The World of Deities Chapter 431

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Kuya loudly said: “I never deny your magic innate skill. You even defeated Commodus at the arena and became the only Magician gladiator battle king in history. However, magic is magic, divine power is divine power, Fighting is fighting! Even many people whose divine power is stronger than me and higher than me have lost to me in the boxing competition! Because I have worked hard for more than ten years, unlike you, obviously I don’t understand fighting, I don’t understand boxing, but I speak wildly!”

Suye helplessly said: “This classmate, you misunderstood. I just wanted to win the fighting championship. I didn’t speak out or insult you. If there is any misunderstanding, it must be Niederne instigating the fire.”

Many Teachers are seriously nodded.

“You, a teenage silver mage, have never practiced fighting, and want to win the fighting championship is the biggest insult to us!” Kuya glared at Suye.

“I really practiced fighting. I used to go to Lion Harbor often, and there were people who often held fighting games. I learned it since I was a kid. Later, I went to Sparta and got personal guidance from the gladiator battle king. Commodus said that my fighting The innate skill surpassed him back then, and he had a chance to win the Pitia competition. You do not believe it, you can ask Commodus.” Suye in deadly earnest said.

Many people are puzzled, why can they understand every word, but they always feel that they are not human words?

“Tangle your fist, let the final victory determine our right or wrong!” Cuya took out the cotton cloth and began to wrap his hands.

Suye nodded, the cotton cloth needed to boxing, also began to wrap his hands.

When the two sides were ready, Saint Domain warrior Tagola asked aloud, “Cui, Suye, are you two ready?”

“Ready!” The 2 men raised their heads and shouted loudly.

The afternoon sun shone on the bodies of 2 people as if they were coated with a light golden layer.

The experienced warriors looked at Suye in surprise.

They at first thought that Suye was talking nonsense, even if they saw Suye’s body, they thought it might be a magic transformation, but now they find that Suye’s performance is like the old guy on the fighting field, breathing long, natural expression, eyes Focus, even more like a fighter than Kuya!

The high-level warrior gently nodded. It seems that this Suye has not spoken. Not only has he undergone the rigorous training of the gladiator battle sergeants, but it is indeed a regular visitor of the arena.

This temperament and imposing manner can’t deceive people.

“Magician, bear the wrath of the fighters!” Kuya snarled and rushed straight at Suye, boxing straight at Suye’s nose.

Everyone’s eyes were shining, and almost everyone showed Suye’s terrible look.

However, Suye suddenly stooped and stepped forward, like flowing water.

Kuya’s right fist flew across Suye’s ear and shoulder.

At the same time, Suye jerked his right arm violently.

In everyone’s eyes, Suye’s right arm swelled in an instant, the muscles swelled, and it was slightly cruel.

Then, everyone’s ears sounded like a tsunami.


Suye’s right fist, as if carrying a huge wave, crashed on Cuya’s nose.

Kuya’s eyes were black, and severe pain burst in the nasal cavity, Spread towards the whole body, head involuntarily leaning back.


Suye quickly withdrew his right arm and snapped a hook with Kuya’s abdomen.


Cuya, who was leaning back, suddenly bent forward because of severe abdominal pain, and the whole person was beaten with his feet off the ground, like a prawn in midair, flying out one meter.

Cuya fell heavily on the ground, covering her abdomen with one hand and the bloody nose with one hand, and uttered a painful cry.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even if it is a Silver warrior martial artist, impossible 2 punches Cuya like this, it needs divine power.

This power seems to reach the point where Golden Warrior does not use divine power.

“You are a Magician, where are that many battle body innate skill and warrior innate skill? The power is like a tsunami, and the double innate skill exceeds 20, I can’t get it wrong!” Saint Domain warrior Tagolamon.

Teachers are all blinded. Not only does Suye look like a warrior, fighting is like a warrior, how can even an innate skill be a warrior?

“When he punches, the right arm seems to be pale-gold rays of light, is that Golden body? Isn’t it? Is it? Is it…”

“His strength is still above me…” a Silver warrior murmured.

“Check with magic to see if any warrior is disguised as Suye.”

“Is he a genius warrior delayed by magic?”

“How did I think Suye was a warrior just now, and Kuya is a Magician who doesn’t understand fighting?”

“Suye these 2 punches and moves, too terrifying, have surpassed the Silver warrior.”

“What theology is this?”

“Is the legendary demon warrior born?”

“It’s too fucking ridiculous…I have to wash my eyes, it must be an illusion!”

Everyone looked at Suye with a smile, and suddenly felt an explosive flow in his muscles…mana.

“Cuya, won’t you pretend?”

Kuya shivered violently, clearly wanting to stand up, but his body didn’t listen.

The punch seemed to blow the soul out.

