The World of Deities Chapter 422

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“It won’t stop for too long.”

Suye immediately said to Ajman: “Give your future husband a face. If you can break through our defense and catch me, I will follow you. How about? But you can’t hurt my friend.”

“No problem, the person I chose is really kind.” Ajiman was as happy as his lover.

“Euclid, whether I am Greece’s son-in-law or Persia’s son-in-law, it’s up to you. By the way, 300,000! As long as you can help me escape from the magic palm, I will add a thousand thousand golden eagle!”

“Good brother… No, good student, I will make an all-out effort!”

Among Euclid’s eyes, flames are raging.

“I believe that magic’s power can overcome fate, as well as geometry!” Suye said solemnly.

In Euclid’s eyes, the flame dissipated and replaced with a more intense starlight.

“I believe the same!”

Euclid solemnly straightened the purple cloth hat with both hands, took a deep breath, and raised 5 magic staff.


A touch of rays of light spreads from the purple gems on the top of the magic staff, covering everyone.

Suye recalls the basic Golden magic, no offset, it seems to be Euclid’s own magic creation.

“Can this little magic fight the power of fate? Unfortunately… I don’t want to kill people with a wonderful fate, but you are fighting fate.” Ajman stretched out crystal clear and near-transparent jade hand, one finger Euclid.

“Fate collapses!”

Everyone stared at Euclid nervously.

A weird scene happened, a hair flew out of Euclid’s head, and the pure white light of destiny fell on the hair.

The hair was instantly gone.

Suye froze for a moment, detonating at the moment when the hair was turned into nothingness, as if he saw that countless points, lines, surfaces, bodies and other geometric shapes burst.

The light of fate is destroyed, as if it were a world of geometry.

“What is this?” Ajman looked at where the hair disappeared in surprise.

“The power of geometry.” Euclid smiled proudly.

“Very good, Suye, remember to teach me geometry when you return to Persia. Destiny exile!” Ajiman’s front was like a flirtation, and the smile on his face hadn’t disappeared, he suddenly released a new divine spell.

Euclid has a smile and no fear.

The light of white’s fate came, but, exactly the same thing happened last time.

A hair flying out, just like a lightning rod to guide the lightning, was disappeared at the same time as the light of fate, and was exiled to some plane or void.

Both Sparta warrior and Suye stared blankly at Euclid.

This is the existence of God!

Trifling Golden Magician, can actually resolve the power of fate. That is the power that Legendary Grandmaster needs to fight very carefully.

How can a Golden Mage be as strong as this realm?

Is magic really so powerful?

“Twist.” Euclid used the second Protection Magic for himself.

At this time, Suye has been staring at Euclid’s magic staff.

In the rays of light emerging from the magic staff, the densely packed geometric figures and Magic Formation Chart are fleeting.

“Holy flame of fate!” The smile on Ajman’s face ceased.

At the end of the sky, the starlight flashed, and a white pillar of fire fell from the sky.


white Fire Pillar Burning All Living Things.

Everyone was shocked.

Because the flame of destiny did not fall on Euclid.

Accurately landed on Ajman.

The pure white flame penetrates the magic flying carpet, instantly melts the flying snake king and smashes the pillar of Babylon.

However, for Ajman, the holy light fire column is like a summer evening breeze, gently blowing, blonde hair and long gown rippling, outline her thin waistline, and form a striking contrast with the upper part.

“Cough cough cough …”

Euclid suddenly coughed violently, spewed a little blood, and fell to the ground, like plum blossoms.

Suye hurriedly took out Curing Wristguard and handed it to Commodus. Castor also took out a piece of divine power equipment for Euclid treatment.

Euclid waved his hand and said, “This treatment is useless to me. Although I can distort power, I still have to withstand the attack of fate.”

“Greece’s magic, has it been so strong?” Ajman looked at Euclid incredulously.

“So I said, you don’t understand magic.” Suye held Euclid shaking slightly.

Ajman Recovery smiled, nodded, and said, “Then I will take you back to Persia. Euclid, how long can you persist? You know very well that your magic can resist these ordinary forces, but it can’t fight the fate tablet. the power of.”

“If you can’t, you can try it once.” Euclid said with a slight smile.

He is just a young man in his 20s, but in this brief moment, he is like a wise old man. Even though his body is extremely weak, the wisdom in his eyes is as gentle as jade stone.

“Very good, you use it.”

Euclid took a deep breath, held up 5 magic staff, and sang loudly.

He sang for ten or two seconds before he pointed to Ajman.

“Road to loop!”

A peculiar pattern flew out of Magic Staff’s head, immediately covering Ajman.

Suye was stunned.

Mobius Ring.

Geometric topology.

Is this Daxian’s wisdom?

After casting, Euclid’s figure flickered, his face paler, and the Magic Carriage was thrown.

Magic Carriage gets bigger and bigger.

