The World of Deities Chapter 419

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“What is a survivor deviation?” Euclid opened the Magic Book that he just closed.

“When I was in Lion Harbor, I was inspired by a story, and then there was this’survivor deviation'”

Suye has made the best shields to make up for the inadvertent language.

“Tell me carefully, I think it’s interesting.” Euclid’s eyes shined.

Suye is secretly sighed, it seems that in the future, you should be careful when speaking in front of these guys, especially the big guys of Euclid level.

“The thing is, to the west of Greece, there is a very powerful country, like the lighthouse of the world. Of course, it is now burned by his people. The armor of that country was built by magic. Once, a Golden Warrior General took ten Several men found the Magician who was responsible for the armor, pointing at the arrow holes covered with complaining:’These places where you should thicken the armor, you see, there are many arrow holes in these places for more than a dozen of us.'”

“More than a dozen soldiers stepped forward to reveal their armor. Magician looked at it. Sure enough, there were more arrow holes in some places. He nodded and said:’You can rest assured that I will thicken other places.’ General is angry, Question:’What do you mean? The place where the arrow is not thickened, but the place where the arrow is not thickened?’ Magician said without thinking:’You only saw the armor of the surviving warrior, have you seen the armor of the dead warrior? ?'”

“General was stunned. He thought for a long time and turned away. It didn’t take long for him to bring some armor of the dead and silently put it in front of Magician. Magician looked again, nodded, and said:’Sure enough, as I guessed, The deadliest arrow holes in these dead people are not exactly in the densest parts of your arrow holes. In fact, the number of arrows encountered by you all person is about the same. There are some positions in the arrow holes that many, but you are not dead, it means that position No need to thicken. The real thing to thicken is the parts outside those places.'”

“After hearing this story, I suddenly realized that General can only see the arrow holes on the survivors. Naturally, the more the arrow holes are, the more dangerous they should be. It should be thickened, so what he saw in his eyes is different from the truth. Deviation. And Magician sees not the survivors, but the deceased, and sees the’invisible places’, so he sees the truth. Our eyes and mind have been deceiving us. So, and the eyes see Compared to ours, we should believe in the theory of’survivor bias’.”

“Okay, very good. I like this story. I also like the survivorship bias. I like that you believe that theory is better than the present. This thing has something in common with the “positive order logic” you said. We understand many things. , Either there is a deviation, or the order is reversed. Very good, the survivor deviation is also worth 10000 golden eagle.” Euclid said.

Kastor said with a smile: “If you go on like this, Suye won’t need to help you with the golden eagle.”

“No problem, he assisted me with the golden eagle to let me find the truth. If he can find the truth far beyond me, there is no need to subsidize me. He subsidizes me, and I want his golden eagle for the truth, not For money. You didn’t understand the logic.” Euclid said while recording Suye’s words.

“I really shouldn’t crack a joke with you,” Castor muttered in a low voice.

Suye said sincerely: “There are some things that I shouldn’t have said, but you said, I hope to follow me, then I will say more. The root of this matter is, you think, the invisible “Euclid discovery” The truth of the’may not be important, plus you think that Euclid may not be able to discover the truth, so you think that money is more important, and finally, you make the joke. Instead of just cracking a joke, you say the sentence .When you can understand the logic of positive sequence, you can discover the truth of the world.”

The other Sparta warrior was confused, Castor wrinkled frowned, thinking carefully.

“I write it down, although I don’t understand it.” Commodus recorded bitterly.

Euclid immediately said: “This example is very good. Suye, you are simply Aristotle in some respects. You can always find what seems to be correct but very wrong. You are Magician, you should have such a mind, you should say such a thing. Don’t care whether Kastor likes it or not. Or, it’s because you have such a mind that you choose to be Magician and a successful Magician. You guys, you still have to learn more from Suye.”

“Commodus has at least caught up with Suye a few years ago.” Castor whispered.

“No no no, he just imitates, even if he does the same thing, the principle is completely different, don’t believe you ask Suye.” Euclid didn’t look up.

“Oh? Commodus, why did you start recording?”

“Because I want to learn Euclid and Suye.”

“No other reason?”

“No.” Commodus said as it should be by rights.

“Then Suye, what about you? For example, if you want to learn Euclid and record, what are your reasons?” Casto said.

Suye thought for a while and said, “The first reason is that someone who has achieved something must have something outstanding to learn. The second reason is that if I don’t find his excellence, it must not be that he has no excellence. I must have been misled by others, or ignored, or arrogant. Then, on the basis of these two principles, I will meet any successful person like Euclid who will instinctively realize that he has You will learn modestly in excellent places.”

