The World of Deities Chapter 426

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carriage stops.

“This Young Master, this is the branch of Plato Academy.” The door opened and the driver stood respectfully outside.


Suye walked down the carriage and looked up.

A gate with a profile similar to Plato Academy, but much smaller and shorter.

The street in front of the door is not as wide as Socrates Avenue, but it is enough for 6 horses to move side by side.

Suye’s eyes fell on the doorpost of the Plato branch.

There is also a column of the same words on it.

Those who do not understand geometry are not allowed inside.

Within the plain marble door, the light azure slab corridor extends forward.

On the 2 sides of the stone pavement, there are only some rough ordinary statues, and there is no huge sea Demon Beast pool at the end, just a flower bed.

Further in, it is white buildings and flowers and trees, just like the Academy in the garden.

Suye right hand The thumb flicked, and a Silver Peacock Coins twirled towards the driver, making a subtle buzz.

Horsekeeper took Silver Peacock Coins with agility, and Happily said: “Thank you Lord for the reward.”

Suye nodded, step into the Plato branch.

No one is in charge at all. Occasionally, strangers pass by. Both parties are only gently nodded, beckoning.

Behind the flower bed is the main hall, the door is closed, and the empty space can be seen through the window.

Suye’s mind emerges from the layout of the Academy, trying to move deeper.

After a short time, along the gravel road, through the sparse woods, to a lawn of jade green.

Some Magicians are walking on the lawn while chatting.

Euclid is indulge in loud and empty talk there, and the mage older than him is listening carefully and nodded from time to time, including Dean of Academic Affairs Larens also occasionally nodding.

Suddenly, Euclid stopped and squinted at Suye.

“Oh, which school is this student, why is it so rude? Get rid of it.”

Suye hehe smiled and said, “I just heard the voice of the pig nibbling something. I walked over and looked. Sure enough, someone’s brain was gnawed away.”

Teachers at Plato Academy looked puzzled. Especially a few people knew Suye’s identity. Haven’t these two people been together? Why is this tone a bit wrong?

“Suye!” Niederne with red hair walked over with a smile in a Teacher in a flock of chickens in the Teacher.

“Niederne Teacher.” Suye slightly nodded questioned.

Looking at Niederne’s smiling face and sincere expression, Suye’s heart is full of warmth. This is his own Teacher. Like the other two, Aristotle is beeping all day. Euclid’s eyes are only on the golden eagle in his pocket.

Approaching, Niederne, a middle age person passionate who was usually reserved, stretched out his arms, and his false eyes were full of warmth.

Suye also opened her arms and the two teachers and students embraced cordially.

In addition to Euclid, the other teachers saw this scene with a smile.

However, there are several Teachers whose corners are slightly curved.

The two separated, and Niederne held Suye’s shoulders with both hands, her eyes bright.

Suye smiled, thinking that she had grown taller and her rank had improved. Niederne Teacher must say…

“Have you finished your homework? Let me check it.” Niederne smiled and looked sincerely.

The teachers on the grass laughed happily, and Euclid smiled like a child of more than 100 pounds, his mouth grinning.

Suye looked at Niederne and all the teachers. When they laughed, their wrinkled skin was filled with a word.

Eat students.

“Niederne-not a person…” Suye squeezed two words out of her teeth.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. You seem to have grown taller. Good. What about homework?” Niederne didn’t seem to hear Suye at all.


Suye, like a smirk boy, handed out her Magic Book and turned to her homework position.

Niederne commented while browsing quickly.

“Yes, although the handwriting is a bit sloppy, it shows that you are indeed writing, it is obviously a bit hurry.”

“Magic Formation is wrong about this question. Remember to mark it in red and put it in the wrong book…”

“Your progress has surpassed the school, it seems that you have been idle these months…”

“Huh? You actually used plane knowledge to solve this problem. First of all, it is worth affirming, but you have to rewrite…”

“You did good these few test papers, a brief look, you should be in the top 5 of the class…”

“Your Devil, Giant and elemental language have improved a lot, it seems to be related to Bloodline…”

“The word is misspelled again, why is it not memorable?”

“Your travels are okay. The records are detailed, vivid and lifelike. On the paper, write the humiliation of the gladiator battle soldiers vividly and thoroughly…”

“Your Silver Magic Formation is in a hurry, but there is no way. Who told you to become a Silver Magician by accident. Okay.”

Niederne closed the Magic Book and handed it back.

“Teacher, can I just take the final exam of this semester?” Suye looked cold.

“No problem. However, you must first let us look at your magic servant. In addition, there is a “magic servant class” in the third grade. Don’t forget to study hard.” Niederne said.

Suye expressionless casting, summon out of Di Aotian and Wang Dachui.

“It’s called Teacher.” Suye is still expressionless.

“Good Teacher!”

