dispatched to the entrance of Persia Daying, which had no city wall.

King Giant tried his best to hide behind the team. Unfortunately, even lying down, he stood taller than ordinary people. He only caught 2 flying snakes in front of him and secretly looked at Suye from the gap between the 2 flying snakes.

Giant’s eyes are extremely complex, with doubts, confusion, anger, shame, unwillingness, but also awe, fear, and even a little bit of pleasing.

“This breath…sure enough!”

When Suye approached, Giant’s face suddenly changed drastically, slammed the two flying snakes in his hand, turned and ran, and the rest of Giant ran away in panic, stepping through large tents and houses.

The aggressive crowd doesn’t know what happened, and even Giant ran away, what did he keep doing?


Especially the Magician who had no sense of security without Magic Tool, even forgot to cast, and Saya ran with Golden Warrior.

In a blink of an eye, as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, only a dozen Persian stood at the gate.

Mardonius, like a rusty puppet, slowly turned around, looking at the empty rear and the large rear in a mess.

The remaining dozen Persian were all sad and angry.

They, like the last few dead leaves of early winter, hang on the tree.

The Persia Empire, what a shame!

Scared by a silver Magician like this!

Urak, Persia is absolutely irreconcilable with you!

The Greek soldiers and generals outside Persia’s captive camp looked helplessly at Suye. Now they are afraid of Persian’s rebellion. What are you doing, the first hero, running over, not afraid of an accident?

In the Suye raised hand, the bronze daggers, the Greek soldiers will be much lazy to see and let go sideways.

Suye entered the gate.

Persian headed by Mardonius glared at Suye, his face full of sorrow.

“Are you dressed a bit miserably?” Suye walked forward while looking at the crowd.

Persia Aristocrat is often a gorgeous dress, wearing gold and silver all over, and jede stone all over the body.

Now, it is as if she has encountered ten waves of robbers continuously on a 300-meter long road.

“Urak, you have to understand that you are just a little silver Magician who talks too much and does too much, which is not good for you.” Mardonius said solemnly.

“You have a high status, what benefits did you get from running Greece?” Suye asked.

“A person of your status is destined to be complacent after winning by luck. But I advise you not to look too high and fall down carefully!” Mardonius remained calm and angerless.

Suye said calmly: “Are you thinking of a young Magician who walked away with dog shit and humiliated his opponent? I am very retretfully telling you…”

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