The World of Deities Chapter 425

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This city plus the area of ​​the stadium is larger than Sparta or Athens.

“What was the breath just now?” Suye said, landing slowly.

“It can only be said to be a sacred breath, which has not been cracked yet.” Euclid said without thinking.

Sparta is full of helplessness. Magicians dare to say anything. These divine auras are considered to be the power of God. Magician actually wants to study.

Suye sniffed her nose gently and said, “It’s quite comfortable.”

“Of course, how can you believe them if you are uncomfortable?” Euclid said.

“Here is Holy City. It is better for the 2 Magicians to pay attention.” Casto said.

“Relax, we generally only say unpleasant things in private, and we will grasp the balance.” Euclid comforted.

“Next, we are going to separate.” Suye said.

carriage softly trembled and landed on the ground.

Commodus came over and stretched out his arms to Suye, before Suye stretched his arms and hugged him.

“This problem you learned from Julis is not good,” Suye said.

“Nice to meet you, thank you for teaching me the true knowledge, and thank you for helping me to tear down the arena wall in my head, and take me to the marathon plains to see the bigger world.”

Commodus finished, let go of his arms.

Suye’s right finger points to Komodos’s heart and says, “It’s not that I lead you, I just let you see your heart clearly. Starting today, you have to ask yourself every day what you want most and want to be who , What I want most to do with this World, every day asks, every day asks. Until one day, you look back, your footprints are occasionally messy, the direction will occasionally deviate, but when these footprints are connected together, it must lead to what you want most The desired objective.”

“If I don’t want to, then my footprints must lead to the direction I least want, right?” Commodus’s face grew gentler.

“Yes.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“Thank you, Suye Teacher.” Commodus suddenly opened his arms again and hugged Suye.

Suye contorts one’s face in agony, is simply a big bear.

“I also have a question to ask you.” Casto whispered.

“Ask.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“How can it succeed?” Kastor asked.

Everyone raised their ears and stared at Suye.

Euclid’s finger was placed on the Magic Book, and the points of Castor and Commodus were pointed on the coco-grass paper.

Suye was lost in thought.

After thinking for a while, he spoke slowly.

“I don’t actually know the method of success, but I know the method of failure and pain, and the failure method of proficiency, the experience of pain is extremely rich.”

Everyone was puzzled, only Euclid eyes shined.

“The first way to fail is to despise everyone. Even if a person is as successful as Euclid, I can say that he is nothing great, just a patient with amnesia. Most of his knowledge is learned from others. Even Some people say that Plato wisdom is nothing, I can also say that he is just a cowardly philosopher, even his own teacher can not be saved. Even if someone says that Hercules Battle Skill is unparalleled, I can also say that he is completely relying on Godking Bloodline, he is useless. Even Someone is rich and enemies, I can also say that he is just a good luck, he is just a liar. As long as you do not look for the strengths of others, only the weaknesses of others, only think that you are right, others are wrong, then we will Closer to failure.”

“The second method of failure is to let emotions control themselves, to be suspicious, to be angry, to be sad, to be jealous, to complain, to curse, to vent, to be emotional in all things, to let emotions control your life and never go Take control of your emotions. In this way, our lives will fail more and more.”

“The third method of failure, never use your mind, encounter anything, what you feel is, what it is, don’t think deeply about the cause of this matter, don’t think about why, don’t look for principles and logic, don’t follow the back Truth. If others say they like it, they take it seriously. If others say they don’t like it, they are fake. It feels the most important. Don’t analyze, don’t spend time on your brain. Once you feel tired, stop and think decisively. ! In this way, we will take a big step towards failure.”

“The fourth way to fail is to give up concentration, never concentrate on any one thing, and try to touch different things with different patterns every day. Everything is easy to stop. Once you find that you have studied too deeply in a certain field, you immediately stop. Think of yourself as omnipotent, endless energy, no objective, no direction, must be like walking with eyes closed, so that we fail at any time.”

“The fifth method, don’t change! Always be numb, never ignorant, always stand in the same place. Never learn, don’t learn other people’s experiences, don’t learn other people’s methods, don’t learn other people’s ideas. Remember, never read, never Don’t learn the most basic and powerful power of this World, don’t be curious. Don’t try to change, must protect yourself from all failed elemental. To achieve these 5 points, we will incarnation as the failure Demon King, the King of Pain, no We can’t mess up anything. It’s simple to stay away from success and stay in pain.”

Quick record for 3 people.

“I see.” Castor sighed.

