The World of Deities Chapter 421

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Suye tone barely fell, Sparta warrior urged divine power to prepare for battle.

Even ready to die in front of the fate tablet project.

However, the scene they expected did not all happened, Ajman did not shoot.

Ajman frowned, thought for a while, and said: “When the big brother seals Queen of Gods, I can act together with you to solve Xerxes. I don’t like this arrogant and conceited and incompetent maniac. Persia Great Emperor, just follow me It doesn’t matter. However, I can’t do it now.”

“Then there is no need to talk about it.”

Suye finished, the tiny black spots in his eyes suddenly turned into flames, and then the whole eyes turned into a dark, jumping and flowing black.

Ka-cha ……

A peculiar sound of crystal cracking sounded, a hemispherical shield appeared at high altitude, and densely packed cracks appeared on the surface of the shield.

Then, the shroud exploded and the debris merged into the air and disappeared.

A glimmer of light flashed through the 5 magic staff in Euclid’s hands.

Kastor had an extra tower shield in his hand that reached the height of his neck.

Commodus held a short spear with a one meter length. Suye glanced at the short spear and felt the same breath.

The sword of glory appeared in Suye’s hands.

The breath of the short spear and the glorious sword is almost exactly the same.

The rest of the Sparta warrior were all holding spears, ready to throw.

“What are you doing?” Ajman seemed really surprised.

“Our reinforcements will come soon, Miltiades and Plato, already knowing everything here, are rushing here,” Euclid said.

Ajman stretched his hand to brush his shoulders with golden long hair, long hair rippling, golden light blurred.

“What do they have to do with me? I just came to ask Suye to be Persian, and I hate violence.” Ajman smiled.

“You have a nickname called Demoness. The people you kill are enough to form a small City-State.” Euclid started to fight Protection Magic for himself.

Suye hesitated for a moment, did not hide the light of various innate skills, nor did it turn off the protective diffusion, and evoked bronze and silver incarnation.

Summon out Di Aotian and Wang Dachui according to the convention, and then perform Protection Magic.

“Rock armor!”

Suye and 2 incarnation use rock armor at the same time.

One layer, two layers, three layers.

The three layers of rock armor fell on Suye at about the same time, merging into a harder but thinner rock armor.

Then Euclid stopped casting.

Ajman also looked at Suye blankly, with the rays of light in her eyes.

The rest were dumbfounded.

Because the flash of rays of light on the body surface of everyone nearby, there are 3 more layers of rock armor and merged into a super layer.

“Legendary protects against spread…” Euclid’s throat rolled and looked at Suye incredulously.

“Rock armor!”

Suye not at all stop, use it again, everybody has additional full 6-Layer rock armor.

Under Magic Evolution, Earth Elemental Priest Bloodline and various innate skill buffs, each rock armor is half a Golden Protection Magic.

6-Layer stacking, equivalent to 3 Golden Protection Magic.

Enough to resist most Saint Domain magic.

The point is, everyone has it, including Suye’s magic servant.

“Godly Magician.” Commodus stunned.

“I suspect that God doesn’t have this innate skill.” Castor muttered to himself.

Ajman suddenly smiled happier and said, “I take back what I just said, even if I use violence, I will bring you back to Persia. In addition, Suye, do you want to be my Prince Consort? As long as you are nodded, we Enter the cave room tonight.”

Ajiman smiled like flowers, 2 gills slightly red.

“Okay, let’s go back to Athens for the wedding.” Suye agreed with a smile.

“It seems that you still doubt my intentions for you. I just want to find a unique powerhouse for Persia. If that person is my husband, I will be happier. I can swear to the destiny tablet, to Persia Gods Even all God swears that as long as you are willing to become Persian, what we said before is valid, including the Persia Great Emperor that I helped you fight for the next term.” Ajman still smiled.

“But I don’t want to be Persian,” Suye said.

“What do you miss about Athens, those Aristocrat who are going to kill you?” Ajman asked.

“Obviously, I arrived in Persia, too.”

“But you will get God’s attention as my husband. You can want everything, including capturing Athens and becoming the master of Athens!” Ajman followed the temptation.

“I’m not interested in becoming the master of Athens. I’m more interested in becoming the king of magic.” Suye said.

“No problem, I will try my best to help you become the most powerful Magician. Under the effect of Destiny Tablet, you will gain unparalleled strength. With the help of Persia Gods, your growth will far exceed anyone “Ajiman said.

Suye slightly smiled, said: “You don’t understand magic, and underestimate magic. Gods can make me a powerful God, but it can’t make me a great Magician.”

“Do you think Magician is above Gods?”

“Magic is magic, and it won’t be compared with anyone. Also, nothing can be compared with magic.” Suye said.

