The World of Deities Chapter 432

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Everyone looked at Kalida and suddenly discovered that the responsibility on his shoulders was greater than he had thought.

It’s embarrassing enough to lose to the second grade Magician students, but it’s too embarrassing if you have taught each other.

Embarrassed to the point that the whole body is hot and hairy when I think about it.

Teachers cast a more sympathetic eye on Kalida.

Kalida slowly walked into the wrestling field and stood opposite Suye.

“Kalida Teacher.” Suye display was a little uncomfortable.

If you throw Niederne into a confused, there is no psychological burden, but the face of other teachers is different.

Calita is nodded.

“No matter what your relationship was before, but here, you are just opponents. Kalida, you don’t need to worry about losing to him; Suye, you don’t need to worry about the embarrassment of the opponent after the victory. If you can’t even distinguish this, you will always step on Not on the road to Saint Domain.”

“Yes.” Kalida bowed his head immediately.

Suye immediately connected this matter with what he had learned in the past. This is a typical “boundary” to distinguish everything.

“Go!” Tagola stepped back.

Suye and Calita bent over at the same time, their bodies sinking slightly, and their weights moved down, holding their knees and staring at each other.

With a whistle, the two immediately rushed to each other to avoid being judged as a negative match.

At first, the two parties are simply conducting a trial.

Because Greece’s wrestling is extremely limited, you can’t defeat your opponent with legs and legs below the waist. You can only win and lose by holding the opponent above the waist. There are strict rules for many actions.

This led to Greece’s wrestling matches always being at 2 extremes,

Either it is particularly good-looking. It seems that the two ominous beasts are in a state of continuous confrontation, and finally the round ends with a beautiful fall.

Either it will evolve into 2 cows facing each other, small movements continue, but just dry, looking very boring.

I saw 2 people with their arms tangled constantly. At first glance, it seems that they are not wrestling, but they are comparing arm strength.

Many warriors suddenly smiled.

“Niederne, I now believe there is no problem with this bet. Your student strength is indeed strong, but the movement is very rusty, and it is very different from Kalidabi.”

“I always do things fairly,” Niederne said.

“Kalida is very smart, it seems that he is going to continue to struggle and win Suye with the accumulation of small technical points.”

“The current development of wrestling is becoming more and more meaningless. The stricter the technical specifications, the worse the ornamental performance. I heard that there is still a need to change the kneeling posture. I hope it will be better.”

“This is the safest way for the veteran to deal with the novice, in order to induce the novice to use dangerous moves. If there is a loophole, they will be caught by the veteran and the score will be opened…”

The speaker stopped suddenly.

Everyone saw that the 2 arms of both sides suddenly started acceleration.

Suye is attacking and Kalida is defending.

Suddenly, Suye grabbed Kalida’s right upper arm with a sudden thunder, and then flexed his knees and twisted, using his right shoulder as a fulcrum, and violently fell back.

To make all the scenes appear in surprise, Kalida not only failed to get rid of or suppressed Suye, the whole person even took off in the air, and his back fell heavily on the ground.

At the moment of landing, his silver divine power flowed around him, protecting his body instinctively.

“Great technical score! Suye wins in the first round!” referee Tagora raised his arms high.

“what happened?”

“How come there are big technical points just after the fight?”

“Kalida will not be underestimated?”

“No, it’s Suye’s movements that are too fast and too powerful.” a Golden Warrior said.

“Kalida is miscalculated and originally wanted to win by accumulating small technical points, but didn’t expect Suye at first is to go with big technical points and win directly without dragging.”

The teachers and students looked at two people in surprise.

After Kalida got up, she gasped lightly.

2 people looked at each other for a short break.

“Round 2, start!” Tagola said loudly.

At this time, Kalida seemed to be inspired by fierceness, but he took the initiative to attack.

However, just ten seconds later, in a fierce confrontation chase, Suye turned around behind Kalida and hurriedly hugged Kalida’s waist, causing Kalida’s body to volley, and at the same time his body leaned back, forming A standard back torso crosses the bridge.

At this time, in midair, Kalida protected her body with silver divine power, and finally supported the ground with her hands to prevent the head from landing on the ground.

In this kind of wrestling match, once the divine power is used, it means that this round is defeated with big skill points.

Several people even saw his expression of anxiety and helplessness as he fell.

“In round 2, Suye wins!” Tagora’s voice sounded.

The wrestling match at the Pitiah Games is a 5 in 3 innings.

After a short break, Kalida attacked again unconvinced.

But something unexpected happened to everyone.

In just one second of the war, Kalida was hugged by Suye and his feet were off the ground. The two seemed to form a “ten” shape.

Kalida, who was embraced horizontally, had no place to borrow and could not attack Suye’s waist. Both hands instinctively grabbed Suye’s left arm.

Suye smoothly turned from a horizontal embrace to a reverse embrace, causing Kalida’s head to rush down.

In the next step, he will fiercely hold Kalida’s head on the ground.

