The World of Deities Chapter 424

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Chapter 421

Euclid caressed the the chin and said, “So, did the battle for the capture of the husband end with Paros’ victory?”

“I look like a draw, after all, Suye’s heart has been around the blonde woman for a long time.” Casto whispered.

“I think this is the scene of the catch.” Commodus said.

“You guys are enough, I said that before, purely for the purpose of delaying time. Am I Suye a greedy woman?”

“Yes!” everyone shouted simultaneously except Miltiades.

“You may also be greedy for her wealth.” Miltiades General added with a smile.

Everyone laughed heartily.

“Ai, I wanted to tell you an important piece of information.” Suye looked at Miltiades.

“What kind of information?” Miltiades smiled calmly, just waiting.

Suye winked, Miltiades waved, and everyone nearby was pushed back by invisible forces, stopped at beyond thirty meters, and then they were dim in front of them, and they could not see Miltiades and Suye.

“It’s time to talk now.” Miltiades said.

“You know, I went to the east bank of Aegean Sea not long ago,” Suye said.

Miltiades nodded.

“I stayed in Ephesus for a few days, and I heard by chance that someone talked about you,” Suye said.

“What did they say?” Miltiades asked.

“They said that Darius hated you and was going to set up an ambush on Paros.” Suye stared at Miltiades’ eyes.

Miltiades froze for a while before asking: “What else do they say?”

“They spoke very concealed, only spoke a few words, and then seemed to be afraid of being heard, so they left in a hurry. I had something important at the time, so I couldn’t follow.” Suye helplessly said.

“Do they know you?” Miltiades asked.

Suye shook her head: “I was originally going to Miletus, but I was temporarily redirected to Ephesus. No one except Plato Academy, at that time nobody knew where I was. Even more how, I had nothing to do with you at the time. I heard this After talking, I didn’t take seriously, but after reading your information, I found that you and Darius turned against each other, and… you also vowed to retaliate against Aristocrat on Ross Island, so I suspected that things might be true. The key is… “

Suye dragged the long tone and didn’t finish.

“If you have anything, just talk.” Miltiades looked at him kindly.

“The key point is that this time you carry the prestige of Battle of Marathon, which is unparalleled in the world, it can be called Greece Savior, and its prestige has reached the most peak in history. Aristocrat on the side of Pyros is likely to send some humiliating remarks and deliberately anger you.” Suye Speaks much slower than usual.

“I get it. You are saying that after this victory, I might be a little proud, and once angered by them, I will get revenge immediately. If others say that, I will snort disdainfully, but when you say that, I suddenly realize , They do have a way to irritate me.” Miltiades sighed softly.

“Then you can beat somebody at their own game!” Suye said with a slight smile.

“Don’t you persuade me to give up sending Ross Road?” Miltiades said with a slight smile.

“I also knew a little bit about those things at the time. Those Aristocrat were too much. If I was so humiliated by an Aristocrat and my friend was killed indirectly by it, I would not give up. Even more how, in my opinion, revenge and It’s not important, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to crack down on Persia. After all, every time you get credit, Athens’s gangsters will attack you with the things you used to work for the Persian King court, this time they are busy throwing away their blame, it will definitely be the old thing. Reiterate. When their criticism against you reached its peak, you suddenly led a large number of Legendary beating somebody at their own game to counter Persia’s Legendary ambush. How happy is this?”

Miltiades said nothing.

“Maybe Darius wanted to ambush you just for ideas, but after the Battle of Marathon, it will definitely become a reality. Even more how, Persia Legendary who is willing to kill you, will certainly not be your friend of the year.” Suye said.

“Your boy, when trying to figure out the hearts of people and the old fox of World of Magic exactly the same.” Miltiades said with a smile.

“I’m afraid you are too kind.”

Miltiades laughed and turned away.

“Too kind people can’t go today.”

Miltiades left a sentence, his figure drifted away, and eventually disappeared in the eyes of everyone.

“Let’s get in the car.” Suye stepped onto the carriage.

The rest entered the carriage one after another.

carriage rises slowly.

The crowd looked east through the window.

A huge crater with a diameter of more than 300 meters appears out of thin air. In the distance, the soil inside and outside the crater is scorched black, and light white smoke is smoking.

“Legendary is powerful, terrifying, and desirable.” Commodus said with emotion.

“Yeah, I hope I can become Legendary too.” Casto whispered.

“Their use of power is too rough.” Euclid whispered softly.

“Suye, why did she find you? Why does the destiny tablet think you are different?” Commodus asked suspiciously.

Kastor, with a small face on his face, said politely: “Since then, there has been no military order from the Supreme Commander of the Coalition, Miltiades General, and it is forbidden to talk about today. This is the top secret of the Coalition!”

“As you bid!” Commodus and a group of Sparta warrior hurriedly straightened up to take orders.

Some low-level Sparta warrior thought of something, and his face was horrified.

