The World of Deities Chapter 417

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Suye’s magic emerged in his mind after killing a large number of enemies, and turned into a giant Magician.

It’s a bit daunting, but it’s also a bit cool.

“If it’s just fleshy armor, it’s almost, Ice Attribute has an equally powerful innate skill, called ice armor, the name is simple, the function is also very simple, every time you use an Ice Attribute magic, there is an extra layer of ice armor, also Can be stacked indefinitely. The two add up to form the Giant Magician, which is probably cooler.”

After imagining the dream, Suye returns to reality.

The first medal of the battle, the medal of the great entrepreneur, and the veteran general medal remain.

The reality is pretty good.

Place the Medal of First Achiever of the Battle on the altar.

5 The ring lights up and white light soars into the sky.

magic innate skill: mana neutralization.

Suye seemed to be afraid of the innate skill fairy being robbed, and at the moment of seeing it, she immediately reached out and touched it.

Feel that the body has absorbed the neutralizing power of mana, relaxed.

“It’s finally alive like a cow…”

When I was in Giants’ Hills before, I met a bronze magic bull with mana neutralization ability.

This ability, let alone Suye expects, all Magician and warrior expect.

The role of mana neutralization is very simple. It consumes a lot of body power such as mana or divine power, and completely neutralizes all negative powers in yourself.

Although the total consumption of mana is large, although it can only be used once in a few days, it is definitely a life-saving innate skill.

“Luck is starting to get better!”

“The Albert Medal is a medal needed for promotion to General. The value is definitely more than the Senior General Medal, absolutely more than 5 rings, and the minimum is 6 rings. Senior General may have 5 rings, and the highest is 6 rings.”

Suye took a deep breath and put the senior General Medal.

This time there was no closed eyes, no prayers, no superstitions.

Because you have to leave your luck to the final medal of great entrepreneurs.

Suye stared at the altar.

One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings, five rings…

6 The ring lights up!

Smiles bloom.

“This harvest is indeed a bit big, and it’s about to take off. It seems that danger lurks within the riches and honour…stop, safety first!”

rays of light spray thin.

Looking at the new innate skill, Suye was very calm.

Anyway, it has long been guessed that the military rank award must be a warrior innate skill.

Huh? Not a warrior innate skill?

magic innate skill: protection against proliferation.

Suye sighed that this innate skill is simply a Divine-Level innate skill for large-scale wars, but it is also a useless innate skill for personal battles.

However, when thinking of country Divine Right, Suye’s heart moved and did not judge easily.

This innate skill has never been recorded in history, but it has been played by Magician.

The magic effect is very simple. After applying Protection Magic to an ally, the Protection Magic will quickly spread to nearby allies.

If the Fire Attribute innate skill of the infinite ejection Fireball can kill enemies on a large scale, then this magic is to protect teammates on a large scale.

It can even be said that this innate skill is the nemesis of continuous bombing.

With this magic, he will become a battlefield nightmare like Aristotle in the Golden rank.

Ordinary Magician doesn’t matter if it has protection against proliferation.

But the problem is, you have Magic Incarnation, Magic of Incarnation can be superimposed.

I also have innate skill protection overlap.

And he still has Giant Bloodline, after Giant Transformation, cannot use attack magic, but the effect of Protection Magic doubles.

“If I had this innate skill in the previous battle, even if Giant Legion does not run away, Greek has a great chance of winning. This war innate skill is too strong…I even doubt whether it will exhaust my luck for a whole year. It’s not a great improvement for me personally in a short time, but it is a good innate skill to protect friendly troops. It is also a good innate skill to earn military achievements.”

“The last one, I hope to enhance my personal strength!”

Suye took a deep breath, sandwiched the medal with both hands, and placed it in front of him, meditating with his eyes closed.

Solemnly put the medal of the great entrepreneur on the altar.

Suye stared with wide eyes.

This is one of the highest-level medals in the whole of Greece. There are only 4 types of medals at the same level. Except for “Greek” which is the first medal of fully deserving, without any reservations, there is not much difference between Albert and the other two types.

One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings, five rings…

6 rings.

Suye secretly sighed, but the 6th ring is strong enough.

The world scepter is nothing more than a 7-ring, but it is a symbol of the authority of a Great Emperor country, and the great player is just a medal, not at a level at all.

However, the white fog from the entrepreneurs is twice as much as that of the senior General.

The altar spouted bright rays of light.

A purple ball of light is suspended in mid-air.

The soul of plane.

Suye took a deep breath. Although I have never heard of it, as long as I bring the word “plane”, the value is absolutely extraordinary.

Reach out, touch and inhale into the Magic Tower immediately.

The purple ball of light landed on the Mana Tree, looking ordinary.

But everyone stared at it.

