The World of Deities Chapter 414

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A few people looked at Suye, not at all shouting loudly, and envy that could not be concealed in their eyes, but there was also envy that could not be concealed.

In front of Suye, all the soldiers took the initiative to separate to the 2 sides, leaving a wide road.

Suye patted the back of the Netherworld unicorn.

The Netherworld unicorn screamed in excitement like a madman, his body swelled a few times violently, his skin cracked, and the lava flowed, first he quickly ran up and then jumped high.

Like a flying horse.

The sun hangs high in the sky, and it blocks the sun.

Everyone screamed in surprise, as if it were the Demon King coming from the sun.

I used to only see it on the battlefield from afar, now watching it so close, I can clearly feel the terrible oppression force.

The Netherworld unicorn landed firmly on the platform.

The opposite is obviously the Legendary warrior, but the Netherworld unicorn is not afraid, and his head screams, and the unicorn soars into the sky.

“Good!” Even Miltiades, the display can not hide the appreciation in his eyes.

Under the high platform not far away, a middle-aged man coldly snorted 3 meters high and covered with dark and coarse hair.

The people present were either jealous of Suye or envious of Suye. Only the middle-aged man looked at the Netherworld unicorn with a look of envy and hatred.

“Let you laugh.”

Suye jumped off the Netherworld unicorn.

The Netherworld unicorn immediately turned around and faced everyone under the platform. He screamed and raised his front hooves, and the fire was flying.

It caused many soldiers to cheer for it.

It is also a hero of the Battle of Marathon.

“Miltiades General!” Suye put his right fist on his left chest and bowed his head slightly in tribute.

“King of Marathon!” Miltiades has a gentle look and a smile, but his smile hides something different from the previous awards.

2 people stand opposite each other, facing the crowd under the stage.

“I’m just a Magician.” Suye said humbly.

Miltiades slightly smiled, without saying a word, he reached out and opened the wooden box supported by the guard, and took out the first medal on the far left.

He held up the bronze medal and said loudly: “This one is the “innocent”, it helps our Hero avoid malicious attacks!”

Everyone cheered. Miltiades personally put the medal on Suye’s left chest. Suye, like everyone who received the medal, bowed his thanks.

Miltiades picked up one medal after another.

“This is the’glory person’ because he is the warrior and the one who shines the audience!”

“This is the’repellent’, because he is the master of reversing the battle, he is the Number One Person who sounded the charge, he is the signal to launch a counterattack!”

“This is a’rescuer’, because not only did he arrive first, he was not only brave in battle, but also bravely shot when the marathon was facing the disaster of extinction!”

“This is the’shipwrecker’ because he personally defeated the Persia magic flagship, the ship that claims to be the most powerful battleship in the world. He used the Magic Tool refined by Magician to destroy almost all magic battleships in Persia. The entire bay.”

“This is the’Giant slaughterer’ because he defeated Giant twice. He is more terrifying than the Giant slaughterer. It is not difficult to kill Giant, but it is impossible for Giant to escape, even if I can’t do it.”

“This is the’Guardian’ because he protects the marathon fortress, protects everyone here, protects the large fields after the fortress, a large number of Greeks, and, every City-State!”

“This is the first player of the battle, because, he is the Number One Person of the Battle of Marathon beyond doubt!

“This is the “Great Albert”, because when all the credits above add up, he saved not only our dozens of 10000 people, not only the marathon fortress, but also the Athens behind, Attica behind, The Peloponnese peninsula behind, and the whole Greece! He, Albert, and Hero are standing!” Miltiades shouted loudly.

“Awesome business, Hero is standing!”

“Weiye added himself, Hero is standing…”

Many soldiers shouted loudly.

Where the Plato Academy is located, the young boys also shouted loudly.

Jimmy raised his hands, his face flushed.

Albert murmured: “This is Hero, this is the real Magician. Compared with him, the classmates of Plato Academy are nothing.”

Paros repeated a few words in a low voice before realizing that he was out of order.

She suddenly frowned and looked at “Urak”.

“Why do I always feel like I have seen him somewhere, and why can he make my heartbeat faster? It must be an illusion!”

Not far away, Commodus’ eyes flashed.

Worthy of being the man who helped me break the arena walls.

It is true that objective is the man of Earth and Tianhai.

One day, I will become a great entrepreneur!

Castor clenched his fists.

This is the glory that Demi-God Bloodline should pursue.

André sighed and mumbled to himself: “I really don’t know if pushing him to the position of Senior General helped him or hurt me. Why am I more and more hostile to him.”

After that, his eyes fell on the students of Plato Academy, sweeping the red silhouette.

On the high platform.

“I represent all Greek, thank you.” Miltiades finished, bowing to Suye.

Suye froze for a moment and hurriedly extended her hands to stop, but Miltiades had already completed the compliment.

One is the Legendary General of tall, and the old man of hair grey-white.

One is the magical magician, the youngster with black hair.

old man thanks youngster.