After a while, Kuya was lying beaded with sweat.

“He can’t get up today. He first carried it to the grass and sent him back to the room.” Tagola said.

Two warriors trot over, grabbed Cuya’s hands and feet, and lifted them to the grass beside them.

“Who can tell me what happened?” Gregory unable to bear asked.

Tagola sighed and said: “Let me talk about my analysis, this Suye is a pervert.”

Everyone looked at Tagora quietly, and after a while did not continue.

This is the end of the analysis?

“Now what I say is nonsense, when the battle is over, you will understand. The next one, Pentos, you go.” Tagola said.

“Okay!” I saw a dark, robust man walking towards the fighting field. His whole figure was a piece of black gold, and his muscles were like steel.

Everyone recognized this Pentos.

Silver warrior is not the strongest of Plato Academy divine power, not the highest body, not the strongest, but it is recognized as the first combatant of Plato Academy.

proficiency boxing, wrestling and fighting.

It is also the only one in the Academy that can defeat Hort in the fighting field.

Except for wrestling.

All Plato Academy, no student can beat Hort.

He and Hort are Plato Academy’s hopes of winning the top 6 garland.

As for the championship trophy, the probability of the two is not big.

“I want to fight you,” Pentos said.

“No problem, but think about it.” Suye nodded.

Wrestling has the most restrictions, boxing can only use two hands, and fighting can use anything except insidious techniques such as grommets and yin.

“Think clearly?”

“If it’s just boxing, you’re just some skin injury. If you fight, you may hurt skeleton. The next big game will be affected.” Suye said.

Everyone looked at Pentos and then Suye, who was too young to know how many laps, it felt a little funny.

But nobody laughed.

The blood on the ground had just solidified, and the smell of blood was still dispersed in the air.

“You should not humiliate a fighter! Neither should you humiliate your opponent!” Pentos’ eyes flashed, fighting intent.

Suye was helpless sighed, she just speak frankly.

Pentos took a deep breath, raised his arms in half, obstructed his head, and then rushed to Suye in small steps.

Suye also raised his arms, seemingly just defensive.

Suddenly, Pentos made a sudden stop, his left leg was like a column rooted on the ground, and his right leg was like a thick long whip, pulling towards Suye’s waist.

Such as black python.

Everyone thought that Suye would block or avoid his arm, but Suye even kicked his right leg.

Whip legs to whip legs.

Black golden wheat color pair.

Long to short.

Coarse to fine.

Even if Suye had won before, everyone could not bear it.

That’s Silver warrior, with silver body, even without divine power, the body strength is far stronger than Bronze Warrior.

Silver Magician dared to attack Silver warrior with only one ending.

Ka-cha ……

The loud skeleton shattered.

One leg was broken from the middle and swayed loosely.


The screams sounded.

Suye didn’t break his leg, nor did Suye call.

It was Pentos, who was thick and long, had broken his leg. He was holding his leg and fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

His sturdy right leg is like a broken bamboo pole.

Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief so much that they forgot to rescue and heal, and let Pentos scream.

Why is it completely different from what was expected?

“Quickly help the treatment.” Tagola hurriedly shouted.

Larens just reacted and took out a divine spell Magic Tool to heal Pentos.

I saw Pentos’ skeleton blood and flesh rejoined in a weird way, and soon the recovery was intact, but he could only limp and walk.

“Suye, how did you do it? Even if I was your Teacher, I didn’t know what happened.” Niederne half true half false asked.

The bettor sneered again and again.

Install, still install!

“Sure enough, Suye doesn’t know how to get the Golden body innate skill in Sparta. Is it related to confident by gods?”

“It’s very possible. God of Sparta will not give Suye magic innate skill kindly, so this kind of warrior innate skill is given.”

“However, there are too many warrior innate skill and battle body innate skill, it makes no sense.”

Everyone is discussed spiritedly.

“Next. Kalida Teacher, come on.”

The discussion ended abruptly.

I even started to be a teacher, and I was one of the top 6 in the wrestling project!

Some people even suspect that the reason why Kalida has not been promoted to Golden and held back at the silver level for so many years is to achieve good results at the competition.

“I choose to wrestle.” Kalida’s tone was calm, but his eyes flickered.

Some Teachers secretly sighed, a student, scared Teacher!

No sense!

But when you think about it, the Teachers suddenly sympathized with Kalida.

It should be a victory over Suye, but if you lose, where will you put your old face?

It’s nothing to lose to Alexander’s genius warrior, and even the future talks can be lost to the Magician students in the second grade in a fighting game. What is it called?

However, Suye, Kalida and some Teachers have very strange faces.

Niederne said slowly: “Kalida is responsible for teaching the wrestling class in our class. Although Suye did not take this class, but when learning basic wrestling knowledge, the whole class followed.”

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