The World of Deities Chapter 410

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Persian’s complexion eased slightly.

“You’re right.” Suye ignited all Persian’s pupils in one sentence.

Everyone gnashing teeth looked at Suye.

Castor and Commods almost laughed out loud.

“The reason I want to humiliate you is not because we won, you defeated. It is because, you fools still don’t understand how you lost, and now you have attributed others’ victory to luck. I attribute my failure to external causes. So, if you keep thinking like this, you will keep losing, and I will be afraid of you? I just look down on people like you, there is each one!”

“You are too much!”

“Are you forcing us to give up peace?”

“You are insulting Persia!”


More than a dozen people talking at once counterattack.

However, Mardonius was calmer than before, just frowns.

A few people in the distance still have gorgeous clothes looking at Suye, looking thoughtful.

Suye disinclined to pay attention to those angry Persian, the ring flashed and the world scepter appeared in his hand.

The scolding stopped abruptly.

Every Persian’s face has a complex expression.

Subsequently, Suye put away the world scepter.

“This spoils of war is mine.” Suye said with a slight smile.

There was a strong red wine pouring on Mardonius’ face, but then depressed, taking a deep breath, slowly said: “Explain your intention.”

Suye corner of the mouth raised, asking: “You don’t say I’m here to humiliate you now?”

“Sorry, I apologize to you for your wrong judgment. I think that a Magician that can defeat Giant Legion, a Magician with Magic Evolution, a Magician who becomes the champion of the battle, and a General that decides the war will not just It was humiliating that we came here.” Mardonius said solemnly.

“Very well, no wonder you can become the commander of the army, and others can only scold there. I came with sincerity and hope to leave with sincerity.” Suye said.

“Do you want us to redeem that scepter?” Mardonius said.

“Yes, world scepter.”

Persian’s complexion changed dramatically.

Everyone knows, but how can you say it directly!

This is Persia’s decent!

“You said.” Mardonius straightened his chest and looked at Suye quietly.

“I want to change the remains of the powerful Miracle Servant, Divine Power Plane, Magic Tool, or enough resources to give me a city,” Suye said.

“You are too arrogant!”

“Even if we die, we can’t promise you!”

“You don’t want to be unsatisfied!”

The generals of Persia Civilian Court Official behind Mardonius fought back.

“You mean, the world scepter is not comparable to a city? Are you insulting Cyrus Great Emperor?”


Everyone fell silent, at this time, any words may be trapped, only shut up.

Even more how, everyone knows that this world scepter is indeed enough to change a city.

Greek may not understand it because they see a city as a country, but the Persia empire is too big, too many cities.

“You are too lion’s big mouth, just a scepter.” Mardonius calmly said.

“Yeah, just a scepter. Even when God Realm was fighting, Greece Gods took the world scepter and shook it in front of Persia Gods. It was nothing wrong. If I remember correctly, Cyrus Great Emperor was killed by Persia. God conferred as God. Guess what he thinks? He may have no choice but Darius the Great, you said what will happen to you, dear His Highness Mardonius?”

Mardonius and everyone behind him showed a look of horror.

Empire Mountains and Rivers are endless.

But, Great Emperor one hand shrouding the heavens.

“What the hell do you want?” Mardonius asked.

“Then I will help you narrow down the scope. A medium-sized Divine Power Plane must be fire, wind or water. Or, 9 drops of Demi-God Hydra’s divine blood. Or, a Demi-God device. Or, A World Tree branch. Or, Maharaja’s Bloodlines Strength. Or, a city on the east coast of Aegean Sea, and it is guaranteed that it will never be violated. Choose one.”

“Why don’t you go grab it!” a Golden Warrior yelled.

“We are robbing.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“You are too greedy…” Mardonius stared at Suye with somber eyes.

Castor and Commodus looked at Suye and wanted to pull him back to the fortress. I’m not afraid of death!

Not even Dimis General paid attention to this world scepter, but Suye dared, when those General and Aristocrat didn’t think about it?

No matter how much Persian is killed, Darius the Great will not care, even after being captured, Darius will treat him with hospitality and then release him generously.

Darius can be threatened with the world scepter, this is a little room.

Suye shrugged and said, “You think clearly, I’ll wait for your news.”

“You… we need time to consider.” Mardonius was helpless.

“Of course, I will give you time, but only if Gilgamesh comes. If it is late, I will sacrifice the world scepter to Athena Goddess.”

Suye’s tone was plain, but her eyes locked Persian.

When they named the name Gilgamesh, a small percentage of Persian’s and Mardonius’s eyes fluctuated slightly, even if they were trying to cover up.

“It will take at least a year,” Mardonius said.