“Good!” Euclid nodded praised.

“Speak, why are you willing to be Persian?” Ajman raised his head slightly and straightened his body.

“I don’t want it now,” Suye said.

“Then I will catch you back to Persia and wait until you are willing! For example, threaten you with the lives of your friends.” Ajman said, and the book of destiny distributed rays of light.

Euclid pointed to Ajman, and the ring between his fingers flew out of a dark blue rays of light and attached to her.


“Don’t treat me like waste you have killed.” Ajman’s smile and ridicule appeared on the beautiful face at the same time.

The illusory shadow of the fate tablet swung gently, the wind blew, and the blue rays of light dissipated.

Euclid stretched his hand over Suye’s shoulder.

White light wrapped 2 people and disappeared in place instantly.

“Come back.” Ajman’s voice lithe and graceful, like calling a lover.

The illusory shadow rays of light flashed.

The white light shines where 2 people are, and then dissipates, and 2 people appear at the same time.

“You can’t beat him?” Suye looked towards Euclid helplessly.

“Saint Domain Destiny Warlock is equivalent to Legendary, Saint Domain rank can beat her, no more than 5 in the whole world. The 6th is the future me, and the 7th should be the future you.” Euclid said.

“How long will our reinforcements arrive?”

“She counted everything, whether from Athens or Marathon fortress, whether it was Plato Master shot or Miltiades, when she arrived here, everything was over,” Euclid said.

“Plato Master can’t send it over?”

“The power of Destiny Tablet prevents all long-distance transmissions here, and Legendary Grandmaster can only carry out continuous short-distance transmissions,” Euclid said.

Suye sighed, looking at Ajiman smiling.

“When my patience is exhausted, I will probably become the Demoness of what others say. Rest assured, I will not kill the future husband, but they, I can’t guarantee it.” Ajiman said.

“Why don’t we start with a long-distance relationship, I prefer to cultivate feelings first.” Suye in deadly earnest said.

“I only ask you a question now, will you follow me back to Persia?” Ajman right hand slowly raised the crown of scepter. “This is a Legendary Magic Tool. In each petal, there is a Legendary seal.” magic. Every time you delay, I will release a Legendary magic to your friends. Although this will kill them, you will remember to hate me in the future, but rest assured, I will give you enough compensation.”

Suye helplessly said: “The next thing I want to say is not to delay the time, I have no doubt that you want to harm me. I just don’t understand why you can’t see my destiny and you will take me back to Persia? What I doubt is, You want to get my innate skill, to put it graphically, squeeze me out.”

Ajiman suddenly covered his mouth and smiled, and said: “Although I have never been a man, if you become my husband, I might try. Of course, I know what you want to say, you can rest assured, I It won’t be as stupid as Athens’ Aristocrat. No matter what I do, it’s based on your consent. If you don’t agree, everything will not happen. If we get married and have children, it’s up to me. After all, I’m curious what kind of descendants will be born from the combination of destiny tablet and people without destiny.”

“Look, you still treat me as a fertility tool,” Suye said.

“If you are stronger than me in the future, this matter is also up to you.” Ajman said with a slight smile.

“Actually, I think it’s not a bad thing to go to Persia as a Prince Consort, especially when you are a Prince Consort. Men, there is always a time when I don’t want to work hard. Can you give me time to consider? Can’t I do it in a month?” Suye said.

“Ai, people who can’t see the destiny tablet, it’s too attractive to me. I can’t tell whether you are attracting the destiny tablet, or attracting me. It’s a lovely boy who can’t refuse, a month, But I took a step back. I counted 100 in my heart, and then, if you don’t agree, I one by one to kill the people around you. Let’s start, I wait for you to change your mind.” Ajiman smiled with a seemingly affectionate smile .

But everyone shuddered, it was not a lover’s smile, it was Demoness.

Suye turned to look at the others.

“To be honest, I like Ajman a little bit. She is deliberately giving me time to save herself. If one day I can’t get along in Greece, I will definitely turn to her. Now tell the matter, you all can show your last power, rest assured , Save me absolutely great value for money.” Suye said.

“I can only use the Legendary level for a blow. This is the 2 glory swords.” Commodus shook the broken spear in his hand.

“I…if my Big Sister or my big brother were there, I could help you with a Demi-God device. But I really can’t help you now.” Casto whispered.

“What if she kills you?” Suye asked.

“My soul will return to the family, and then be attached to the divine power puppet. When I don’t want to live, I can choose to die. The family will avenge me, it is better to kill a few fate warlocks, but It shouldn’t be this influential figure. .” Kastor helplessly said.

“How about you, Prince Geometry?” Suye looked towards Euclid.

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