Especially big fat guys, straight drooling, wiping while streaming.

The translucent Netherworld unicorn eagerly ran over, sticking its tongue out to lick it, was frightened by Suye’s eyes, and kicked the ground with his hoof grievously.

Suye stared at the soul of the plane to obtain information about this item.

It turned out that the so-called plane soul is God’s broken power.

There are 2 main functions.

First, after sending the plane you control, you can speed up the control of the plane and make yourself a Lord of Plane faster.

The second role is to slowly breed a plane Divine Item.

“What is the plane Divine Item?”

There are countless possibilities in Suye’s mind, but even the most underestimated power can make people overwhelmed by emotions.

Although I don’t know what the plane Divine Item is, it is absolutely certain that it is definitely stronger than the ordinary Divine Item.

It’s a pity that I can’t see any more information. Obviously, I don’t have enough power. Even if I send the soul of the plane to Giants’ Hills now, I might not be able to breed Divine Item, and even if I breed Divine Item, myself It may not be able to use it, otherwise, you will not only receive such information.

“There are 2 options now.”

“For the immediate benefit, send the soul of the plane into the Giants’ Hills. But the problem is that with the country Divine Right, my mastery of Giants’ Hills is greatly accelerated. According to this trend, it will not take long, and I will be able to do it every day. Entering and leaving Giants’ Hills can even send Wang Dachui in. That is to say, it is a waste of the first role of the soul of the plane.”

“Or, for the long-term benefit, use the soul of the plane after harvesting the next plane. If the next plane is very large, it will take longer for me to become a real Lord of Plane, and the value of this plane’s soul will be magnified. Countless times, and the bigger the plane, the stronger the plane Divine Item!”

“The problem with the second choice is, what should I do if I never get a new plane after 2? Or, what if I get the soul of multiple planes in the future? Well… I seem to be in two extremes of pessimism and optimism!”

Suye realized that he was also a patient with severe selection difficulties.

After thinking about it, make the final decision.

“Take Saint Domain as the dividing line. If you haven’t harvested a new plane after being promoted to Saint Domain, or you can’t get a new plane in a short time, send the soul of the plane to Giants’ Hills to breed Divine Item. If when the time comes The new plane is used for the new plane.”

“This time the harvest is great, but it is because of the war. Wars of this size rarely occur. Next, the garlands and trophies of the Pitiah Conference will also become my source of innate skill. However, no surprises It is still mostly based on warrior and battle body innate skill. What is really useful is the competition trophy. Using the competition trophy to go to the treasure trove of the God’s Temple is the key to the high-value divine object. After that, continue to return to Plato Academy to study… “

With simple planning in mind, Suye stepped out of the room.

The Sparta warriors outside the room are eating, and there are bags around them.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, eat first and say while eating.” Commodus said.

Suye nodded, eat slowly.

“Unsurprisingly, we are going to watch the Pitia contest, and then back to Sparta.” Casto whispered.

“However, if you think about it, if you participate, you can only use Suye’s identity. Miltiades General is willing to help you use a false identity in the marathon, but the Priest of Apollo God’s Temple is impossible to do so.” Commodus said.

“I played in Suye’s capacity and then returned to Athens.” Suye said.

Castor thought for a while and said: “The Pitiath will be held in Delphi. Delphi is both the guardian of Sun God Apollo and the largest Gods God’s Temple complex in Greece, so it is honored as Holy City. There, Unless blasphemy or betrayal of Greece, no one can arrest you, it is safe. Athens Aristocrat does not know that you are already a senior General, and will not make radical actions. Even more how, they realized that Plato Academy is trying its best to protect you , Plus consecutive failures, as long as you don’t return to Athens, Athens Aristocrat should no longer want to target you. Of course, there are extremely few people who will not give up.”

“Yes, it’s because of these considerations that I dare to participate. In addition, since I want to return to Athens, I must go back vigorously!”

“Going back as a senior General and multiple champions? It’s really vigorous.” Commodus said with emotion.

“I’m optimistic about you! Anyway, you can get the champion of the racing event, there is also a chance in the fighting category, and there is also a chance in the pentathlon. As for horseback riding and carriage competition, are you confident?” Casto said.

Komodes said: “The horse riding championship can basically be settled. The horses of the Plato Academy are definitely World Peak. He has Wind Elemental Bloodline, which will not only be lighter than nothing, but will accelerate the speed of the horse. But war chariot. It requires superb skills. However, he should have studied at Plato Academy.”

“Yes, I have learned to control war chariot. The level may not be strong enough, but, I also have an innate skill, which is enough to increase my chances of winning.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“What innate skill? Can you tell me a little?” Castor asked curiously.

“Animal Affinity.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“Pervert!” Castor asked without thinking.

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