“I feel my head, and I am affected by the huge Impact. I have to think carefully about these 5 failure methods, and I will continue to think about it. Maybe soon, I will fully understand.” Commodus slowly said.

“Very well, I like this angle more than the content… But the content inside, I also have to chew repeatedly. These words contain things that I can’t fully understand at the moment. I can’t feel self-righteous if I understand. Understand…” Euclid recorded while whispering.

Castor took out a white swan feather with a gold tip, and gave it to Suye with both hands.

“Leave it on your body, maybe there will be unexpected gains.” Casto said.

“I’m welcome.” Suye took it with a smile and took a closer look.

Each slender feather is engraved with densely packed mana patterns.

The Sparta warrior looked at the feather enviously, and vaguely guessed that this might be the Faith token of the Sparta royal family, but the specific role of it is unknown to ordinary people.

“We can’t come up with anything, and we would like to salute you a military salute.”

The Sparta warrior straightened their chests, and placed their right hands in front of their left chests.

Suye responded in the same posture.

Suye looked towards Euclid, he turned his head down and turned Magic Book.

Suye reached out and pulled Euclid’s shoulder.

“It’s your turn,” Suye said.

“What? I forgot what happened just now.” Euclid’s expression was sincere and dumbfounded.

“You should give me a farewell gift.” Suye said.

“I’m just leaving you for the time being. After all, we will meet at the Delphi branch. After the competition, you will be sent back to Athens.” Euclid said.

“The next one I meet with you is Suye. What does it have to do with me and my Urak?” Suye asked back.

Sparta warrior The faces are confused, is this a human word?

“Are you sure?”


Euclid blacked his face, straightened his cloth cap, stretched out his arms, and hugged Suye standing on the spot.

“It’s done.” Euclid carried the Magic Book and left the carriage happily.

“Haha… We will cheer for you silently in the audience!” Commodus pats Suye shoulder, turned and left.

“Goodbye! When you enter the official competition, I will definitely bet you as the king of racing and horse racing!” Casto whispered.

Suye froze for a moment, nodded.

“Good opportunity to make money.”

To get everyone off, Suye drove into the city and continually drove through the city, while exploring Delphi, while turning off the possible tails.

After that, put away the carriage, continue to use magic masks to change your appearance, keep changing clothes, and finally recover Suye’s appearance and clothing.

Not long after, Suye called a Delphi carriage, said the destination, and looked at Delphi outside the window.

Athens has a strong business atmosphere, so many people are in a hurry.

Sparta Shangwu spirit is extremely heavy, and the streets are full of murderous-looking warriors.

Delphi was influenced by the divine power. Most people had a relaxed look and walked slowly. Whether it was Aristocrat, a wealthy businessman in gorgeous clothes, or an ordinary person in ragged clothes, his eyes had a calmness that no other city had.

The good news is that people here live and work in peace and contentment, but the negative effect is that people here do not want to live in peace. Most people either rely on the God’s Temple for life, or simply rely on God’s Temple for relief, almost parasitic.

The city is full of priests, they either walk in the court, or in deadly earnest to promote God to others, or watch the Priest of hostile God with vigilance.

“It seems that here is not as beautiful as legendary.”

Suye looked at the window while thinking about the next thing.

“Euclid said that Niederne Teacher has arrived in Delphi, and he must be pleased to see that I am already silver. Unfortunately, if I wait for my promotion to Golden and meet him again, the scene must be more beautiful.”

“After I was promoted to Black Iron Magician, my stay in Athens City was too short, and I hadn’t had time to apply for a badge. In a few days, I found time to apply for Black Iron, bronze, and silver badges…”

“Next, I will spend more time practicing sports events. Plato Academy has its own training ground here, and many Senior Grade students will participate. I will find them to practice with…”

“Paros and Hort, they should come on foot, at least 2 days later, they will be very happy to see me. Hort will definitely rush to hug me, but Julius and Commodus embraced, I am immune to killing classmates in his arms…”

“Well, I hope Paros won’t know about Ajman. Is Paros unmarried? Can Castor’s words be unbelievable, but can’t be fully believed…”

“It’s a headache to think of Ajman. She should have been affected by the fate of fate before she wanted me to go to Persia. This time failed, what will happen in the future? 10000 As soon as she goes to Athens, wouldn’t it be a joke? The identity is too special. Once appearing as the envoy of Persia, Greek has no way to take her. However, she should not be afraid. After all, her enemies are all over Greece…”

The carriage moved forward and thoughts flew.

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