Kastor and Commodus were a bit stunned, why didn’t they answer.

“See? Suye has taken a big step more than Commodus. It is a big step from Marathon to Athens. Um… I always feel that there is a huge truth behind Suye’s sentence, let me I’m touched, I’m going to start thinking deeply, everyone don’t bother me! I’ll write it down on the Magic Book!”

Euclid glanced fiercely at everyone, and then used magic to close himself, isolate the outside world, quietly meditate, and constantly write and write on the Magic Book.

Suye froze for a moment, thinking for a while, then suddenly realized.

Actually, I was influenced by axiomatic thinking and used some axiomatic fur.

The axiomatization was first determined by Euclid on the basis of Odox and Aristotle.

Commodus thought for a while, and said to impossible to bear: “I seem to understand a little. My answer is the cause, and Suye’s answer is the cause of the cause. My reason can only answer’how to learn Euclid’, but Suye’s The reason can answer “How to let yourself learn all the excellent people”. Is this the Magician’s mind? Fortunately, I chose warrior, otherwise I must still be worried about the promotion of Black Iron Magician…”

“The world has a warrior for me to choose from, so lucky.” Kastor was grateful.

All Sparta warriors are constantly nodded like chicks pecking rice.

Magician is really not human!

When warrior is too happy!

Suye whispered in her heart, okay, did not treat me and Euclid as good.

“Let’s stay away from Euclid, don’t let him write it in a small book.” Suye said.

The Sparta people immediately flocked to the other side.

“Suye, aren’t you tired?” Kastor was puzzled.

“Do you have any favorite food?” Suye asked with a smile.

“I like to eat grilled eel!”

“Do you feel tired when you eat eels in a big mouth?” Suye asked.

“Not tired.” The teenager’s face radiated happy rays of light.

“Do you have a girl you like? A boy will do too.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“A little girl I like, but I don’t like it that much.” Kastor’s pale face lifted a faint glow.

“Then when you miss her, do you feel tired when looking at her?”

“Of course not tired!”

“We like to pursue the truth of the world, we like to pursue the existence farther than our eyes, and we like to pursue the world that can only be touched by our thoughts, so not only will we not feel tired, but every time there is progress, we will feel joy and feel happy, Will be more recognized and Affirming Self, then, will continue to pursue, always pursue.” Suye said with a slight smile.

Kastor was silent for a while, nodded, and said, “I understand, the reason why I ask you whether you are tired is because I in the bones think I can’t do this, I think I’m tired first. If I have a day And, just like you, I can reap happiness from this matter, I will not feel’tired’ at all, and naturally I will not ask you whether you are tired or not.”

“Happiness is not enough, happiness is too shallow, to feel happy, but also to feel affirmation and recognition, not someone else gives you, you give yourself. In fact, you will feel this way yourself, but you have not refined Come out. You used to feel this way, but you forgot.” Suye said.

“Yes, you are right, I have felt it, I felt it while cultivating Battle Skill, but I have forgotten. What you said is so good, I think about it…”

Castor said halfway, suddenly stunned, turned to look towards Euclid, and looked towards Commodus, who was dazed at the coco-grass paper.

“Can you give me some coco-grass paper and charcoal? I should have listened to Big Sister,” Castor blushed.

“No problem.” Suye took 2 charcoal pens and a stack of coco-grass paper from Ruins Space.

Castor picked up the charcoal pen and thought about it, writing on coco-grass paper seriously.

“I want to find something that is truly joyful and truly happy, and then self-recognize and affirm, do it all the time, do it all the time! I want to be a Demi-God warrior, and I will continue to practice Battle Skill…”

The other Sparta warrior look at Castor, look at Commodus, look at Euclid, and finally look at Suye.

Is this man Devil?

Is there really magic that makes people study hard?

There was an awkward silence in the room.

Suye opened the book, recorded the focus just now, and finally wrote while speaking.

“Without records, there is no happening. Without happening, there is no reflection. Most of our past is a worthless past and has nothing to do with us. Most of the so-called experiences, experiences and experiences are deeply imprinted in the memory , But if you can’t reflect, it’s just a self-deceiving nihilism. That’s why some old men claim to have experienced ups and downs and sufferings, they can always tell a lot of things and suspicious truths, but they don’t get involved, and they live all their lives. In ignorance.”

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