The World of Deities Chapter 415

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The crowd looked at Miltiades, unable to speak for a long time.

Some people have only pure admiration.

Some people think about Miltiades.

Some are asking themselves whether they have betrayed their younger self.

After a brief silence, Miltiades General’s voice spread throughout the audience again.

“Each of our generals in Greece has outstanding merits and long-term vision. At this time, we deeply understand the role of magic in the battlefield. After all, we cannot be as good as Persian. So, in order to enhance the power of magic, To reduce the death of soldiers, in order to win more in the future, many generals act together to recommend this young Magician to me, let him become the first place in the history of the Greek coalition. The General General. At first, for the sake of protecting him, I Refused.”

“However, after talking to the young man, I realized that I was restraining him with the arrogance of an old man. I used the past mind to judge a new life, to say a more serious one, I may be strangling it myself. The future of Greece, and even the future of Human! So, I called all generals to discuss this matter and vote. In the end, overwhelming majority generals agreed to the promotion of this young Magician.”

Miltiades looked around again.

“So, I now want to ask all the comrades present, do you agree or disagree with this hero, the great player, this Magician who saved us, and promoted to senior General?”




Countless soldiers cheered the same word loudly.

Especially Magician, the voice is the highest.

Even if the credit is great, such as Socrates, Plato and other Masters, the sequence in the army is just the new General.

Senior General is Magician’s unattainable existence.

Countless Magician, for the purpose of City-State, for the protection of people, even to make great contributions and accumulate military power equivalent to General, but never get real recognition, and can never be promoted to Senior General.

From today, due to the existence of this young Magician, the whole Greece will be born with new changes.

“Very good, Miltiades, on behalf of all the generals and all soldiers of this fortress today, on behalf of every battler, every deceased, grant this king of marathon a new identity, Senior General of Greece!”

Miltiades took the senior General Medal, raised high, showed it to everyone, and wore the 4th Medal for Suye.

“Victory belongs to Greece!” Suye put on her magic beard and her voice was powerful.

“Victory belongs to Greece…”

In the deafening roar, the honor ceremony officially ended.

In the Persia camp, some Silver warrior or Magician seem to be indistinguishable from the regular regular army.

They watched Greek appear from afar, shouted at Greek, and watched Greek leave.

“Although I don’t know what they are talking about, I have to say that Greece is different from the previous Greece.”

“Hmph, if it weren’t for the damn Netherworld Demon King beast, victory would belong to us.”

“Why are you warriors, you can only see the fruits of the trees, you can’t see the growth of the big trees? You can’t see the accumulation of soil? Not only is this victory a manifestation, even magic is an appearance, there must be a deeper reason Is helping Greece to be powerful. Unfortunately, I can’t see it, and the influential figure of aloof and remote doesn’t want to see it.”

“Those influential figures always make excuses for their failure.”

“Hopefully we have such genius in Persia.”

“Persia must have soil before it can have such talent.”

After the ceremony was over, Suye received an official military order and the marathon was officially over. He and Sparta could leave at any time.

At night, Suye and 20 other people were sitting in the courtyard, between fine wine and food, indulge in loud and empty talk.

Halfway through the conversation, Euclid also joined.

Everyone drinks and shouts.

This night, the marathon fortress was everywhere.

Canopy, who has been talking about the deep black of the East, gradually moved towards blue black, and all the talents dispersed.

Everyone made an appointment to go to the Pitiar Competition together.

At this time, Suye did not hang up, and after summoning Di Aotian and Wang Dachui, he fell asleep naturally.

Near noon, Suye didn’t sleep for a long time and Suye stretched out to get up.

After a double rest on the spirit and body, the spirit is alive.

“The point is coming!”

Ruins Space.

2010000 The shiny golden eagle is divided into neat 200 piles, each pile of 1000 golden eagle.

A total of ten medals are lined up.

Suye looked at the medals, and a battle scene appeared in front of her, with a faint smile.

The value of most of the medals here is beyond the king of the gladiator battle, which is simply a large 4 ring innate skill.

The Albert Medal may even have 5 rings.

“Now I am sure that the era of the 5th ring is here.”

“Let’s warm up with some dessert first.”

Suye began to sacrifice the golden eagle quickly, 1000 at a time.

If you encounter useless innate skills, you can keep them. You can obtain useful innate skills or mana roots directly.

At the sixth sacrifice, Suye stopped.

Because an unprecedented new item appeared above the altar, behind 2 innate skills.

“Magic energy liquid? Repair the damaged Mana Tree leaf immediately, a total of ten drops, one drop to repair a Mana Tree leaf. Good thing!”

Suye smiled.

The essence of magic creation is to obtain super power by changing the Magic Formation Chart or connecting the Mana Tree leaves, at the cost of not only consuming several times mana, but also trial and error.

After reaching the Golden level, Magician has to find out a direction for the creation of magic for himself, and then constantly modify his Magic Formation Chart to create a different kind of magic.

