The World of Deities Chapter 427

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“You have Wind Elemental Bloodline, there is a wind servant, and you have an advantage in racing. It is understandable. But why are you the best at horse racing?” Niederne discovered the key to the problem.

All Magician looked at Suye curiously.

“This is my personal secret, so it’s inconvenient to reveal it,” Suye said calmly.

“How many championships are you going to bet yourself?” Niederne asked again.

“My person likes to spread the net. In addition to the music champion, bet the champion of all projects!”

“Aren’t you afraid of the commercial God’s Temple?” Niederne said irritably.

“Take the money and run, and they can’t treat me like that. Besides, I will control the bet and make a close of 2 3,000,000, almost not.” Suye said.

“2 3,000,000…you dare to say that. But when will you be able to return to Athens?” Gregory asked.

“After this game,” Suye said.

“Master has arranged it for you?” Gregory asked.

“That’s right,” Suye said.

Gregory sighed, patting Suye’s shoulder, saying: “The burden on you now is heavier than before.”

“What? What happened?”

“It just happened and it hasn’t spread yet. You may have closed the news. I don’t know that there is a Sparta genius Magician named Urak in the marathon. Not only has Fire Attribute Magic Evolution, but also summon out the Netherworld Demon King beast, especially restrained Giant, In his 20s, he has been promoted to senior General and won the recognition of two Generals. The future is unlimited. Now, the Sparta people clamor for a Urak to sweep Academy Four Heroes. Academy Four Heroes is too high in rank to compare with him, so, heavy burden It fell on you.” Gregory’s tone was a little heavy.

Many Teachers were nodded and looked at Suye expectantly.

Only a few people who know the truth are silent and have strange eyes.

Euclid stared at Suye, and the impossible to bear said: “The boy of Urak is no big deal. Don’t over-praise him, I can beat him ten in one hand.”

“Euclid, although you have become a teacher from my student, and although your innate skill achievements are above me, today I will criticize you, you are too arrogant!”

“Yeah, that’s a genius who jumped into senior General, how about you?”

“He has Fire Attribute Magic Evolution, what Magic Evolution do you have? He has the Medal of Albert, you don’t even have the first merit!”

“He can stun 1000 Giant by the strength of oneself, and if you go up, it will probably be trampled by Giant.”

“He is the genius Magician who made Darius gnashing teeth. Darius may not have heard your name?”

Suye echoed again and again: “Teachers are right. Although I don’t know Urak, but when I heard the Teachers, I admired him like the waves of the Aegean Sea. As for Euclid Teacher, I wouldn’t say What’s wrong. Teacher, what are you writing on the Magic Book? Wouldn’t it be to hate the names of these teachers who kindly persuaded you? You are too much!”

“Euclid, you…”

Some elderly mage who watched Euclid grow up disappointed.

Euclid stared blankly at Suye.

Suye’s sad face, there is no taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“I think every teacher is deeply responsible for Euclid Teacher. Euclid Teacher, you 10000000 don’t disappoint the teachers, don’t be dissatisfied with them, and don’t vent your anger to me.” Suye said.

Niederne nodded, said: “You can rest assured that Euclid is not such a person, he has always been very generous.”

“Ah? You don’t know, Euclid’s book has a blacklist full of his enemies, and when he retaliates, I suspect that there will be teachers. Of course, this is what I heard from Aristotle Teacher, and I don’t know. Real or false.” Suye said seriously.

“You…” Euclid’s words were held back by dozens of lines of sight.

Euclid looked at Suye suspiciously. How could he know his blacklist? Did you accidentally leak it? But I didn’t record this matter in the book, so I just forgot. Or, really, the guy in Aristotle, overbearing, taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, supercilious…?

“Euclid, I have heard this rumor. Presumably, I am not on your blacklist.” Larens asked with a cold face.

“I’m not here either. I have always kept myself safe and never blamed anyone.” Niederne asked seriously.

“Euclid, let’s make your Magic Book public.”

“Otherwise, when you open the Magic Book in front of Plato Master, 10000 finds him first in your blacklist, which is too embarrassing.”

Euclid face changed, I really forget who the blacklist is first, what if 10000 is really Plato?

His right hand means slowly reaching the Magic Book.

“Euclid Teacher, don’t you want to secretly erase the record?” Suye asked curiously.

“No!” Euclid hurriedly withdrew his hand.

“Is it true about the blacklist?” Gregory asked.

“I… forgot!” Euclid relaxed.

Suye slowly leisurely said: “Although we can’t mess up your book, but you open the search permission to Larens, and then give your Magic Book to Larens Master, let him search the names of the teachers, and see how you write the teachers . Let us know whether you treat these respectable and lovely Teachers as good or evil.”

