The World of Deities Chapter 433

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Suye glanced at Niederne. It is a small evil tricks certified by Academy. A simple distraction of attention found a vent for everyone’s emotions.

In the normal period, the loser will stare at Niederne like a hungry wolf and prepare various plans in his heart.

Now, they are happily discussing how to bet on the Pitiah competition.

“No, it’s brought trouble to others!”

Suye suddenly realized that everyone was greedy.

If you fail to win the championship in a certain project, there will inevitably be people who are not bet unhappy.

If you win all the championships of a big project and become the champion, then people who did not bet on the champion will also be unhappy.

“It’s insidious! The whole Plato Academy is just a good person for me, um, and Hort.”

Suye shook her head and found the teacher in the driving class to discuss training matters.

After Larens finished casting, everyone fulfilled the oath, then collectively found Suye and surrounded Suye in the middle.

“What project are you the strongest?”

“If you meet the warrior of the Demi-God family, will your boxing work?”

“It is said that Eugene is also involved in all fighting projects. Can you beat him without magic?”

“If you have the Fengshen Bloodline, if you run with you, are you confident of winning?”

Like a few hundred ducks screaming around gu gu, Suye tried his best to keep calm, but it was also very irritable in hot weather.

After two full hours, everyone was dry, and Suye found an opportunity to ask Larens Master and went straight to Niederne’s place.

As soon as he walked outside Niederne’s house, he heard his conversation with Gregory.

“How are you, I did good?” Gregory’s voice was full of joy.

“Good. Without you provoking me, they would not be willing to bet that many. However, your mocking tone is a little too real!”

“You heard it wrong,” Gregory said.

“Hehe, I can’t tell whether you are helping me or taking the opportunity to say bad things about me,” Niederne said.

“We have known you from the same classmates until now, 20-30 years of friendship. You know everything, you are too good, but people are too bad.” Gregory’s voice was full of regret.

Suye didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, what is this called?

“Hehe, I don’t know who slammed me a moment ago. After getting the color head, he started to pick his nose and raise his eyes.” Niederne said.

“Don’t talk about this, how did you bet Suye at the Pitiah contest?”

“Of course I only bet half, and I am not a fool. How could I believe Suye.”

Suye frowned, Niederne, why is this guy behind this attitude?

“Haha, as soon as you poke your ass, I know how long you stretch. I want to lie to me! I wasn’t sure yet, but now I’m sure. In addition to the music project, I bet on the Suye champion and bet on the horse racing king, the race king, and the fight. 4 champions of Wang He Almighty King! Go away! I am so happy to see you look like you have eaten flies… ha ha ha ha ……”

Suye was helpless sighed, it turned out that it was not Niederne who didn’t believe in himself, was cheating Gregory, who knew it had been seen through.

The private conversation between the two Teachers is a bit too dirty.

Suye pretended to walk slowly forward, and saw Gregory coming out of the house.

Gregory happily patted Suye’s shoulder and said, “Good person, you are my lucky star, no matter what happens in the future, you will be all right! Come on, champion Suye!”

With that said, Gregory took a brisk step away.

Suye walked in and saw that Niederne was in the shadow, and he didn’t know what his expression was.

“Teacher, I’ll take my share.”

Suye said, walking into the house.

Niederne’s cheeks appeared on his face, and said a little bit: “I Niederne said that it will do it, and I will give you half of the rest.”

“Teacher, you seem to have misunderstood.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“What’s the misunderstanding?” Niederne sat on the chair, watching Suye standing alertly at the door.

At this moment, he felt Suye looking down on himself.

“This time, the total value of our bet is about 9010000 golden eagle, of which my god bronze value is close to 700,000. Even if it is only 600,000, it also means that 2/3 of the bets on the opposite side should belong to me, yes Right?” Suye said with a slight smile.

“You… don’t we say that each person gets half?” Niederne said.

“Yes, your harvest, we each person gets half. But the devilized bronze that I bet is my own harvest.” Suye said.

“Are you mad at me!” Niederne was really confused.

“Teacher, let’s straighten things out, step by step.”

“Okay, I see what you say.” Niederne said.

“At first, we have a good negotiation. You set up a gambling game and earn something equally, right?” Suye asked.


“So, when you set up a game, everyone can participate, right?” Suye asked.


“So, at the 1st Step, no matter who bet the deified bronze, it should be fair and just reward to the deified bronze owner, right?” Suye said.

“But we said that each person gets half.”

“It’s good to say that each person gets half, it’s Suye who helped you set bets, but now, you have to finish the game first, and then divide the money. That is, you have to give the color head to the master of the god bronze. Then, We can go to the next step, each person gets half to share your gains,” Suye said.