However, just drawing the new Magic Formation Chart out of thin air, it is impossible to know whether it is valid.

Only by depicting the Magic Formation Chart on the leaves of Mana Tree can the effect be determined.

If the Magic Formation Chart is invalid or extremely poor, you can only use “mana erasure” to destroy the Magic Formation Chart, but the consequence is that the surface of the magic leaves is damaged, and it will take a full month to repair it.

At present, World of Magic does not have an efficient way to speed up the recovery of magic leaves. It can only be accelerated by multiple meditation and special Divine Power Plane.

After reaching the Golden rank, every Magician’s magic leaves are in a state of urgency.

Even Legendary Grandmaster is even included.

Behind every successful Golden magic creation, there are at least 100 failures.

Saint Domain magic may be 1000 times, Legendary may be 10000 times.

“100 golden eagle can repair magic leaves once, it’s very cheap!”

Suye reached out and returned to the Magic Tower to see it, and saw a small ball of water floating beside the Mana Tree.

Then, continue to sacrifice.

Since then, every 1000golden eagle’s sacrifice, there will be magic liquid or mana roots. Mana roots must choose, after collecting the magic energy liquid to a certain extent, it will suspend the collection.

Every time the golden eagle accumulates to 110000, the number of mana origins also increases than before.

Eventually, 2010000 golden eagle was exhausted.

5 new mana origins.

74 new mana roots.

The magic liquid has 46 drops added 460 times, converging into a water polo in the Magic Tower.

3 ring innate skill 3.

Three 3-ring innate skills surprised Suye.

I thought that golden eagle can’t offer good innate skill, but it came out.

Wood Attribute innate skill: Magic bud. Every time a Wood Attribute magic is released, it will appear a floating magic bud, which can continuously absorb mana from the elemental plane and replenish it to the owner. It exists for an hour.

Once the magic buds accumulate to a certain degree, you can achieve the magic of silver level without consumption. If it can be used with extremely rare innate skill growth, so that the magic buds can be promoted, the speed of mana recovery will reach the level of horror.

Ice Attribute innate skill: Thaw. Once mastering this innate skill, the enemy’s Ice Attribute magic will become extremely fragile and will soon melt, which can be called the Ice Attribute magic nemesis.

Metal innate skill: puncture. Significantly increase the lethality of metal magic.

Small gains, Suye looked towards the fourteen medals lined up.

“Old rules, from small to big.”

Put the lowest soldier long medal first.

2 The ring lights up.

Music innate skill: precise treble.

warrior innate skill: Battle preparation.

Seeing the first innate skill, Suye was helpless, he was not a tenor singer, and didn’t want to shatter the glass. What’s the use of this innate skill?

Seeing the second innate skill, Suye was mixed.

Fortunately, this innate skill appears to be a warrior innate skill, but it is quite easy to use for Magician.

In the view of other warriors, battle preparation is just to let yourself quickly enter the battle state, but in Suye’s knowledge system, the so-called battle preparation is when the body quickly secretes the necessary hormones and breaks down glycogen to make the body full of energy. Whether it is a great help to the brain or body.

Worryingly, will these damn battlefield medals, like the Gladiator Battle Competition medal, discriminate against Magician?

Who can stand the battle body or warrior innate skill?

Suye cherishes the strong malicious intention of the altar and puts on the Captain Medal.

3 The ring lights up.

warrior innate skill: master long sword.

warrior innate skill: light of inspiration.

“Calm, calm… The light of encouragement is actually very good. It can make yourself and your people the more fights the more brave is, morale is high. It can be regarded as a summon class innate skill, which has greatly strengthened my servant. The key This is a domain innate skill, and it can be stacked multiple times. Now I can use 3 levels of servant at the same time, plus my own encouragement light, it is equal to me and the servant at the same time harvesting 4 times of encouragement light, the actual combat effect is actually More than a lot of magic innate skill.”

Select the light of encouragement and put the Corps Commander’s Medal on the altar.

As expected exactly the same, the 4th ring lights up.

Music innate skill: flute fairy.

warrior innate skill: the light of faith.

Suye remained silent for a long time.

Now it has been seen that this is a military rank medal, so these innate skills are more suitable for battle formations.

The light of faith is very powerful and extremely rare. If you have it, it will be treated as a treasure by each City-State, so that no City-State is willing to put this talent on the Battle of Marathon.

The role of the light of faith is to add a peculiar Power of Faith to the weapons of yourself and your allies, allowing the weapon to add additional destructive power, at least about 1%, the key is to break the magic and protect the Divine power to a certain extent.

Persia is a person Legendary Archer has this light of faith, Arash.

The meteor Legion led by him is a full archer Legion, with the ability to provoke meteors, Legion attacked with all his strength, enough to destroy a city.

As long as the meteor Legion is present, Arash is the first Legendary warrior of Mortal World, and no Legendary can obstruct his joint attack with Legion.

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