“Let’s go! Go back to the marathon fortress!” After that, Euclid closed his eyes and leaned against Suye.

Commodus hugged Euclid’s undulating chest.

“let’s go!”

The crowd immediately got on the carriage, and Suye controlled Magic Carriage acceleration to fly towards the marathon fortress.

“You must be in awe of fate.”

“Fate dispels.”

Ajman was surrounded by holy light, and the voice was curled, holy as if Goddess had fallen.

The strong wind swayed, long gown churned, and his white legs were covered with the light of holy white.

She gently waved the corolla scepter and struck the void.

A loud bang spreads 100 miles, as if Giant punched the space.

I saw a rays of light appearing around Ajman. The pure white light of destiny did not fly toward the carriage, but flew in the sky.

Suye looked from the car window. The flight path of the white light of destiny happened to be the path of the Mobius ring.

Ajman looked at this scene in confusion, brows slightly wrinkle, and the white light outside the illusory shadow of fate, wrapped around her Rapid Speed.

Her flight speed is getting faster and faster, and soon breaks through the speed of sound, soaring in the sky like a graceful White Dragon.

However, like the white light of fate, she flew completely along the circular path, back and forth in the space of several hundred meters, and back and forth,

“Magic magic…” Castor murmured against the window.

The smile on Ajman’s face disappeared completely, replaced by a touch of anger.

In both eyes, rage rose.

“Servants of fate should be humble.”

After talking, holy light flashed around Ajman, one after another fate divine spell surging wildly.

But all the forces of destiny fly along the ring and can never be far away.

It seems that there is an absolute power over divine spell that controls fate.

“Fate, no blasphemy!”

Ajman said loudly that the right hand was placed on the illusory shadow of the fate tablet.

The golden hair behind her suddenly flew up like a golden wave, spreading in the air and churning.


The holy white light column rises into the sky, and strange colored rays of light fly around the holy white light column.

The road to the ring burst, and the spherical light of destiny flew to all directions along with the circular air wave.

Wherever they passed, the vegetation was dry, the Earth was dry and cracked, the soil was turned into sand, and 10000 things were extinct.

The light of destiny spread beyond one mile, and then slowly dissipated.

With Ajman as the center, Earth with a radius of one mile becomes scorched earth, as if Devil came and became Netherworld.

In the scorched earth center, Ajman slowly stood up, his chest rippling.

He hated combustion in his eyes, but in the next moment, he smiled and his white teeth shone like light.

“It’s a person I value, and even the Golden Mage that protects you is so powerful. I like the strong twisted melon, whether it’s sweet or not, let me take a bite and say it! Little Suye, you can’t escape. You are attracting fate. , Fate is also attracting you!”

After talking, Ajman was like a warrior, squatted slightly, his body flew violently, Giant Sound Roar, Earth cracked, gravel churned, and dust filled.

The silhouette of St. White flew out of the dust, made a harsh sound, and followed the Magic Carriage at supersonic speed.

Suye didn’t care about saving at this time and used the magic crystal brain.

It is worthy of the Saint Domain Magic Tool, which continues to accelerate and soon exceeds the speed of sound.

Beyond the speed of sound, Magic Carriage’s sway range increases.

Euclid said weakly: “This Magic Carriage can fly at high speed for a while, and once it shakes too much, our space will collapse. You need to be careful.”

“Uh.” Suye said.

Both parties chased one and fled.

“My lovely little Suye, come to my arms obediently, destiny tells me that you belong to me!”

The ordinary voice is simply impossible, but everyone in the carriage clearly hears Ajman’s voice.

“This crazy woman!” Casto whispered.

“It’s really delicious,” Suye said.

“Do you like this type?” Commodus asked doubtfully.

“I like them all.” Suye joked in her mouth, but her brows frowned slightly.

Yes, Greece is not good, but Persia is worse.

With the innate skill that he currently shows, going to Persia’s will indeed get a very high treatment, but at most it is only “the son-in-law of Persia Great Emperor”, nothing more.

Even if you spend all your untold hardships and successfully conferred as God, it is just a little God of Persia Pantheon.

Once branded with the Pantheon fixed, it will indeed achieve a certain degree of security, but it is therefore tightly bound.

4 The most powerful God of Pantheon, without exception, is either the son of the powerful God, the daughter of the powerful God, or the natural God, without any non-God descendants or non-natural gods ascending the high position.

Even Egypt

Suye wants to be God.

But this is not the case with God.

Not the God of the past.

Is the God of the future.

After a while, the carriage trembled violently.

“Stop, otherwise we will be strangled by the broken space.” Euclid sighed helplessly.

Suye nodded, slow down slowly.

A white light fell and the carriage was forcibly stopped on the ground.

“Come home with me, my little Suye.” Ajman’s soft voice was calling as if calling her husband.

Suye supported Euclid and walked out with everyone.

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