The World of Deities Chapter 420

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(The chapter number is 417. Time has changed everything and deceived our eyes…)

Commodus and Castor struggled to record.

“Only what is sorted out is real knowledge. What you see is not knowledge, what you feel is not knowledge, and what you think you understand is not knowledge.”

“Animals use their eyes or body organs to find food. If the eyes cannot see or the body organs cannot feel, they cannot live.”

“We are humans, we can’t just be satisfied with living, otherwise, we are no different from animals. Humans, we must live better.”

“Those sages great personage, the reason they can lead Human to continue to move forward, not because their eyes are farther than we see, not because they feel more sensitive than us, but because their thoughts reach the real world that we will never reach in our lifetime.”

“In the new era, if we still only use our eyes to observe, and only believe that what we see is true, instead of exploring New World with our minds, then we will be no different from animals, and we will not be able to live better.”

“What I’m doing now is just a poor imitation of the great personage of the sage. But I believe that anyone who can work hard can stand on Giant’s shoulder. And, become the new Giant!”

After finishing the summary, Suye closed the book.

“Did you record the Battle of Marathon?” Kastor asked.

“Of course, so important battles, of course I record every day, record our army, the enemy, carry out deductions, summarizing and sorting out, all this must be done. The war does not rely on military force, it is the mind.” Suye said .

Kastor’s face was flushed and said: “I understand, from now on, I have to record carefully, not thinking that I can remember it after reading it, I understand it when I see it, I think I can do everything, actually, just like you said , Is a worthless past and has nothing to do with me.”

“Actually, you don’t need to learn me, everyone has a different direction. Instead of learning me, it’s better to learn the Legendary Grandmaster, Heroic Warrior directly,” Suye said.

“let me think again.”

After a while, Euclid walked over unhappy.

“what happened?”

“Nothing, but I feel one step closer to the greatest truth.”

“That’s a harvest.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“Also, um… how can I be comforted by the students?” Euclid didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “What are the two of them remembering…”

Euclid walked curiously to Kastor’s side and looked at the recorded content, sighing impossible to bear.

“Kastor, I apologize to you for the recklessness just now. My judgment is wrong. You are a thoughtful person. “No record, nothing happened; nothing happened, no reflection.” What a wonderful thing The statement.’Only the thought is sorted out is the true knowledge, what you see is not knowledge, what you feel is not knowledge’ is so wonderful, what a profound insight, it reminds me of Socrates and Plato. I misunderstood you …”

Euclid said halfway, and suddenly felt the room atmosphere was wrong.

Castor was flushed, embarrassed, his eyes dodged, as if looking for a ground drill.

The eyes of other Sparta warriors are particularly eccentric.

Commodus faint smile.

Suye smiled politely.

“What’s wrong? Am I just admitting the mistake? As for me?” Euclid asked.

“What I recorded was when you thought about the problem, Suye said…” Castor whispered.

“That’s it? You guy…” Euclid face changed and recovery, smiling and patting Kastor’s shoulder, “It doesn’t matter, from the moment you recorded these words, you are already speeding up to catch Suye, come on Right!”

“Thank you Euclid Teacher!” Castor moved immensely.

Commodus nodded, quickly recorded this scene with a charcoal pen: Euclid Teacher did not anger with Castor because of this, but instead encouraged him to be embarrassed and encouraged, it was a…

Then Euclid’s voice sounded.

“Although you may not be able to catch up with Suye in your life, and the distance is getting farther and farther, don’t be discouraged! How can Suye be right without you.”

Castorton felt that he was feeding the dog when he was moved.

Commodus silently crossed out what he just said.

Magician is really not human!

Euclid elated sat down and began to record the words written by Kastor, and finally did not forget to add a sentence.

This is what Suye said.

Think about it, and add another sentence.

I am really a kind person. Kastor must be very grateful to me. Today is so beautiful.

Suddenly, Euclid complexion slightly changed.

“We enter the space of the Pillar of Babylon again. This position… is more like an ambush, and everyone stands firm.”

Tone barely fell, Magic Carriage descended straight, and there were whispers in the carriage, everyone grasped the things around them.

The heart seems to fly out of the throat.

The carriage came to a sudden stop and landed, and the people in the carriage turned over.

Then, as soon as the rays of light flashed, Euclid took away Magic Carriage, and everyone stood on the ground.

Suye blinked and looked around.

At 2 beyond ten meters on the front left, there is an earth-yellow pillar of Babylon.

Above the Pillar of Babylon, the Flying Snake King of the Flying Snake Legion floats. The Flying Snake King carries a gorgeous flying carpet, above which the rays of light undulate like a colored lake.

A tall beautiful silhouette stands on it.

It was a tall blonde woman, dressed in the pale-gold long gown of the fate warlock, with a tall curve, a white crown above her head, holding ten 2 petal corolla scepters, each petal of the corolla scepter was made of magic ruby, just like ten 2 Rose with petals transparent.

