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"Your opponent will be desperate. This is the most suitable innate skill for riders. I remember that once a horse king won multiple races in a row, it was because of this innate skill. This innate skill not only allowed his own horse wholeheartedly helps yourself and also stimulates their potential. Moreover, the fighting spirit of other Knight's horses will weaken. You think, for the horses, one is their own "man" and the other is the "man" who often whips and bullies them. You will definitely help yourself. Don’t tell anyone about this innate skill, it’s your biggest secret weapon,” said Commodus.

Suye nodded with a smile.

"Unfortunately, you are not from the Aristocrat Aristocratic Family, otherwise you can use your ability to focus on a musical instrument and really become the champion of the legendary championship. However, it does not matter, when you show your dual identity in Athens, you are famous. The day of Greece!" Kasto whispered.

"It's not a game yet, why did it blow up?" Euclid's half-cracking a joke voice came in.

Everyone turned their heads to see Euclid crossed the threshold and straightened the hat on his head.

"Aren't you going back to Athens?" Suye asked.

"I want to go back, but someone is going to participate, I will escort all the way to Delphi, and then escort back to Athens." Euclid looked at Suye with disgust.

"Wait back to Athens, I will take out the hundred thousand out of the 200,000 golden eagles I got from this battlefield," Suye said.

Euclid straightened his chest immediately, his eyes bright and full of expression, righteous and awe-inspiring: "It is my Euclid's duty to escort talented students and senior General! However, you will not plot against me? That is a thousand thousand golden eagle! 2 plus thousand thousand together, it is a primary Legendary Tool!"

"Do you want?"


"Don't talk nonsense!"

"it is good!"

"I can't really see that you are severe amnesia." Commodus said with a smile.

"Who are you?" Euclid squinted at Tall's Commodus.

Commodus looked embarrassed, everyone laughed heartily.

"Or would you fund him and let Euclid remember your name?" Suye asked.

"I'm not as great as you..." Commodus froze before he finished, then lowered his head and thought slowly.

Everyone continued to laugh and chat and eat.

After a while, Commodus suddenly asked: "Why do you fund Euclid?"

Suye thought about it and said, "He has a very high status in Magic Parliament, and has published many articles about magic, philosophy, geometry, and mathematics, and has made great contributions to Magician and even the whole Human. I hope that he has more sufficient funds. Continue to study, study in depth, and make a greater contribution. In fact, he is a great unrecognized, ununderstood, and neglected."

"Oh? What do you mean?" Casto whispered.

Everyone looked at Suye suspiciously, and even Euclid was puzzled.

"You think about it, Aristotle is a multi-faceted genius, handsome and handsome, strong in magic, high in rank, very good at many aspects, and an lover of Plato. . Alexander, people who don’t know his identity don’t care, but everyone who knows his identity understands his illustriousness, even you, Kastor, can’t look at it.”

Kastor is helplessly nodded, Alexander is also Demi-God Bloodline, and Macedonia is now no worse than Sparta. The key to Alexander’s father, Fili, is the king. Even more how, Alexander can be compared with Leonida and Aristotle.

"Archimedes does not need to say, his magic application technology can be called the Number One Person in the world. The created Magic Tool, magic war weapon and so on shocked the world. He was praised as an army of Archimedes equal to thousand thousand."

"Compared with them, Euclid's rank is not high, and the innate skill seems to be limited to geometry. Except for this Battle of Marathon, until now does not show the power recognized by the public. Even in this war, he only assists other Magician. It’s not like Aristotle by the strength of oneself showing the terrifying power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth."

Everyone is gently nodded.

"However, after reading the article published by Euclid in Magic Parliament, I firmly believe that for the sake of truth, he gave up the magic tools that people can see and touch, and gave up the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, which will be quite in the future. For a long time, he may only be a small reputation. However, I believe that as long as he finds the most basic and deepest truth, then it is the seed of Human civilization, and one day, it will break out of the ground and go straight to the sky. The crown covers the world."

Suye looked at Euclid, her eyes full of sincerity.

All Sparta people are awe-inspiring to Euclid. They actually don't understand what Suye is saying, but the person who can make Suye so praised must be out of the ordinary.

Euclid said with a smile: "Except for Aristotle's handsome and handsome, I agree with every word of you. However, why don't I know that I am so powerful?"

"You will know." Suye slightly smiled.

"It's weird to believe you." Euclid's expression of disbelief.

However, he silently opened the Magic Book and wrote carefully.

"Suye is a great guy, a little better than Aristotle. Remarks: It wasn't that he forced me to write, 10000000 can't forget. Second Layer Remarks: It wasn't really that he forced me to write."

