The World of Deities Chapter 412

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“I’m talking about Giants’ Hills, are you going to pick up girls? Are they all held up like this?” Suye asked angrily.

“Your Majesty, you misunderstood. I am as long-term as you. I am not talking about my personal marriage, but the continuation of the ethnic group. Once we stay in Giants’ Hills, I will have the power of the ethnic group. , I will gain the authority of the old days, have subjects, have ethnic groups, and multiply and breathe.” Wang Dachui righteousness is strict.


Suye glanced at the black demon sheep.

“You want ewe too?”

The black demon sheep immediately obeyed and knelt, revealing a flattering smile, and a neat white tooth protruded from the gap of the dark mouth.

Suye thought about it and said, “What will happen to my Summoning Spell after you enter Giants’ Hills?”

“You will have the ability of the summon squad. The number is about ten, that is, five majestic and powerful magic sheep Knight.” Wang Dachui said.

Suye laughed, asked: “How do the other four Knights compare to you?”

“The rank is always lower than my first rank.”

“What is the next first stage of the summon squad?” 5 Grandpa asked.

“It is the summon tribe, the total number is about 100, and the other new magic sheep Knight, the rank is 2 ranks lower than me. But a new Dwarf may be born. In our Rock Dwarf tribe, there is Dwarf mage.”

“What about the first stage?”

“Summon Legion, the total number is about 1000, the weakest level is 3 levels lower than me. At this time, our Legion will be particularly complete, and there will be a powerful Dwarf using Magic Tool. As for the next stage, I will not understood , Because I was just a Dwarf king of Legion level in my previous life.” Wang Dachui said.

Suye looked towards Di Aotian: “If you have the Fire Elemental Divine Power Plane, will you start to multiply and continue to grow?”

“叽叽gu gu 叽叽gu gu ……” Di Aotian explained excitedly.

“When I didn’t ask!”

Suye thought about the future development path of summon-like magic and fell asleep.

On 2nd day, good news spread throughout the coalition of Greece.

Persia had already paid the first ransom, and the most important group of captives left with the boat.

All day long, the Marathon Fortress was immersed in a sea of ​​joy.

Most soldiers have limited military power, and they are not eligible to redeem spoils of war.

However, everyone has a share!

Starting in the afternoon, people from each city-state of the Marathon Fortress pushed the car with their bags and collected the golden eagle from the logistics office.

Even the recruits who have never killed people have received at least ten golden eagles.

The voice of praise to Miltiades General has not been interrupted since the afternoon.

If it is the leader of Aristocrat, it is absolutely impossible to distribute so many golden eagles to the soldiers.

Suye also picked up the ransom paid by Persia.

A full 200,000!

It even surpasses Miltiades and Dimis, two generals.

In Great Aristocrat’s view, this amount of money is not much, but in previous wars, this number is huge.

For Suye, this is the price of an additional elementary Legendary Magic Tool.

Suye took the opportunity to ask Faust about the total amount of Persia’s ransom, he did not say the specific number, only said that it was above 10000000 golden eagle.

Riches in World War I.

However, more than half of the ransom was used to pay pensions and was distributed to the families of each soldier under the supervision of God’s Temple Priest.

Back at the residence, the Sparta warriors who took the Gold Coin carried the money bags and discussed with excitement.

“This is the first time I have really earned a golden eagle! It feels so wonderful! Even if I give me ten times the golden eagle at home, I can’t be so excited. I want to keep these golden eagles and show off in front of my children in the future “Castell spread out his purse, his hands constantly grabbing in the glittering coins.

The golden light flickered and sounded.

“This feeling is better than the harvest of arena.” Commodus squeezed the golden eagle in his mouth and bit it gently, biting a symmetrical tooth mark on Zeus’ face and eagle’s head.

Suye saw them with golden light smiles, slightly smiled.

Then, continue to do homework.

The new day arrived, Suye deliberately put on a set of white long gown.

In the yard, the Sparta warriors who were dressed neatly and neatly talked and laughed.

However, many people display tension and expectation in their eyes.

Even Commodus and Castor are a bit unnatural.

“How is the award process?” Suye asked.

“Theoretically from the bottom to the top. First of all, each City-State will be awarded the ranks of soldiers and Captain. Then, on the high platform set up outside the city, the ranks of the regiment and General will be awarded. Since you Come out, we go to the gathering place of the Sparta people to see the honor ceremony.” Kastor was a little excited.


Everyone went out excitedly.

The bright red cloak and the striking red helmet hair on the helmet made everyone recognize that they were Sparta.

A team of City-State teams went in different directions, and everyone’s face was filled with joyful smiles.

Similar words such as military power, golden eagle, awards, etc. continue to reverberate.

