The World of Deities Chapter 423

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Beyond ten meters, Ajman smiled sweetly and his eyes soft.

“Fate chases you and will chase you forever.”

Suye sighed, said: “I don’t want to marry the fate tablet, I just want to marry love.”

“It doesn’t matter, you will fall in love with me, and I will fall in love with you. Everything is just a matter of time.” Ajman’s tone is extremely gentle, just like being afraid of hurting a newly acquired pet.

“If I went to Persia with you, would you let my friends go?”

“Of course, they are insignificant to me, I come for you.” Ajiman said.

“Then how will you treat me in the future, a prisoner who can walk around in four places?”

“I will always be with you as long as you are in Persia. Of course, if our feelings are stable, such as the crystallization of love, you can go wherever you want, I am not a jealous woman.” Ajman said with a slight smile.

Suye muttered in her heart that the woman was indeed a big hoof.

“I just want to study magic.” Suye said.

“No problem, I can stay with you in Miletus. I can even hire the Teacher from Plato Academy.” Ajman’s eyes were softer, as if everything had been determined.

“I will continue to accumulate business,” Suye said.

“Although your wealth is not worth mentioning in my eyes, but men can save some private money, I can understand, I will work with you to make your business all over Persia. Whoever obstructs you, I will hit the door and let him taste the fate. Taste.” Ajiman said.

“To be honest, I’m really touched. You’re better than Plato Academy’s old yin…a lot better for me.” Suye said with emotion.

“Then let’s go?”

Suddenly, Earth shook, sky oscillated, the sun disappeared, and the world was dim.

After a while, the golden light was everywhere in the eastern marathon fortress.

Everyone turned their heads to look around, and a golden beam of light rose into the sky with a height of 1000 meters.

Above the golden beam of light, a huge golden cross star shone and flew at an incredible speed.

Suye froze, the scene was a bit familiar.

It’s just a few dozen times larger than when I was in Giants’ Hills.

Suye is a little bit stunned and a little happy.

“That’s…” Ajiman narrowed his eyes slightly, and flashed a vigilant rays of light in his eyes.

“Go back!” She was like the angry queen, and the illusory shadow of the fate tablet was shocked. Above the sky, a pure white star appeared out of thin air, exuding the dazzling rays of light, strikes the golden Star cross.

Originally, the golden sky was half white with a white star.

The collision of gold and white, the battlefield of gold and white.


2 Star strikes.

An extremely bright spot exploded at high altitude, and a red white light column brighter than the sun penetrated the sky and earth, as if to pierce the sky and earth, and pierce the earth below.

After a while, the middle of the beam of light exploded, turning into a giant red sphere of light, inflating towards all directions Rapid Speed, and the terrifying energy and aura swept the world.

To the naked eye, rays of light, energy, dust, and strong wind lift Earth, pushing the sand and grass on the ground, forming a wave of soil.

Dust filling the sky blew sand, but at 100 meters it seemed to encounter an invisible shield, and wordless and uncommunicative fell.

Only the hot breath and the breeze fell on everyone’s face.

Like the hot wind in the noon desert.

Except for Ajman, everyone dumbstruck and guessed that someone had shot at the Marathon Fortress, but could not guess what happened.

This terrifying force collided and destroyed everything in a dozen or more li, far exceeding the battle at Saint Domain level.

Typical Legendary battle.

In the depths of sand and dust, a vague black shadow walked slowly, like a candlelight swayed by the wind.

The black shadow passed through the dust and became clearer.

It was a tall hunched old man.

On the old man’s head, the silver hair was standing.

Years carved one after another vicissitudes in his face, but the old man’s eyes shone like a teenager.

His eyes seemed to be a rising star before dawn.

His right hand, golden light flashed.

Suye expression took a complex look at the golden light weapon held by Miltiades right hand.

Golden spear sword, clear blue God Mark.

This is the second time I saw the victory spear sword, and it is different from the first time I saw the victory spear sword.

The Victory Gun Sword that I saw for the first time had two swords embedded in the place where the sword body was connected to the gun body.

But now, there are 6 swords, such as petals separating the blade and the gun.

The surging dark golden divine power is like a long snake, flowing on the surface of the thicker victory spear sword.

On the surface of the Victory Gun Sword, the golden light is like a awn, shining on the world.

“Miltiades big brother, I didn’t know it was you before.” Ajiman bowed slightly and smiled with a smile.

Everyone was shocked.

Ajman will be in his early 30s, and Miltiades is 70-80 years old, call him big brother?

Suye thought about it for a while, and suddenly remembered that Miltiades was a generation with Darius. The two were friends at the time. Later, because Persia attacked Greece, they turned against each other. Ajman may have seen Miltiades when she was very young.

“Cute little Ajman, we meet again.” Miltiades smiled kindly.

“You always treat me like a little girl.” Ajman smiled.

