The World of Deities Chapter 428

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“Half of the Academy’s people are all understood! Give me a useful Golden Magic Tool. I not only do not pursue this matter, but also make a small profit for you. Of course, this time the income is divided equally.” Suye said.

Niederne said bitterly: “Last time they paid a little bit more. This time they must have learned well and only bet on cheap things. This time they won’t make too much money.” “So this time I want to divide evenly, you don’t lose money.” Suye Road.

“I think about it again.” Niederne said.

“Teacher, you play like this every day, turning your face sooner or later,” Suye said.

Niederne laughed, saying: “You don’t understand this, we are not betting Magic Tool, but human relations.”

“How to say?” Suye asked.

“There were a lot of Magic Tool I won that time, but most of them are the kind of optional Magic Tool. For us, it will not hurt us, and it may not be as big as once in a few years. Bureau. Those who lost the important Magic Tool, afterwards went to the door to eat together he he, and then go back with a cheeky face. But, owe a favor.” Niederne said.

“Probably understand. Different Teacher proficiency fields are different. There are always times when someone needs help, but others may not be willing to help, and sorry is helpless, so you need to use this kind of favor at this time?” Suye asked.

“Yes. And this kind of relationship, in fact, I rarely use it. Most friends who have good relationships ask for it. You only see that I have harvested a lot last time, and I don’t see what I owe others. I last put on frost Eyes of White, if they lose, won’t they pick my eyeballs? You are young and don’t understand our friendship.” Niederne said with a slight smile.

Suye glanced at Niederne’s left eye, nodded, and said: “A bunch of gamblers will really beautify themselves.”

Niederne wanted to slap Suye in the back of his head, but he endured it.

“This time, they will not even bet too much,” Niederne said.

“Give me a similar Golden Magic Tool first, but I don’t have one at all.” Suye raised her hands.

“I don’t believe it, let me see your Ring of Space.” Niederne said.

“Okay, I also look at your Ring of Space.” Suye said.

“That’s gone. You are still guilty.”

“Yes, you are not guilty. Anyway, I know there must be something good in your hand. I know your temper best, but it is bad, traitor and thief, but it looks so poor, absolutely problematic,” Suye said.

Niederne looked helpless and said, “When you get to the Golden level, you will understand. Whatever you do, spend money! Just like what I earned last time, I basically spent it. Some bought other people’s magic and created a formation chart. I bought and created reinforced materials, and the rest was saved for Saint Domain Magic Tool. I have only a total… A Saint Domain Magic Tool is my left eye.”

“You hesitated just now, it seems that you have at least 2 Saint Domain Magic Tools, or even 3,” Suye said.

Niederne gave Suye a blank look and said, “Always keep some back hands.”

“Not at all,” Suye said.

Niederne skimmed over the Magic Tool on Suye.

“Just like a businessman. A newly wealthy businessman will deliberately reveal his wealth and be mocked by upstarts. But a businessman who has been rich for a while will start to pretend to be poor, but in fact, it is not this kind of businessman who pretends to be poor, and They know a lot of richer people, and they have self-knowledge. The real wealthy businessman, especially the Aristocrat or businessman who is the richest in City-State, they are ready not in according to other people’s evaluation, use whatever you like. For example, I have seen an Aristocrat who likes to wear a leather jacket. People with good eyes can see that the leather jacket is very valuable, thinking that he is rich, but in fact, it is a set of dragon leather leather, he never said, you said he is not dazzling Rich? No! Because he no longer has the concept of rich or poor.” Niederne said.

“You mean, you feel that you are not rich enough to pretend to be poor? If you are really rich to a certain extent, you will not deliberately cover up, because they will not use money to measure anything, only to measure whether they like it or not. In other words, they are right The definition of rich and poor is different from our overwhelming majority.” Suye said.

“Yes. Like you!” Niederne looked at Suye with a grudge.

“No no no, I shine Magic Tool, not to show off the wealth, or to not have the concept of rich and poor in my eyes, to save my life! I wish I could have a Magic Tool all over and hide it. I just have a little money, compared with Aristotle , The difference is too far!” Suye said.

“Aristotle is good, just like showing off too much!” Niederne said.

“Yes, I can’t get used to him!”

The teachers and students looked at each other, and they all saw desolation and sympathy in the other’s eyes.

I am still too poor!

“Don’t interrupt, a Golden Magic Tool. Look at how bold Aristotle is, send me the Magic Carriage directly, you look at someone’s Teacher! Why don’t you learn something better?” Suye hate iron for not becoming steel.

“Why didn’t you learn the talents of Aristotle?” Niederne asked back.

“Then when I become the fifth Jackie of the Academy to be comparable to Aristotle, your wealth can be compared with him?” Suye asked.

Niederne remained silent for a long time, silently taking out a page of glittering paper from Ring of Space.