Euclid glanced at Suye and silently opened the Magic Book to record what happened just now.

“Fate Princess described my fate very weirdly. She seemed to see something, but she didn’t want to say it directly. I remember a fate warlock who had seen the fate of Aristotle and said that his fate was overshadowed by powerful forces. She said she couldn’t. What does it mean to clear my destiny? And what does it mean that my destiny is tied to Greece?”

“What’s even more weird is that the fate tablet can’t see Suye’s fate.”

“When Ajiman looked at Suye, there was a frenzy hidden deep in his eyes. That kind of frenzy cannot be measured by geometry. Even if I’m single, I can be sure that the frenzy in her eyes is not love, but more like… seeing help The look of straw.”

“Suye and Miltiades said, I’m curious.”

“Paros unexpectedly lent a victory spear sword for Suye. It was unexpected. It was a symbol of the Pandian Family. It is said that Athena incarnation personally made a weapon that was personally used. Only women of the Pandian Family are qualified to take charge. It is amazing to lend it to Miltiades. The major event is bound to make a whole Greece.”

“However, Paros knows that Suye and Ajman flirt in public. Will they stab Suye with a sword? Can I find Suye and ask for a thousand thousand golden eagle’s sealing fee? Already 400,000, follow Suye to make money what.”

“Why do they all like Suye so much? I am a little Prince who is geometric, handsomer than Suye, humble than Aristotle, normal than Achilled, and smarter than Alexander. Why no woman confessed to me? Woman, it’s too superficial.”

“No no no, I almost made a mistake. If a woman is really entangled, wouldn’t I have no time to study geometry? Fortunately, no woman has trouble me, poor Suye…”

“What’s going on with my destiny, will it be related to my memory? Do I want to help Ajman pursue Suye, and then exchange her to interpret my destiny, or recover my memory? Hmm… forget it, 10000 1 when the time comes Paros is reluctant to move Suye, a sword pierces me, and it’s not worth the loss…”

Suye stretched her neck and glanced at Euclid’s Magic Book, coldly snorted.

Be careful, others can’t see it.

“What is the relationship between Meders and Ajman?” Suye asked.

Suye remembered that the day when he got Athena’s attention, Priest Meders appeared from the Transmission Gate. With short hair and heroic force, she couldn’t tell the gender.

“I don’t know, I only know that the two people seemed to be people of talent appreciate one another, and they wandered together and turned against each other. One was a warlock of destiny, and the other was Priest of Main God. When they are together, they will definitely fight murky heavens dark earth, Miltiades General is still too soft, but a pity…”

“Meders are women?”

“It’s all said, but it’s also said that it’s a man, who knows, it’s not about me anyway. By the way, you’ll be less susceptible to flowers, and 10000 Paros will come to you after 1? Give me a thousand thousand golden eagle. Don’t say?” Euclid expressionless glanced at Suye and bowed his head to continue recording.

“What is it that makes me soaked in flowers? Haven’t you seen Ajman always want to take me away?”

“Hehe, that’s you too saucy.”

“Hehe, the funding is gone.”

“Hehe, I’m looking for Paros to fund it.”

“Hehe, no wonder no woman finds you, a man who will only find a woman when she encounters something!”

“Hehe, that’s better than seeing a beautiful woman and giving her a hug.”

“Hehe, you want to give her a hug, which woman wants you?”

“Can you not personally attack?” Euclid said angrily.

“Okay, I won’t say you don’t have a woman.”

“You wait!”

Euclid quickly turned pages and carefully recorded.

A gang of Sparta warrior arms around his chest and smiles, then exchanges eyes.

Magician is really a group of guns, like our Sparta warrior, who can do it without quarreling.

Above the blue sky, the puppet War-Horse runs on the air, and the Magic Carriage flies quietly.

I don’t know how long after that, a strange breath reverberates in the carriage.

Suye immediately looked forward through the window.

A majestic city stood in front.

It was a city without a city wall. The whole city was like a huge 3 steps.

The ground is Mortal World fireworks, bustling with tourists and tourists.

First Rank is a temple of art, and a variety of beautiful monuments, statues, and buildings occupy this floor.

Second Rank is the sacred land of pilgrimage. All Greece has almost its own God’s Temple here. There are countless Idols scattered everywhere, and the fragrance of the tribute floats in the air.

The third level is in high in the clouds, covered by smoke clouds, and inside it stands the largest God’s Temple in Greece. It will only be opened when it is extremely critical.

In the north of this stepped city, there are a large number of neatly planned buildings, and one after another, huge racetracks, such as racetracks, racing fields, fighting fields, etc., can be seen.

Every stadium is incredibly huge, and the auditorium of every stadium is like a hillside after another.

After all, this is Holy City Delphi, a place to worship Gods.

After all, this is the second only to the Olympic Games.

After all, every time the big competition, there will be more than 1000000 spectators from all over the world.

After all, this is Greece declaring muscles to the world.

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