Suye looked at this scene with a smile.

In fact, most people’s desires are very simple. When they get what they deserve, they are satisfied and can work wholeheartedly.

Even, even a little loss, although angry and unhappy, can be tolerated.

However, Aristocrat always devoured the blood and sweat of others for his own benefit, and even wanted to deprive others of everything, which caused the opposition and chaos between the two sides.

Greed and short-sightedness at the upper levels are the first cause of conflict and opposition.

Looking at the smiles, the faces that were happy even if they were wounded, Suye suddenly understood why Miltiades General would rather offend Aristocrat and compete for the supreme command of the coalition.

Because, Miltiades had seen too many bodies after the failure.

I have also seen too many angry twisted faces after the victory.

He wanted to see more, smile.

Smile at this moment.

Suye took a deep breath, slowly releasing the emotion in my heart, and suddenly understood a lot.

Miltiades must bear the blame for defeat before he can be praised by the soldiers.

Miltiades bears the anger of Aristocrat before he can see the soldiers smile.

Miltiades, first of all bear the hope of Greek, in order to win, to become Legendary, to become General.

Suye smiled happily.

I have carried the hopes of the teachers and students of Plato Academy, I have carried the hopes of Jacquerie, I have carried the hopes of Sparta’s abandoned babies and refugees, I have carried the hopes of the soldiers in the marathon battle, but it is not enough.

These are not enough to promote Legendary, let alone on top of Legendary.

Me, bear more, gain more.

Suye clenched her fists, smiling, and moved forward.

Soon, everyone walked to a spacious place where almost everyone was wearing Sparta’s unique red cloak.

Everyone talked excitedly, waited excitedly, and looked forward excitedly.

Even the emergence of Suye and the gladiator battle king of Commodus did not attract much attention.

At this time, everyone has the same identity.

Meritorious person.

Not long after, the Sparta military showed up the tie man. First, he wore a magic beard and gave a passionate speech, which stimulated the Sparta man to be bloody and yelled.



Soon, the fortress shouted everywhere.










These hostile Greece-City-States, in this brief moment, were not angry at hearing the hostile City-State’s voice.

Everyone’s face was covered with a smile from his heart.

The victory of the marathon is definitely not a victory for any person or any small group, but a victory for all Greeks and credit for all Greeks.

It is also the glory of the whole Greek.

Subsequently, General Sparta began to award titles and honors.

First of all, the general will remember the names of the new soldiers one after another, one after another Sparta soldiers rushed forward, or stepped forward with the help of his teammates, smiled and picked up his bronze long soldiers logo, raised high, cited Come and cheer loudly.

Next, the Sparta soldiers who were promoted to Captain were announced. This time there were fewer people, but the cheers were more enthusiastic.

Afterwards, for the low-level awards, there are fewer people at this time, but each award will inevitably cause more intense cheers than before.

Military ranks are only positions, but honors are more honor.

Suye keenly found that the same cheers everywhere, but the voice slowly decreased, but Sparta’s voice not only did not decrease, but reached a peak when awarding.

Even Athens cannot compare to the smaller Sparta.

Suye sighed for a long time.

With so many City-States, only Sparta’s awards can maintain basic justice.

The voice of soldiers is the signal sent by soldiers and civilians to Aristocrat. Any keen Aristocrat and General should be aware of this signal and then make changes.

Unfortunately, their greed and short-sightedness, their arrogance and ignorance, ignored this signal.

Every signal is a snowflake, and eventually will slowly roll up the snowball.

In the eyes of the ignorant Aristocrat, there are just more snowflakes.

In the eyes of enlightened Aristocrat, it was just a snowball with little danger.

In the eyes of wise men, it may be the water that nourishes Earth, or it may be an avalanche in the future.

Suye looked at it all with a smile.

“Funds to Euclid, plus thousand thousand golden eagle…”

In the morning, the ceremony was honored. After lunch, Suye and Sparta team walked out of the city early.

The hot afternoon wind blew across the marathon plain.

The uneven grass seemed to be gnawed by the herd.

I don’t know if the green grass is covering the mark of the war, or the mark of the war surrounds the green grass.

Under the city wall, the Magicians set up a high platform, and the warriors of each City-State gathered around to excitedly discuss war, military merit, medals, family, future, and hope.

Suye turned to look at the Persia camp.

Persia’s generals, Aristocrat, ace army and high-ranking warrior have left, and the remaining ordinary soldiers and temporarily recruited light infantry are all looking here.

The eyes of each of them are so dim, but they are connected together, but they are bright.

Like waves shining in the sun, sparkling.

Not long after, under the leadership of Miltiades General, Greece generals took the stage.

The cheers were deafening.




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