Everyone rolled their eyes secretly in their hearts. These two guys met their father and daughter as soon as they saw each other.

“Yeah, how I hope you will always be the little girl hiding behind Darius when we first met.” Miltiades sighed softly, and the rays of light of the victory spear were even stronger.

“Yeah, how much I hope you will always be the brother of that tall hero.” The fate tablet in front of Ajman shines.

“Put it away, I don’t want to kill you. An old friend from Athens, but not as good as me. And the Little Brat from Delphi can’t wait to unload you. You can leave now. It’s too late.” Miltiades took the initiative to converge The rays of light of the victory spear.

The brilliance on the surface of the illusory shadow of the Destiny Tablet disappeared.

“I want to take this boy with him, he is the man of God’s Temple of Destiny, the chaser of Destiny’s Mud, my future husband, your brother-in-law.” Aji Manang stood upright, and the tall and beautiful silhouette became very charming in front of Miltiades weak.

“You are impossible to take away our top performers.”

“What if I had to take it?”

“You can’t do it.” Miltiades still looked kind and firm in tone.

“The person I want must be at hand. What I do, I will succeed!” Ajman raised his head high, his blond hair fluttered like a golden light river, and his fair skin was covered with a light divine splendor.

“You are only the first holder of the Destiny Tablet, not Destiny itself. I told Darius many years ago that you should be careful of it.” Miltiades’s eyes dimmed slightly.

A light mocking look appeared on Ajman’s face.

“He won’t tell me.”

“Yeah, he is Darius.” Miltiades sighed softly, his eyes like flowing yellow sand.

“How can I take him away?” Ajman asked.

“When he wants.”

Ajman suddenly turned around, with a soft smile, like the warm Big Sister, the figure is no longer tall, the body seems more soft, and said softly: “Little Suye, return to Persia with Big Sister, OK? Big Sister’s Everything is yours.”

Her eyes glanced over Suye’s face, but like a frightened kitten, her eyes quickly left Suye, glanced at Suye’s black hair, and looked into the sky.

Miltiades sighed long, and said nothing.

Suye’s heart was softly trembled, and her heart was full of doubts. Suddenly she realized that even though all the words before Ajman were like lies, she just pleaded, but she was sincere.

“I prefer Athens.” Suye helplessly said.

“You clearly promised to marry me, but you started to mess up, heartless man!” Ajiman stared at Suye angrily, but after a while, his face was bleak and his eyes were gentle.

Her soft eyes looked like a smooth wind, gently touching Suye’s face.

“But I still don’t want to blame you…” Ajman turned slowly.

She slowly reversed the lithe and graceful posture, like a while waiting for the lover’s recovery, while reversing the entire world,

Finally, she turned around and moved eastward.

Wherever she passed, the sand was still and the flying dust fell.

The sky is sunny and sun shone brightly.

Suye dumbstruck, why didn’t he do anything but seemed to have experienced a parting of life and death?

“Miltiades grandfather is good,” Suye said respectfully, and shouted Ajiman looking away. “Grandma Ajiman, I will miss you!”

In the distance, Ajman figure trembled, his fists clenched tightly, and his back neck was exposed with green muscles. After a while, he was wrapped in white light and flew in the direction of Aegean Sea.

“You are dead!” Casto stunned.

“You’re done.” Camodus looked at Suye sympathetically.

“You could die when you were younger than me.” Miltiades smiled kindly.

“It’s all up to you, otherwise I dare say that.” Suye said with a slight smile.

Miltiades glanced at the fading silhouette of Ajman and said, “She is a pitiful person. If she is not a killer to you in the future, look on my face and let her go.”

Suye slightly frowned, asked: “Related to the tablet of fate?”

Miltiades sighed, gently nodded, and then looked at Euclid, said with a slight smile: “You brat is doing well, how is the injury? Meders has arrived from Delphi, and will soon help you…well…it seems She was too lazy to care about you and went back again. The people of Athens also went back.”

Miltiades said, glancing at Athens’ direction.

“Nothing, a little injury, just raise half a month. Just earn a thousand thousand golden eagle and it’s worth it!” Euclid looked proud.

Miltiades patted Commodus’ shoulders, petted Castor’s head again, and smiled nodded to the Sparta warrior.

The Sparta warrior were flattered and hurriedly straightened up, raising their heads with chest and glory.

Kastor hated being treated as a child most, and replaced with others who had already been blown, but now he is not only very docile, he even squints and smiles.

“Miltiades General, your victory gun sword…” Suye stopped halfway through the words.

“My power and weapons were insufficient to arrive in time, so I first found Paros, and then said’Suye is in danger’, she immediately awakened the victory spear and handed it to me.” Miltiades said, converging divine power, and saw victory The gun sword shrank slowly and shrunk into a Golden Medusa necklace.

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