The World of Deities Chapter 411

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“What’s the matter.” Faust General put down the command in his hand.

“This is the case. In order to swindle the future movement of the Persia army, I endured the burden and sacrificed a lot of military power in exchange for the useless world scepter. Then…” Suye told the whole story sincerely.

Commodus and Castor rolled their eyes from beginning to end, almost turning their eyes out.

When Suye finished, Faust General didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“You have made great contributions, but why is there a voice in my heart that I can’t believe a word except the conclusion?” Faust said.

“I also have this voice in my heart.” Casto whispered.

“Me too.” Commodus accepted.

“Nothing else is important, this military merit…No, it is the most important thing for this intelligence.” Suye looked sincere.

Faust nodded, looking out of the door, his gaze lingered for a long time, took out the command book and sent out a message.

“I have sent it to Miltiades General. It is up to him to decide everything. You sit down for a while. Sue… Urak, honoring the ceremony 2 days later, where are you going to go? If you go back to Athens, please bring me a letter Wife and daughter.” Faust said with a slight smile.

“Sorry, I may not be able to help you with the letter. After the honour ceremony is over, I will go to the Pitiah competition.” Suye said.

“I forgot about this event, the Pitiah competition will be held immediately, but that is the all-Greece competition, it is one of the second only to Olympic competitions. I also want to go, this is not far from Delphi Unfortunately, Miltiades General may go, I can only stay here.” Faust said.

Castor whispered: “He didn’t go to the audience, he went to the competition, and he went for the championship.”

Faust blinked desperately, looking at Suye in disbelief.

“I have asked Plato Academy to help me report all the projects. Of course, I don’t participate in music projects, only participate in other sports competitions.” Suye said.

“You…” Faust didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “I just don’t know how to say you, you are really a wonderful flower in Magician, a monster in Greek! It’s up to you, but if you are embarrassing, don’t cry in the future. “

Commodus dumbfounded: “General, you better not say this, I doubt he can bring back at least 5 championships.”

“Don’t laugh,” Faust General’s eyes filled with eyes looking at the silly nephew.

“Don’t forget that some sports events can use non-offensive power, such as the innate skill power that can be actively stimulated. Suye has Giant General Bloodline, you know a lot, you should know what it means.” Como Des’s tone was full of helplessness.

Faust General blinked, suddenly realized: “Giant turned!”


“It’s okay! I remember a game I watched more than 20 years ago, a Magician with Giant Bloodline, swept a fighting game and won 2 fighting championships. Unfortunately, warriors are not allowed to use Bloodlines Strength.” Faust said .

“He may have other Bloodlines Strength, such as diving into the water this time,” said Commodus.

“Water Element Bloodline, that can be the top spot in the all-around swimming event.”

“More than that, he also has Wind Elemental Bloodline. I doubt he might even win 4 championships and become the king of the race.” Commodus said.

“It’s really possible, but… it seems that no mage has won the title of “contest king.” Because Magician usually won’t be able to break out until Golden Mage, and the limit of the Pitiah Games is silver or silver. Maybe , He could really create a miracle!” Faust stared at Suye carefully, as if he were staring at the beautiful artwork.

Suye shrugged and said, “Unfortunately, I didn’t have an elementary school musical instrument, otherwise, I really had a chance to win a championship in the music competition.”

Kastor sighed, said: “I actually especially hope that you can become the second championship after Hercules, a Magician becomes the championship, what an interesting scene, but unfortunately, you are not proficiency clarinet, 2 Any one of the strings or poems, otherwise there is a real chance. Now there are still a few days, you can let Plato Academy prepare you for horse racing and carriage, but there is no way to let you in such a short time proficiency musical instrument. Yes, but it is cheating.”

Faust suddenly said: “In fact, he still has a chance. It happened before, but he needs a music champion to challenge him.”

“Oh, that way, but the probability is very small. The competitions have been held for several hundred years. It seems that there are only two times, and they all ended in failure. This rule was originally to ensure the fairness of the competition and prevent someone from winning by good luck. Don’t say Anyway, he is not going to win the championship anyway, and there is only one Hercules.” Kastor said with a slight smile.

“Yes, there is only one Hercules.” Commodus showed the expression he yearned for.

4 people sat for a while and Faust General suddenly browsed the command book.

A smile appeared on Faust’s face, closed the book, looked towards Suye.

“General said, this intelligence is worth 5 General-level military achievements!”

“A little less, just barely.” Suye smiled.