Her shining golden curly hair hung like a sunbeam to her waist, swaying in the wind and magnificent.

The woman’s nose is extremely tall, her lips are plump, her eyes are as big as those painted, and her light green eyes have a unique look. Her facial lines are far less soft than that of the Greek woman, with more edges and corners, and have the peculiar style of Northern Europe and Persia women.

In front of the woman, a square-shaped semi-transparent mud board appeared. The surface of the mud board was bumpy, uneven, and even some subtle cracks.

The Saint Destiny Warlock who once appeared in the Persia camp.

However, Suye did not stay on the pillar of the woman or Babylon, as if just swiping at random.

Who knows that the woman smiled brightly, her red lips slightly raised, and said: “Little child is a little child, it doesn’t look like anything. Your Magic Evolution has at least Devil General Bloodline, and Devil General Bloodline’s illusory eye is renowned, The undetectable black spot deep in your pupils can’t hide anyone else but me.”

Suye’s face was helpless, and the rest were face changed. Simultaneously, she turned her head to look around the sound, only to see the pillar of Babylon and the woman.

Euclid quickly opened the Magic Book, and then said: “Fate Princess Ajman, Darius’ youngest sister, the woman who claimed to have headaches for the Persia kings, Gilgamesh saw the retreat 3, Darius encountered rapid escape, is the most Persia. Powerful woman. Claimed to inherit the family’s wealth, beauty and wisdom, leaving only the power to Darius. If you encounter it, you can’t beat it, and immediately escape…cough cough…”

Euclid quickly closed the book and gave Suye a wink.

Suye didn’t seem to see it, smiling towards Ajman.

“You are really a beautiful and alluring woman, and I thought that two suns appeared in the sky. Ishina is an ugly duckling compared to you.” Suye looked at this Princess of Persia without veil with admiring eyes.

Ajiman smiled happily and looked forward to his eyes, saying: “You are really smart, I guess I see through your identity. Ishina let me be careful of you, but I really want to be close to your little slippery head full of honey.”

“If you really like me, I can raise my majesty Darius. The world scepter should be a good gift.” Suye smiled and looked at Ajman confidently.

“It’s such a straightforward and treacherous teenager. It really makes people love. Ishina misses and gnashing teeth. Since you like me too, then come back to Persia with me. As for whether you can marry me, it depends on your future achievements.” Ah Ji Man smiled.

Sparta warrior, looked at each other in blank dismay, is Magician so fierce?

Just talk about marriage on marriage?

“Ai, I thought you were greedy for me. Didn’t expect to have ulterior motives. I’m sad.” Suye spread his arms.

The smile on Ajman’s face was stronger.

“Sure enough, it’s a funny boy. Athens can’t take you, Greece doesn’t need you, Persia, is your bigger stage. You will have everything you want! With your innate skill, in the near future, whether it is me or Ishina , May become your woman.” Ajiman charming eyes, sexy bearing and charming temperament.

Suye turned to look towards Euclid, said resolutely: “Teacher, I might be sorry for Plato Academy and Athens, thank you for your help in the past few years, I am going to pursue a better life!”

Euclid gave Suye a blank look and said, “Academy puts that many in you, do you want to run? impossible!”

Suye looked helplessly to Ajman and said, “My future woman, you also saw that it was not that I did not want to go to Persia, but that Plato would not let me go. You are Saint Domain destiny warlock, killing a Legendary is easy, or You solve Plato first, and I will follow you?”

Ajman didn’t seem to care about Suye and Euclid’s harmony, and said with a smile: “You think I’m here to take your world scepter? I’ve been bored with that thing since childhood, and in my eyes, it’s not as good as the new tableware you created. In my eyes, what matters is you. I, can’t see your destiny, just like I can’t see Euclid’s destiny.”

Castor complexion slightly changed, but Euclid was stunned.

“What about mine?” Kastor asked to unable to bear.

“I am not a fortune teller. A mortal with Demi-God Bloodline is not worth my attention.” The smile on Ajman’s face disappeared, expressionless glanced at Kastor, and then looked towards Suye.

Castor wanted to cover his chest, which was too hurt and distressed.

The dignified Demi-God family’s heir is actually not as good as a silver Magician.

Suye said with a slight smile: “In this case, let Euclid Teacher go to Persia for me, I don’t mind.”

Euclid glanced at Suye obliquely.

“He is a pitiful person locked by Greece. I can’t see his fate, but I can see clearly that he belongs only to Greece. You are different, you don’t seem to belong to this World. Even more how, I don’t like him, I like You.” Ajman first displayed sympathy, then looked towards Suye with a smile.

Suye shook his head firmly: “If you greedy me, I will follow. But what you are interested in is my destiny, that won’t work, you have to add money!”

“what do you want?”

“At least Persia Great Emperor.” Suye looked serious.

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