The World of Deities Chapter 429

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Those Teachers glanced back and 2 people were discussing the creation of magic, gently nodded.

“The three foundations of magic creation are strengthening creation, shaping creation and combination creation. It looks simple, but there are countless branches and many unique creations.”

“For example, there are four mainstreams of enhanced creation, and more than ten other Sects.”

“Mana enhancement means to increase the magic formidable power by increasing the mana capacity of Magic Formation Chart.”

“Magic material strengthening is to find special magic materials, purify and refining, and let Mana Tree leaves absorb and gain super power. The foundation of Hydra Legion Sect I told you before is to add Hydra to Flame Demon Serpent. Blood, typical magic materials strengthen.”

“Compensation enhancement is to weaken one aspect of magic to enhance another aspect, such as reducing the casting speed, increasing the formable power, or increasing the range, etc. Because the structure of Magic Formation Chart is different for different magic, compensation Reinforcement is the most complicated, it takes too much time and is not suitable for you.”

“Damage enhancement, originally formed by chance, and later formed a Sect. For example, a failed Fireball Spell creation, obviously should fly to 6 beyond ten meters, but as long as half of it, it will inevitably explode, and because of the strange internal structure, resulting in formidable The power has increased several times. Of course, the problem of damage enhancement is that there may be accidents. 10000 Fireball has not flew out and exploded in front of it, it will be miserable. Therefore, damage enhancement is only suitable for special magic.”

“Shaping creation, speaking of which is simple, is to change the shape of magic, but it is far more complicated than strengthening creation.”

“Enhance creation, you only need to get through the magic theory. But modeling creation, you need to master the basics of a certain shape. For example, Wood Attribute Golden basic magic venom bee technique, Golden Mage can be used, but you have to change the poison bee’s Appearance, even if it is just a little fatter, then you need to spend several years to thoroughly study all the details of the life, habits, structure, etc. of the poisonous bee. For example, if you want to change the Wall of Earth into Earth Castle, You first have to build a sturdy castle by yourself! Yes, you heard it right. So, I suggest that you give up the modeling, if you need it, find a way to buy one, and then ask the modeling master to help you transform it.”

Suye nodded, shaping is indeed too boring.

“Combination creation is to connect 2 to 4 magic leaves and merge into one magic. When you are on the battlefield of the marathon, you must have seen the famous 4 elemental gun, that is, 4 magic leaves are connected together. Double leaves Creating a mana consumes 4 times mana, 3 leaves require 8 times, and 4 leaves require 6 4 times. This is the powerful essence of the 6 elemental gun. It consumes 1 1 times mana at a time, how can it not be strong.”

“What about the 5-leaf creation?” Suye asked.

“First, unless there is a high-level Bloodline Strength, the combination creation cannot use 2 Mana Tree leaves of the same elemental attribute. Don’t say that your Bloodline is just General Bloodline, even if Priest is not enough, at least Bloodline Lord is required to perform the same attribute double. Leaf combination creation. The reason why Aristotle’s magic is strong is because he has the same attribute combination creation, which is almost equivalent to 2 times Magic Evolution, too terrifying.”

“Second, overwhelming majority people only master 2 series magic. If you use 4-leaf creation, the formidable power increase is limited, but the consumption of thirty two times mana is huge, and it is not worth the loss. Of course, there are extremely few lunatics who will perform 5-leaf combination or even 5-leaf. Combination, but it is generally found in Legendary magic and belongs to the trump card. It is used at the critical moment of winning or losing.”

Niederne glanced at Suye and said, “You have too many innate skills, so you must create it with a combination. For example, someone else’s 4 elemental gun flew past, and it didn’t hurt or itch when meeting Saint Domain warrior. , Saint Domain Knight equivalent to the innumerable 4 series innate skill in your body… No, you have Fire Attribute evolution and will also inspire Dark Attribute innate skill.”

“Do you know everything about me in the Marathon Plains?”

“All Plato Academy is analyzing that’Urak.’ Thank you for showing Fire Attribute Magic Evolution, otherwise they will doubt that Urak is you,” Niederne said.

Suye nodded.

“It takes a lot of mana origin to create a combination, so you will have to spend a lot of money to acquire mana origin. The 100-well Magician is a little difficult. You can fight for 20-30 wells.”

“This is simple,” Suye said casually.

Niederne fiercely glared at Suye. Is this ridiculous?

“Sculpture creation is not unusable, but specializes in a special creature. Alas… I feel so bad now.”

“What’s wrong?” Suye asked hurriedly.

“Because I suddenly discovered a huge advantage for you.”

“What advantage?” Suye asked.

“Because you have Giant Bloodline and Devil Bloodline, as well as elemental Bloodline, then, when you create Giant, Devil or elemental, you can learn by random, and you will succeed! It’s unreasonable! I don’t want to teach you, My heart hurts.” Niederne clutched his left chest.