“I think so!”

“I agree!”

Euclid cold sweat DC.

“You can rest assured, I swear in the name of magic, I will not spy on your other secrets. Give me the book, Euclid.” Larens smiled.

“Plato Master asked me to do an important thing, I forgot, see you tomorrow!” Euclid ran away.

Suye smiled at Euclid’s back.

Incomparable panic back.

“Next, I’ll ask Academy to help, let me strengthen the practice of related events, such as finding me a sparring partner,” Suye said.

“Running, pentathlon and horse racing do not require sparring, just practice together. Boxing, wrestling and fighting need sparring, are you sure? The upper limit of the Pitiah competition is silver, not only talented students, but also the silver level teacher competition. “” Niederne said.

“No problem. For the Pitiah competition, I trained in arena, the opponents are gladiator battle soldiers who are all Sparta cream of the crop. The reason why I am looking for sparring is just to make the body familiar with the fighting state.” Suye said.

The teachers showed a particularly kind smile, and the smiles of two Golden Warrior Teachers were kind and bright.

Niederne is about to speak, Larens said with a slight smile: “The Academy players participating in the fighting game are on the side of the driving range. It is better to have a few games with them and see your strength. We also decide whether to fight or not. Bet you.”

“What if 10000 reveals my strength?” Suye looked serious.

Teachers laughed more “kindly”.

“Relax, for you, we use “Oath”, although the maintenance time is short and can be easily cracked by Legendary, but this thing will not alarm Legendary, you say right?” Larens asked.

“Okay.” Suye nodded, with a straight face.

“Go, let’s go directly to the training ground.” Larens took the lead.

Niederne and Suye fell behind.

Just a few steps away, I heard the teachers in front whisper.

“Now the youngsters are becoming more and more arrogant, and they are not responsible for letting them suffer realistic beatings.”

“Yes, Euclid is clever, otherwise this’beating’ will make him fresh in memory, even if he has amnesia.”

“Suye is too young. This time of sharpening may benefit from the protection of the Masters. I am a little proud. The limelight is too strong and not good. I want to press it.”

“Then let the Silver warrior really beat him up.”

Teachers simultaneously showed a kind smile.

“Look, they are too lazy to avoid you.” Niederne helplessly said.

“Nothing, they are also good for me.” Suye’s face was honest and honest.

Niederne is frowned, staring at Suye, his eyes flashing, and then pulling Suye away from the Teacher team in front.

At a safe distance, Niederne winked, picked up the magic staff, and used Golden magic “mana Condensation” for Suye.

Subsequently, Niederne’s mouth flicked gently, but no sound was heard, but Suye heard the sound in his ear.

“You have just been promoted to silver and have not yet learned to use mana to conduct sound. My casting allows you to control mana more easily. You are now trying to urge mana to form the line of mana to conduct sound.” Niederne.

Suye nodded, remembering what I learned before, learned mana sound transmission in a short while.

“Teacher, what do you mean?” Suye tried sound transmission.

“You tell me first, is everything you said true?”

“What is it?” Suye was puzzled.

“You said, did you practice fighting in Sparta? Note that it’s not magic battle, it’s physical fighting, boxing, wrestling or fighting.” Niederne’s eyes focused.


“what’s the result?”

“At first still suffers a lot from the Silver warrior. Later, unless it encounters particularly powerful ones, it is basically easy to crush. Even if I encounter the most powerful ones, I am also 5 5 open. Of course, I did not talk to Komod Spie, if I fight him, I won’t be able to win the Giant.”

“Giant? I get it! But, did you defeat the Silver warrior without Giant? Is it that both sides do not use mana and divine power and use normal fighting methods?” Niederne asked.

“Yeah.” Suye said.

“Why did you win? To be honest!” Niederne’s eyes glared.

“You should be able to guess the battle body class and warrior class innate skill,” Suye said.

“Sure enough…” Niederne’s brows filled with joy.

“Teacher, I hear your stomach ringing,” Suye said.

“Tummy ringing? No.” Niederne looked down at his belly.

“I feel like there are evil tricks sloshing in your stomach.” Suye looked serious.

Niederne glanced at Suye angrily and said, “A silver Magic Tool, play a show with me. I will take a small bet with them for fun.”

Suye suddenly realized, suddenly said with a sneer: “I heard that when I entered the Giants’ Hills, I bet with other Teachers and got a lot of good things. No wonder you were willing to give me the magic broken house at that time.”

“Who told you?” Niederne’s eyes seemed to be sharp.

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