“Chunk!” The 2 servants said hello seriously, full of vigor.

A group of old mages suddenly rushed over and felt like two servants like a group of gangsters.

Di Aotian and Wang Dachui turned to Suye for help.

“You two remember today, this is the most humiliating day for you two. When you are promoted to Golden, you must press them on the ground and work hard…” Suye Muran said.

Di Aotian and Wang Dachui were nodded in tears.

“After the wind?” a Golden Magician asked.

“Old rogue, how could you let you touch after the wind! I can’t even touch it myself.” Suye looked at these Teachers with a look of contempt.

“We are studying magic.”

“Hehe.” Suye gave them a blank look.

The old mage have no choice but to continue to touch Wang Dachui and Di Aotian.

2 people lay on the ground, with a live without hope.

After a while, the black demon sheep shiver coldly lying on the ground, closing their eyes and letting the old rogues toss.

“The body structure of this Dwarf seems to be different from the normal one. Rock Dwarf is indeed a combination of elemental and physical body. The whole body is hard and tight. This muscle will definitely eat hard…”

“King of Flame Goblin’s power within the body is also very strange. It is different from divine power or mana, but it is also a bit similar, like a mixture of mana and divine power…”

“The reproductive structure of this black demon sheep is also very strange, let’s take off the armor of King Dwarf…”

Suye couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “If you do it, it’s almost enough. If you leave them too heavy psychological shadows, how can you help me in the future?”

The old mage reluctantly touched a few more times, and then took out the Magic Tool that records the image, recording Di Aotian and Wang Dachui from all aspects.

Then, a group of old mages suspended Magic Book in front of them and stood around Suye.

“What’s the process of Rock Dwarf’s absorption of Miracle Stone?”

“How many times did you use Magic Formation when absorbing the remains of the wind?”

“What is the core innate skill of this Dwarf king?”

“Now that King of Flame Goblin has been promoted to bronze, can he use more magic?”

“How did King Dwarf get promoted to silver? His strength seemed too strong.”

“Can you show us the wind?”

“How is Sparta now?”

“What do you think of winning the gladiator battle king?”


Suye didn’t say a word, her eyebrows were cold, and she felt like a human sketch object surrounded by a group of green-eyed old gangsters, and like a victim who had just come out of the court and stunned by a group of unscrupulous reporters. The flash of ka ka made noise on the face.

Euclid sat on the grass with a smile on his face, his face comfortable.

Suye would like to throw the veteran General’s medal on their faces to let them pay attention to the reality of identity recognition, but their other identities are not easy to announce at present.

“Wait back to Athens. Let me talk about it. My purpose in coming to Delphi is to win the championship.” Suye said.

“This joke is not funny,” said a Golden-ranked Teacher.

Suye glanced at Euclid, who pretended not to know herself, and said, “I’m not kidding, my objective this time is to let the world put aside their prejudice against Magician, so that all Greeks know that Magician also has a strong body, and Magician can also become The champion of the competition, Magician does not lose to warrior.”

“You can lie to those young Magicians. We have heard it and there is no fluctuation in our hearts. Say, tell your true purpose.” Dean of Academic Affairs Larens said.

Suye thought that since you don’t believe the truth, you can only lie.

“I want to make money. With the power of Bloodline and the hidden innate skill, I have a chance to win the championship. This is not a City-State level tournament, but a full Greece level tournament. Not surprisingly, after the qualifier, my champion betting odds will exceed 1 to 10. Even if there is a betting limit, I can make a lot of money and get rich overnight,” Suye said.

“This credibility is relatively high.”

A group of mage gently nodded headed by Larens.

“However, based on what I know about you, what else must be hidden in the tail of your Small Fox?” Niederne said.

Euclid and Gregory simultaneously nodded.

“Generally only old foxes who are used to hiding things in their tails have this kind of thinking. My innocent and honest boy never has a tail.” Suye looked calm.

“What probability do you win in any project?” Larens asked.

Suye looked at these Magician with vigilance and said, “You will not reveal my secret?”

“Relax, and not to mention that we are all Teachers of the Academy. Even if we look at the golden eagle’s face, it is impossible to give money to outsiders,” Niederne said.

A bunch of old mages are nodded with relief.

“The dealer in this competition, not simple?” Suye asked.

“Generally, the commercial God’s Temple of Hermes, the god of commerce and travel, is the main one. Every major God’s Temple has participation, and some Demi-God families are also eligible to participate.”

“Then if Plato Academy makes too much money, it’s not good.”

“Anyway, they have suppressed Magician a little, and this time should be interest.”

“Um… I have a big advantage in horse racing and war chariot, followed by a huge advantage in 2 races. It is also possible in 4 all-around and fighting events, but the odds are not as high as before. As for music, I although Sign up, but not ready to participate.” Suye said.

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