After writing, turn to another page.

There are already many words on it.

"Suye said to subsidize my thousand thousand golden eagle, if I don't give it, I remember to hate him forever!"

"He's really rich. He bought Magic Source Badge. I'm one step closer to the thousand thousand golden eagle."

"Well, he doesn't look like lying."

"When the thousand thousand golden eagle comes, I will delete those negative rumors about him, what seduce Aristocrat girls, what bully businessmen and classmates, what anger beats Aristocrat, what squeeze Teacher, are absolutely false!"

"His innate skill is comparable to Aristotle."

"Does his house open a Bloodline store?"


After reading those words, Euclid continued to write.

"Today he will add the funding of the thousand thousand golden eagle. If I don’t give it, I will hate him forever!"

After Euclid finished writing, he closed the book quickly, glanced at Suye secretly, then reached out and held his hat to cover his guilty conscience.

Can't let him see.

"Cough, when are you leaving?" Euclid asked.

"Farewell to Faust General after dinner, Miltiades General will not go there, when I return to Athens, recovery status, and then thank him personally." Suye said.

"Then we have to prepare briefly. By the way, Plato Academy is going to organize the marathon fortress students to go to the Pitia competition." Euclid said while reading the book.

"How about our loss?" Suye asked.

"Protection is in place, but 4 people have been killed and 5 or 1 seriously injured," Euclid said.

"Alas..." Suye sighed.

"Death on the battlefield is glory." Commods said solemnly.

Sparta warrior was nodded, with no sadness in his eyes.

"How about the people at Aristocrat Academy?" Suye asked.

Euclid flipped through the book, a strange look appeared on his face, and said, "The deaths and injuries are even worse."

"After all, there is still excellent Aristocrat." Suye showed relief.

But Euclid continued: "If you know the details, you won't say that."


"All Aristocrat with heavy casualties are in the same battle."

Suye suddenly remembered the look of the plane giant ship in the sky, and remembered the scene where 1000 Giant fell from the sky.

"You should understand? The students of Aristocrat Academy are actually not on the front line. They only make an all-out effort every time they hunt down Persian in victory, especially to protect themselves. However, in Giant’s day During the battle, Giant cut off our army and cut them, and they only suffered heavy losses." Euclid said.

All Sparta people's faces are full of ridicule, including the Demi-God Aristocrat of Kastor.

"Perhaps, they only realized what was the glory of Aristocrat before they died." Commodus laughed at said with a smile.

"You look at them high." Kastor's words were more poisonous.

"Fortunately, there is Magician." A Sparta warrior sighed.

All Sparta people are gently nodded.

"Let's go to visit Faust General first and come back soon, you guys are ready."

Suye, Euclid, Commodus and Kastor left, and returned shortly afterwards. Then the crowd entered Magic Carriage and left the Marathon Fortress from the south gate.

Suye stood by the window, looking at the majestic mountain peaks and marathon fortress, with complicated expression.

"When we start a new journey, we always miss the past. But the past is the power that drives us, if not, it becomes yes." Euclid said.

Suye said with a slight smile: "That's the case. If life is meaningful, then very good, to complete this meaning. If life is meaningless, it is better, I will create a new meaning!"

"Okay! This sentence is very good! I want to write down, you guys, it's a treasure! With this sentence, you can subsidize me 10000 golden eagle."

Euclid hastily recorded.

"So valuable?" Commodus murmured softly.

"Of course! This is enough to be the motto of life!" Euclid said.

"Then I also write down."

In the eyes of everyone surprised, Commodus actually took out the coco-grass paper from the Ring of Space and wrote it down with a charcoal pen very carefully.

"Bulk, are you going to be Magician?" Kastor surprised.

After Commodus finished writing seriously, he put away the pen and shrugged and said, "Suye likes to record things, Euclid likes to record things, so these two top genius do it, then this thing must be very important. I may not Understand why, but since I want to be Hero and don’t know how to be, I will start by learning them."

"But Euclid recorded it because of amnesia." Casto whispered.

"Yeah, if you think about it, Euclid is obviously amnesia, but it is Academy Four Heroes, but it makes Suye call it great and has great achievements. Does that mean that he is strong enough in some ways to make up for it? Amnesia is such a major flaw? I don’t know where he is strong, but I believe that he always records, should be one of his strong factors.” Commodus said.

All Sparta people are shocked, the king of gladiator battle has a Magician brain?

Suye micro-nodded with a smile said: "Okay, Commodus, you have grown up again. I also understood this survivor deviation a few years ago."

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