The past recognizes the future.

The audience was boiling and cheering.


“King of Marathon!”

Everyone took turns cheering 2 people.

No one despised Miltiades because he stooped down. He objected to respecting him ten times and 100 times!

He is grateful on behalf of all Greeks.

He is also thanking all Greeks on his behalf.

He thanked not one person, but the power representing the future and hope.


“King of Marathon!”

Many young warriors wiped tears and cheered loudly.

Everyone felt unprecedented glory.

High-level mages and warriors saw this scene, and there were different emotions in their hearts.

Perhaps this is why he became Legendary.

Never stand still.

Always recognize or even actively recognize new life.

Miltiades put the 9th Albert Medal on Suye’s chest.

Then, when the cheers of the soldiers fell back, Miltiades picked up the tenth medal, everyone was familiar with it.

“This is the long medal of the soldier, okay, looking at this’medal wall”, I seem to be bored! I suddenly found out that this damn youngster was on the battlefield for the first time! Did this bastard come to fight us? Come, everyone will rush him out of office with me!” Miltiades looked disgusted.

Everyone laughed and screamed.

“This is the Captain Medal, too lazy to praise him!”

“This is the medal of the regiment commander, look, Twelfth, this dress is really strong!”

Then, Miltiades picked up the 13th badge, raised high, smiling.

“Look, this is the General Medal. I still remember the afternoon when His Majesty Theseus wore the Medal for me. He said:’Little Brat, I hope that one day, you can wear the Medal for others.’ I thought, I will. But now I realize that His Majesty Theseus was in a complicated mood at the time. After all, the young man in front of him may be better than him in the future!”

The crowd laughed loudly.

Paros’s eyebrows curved as he heard the name of grandfather.

Putting the General Medal on Suye, Miltiades turned to look at everyone.

In the wooden box, the last medal lay quietly in it.

His eyes suddenly became extremely deep.

“I actually made a mistake.”

The audience was absolutely silent, looking at Miltiades quietly.

“This youngster’s military power, glory and strength have surpassed our imagination. According to the usual practice, I should sharpen his temper, to avoid his arrogance, but also to avoid him from being attacked by sin. This is the case for our generation This is what our parents and our ancestors have come over. We do this not to harm him or to fear that he will surpass us, but to protect him.”

Many people are gently nodded.

“I’ve been sharpened by me, Demeters has been sharpened, I know almost everyone, and all of them have been sharpened. Of course, some grow slowly and some are weak. Whether it is me or those people, we always think this should be , This is correct, until the emergence of this youngster, I began to doubt.”

Everyone looked at Miltiades in confusion.

“What we do, we need a foundation, that is,’we are more correct than him.’ In the use of magic, am I more correct than Euclid? No. When facing Giant Legion, am I more correct than this young Magician? No. So, why do I feel that I can choose for him? Why do I feel that I can sharpen him? 10000 one, I mean 10000 one, 10000 one What should I do?” Miltiades looked at everyone.

No one can answer.

“After thinking all night, I finally understood that I was right to protect him, but I was protecting him arrogantly. If our old men were really right, then we would not be stronger than generations. If those of us are correct, what about those in the future? I believe that Human’s future will get better and better, but I use actual actions to deny myself.”

Everyone listened quietly.

“I think, think, think, suddenly fell asleep and had a dream. I dreamed of the present, and suddenly returned to the past and met me in the past.”

“In the past, I didn’t have a high wisdom, I didn’t have strong power, I still cried my nose, I was being treated unfairly, he was framed, attacked maliciously, very very painful. He asked me why those aloof and remote were full Moral people didn’t help him? Even those who recognized him didn’t extend the hand?”

“I thought about it and said that this is the only way for everyone.”

“Then he suddenly said something very vulgar, but I couldn’t answer it. He asked: You have been eating, but one day, someone suddenly forced you to take a bite of shit. Obviously, you won’t get a shit. And die, you will continue to grow and continue to grow. Then, when you grow up, you will say, should everyone eat shit? Will you say that the person who forced you to eat shit is indirectly helping you?”

“I realized then that we are destined to be fed with various kinds of shit on our life, we don’t lack any bite. We came to this World, we work hard, not must eat shit, but must let myself not eat Shit, let more people not eat shit. I should say that this thing is suffering, we should learn from the suffering, but we should also fiercely beat the man who forced himself to eat shit, to avoid him from continuously feeding himself Shit to feed others, because it is wrong to feed others to eat shit.”

“My heart is full of guilt. It turns out that I have been suffering in the past, and I have never stopped. What he lacks is not suffering, pain, care, help, love.”

“He suddenly smiled and asked: Thank you very much for your kindness and protection, but, can you let go of your power and let me choose?”

“I woke up suddenly and slowly dried my eyes.”

“I sit up and say, okay.”

Miltiades smiled at the audience.

“I haven’t betrayed me in the past. Even if my hair is gray and my waist is bent, I have always been a better me.”

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