The World of Deities Chapter 416

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The light of faith can also be superimposed.

Suye’s expression eased, as if Magician had this power, and was more perverted than warrior.

A group of Miracle Servant went to a stop in the battle array, multiple rays of light power superimposed, the strength of the friendly army was greatly improved.

“True fragrance. This is the Divine Item for military achievements. Why do I want to participate in the Battle of Onsen Pass? No, I can’t have this idea! The battle of Onsen Pass is originally a mortal battle, plus Gilgamesh and Xerxes. This is a top game.”

Suye happily took away this innate skill.

“The new General Medal should not look as good as those of the 9 major medals. Let’s sacrifice first.”

Suye put the General Medal with a star on it on the altar.

One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings…

5 The ring lights up!


Suye can’t believe that the new General is just leading 10000 soldiers. Why can he inspire 1000000 ring innate skills worth 5 golden eagle? It seems that some things are far more valuable than money.

battle body innate skill: The body of Saint Domain.

warrior innate skill: Divine power is surging.

warrior innate skill: calm light.

Tangled, tangled.

How to choose is not tangled, but tangled is not magic innate skill, but it is not inferior to magic innate skill.

Calm light is a particularly powerful innate skill. It is said that Hercules once made a big sacrifice for this innate skill, but unfortunately, because Hera made a stalk from it, even after promotion to Hero, he did not get this innate skill.

The role of this innate skill sounds very general and makes people calm.

Even when Suye sees this innate skill in “Innate Skill Learning”, there is an urge to turn pages, what makes people calm and counts as a powerful innate skill?

But after reading the description of innate skill, I was shocked by the power of this innate skill.

For ordinary soldiers, the biggest opponent on the battlefield is not the enemy, but their own emotions. Once they cannot grasp their emotions, they will be killed if they make a little mistake.

Emotions and emotions were originally the most difficult forces for Human to control. Once on the battlefield, mastering emotions is even more delusional.

Above the battlefield, everyone’s spirit is highly tense, and they can only focus on their eyes. They always forget to observe the situation of the entire battlefield, and are often killed by sudden sneak attacks. Under the effect of calm light, warrior can not only focus on the enemy in front of him, but also have the ability to observe the nearby situation.

Equivalent to one more moment to observe yourself on the battlefield!

The calm light can directly double the battle force of an army.

The most terrifying role of the calm light is to cooperate with various madness abilities.

In Northern Europe, anyone with an innate skill of calm light, regardless of other abilities, regardless of the original identity, even the slave, will be honored as God’s Son.

Because, within the scope of the calm light, all Berserkers not only have the power of madness, but also a calm mind, and will never go crazy because of madness.

The Northern Europe Berserker’s first cause of death is alcoholism, the second cause of death is madness, and the third cause of death is battle.

The calm light is enough to increase Berserker’s strength by 3 4 times!

Even if it is a high rank or even God’s battle, the calm light has a great effect, because once the divine power is overused, the body will be damaged, including the brain, the power control is greatly weakened, and it will inevitably become more and more crazy, thus Opportunity was found by the opponent. The calm light can prevent the high-level battle strength from going crazy in the later stage.

At this time, Suye also did not hesitate to choose the calm light.

“A senior General is a high-level 5 ring or a 6 ring? Can a senior General be worth 10,000,000 golden eagle? Those Aristocrat General who go up by various means may not be worth it, but senior General like Faust is for Greece , The absolute value is 10,000,000 golden eagle. Let’s put it first, and let it be sacrificed later.”

Put the senior General Medal aside, Suye looked towards another 9 Special Medals.

The innocent, the glorious, the repulsive, the rescuer, the shipwrecker, the Giant slaughterer, the guardian, the first hero of the battle, and the great cause.

Put the Medal of Innocence first.

The 4 ring lights up, and Suye is a little disappointed, thinking that these medals are at least 5 rings.

Only one innate skill fairy appeared in the rays of light. Suye only felt his heart sink, but it floated back to half.

magic innate skill: mana reduces consumption.

Suye smiled, and the altar finally found himself Magician.

Mana consumption reduction, casting consumption of mana, only 80% of the original.

This not only means saving mana.

It also means that with Bloodlines Strength and other innate skills, you can create it by magic and use high-level magic in advance!

There are many factors that affect the level of magic, and the mana consumed by Magic Formation Chart is the most important reason.

Since mana consumption is reduced, it is equivalent to the use of high-consumption Magic Formation Chart, and it is also possible to use super-magic.

While the iron is hot, put on the Medal of Honor.

“The glory of the king…” Suye murmured.

4 rings.

There is still only one.

Magic Incarnation (Silver).

“Yes, the more Magic Incarnation, the stronger the effect. Once the number reaches a certain level, with the power of the protection stack, all enemies will doubt life and magic.”

Suye is happy to choose.

“What will the repellers be?” Suye thought to himself, putting on the repeller medal.

There is only one innate skill fairy.

But Suye smiled.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Suye clicks directly.

Fire Attribute magic innate skill: shock.