Suye was despised by Commodus and Castor.

“However, General also said that it is impossible to determine whether the information is true or false. Only when Gilgamesh actually appears and the war is finally over can it be counted as your military merit.”

“Hehe, old fox!”

“General also said, when will you announce your identity.”

“What’s so special about it,” Suye asked.

“You have 2 opportunities to announce. The first opportunity is to honor the ceremony. The raw wheat is cooked to mature rice. However, on your way back to Athens, the difficulties will be difficult. Aristocrat will do everything possible to stop it. There may even be despicability. Means to tamper with your military merits, in short, do everything you can.”

“What about the second opportunity?”

“When you go to Athens City to announce that you are wearing the General Order of the United Army and wearing various medals such as “Innocent”, Athens Aristocrat will not dare to drive you away even if you eat the magic dragon. Because Athens is in front of Goddess , They have a lot of scruples in doing things. Even more how, at that time, General had already figured out a way to make your Albert Hero statue and sent it to Delphi God’s Temple. From the day your statue was put in Delphi, unless God personally sentenced you Or you can betray Greece, otherwise Athens Aristocrat can only be convicted if you get the approval of Goddess of Wisdom Temple. Even if you betray Athens and join Sparta, Athens Aristocrat cannot directly convict you.”

Suye thought for a while and said, “Not only did I choose the second opportunity, I also wanted to return to Athens!”

“Are you ready to go back after winning some championships in Pitia?”


“However, why should I say’some champions’?” Faust looked weird.

“Then I’m gone, see the honor ceremony.” Suye got up with a smile, walked out of the door, and turned suddenly.

“Military merit and so on are not important. What matters is whether we can prepare for Gilgamesh like this Battle of Marathon. Next time, we may face Gilgamesh and Xerxes act together, 2 God’s Son, the army of several millions, and even more terrifying forces.” Suye said resolutely.

“Then should we stick to the marathon plain?”

“No, in the next war, the marathon plain will not be the core.”

“So what is the core.”

“The Onsen Pass and the Salamis Strait!” Suye turned and left.

Faust was shocked, he savored the scene where Suye first met, pondered for a long time, and hurried to Miltiades General’s residence.

Back at his residence, Suye recovery has become normally used to it.

Do homework, read textbooks, and then portray the Silver Magic Formation Chart.

Just before going to bed at night, Summon came out of Wang Dachui and Di Aotian, and Suye would get used to meditation.

Wang Dachui murmured: “I always feel that the door of New World is opening to me.”

“叽叽gu gu ……” Di Aotian whispered.

Suye has not forgotten the most basic awareness, whether it is himself or others.


Suye thought about it and entered Ruins Space, looking at the painting on the edge of Ruins Space white light.

Entrance to Giants’ Hills.

“It turned out to be like this…”

Based on time calculations, it should be many days after Giants’ Hills is next opened, and most of the current oil paintings should be black and white.

But didn’t expect, oil painting recovery has a full-color dynamic image, flying flowers and swaying branches.

Suye enters the inside and performs meditation as usual. The effect of a meditation is comparable to the outside for a month.

After the meditation is completed, a large number of herbs and the most precious metals are selected.

Suye stunned to find that the weight of the item he could carry out was 5 times that of the previous item!

Suye did not leave directly, but tried summon Wang Dachui, Di Aotian, Feng Hou and Netherworld Unicorn.

Tried it before, no feeling.

But now, you can clearly sense the breath of these servants, but you still can’t summon in.

According to this trend, they can summon them in soon.

“Other people are not very useful. Once Wang Dachui comes in, he extracts the metal directly from the ore and directly creates a blacksmith shop with various weapons equipment continuously. Now Wang Dachui has been promoted to silver, which means that he can easily make bronze divine power equipment! With them, you can also take more things out of it, and fully use the value of Divine Power Plane. The average annual income is probably more than 500,000 golden eagle. The key is continuously and never exhausted.”

Carry out the herbs and precious metals, put them in Ruins Space, and Suye returns to the room.

“Did you have any feelings just now?” Suye asked.

“I feel that His Majesty is in summon us, but what force is blocking it.” Wang Dachui said.

Di Aotian is nodded again and again.

“It’s me at Giants’ Hills summon. You will enter Giants’ Hills in the near future,” Suye said.

“Many thanks, Your Majesty! But, can you give me a girl…no, a Dwarf queen?” Wang Dachui knelt halfway on the ground, his eyes flashing with longing.

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