“Golden Magician’s basic Magic Tool, formation chart paper, is used to instantly print the Magic Formation Chart on his own Mana Tree leaf, and can also copy the above Magic Formation into the Magic Book instantly, which can be used repeatedly. Although the price is not high, But everyone can use it. This one was given to me by Thucydides Teacher at that time, and it is very commemorative. Now, I will give him to you to witness the teacher-student relationship between us.” Niederne said.

“Why do you always send me these old ancestral objects? Can you give me something new?” Suye realized that with this one, 4 of them were already packed!

An ancestral old belt, an ancestral magic small broken house, an ancestral wood magic staff, plus an ancestral broken book page.

If you add the broken tent of Euclid, there are already 5 heirlooms!

“You are still too young. When you are older, you will know the emotions carried on these objects. Take it, I am afraid I will regret it.” Niederne handed it to Suye.

Suye motionless.

Niederne is directly in Suye’s hands.

“Hehe, Teacher are big hoofs.” Suye reluctantly accepted this low-cost ancestral Golden Magic Tool.

“By Teacher, does Golden Magician need a lot of money?” Suye asked.

“Many, many, beyond your imagination. For example, the private Magic Formation Chart, one said less than 10000 golden eagle. A slightly better creation of reinforcement materials, no less than 5000 golden eagle.” Niederne helplessly said.

“Isn’t there a large number of Magic Formation Charts in schools and Magic Parliament?” Suye asked.

“Yes, there are a lot of Magic Formation Charts. Like the Magic Formation Charts based on magic, the schools give them to the students in vain. However, the creation charts that the Magicians themselves figured out are different. Because others have mastered their own formation charts , It is equivalent to mastering the advantages and disadvantages of its own magic, that is almost its own half-life, who is willing to sell? Therefore, setting such a high price is not because the Magicians are selfish, there is no way.”

Suye thought about it and said: “In this case, few people will sell the newly created Magic Formation Chart, generally selling the ones that are about to be eliminated or have been eliminated? Even if they are sold, they will only be sold to a few trusted people.”

“It is true. If everyone is unwilling to contribute to the Magic Formation Chart, the progress of magic will be slower and slower over time. Therefore, the Masters use Magic Source Badge to encourage Magicians to actively share. In addition, like various departments Magic Association and some Academy, internal sharing is more frequent. After all, there are many research-type Magician, originally few battles, not afraid of being grasped by others.”

“If I want to develop the whole system of magic, do I have to prepare a large number of golden eagles?”

Niederne remained silent for a long time and said, “Do you know what Aristotle spent during the Golden Mage period?”

Suye shook her head.

“On average 1,000,000 golden eagle a month.”

“This… is a bit exaggerated.” Suye’s eyes are confused, do you need so much? If you play like this, you will go bankrupt for at most two months.

“After learning to create magic, he spent a few thousand thousand golden eagle every month to acquire various creation formation charts, and then acquired the creation magic material, plus other costs, 1,000,000 is nothing to say. It is said that Plato has been preventing He was promoted to Legendary, wanting him to lay a solid foundation in the Saint Domain stage, otherwise, Aristotle is now Legendary.”

“He is 24~25 years old, Legendary so early?” Suye asked.

“So he is Aristotle.” Niederne said.

“Ai, it seems that I need to work harder. Really didn’t expect, Magician costs so much.”

“If you come slowly, you don’t have to spend that many money.”

“But I want to become Saint Domain sooner, and when Saint Domain is reached, mage will have sufficient self-protection ability,” Suye said.

“Also, the mage under Saint Domain is too easy to be killed by warrior.”

“By Teacher, should I prepare for the Golden rank now?”

“What department are you majoring in?”

“I don’t know, then select all.” Suye said.

“An extra sparkling attribute mage of 1000000 was born in another month.” Niederne helplessly said.

“Is the whole mage so hard?”

“It’s hard.”

Suye thought about it, he has many magic innate skills, and is destined to take a comprehensive development route. Any single development may limit himself.

“I still have to leave the whole department.” Suye said.

“Going all magic, not only means spending more money, the key is to consume more time. You have a flexible mind and can make a lot of money, but the time will not be more than a second. So if you go full Department, you need to choose the correct direction. Magic creates three directions of strengthening, shaping and combining, and each direction has many small branches. If you go through the whole department and you want to spend money, you should take the “magic” of strengthening creation. Material strengthening’ branch. You have more terrifying innate skills, especially suitable for’combination creation’, but mana consumes a lot, you can spend more money to buy mana origin. As for the slow work out of the detailed shaping creation, directly spend money to buy , It is not recommended that you study in depth.”

Suye glanced at the Teacher in front of her and said, “Let’s make a plan for the next moment, and then talk about the magic creation while walking.”

one big and one small 2 foxes quickly decided to ask monarch to enter the urn plan, and then walked while discussing the magic creation.

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