“Really?” Suye’s eyes widened.

“Really. You have Bloodlines Strength. The research efficiency is several hundred to 100 times that of others. It’s like, if you learn to bark immediately, the dog learns to talk with you all your life and it’s impossible.” Niederne suddenly laughed.

“Teacher, have you learned Giant, Devil or elemental?” Suye looked innocent.

“I…” Niederne looked around, no big stones, forget it.

Niederne continued to speak until he was jealous and envious.

“We are poor…Magician, usually use mana strengthening, compensatory strengthening or destruction strengthening, but you, the golden eagle, are particularly suitable for magic material strengthening. Aristotle also takes this route.” Niederne’s tone was full of grudges.

“Shouldn’t it be all?” Suye asked.

“Just point your face! Wealth is amazing? A magic can indeed have three forms of reinforcement, shaping and combination, but each form can only exist in one branch. If you use magic material reinforcement for a magic, it is impossible. Other enhancements.”

“Well, then, for example, I carved two Flame Demon Serpent Mana Tree leaves, one magic material strengthened, and one mana strengthened, okay?”

“It’s no problem, it is equivalent to 2 magics. Many Magicians specializing in a certain department can play simple magics. For example, Fireball Spell is Fireball Spell in your eyes, and there are several hundred kinds in Fire Attribute Master. Different Fireball Spell. However, you don’t have to have a golden eagle,” Niederne said.

“Then I will understand. My main direction in the future is to strengthen the creation and combination creation of magic materials. However, in order to play the effect of multiple innate skills, I also have to study the compensation enhancement, at the expense of formidable power, Casting Time, etc., Maximize the scope of a few magic. That is, the main range of compensation is strengthened.”

Niederne nodded, said: “You innate skill that many, with a wide range of magic, is almost equal to half of the field magic, coupled with the elemental combination, it is indeed desperate. It seems that when you are promoted to the Golden rank, it is comparable to the Academy Four Heroes.”

“Listen, the teacher and student started to blow again.” Gregory unable to bear mocked said with a smile.

Niederne eyes shined, loudly said: “You can look down on me, but you can’t look down on my favorite student! Gregory, apologize to Suye immediately!”

“Apologize? What a joke? Niederne, don’t forget that you are the same as me, Teacher! To maintain Teacher’s honor!” Gregory coldly snorted said.

Niederne in the right and self-confident said: “I am precisely maintaining the honor of Plato Academy, I am precisely maintaining the honor of Magician, I am precisely maintaining the truth! My student, Suye, his genius and innate skill well known, he never speaks big words, has always been honest, honest, humble and cautious. If he said that when he was the champion of the whole department, I was the first to scold him, but he said he was confident of winning the fighting championship, then he must have strength, not talk nonsense! It’s you, Gregory. What evidence do you have to prove that Suye is not good?”

“Evidence? Since ancient times that many Magician spitting blood in a fighting game is not evidence? Warrior’s body and fighting skills are not evidence? Your behavior of maintaining students without a bottom line is discrediting Magician!” Grigory loudly said.

Both the Magician Teacher and the Warrior Teacher are constantly nodded and support Gregory.

“Ridiculous! Everything you said is just the past, not the future. I remember Suye said a very simple truth. When you only saw the white swan, a black swan suddenly appeared before you realized that there was The existence of the black swan. But in fact, the black swan has existed for a long time, but you just can’t see it! Suye, since you say that you are an excellent fighter, you must have a strong strength, your eyes are on your eyes!” Niederne was flushed, emotional excitement.

“Niederne, you guys are good, but you are too short.”

“He’s not a short guard, he’s too vain, and finally came out as a genius student like Suye, and naturally he has to blow it.”

“Niederne, don’t worry. When Suye is beaten out with warriors by the warriors, you can just cry aside.”

Niederne said angrily: “I can accept you to insult me, but not to insult my students! I bet my left eye, Suye will definitely beat all Bronze Warrior and Silver warrior in Plato Academy in the fighting field!”

Everyone was taken aback, including Suye.

I didn’t say that!

Those Magician expression moved suddenly looked towards Suye and found that Suye’s expression was very natural, not quite like a master and disciple acting.

Many people looked at each other, after all, they lost quite a few months ago.

“Hehe, I dare to bet! Is there anything you dare not to bet? I bet a silver Magic Tool!” Gregory said.

“You are still afraid, if you have the ability to bet Golden Magic Tool!” Niederne said.

“He’s not worth it!” Gregory said arrogantly.

“Niederne, I think it’s okay. Last time Suye was really strong and overwhelming everyone, but this is a fighting game, we can’t use mana and divine power. We all know the fighting results of Suye, only the middle reaches. If you are This is a bet that may lose all the money you earned last time.”

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