Suye nodded said, “As soon as possible. After all, 10000 Demi-God family want to get God’s favor, use the world scepter to sacrifice, buy it from me, then I can only say sorry.”

“We will answer you as soon as possible,” Mardonius said.

“Okay, this transaction is very happy. I hope we can calm down and negotiate next time.” Suye said, instinctively extend the hand, but it was too late to shrink back, this action is too familiar.

Mardonius looked at Suye’s outstretched hand and felt a little confused. What does that mean?

Better than wrist strength?

Than grip strength?

Paper note?

Both Persia and Greece are puzzled.

Suye said with a slight smile: “Hold the opponent’s hand with the empty hand that should hold the sword, indicating that I not only have no weapons in my hand, but also no weapons in my heart. This is the best etiquette I think of trading and negotiation. Of course, except during the plague period .”

“So that’s how it is.” Mardonius also slowly extends the hand.

Suye took Mardonius’s hand firmly, moved slightly up and down, and then released.

Mardonius looked at the pale white stamp on his hand and thought deeply.

Does he want fiercely to catch me to vent his anger? Otherwise why does it hurt a little…

Suye looked to the Persian who were not far away, said with a slight smile: “Masters, I hope to show mercy in the future, I am doing things for the people, I have no choice. I am a small silver mage, too weak. Also There is a terrifying old man in the mountains. I’m just a pawn. Everyone wants peace and peace.”

Suye smiled a nodded tribute and turned to leave.

Regardless of whether Persian is suitable for Greek or not, Suye is speechless.

Looks like it is provoking.

“Can you not scare us? My Demi-God Bloodline heart can’t stop you from tossing like this.” Kastor followed behind Suye.

“The heart of King Gladiator battle is not good either. You didn’t see that even the two Generals gave face to the old man in the mountain, you screamed, he didn’t kill you?” Commodus helplessly said.

Suye shrugged, not caring.

“Are you asking for prices in the sky, or do you want those,” Casto said.

“I just want those.” Suye said.

Commodus whispered in a low voice: “If I were you, 1,000,000 would do.”

“If I were you, I would think that 1,000,000 would do.” Suye said indifferently.

Commodus and Castor looked at each other, and they both saw shock in the other’s eyes.

Is this kid boasting, or is there really such a high wisdom?

Why is it so philosophical in just one sentence?

Mardonius looked at Suye’s distant back, sighed, and turned back helplessly back to King Giant behind a house.

King Giant was lying on the side of the house with his back to the outside, holding his head in one hand and pinching a lance in the other to remove a piece of meat from the teeth, swallowing it with his tongue.


Mardonius scared King Giant trembling.

“Scared me! Why are you here? Your majesty is gone?” Atla hurried on the ground and headed out of the house, looking very carefully.

Seeing Suye’s back, King Giant was relaxed.

“Your Majesty? Who is he?” Mardonius sat directly beside King Giant.

Like a grain of rice next to a big bowl.

“Can’t say.” Atla said.

“I have never offended you, and I have always been a supporter of Giant Legion funds. Moreover, I have a good reputation in Giant Legion and have always met your needs. Can’t you just talk about it?” Mardonius made a low gesture .

Atra spread his hands, bang…

The house next to it collapsed and smoked Chen Feiyang.

“Uh… Actually, I’m just guessing, all of our Giants are just guessing. He should have the extremely noble Titan Bloodline, or Ancient God Bloodline, anyway, I can’t tell. And, that kind of breath is more intense today. If I used to be suspicious of him and wanted to test it. After today, I gave up fighting against him. I suspect that he has killed me with a sentence.” Atla said.

“Only the upper Titan can determine your life and death in one sentence,” Mardonius said.

“Anyway, I don’t want to bet on my life.” Atla began to pick his teeth with lance, “Ah…”

Mardonius resisted the urge to cover his nose and said, “Which Titan’s Bloodline is this? This news is very important to the Empire.”

“You should know the origin of my name?” Atla asked.

“Of course, although I don’t believe you have Bloodline of Atlas, that famous Sky Titan, his Bloodline can only be a Titan, not an ordinary Giant like you.” Mardonius said.

“You are offending me now.” Giant King coldly snorted.

“Cough cough, erroneous, erroneous. I believe you must be a descendant of Atlas Titan.”

“I feel a breath closer to Atlas from him. No matter how much, I dare not say, think about it for yourself.” King Giant finished, and patted Mardonius’ shoulder gently with his hand, and got up and left.

Mardonius was lying on the ground, his face helpless.

Back at the fortress, Suye went straight to Faust’s house and saw Faust and said: “Gilgamesh will arrive in Greece within a year and a half!”

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