Many teachers and students exclaimed that this is an extremely dangerous action.

“Stop! Suye wins!” Tagola directly judged the outcome to avoid accidents.

Suye immediately relaxed his arm, and Kalida immediately used divine power to protect his body and gently fell to the ground.

“Kalida, what’s going on? How could you be hugged by him?”

“Aren’t horizontal embraces only appear when one side has an absolute strength advantage?”

“You still have to ask, Suye’s power is beyond Karida.”

“The wrestler who can hold Kalida is enough to make it to the top 4 in Pitiah.”

“Listen to what Calida said.”

Everyone is quiet.

Kalida gasped, slowly stood up, shook his head helplessly, said: “His skills may not be sophisticated enough, but the reaction is too fast, great strength. I have played against the champion of the wrestling competition many times, most of the other parties It was a technical victory over me, absolutely impossible to solve me so quickly, Hort will not work.”

“What? Do you mean that Suye is stronger than Hort?”

“Not only is he more powerful than Hort, he is also faster than Hort, and his reaction is more sensitive than Hort. In short, I dare not say that he must become a champion, but he definitely has the strength of a champion.”

Calida finished, very quiet training ground.

“I suddenly understood Tagore’s Master’s brief evaluation. Master is Master, and the word “abnormal” is enough to explain everything.” Gregory looked at Suye.

“Since then, Plato Academy has added another monster. Muscle Magician!”

“Suye has won three games in a row and the game is over.” Niederne at a moderate pace sounded on the training ground.

This sound is like a terrifying spell, many people face changed.

“It’s over…”

“Niederne little evil tricks!”

“Gregory you scum!”

“Suye was broken by both of you!”

The warriors present were all ugly.

Niederne suddenly smiled and said, “I know that you lost some money today, but this is not important. The important thing is that you still have a chance to make a comeback.”

“Oh, you talk about it.” Saint Domain warrior Tagola coldly snorted.

Niederne pointed to Suye and said, “Do you think that I am gambled to make money for Academy friends? Wrong! I am pointing out a clear path for you. Suye is a chance to make a comeback.”

Everyone was stunned, but many people reacted quickly.

“Are you talking about the Pitia game?” a Golden Warrior exclaimed.

Niederne slightly smiled, said: “Yes! I am giving you money. However, before that, please Larens Master casting, anyone here can bet Suye to win the championship, or even bet Suye as the’Champion King’, However, this matter is not allowed to leak.”

“How many championships are you going to bet on Suye?” Tagola asked.

“Suye said that in addition to the music game, the rest of the champions all-in on themselves, and the champion king also all-in on himself. All I have to do is to follow Suye to bet, that’s all.” Niederne said with a slight smile.

“I also believe Suye.” Gregory nodded and said.

Larens Master said with a slight smile that I didn’t participate just now: “I’m not easy to participate in the bet inside Academy, but I will play this time in the Pitiah competition. After all, Suye has made a strong proof.”

“Suye, would you like us to see your sprint?” Tagola asked.

“No problem,” Suye said.

Tagola immediately selected five members to participate in the sprint race, and everyone walked to the running training ground next to them.

With a whistle, 6 people charge ahead like a demon wolf, even with a whirlwind behind them.

Even if 6 people don’t need divine power or mana, they step on the ground so that the peng peng sounds loudly, almost cracking.

To everyone’s surprise, at the start, Suye was at the end because of the average technical level, but only a few seconds later, he overtook everyone with an absolute advantage and reached the finish line.

“This speed not only broke the school record, but also the Athens City state record…”

“I at first thought this kid had Body of Storm, but it wasn’t, but there was an innate skill that far exceeded Body of Storm, running at speed!” a Golden Warrior yelled.

“Suye, you betrayed Magician!”

“I also suspect that he was bought by God of War God’s Temple. How did he come back from Sparta and make a battle body and warrior innate skill?”

“I am also quite warrior…”

Everyone laughed suddenly.

In addition to Suye’s calm face, the other five sprint contestants were all black.

The feeling of being surpassed by Magician is so uncomfortable.

It’s boring to race!

Sports is simply Netherworld!

Competition is no fun!

“How is his long-distance running?” a Magician asked.

“Innate skill is far stronger in long-distance running than in sprinting. Without the speed class innate skill, you can take advantage of the technical advantage in short-distance running, but during the long-distance running, the role of innate skill will continue to strengthen, while the role of technology Relatively lower. No surprise, Suye is very likely to become the king of the race!”

“No wonder he has confidence in the race.”

“Then we strive to come up with a plan before the start of the game to bet on the Suye champion or champion.”

“It’s enough to bet on the champion, don’t bet on the champion. Every time someone who bets on the champion will basically jump to the city wall.”

“Yes, after all, the champion king needs all the champions of a big project.”

“However, I heard that this time the players are very strong. There are geniuses of the Demi-God family to participate in the battle. The champion and so on are fine.”

“Think again…”

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