“But what I am saying is that we both share equally.”

“Teacher, did I help you cheat? No. Did you cheat? No. We are a very fair game. If it is all evenly divided, it is not a fair game, then you are cheating the teachers and students of Plato Academy, I believe that you, as the Teacher of Plato Academy, should not do this kind of fraud. You should be fair and just to get the score of the “master of the god bronze”, and finally talk about your allocation.”

Suye said with a slight smile.

“I can’t teach you this student!” Niederne look up to sky and heave a deep sigh.

“Give me what I deserve first and then say this kind of frustration.” Suye said.

“But I didn’t mean it…” Niederne was helpless.

“Actually, according to what you mean, it’s not impossible,” Suye said.

“How do you say?” Niederne was immediately excited.

“But you have to owe my affection.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“Are you becoming a Silver Magician, and your wings are hard, so don’t you take my Teacher in your eyes? You have to understand that I am a senior Golden Magician.” Niederne said with a sneer.

Suye said with a slight smile: “Teacher, you misunderstood, how could I not take you into my eyes? I am your student one day, and I will always be your student for the rest of my life. To put it awkwardly, you have no children. For your funeral, I must be at the forefront.”

Niederne’s complexion is nodded.

Suye continued: “But, one yard to one yard. The whole world can beat my Golden rank warrior or Magician, no more than ten people. Euclid is one of ten people, but you, I don’t know if I am here or not. Among individuals, only knowing after learning. Of course, Saint Domain Magic Tool is not allowed.”

“I…” Niederne glared at Suye, slap the table and stand up.

However, his eyes flashed all the news about Suye or Urak these days.

Earth Attribute Magic Evolution.

Fire Attribute Magic Evolution.

Various Bloodlines Strength.

miracle Summoner.

Magician gladiator battle king.

The only Magician senior General.

Demi-God family illegitimate child.

The future 5th Academy…

Niederne’s spine seemed to be pulled out suddenly, his body lost support, and he slumped softly against the back of the chair.

“I’m so blinded, how come you have such a deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors…” Niederne didn’t finish talking, and saw Suye reaching over.

Point to Niederne’s left eye.

“Teacher…” Suye grinned, pointing at Niederne’s fake eye.

“You are waiting for me to be promoted to Saint Domain, you are waiting for me! This relationship, I owe it! Half a point!” Niederne flustered and exasperated said.

“Great favor.”

“Great affection is great affection!” Niederne said aloud, and threw the god bronze to Suye.

Suye took the deified bronze and said, “Leave what you need, and give me the other half you don’t need.”

“I need…” Niederne murmured softly, the space ring flashed, and a small pile of Magic Tool or divine power equipment piled up in front.

In the house without sunlight, there are magnificent rays of light.

“I will roughly calculate the value first, and then divide equally.” Niederne said, putting all the items in place, and then one by one recorded the valuation.

“The total value is about 9010000 golden eagle, but some people have hinted that I want to give a face back. These…” Niederne took out the overwhelming majority Saint Domain Magic Tool or Golden divine power equipment.

“Also, Tagora Master sorry opened his mouth, but the 2 pieces of divine power equipment he betted should be returned, even that shield, that long sword is of great value, and it is his beloved. The face of Saint Domain Yes, I will say it was returned by you.” Niederne put the Golden divine power long sword aside and stared at Suye.

Suye nodded, said: “I understand that this is to close the relationship between the two parties. In the future, when I meet me, the other party can help or not help. Basically, this relationship is more important than I originally thought. .”

“You just understand. Gregory is going to get a Saint Domain Magic Tool this time, and nothing is needed, because the owner of that Magic Tool is the Golden Magician that Gregory may ask for,” Niederne said.

Suye nodded.

“However, do you think they are just betting on winning or losing?” Niederne’s eyes were suddenly dark and deep.

Suye froze for a while, suddenly realized.

“Are you guys plotting against plotting all day, aren’t you tired? I said how did a small gamble in Academy suddenly break 1000000 golden eagle, those young students are hot-headed I believe, but those Magician and even Saint Domain warrior It’s all gone, I don’t think I’m right. It turned out to be against me!” Suye helplessly said.

“Although most of them do not know that you are Urak, the news that you became the King of Magician gladiator battle really shocked the whole Academy and shocked the World of Magic. World of Magic has recognized that you are a real magic star At that time, Aristotle, Archimedes and Euclid were all magic stars.”

“Magic Rising Star, is there such a saying?”

“Magic geniuses under 20 years old can become magic new stars.”

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