Since then, Fire Attribute 4 is a big insidious innate skill, only one resurgence.

The reason why the shocking innate skill is insidious is that this power will penetrate deep into the body through the surface, triggering mana or divine power turbulence, resulting in the failure of casting or Battle Skill.

Put the rescuer medal.

There is no hope, because the value of this medal is not high.

“Huh? Good luck?”

light attribute innate skill: Stronger.

Suye was so moved that she almost cried.

This is the first light attribute innate skill in life!

Although the light elemental Bloodline is gone, the light attribute innate skill is also very good!

Although you can’t use light attribute magic yourself, this light attribute innate skill is like candlelight in the night, illuminating hope.

There are 9 Dark Attribute innate skills, only one light attribute innate skill.

“The darkness around me is because I am the light.” Suye chose the light attribute innate skill with satisfaction.

Fearing that the body could not bear it, meditation first, after absorbing all the new innate skill power, then returned to Ruins Space again.

In addition to the veteran General Medal, there are still shipwreckers, Giant slaughterers, state protectors, first-in-class heroes, and great players.

“The next big thing! At least 5 rings innate skill, I love 5 rings! You have one ring more than 4 rings…”

“Which way to start?” Suye smiled, spirit excited.

“It’s you.”

Suye took the Medal of the Overlord and placed it on the altar.

Thick white mist poured out and was absorbed by the altar.

Then, the halo lighted up again and again.

Eventually, to live up to expectations, the 5th ring lights up and white light rises into the sky.

A crown.

Deep blue crown, blue gemstone.

It is similar to the Water Element crown, but not the same. The color is darker and more dignified.

“Whale General Bloodlines Crown.”

Orye’s name is ordinary, but Suye can’t hide her joy.

The full name of the whale male is the grand whale, and now the three most famous whale males, one of the gods carrying the sea god Poseidon, swim in God Realm.

One died in the ancient God War and was made into a whale country by God to form Divine Power Plane. Later, the main battle died and became the unowned Divine Power Plane.

One end is located in the Water Element plane.

The Lord of Water Elementals in the Water Element plane do not know how many have been changed, but the Taiko Whale has been alive.

Even more, many people suspect that the Pacific Whale is Lord of Water Elementals.

“A whale can carry a planet. This is a whale, which is simply Kun! The General Bloodlines Crown of earth, fire, wind and water is only a 4 ring innate skill, but the Whale Bloodline General is a 5 ring. Moreover, the whale is a Water Attribute giant beast, and it must be connected to the Water Element to form a Magic Evolution!”

Exit Ruins Space, absorb the new Bloodlines Strength, and enter Magic Tower.

Sure enough, exactly the same as expected, the whale crown and the Water Element crown formed a power connection.

“It’s said that Water Attribute magic can only play formidable power at least in Saint Domain. Perhaps, after I was promoted to Golden, I could use Magic Evolution to advance in advance.”

Regardless of Di Aotian and Wang Dachui who had been scared, Suye continued to sacrifice after the confused wind.

“Giant Slayer’s Medal!”

5 The ring lights up.

Suye looked nodded with satisfaction in front.

“It’s finally time to advance to Bloodline. But what’s the matter with the Giant Slayer giving Earth Elemental Bloodline? Earth Surge, I’m here!”

Earth Elemental Priest Bloodlines Crown!

Absorb power, enter Magic Tower, and watch the new Bloodlines Crown.

The original Earth Elemental General Bloodlines Crown has disappeared, and in its original position, it has been replaced with a larger and brighter Earth Elemental Priest crown.

Earth Attribute magic casting is further accelerated, formidable power is further improved, and it is immune to all Black Iron and Earth Attribute powers below Black Iron level.

Bloodline was promoted, originally from the additional field magic Land of Protection of Earth Elemental General, promoted to the new field magic, guarding City-State.

And get the new additional power of Earth Elemental Priest, Earth can walk, can dive underground, Earth is like water, free to travel.

After leaving Magic Tower, glancing at Di Aotian and Wang Dachui, Suye continued his great sacrifice.

After thinking about it, put on the Medal of the Guardian.

At this time, he closed his eyes a little bit superstitiously before opening suddenly.

Disappointing 5 rings.

Desperate type, warrior innate skill.

Amazing innate skill.

warrior innate skill: Flesh armor.

“Isn’t this one of the innate skills that Hercules is famous for?”

Suye was really shocked.

This is a famous innate skill in innate skill learning, and only Hercules, the son of Zeus, has it in history.

When Hercules was only Saint Domain, it was besieged by the army of Eurytus, which inspired the flesh armor.

Then, the battle called the nightmare of Eurytus began.

Every time Hercules left a wound on the enemy, the blood from the wound would fly to him, and there would be an extra piece of bloody armor.

Every time a person is killed, the corpse will turn into flesh and armor and attach to him.

In that battle, Hercules completely killed the madness, and finally accumulated 10000 layers of flesh armor, like the giant giant flesh and blood, with the crazy attack of the Legendary warrior, tearing the Legendary warrior alive.

Since that war, no enemy dared to siege Hercules.

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