The World of Deities Chapter 434

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“Don’t tell me a lot of magic stars in Greece,” Suye said.

“No, but not a lot. Egypt has more magic stars, because the old Undead Pharaoh King often resurrects, either showing a powerful warrior innate skill or a powerful mage innate skill. Northern Europe’s magical gangsters There are fewer new stars because they admire military force more. Persia’s magic is also particularly rare because Persia’s Magician is suppressed by kings and fate warlocks. They have a large population and a large number of Magicians, but there are not many real masters. Greece’s magic novas are basically concentrated in Athens and Miletus. Of course, there are occasionally a few Hero or Demi-God family geniuses who cannot condensation divine power. Renovating magic may also become a magic nova.”

“I’m not counted in the whole world. How many people are called Magic Nova in Greece now?” Suye asked.

“Not counting the few people who admit it, the recognized magic star plus only 4 people.”

“It’s okay, it’s not a bad street.” Suye said.

Niederne lowered his head and calculated it again on the Magic Book.

“Excluding those that have to be returned, the total value of the remaining colored heads is about 4 120,000 golden eagle.”

“The water is too big, cut off half with a knife.” Suye helplessly said.

“You are content, even half of it is a Legendary Magic Tool!” Niederne said.

“By Teacher, I now have a lot of magic medicine, but some of the medicinal herbs have been picked for too long and need to be made into magic medicine quickly,” Suye said.

“What is the hurry, how much can there be?” Niederne said.

“That’s 100 to 10000,” Suye said.

“What?” Niederne’s eyes widened.

“By the way, I’m going to open the Dragon Trading Equipment Trading Company next, and I will also launch new tableware. I was stimulated by Aristotle with a monthly flower of 1000000. I will start acceleration learning now to do enough for Golden and Saint Domain. Prepare.” Suye said.

Niederne said resolutely: “you think like this, I am very pleased. Your growth is too fast. In the coming year, I suggest that you reduce all other activities and use all your thoughts on magic. By the third grade, you want to Learn to give up.”

“Course?” Suye asked.

Niederne nodded, said: “I will submit an application to Academy, you can reduce the learning of some courses, just take a look and understand. But your grades in important courses such as magic, mathematics and geometry must be To achieve an average of 90 points, and each door can not be less than 80 points. Can it be done?”

Niederne stared at Suye.

“I’m willing to try. Anyway, I have many medals. By the way, I will participate in Battle of Marathon. The school will at least award me the silver medal. With the silver medal, I will be able to pass all the courses this year.” Suye said.

“What does Urak’s achievements have to do with you Suye?”

“Hehe, I know you will do this. Anyway, I have many medals, don’t care! By the way, Niederne Teacher, have you seen the first meritorious medal? Have you touched the medal of the great player? Do you want to see it? I can let you touch it .” Suye was kind.

“Do you think this kind of trick is useful to me?” Niederne asked back.

“Anyway, bitter gourd is in the mouth, only the person who eats it knows whether it is bitter or not,” Suye said.

“You are waiting for me to be promoted to Saint Domain! These points are for you!”

Niederne pushed a small pile of Magic Tool and divine power equipment in front of Suye.

“Thank you, my good Teacher.” Suye said, using Ring of Space to take it away.

“Why don’t you go yet?” Niederne said irritably.

“The magic medicine Trading Company’s income deserves me a bit. I want to bet. The golden eagle in my hand is not enough.” Suye said.

“The money is in Greece, you need to transfer to the Plato chamber of commerce, wait for two days.” Niederne said.

“Then you tell the people of Plato chamber of commerce by the way, I have a tight hand and distribute the income from the cutlery to me, no more, 500,000 will do.” Suye said.

“500,000? You… seem to be really okay. It is estimated that you will be contacted by the people of Plato chamber of commerce when you come back to Athens, your tableware sells crazy, far surpasses the imagination. You don’t know that the merchants in Plato were in Plato the other day Chamber of commerce The spectacular scene of queuing outside the night. Many businessmen with City-State have struggled for the exclusive rights of City-State, even life and death duel, constantly looking for relationships, and even alarmed the Demi-God family. Press down.” Niederne looked envious.

“As for?” Suye asked.

“As you said, this is a revolution in the dining table of the whole Human. Everyone who uses it, whether it is Aristocrat, Magician or civilian, is full of praise. Although there are already counterfeit things everywhere, it is hindered by Pantion The deterrence of Family and Plato Academy are both small and clever. Even more how, people with a little money, impossible use fake tableware, don’t know why, they are so obsessed with the leading sign on your tableware. Some people even Claimed not to deal with any barbarians using other tableware.” Niederne was a little confused.

Suye slightly smiled, people now know the value of the brand and the power of cognition.

“By the way, the branch factories in Persia and Northern Europe have been prepared, and they will be continuously produced next. In Egypt, the new factory that has been established in the Plato chamber of commerce, just waiting for you, the partner directly pays 1000000 golden eagle agent fee.”

“You answer me, I still believe in Plato chamber of commerce, these little things, they can take the lead.” Suye said.

Niederne secretly slurped. This student really grew up to the level he needed to look up. After living for so many years, plus these 2 gambling games, he did not earn 1000000 golden eagle in total. Suye is good. This kind of golden eagle already not in almost.

“Cough, you are more attentive to magic medicine. Even the small mosquito legs are meat.” Niederne said.

“The output of medicinal herb is limited, and the average annual will not exceed the thousand thousand golden eagle. However, after a period of demonization of the olive tree to maturity, there will be explosive income.” Suye said.

“Do you have any magic chamber of commerce? I can take care of it for you. My Tree of Mana has grown to the limit, and I only need to continue to sharpen and learn to promote Saint Domain.” Niederne said.

“I’m going to start a Magic Tool Trading Company, so I don’t need a dragon slayer, just call it’Lighthouse.'” Suye said.

“Why do you have so many names, is it bad to have only one name? You see, there is only one Plato chamber of commerce, everyone likes it.” Niederne was puzzled.

“I’m just taking advantage of Human’s instincts. Even more how, don’t you think that a single Trading Company single Grade 1 card will make people wary?” Suye asked.

“Probably understand a little bit, but if you do divine power equipment and Magic Tool, I didn’t expect…” Niederne asked, thinking, “The King of Rock Dwarf is so strong?”

“Magician is different. Those Sparta people didn’t expect divine power equipment has something to do with my magic servant. Wang Dachui is very strong, stronger than expected.” Suye said.

“You talk about what happened,” Niederne said.

Suye knows that these gangs of mage are very experienced, and they don’t say that they will be inferred by them sooner or later, so they talk about some of Wang Dachui’s features and capabilities.

“It shouldn’t be…Your King of Flame Goblin is already strange, why is the King of Dwarf so exaggerated.”

“You mean, the previous Miracle Rock Dwarf servant did not have the ability to dominate metal?” Suye asked.

“Absolutely not! If the King of Rock Dwarf really has this ability, we are not stupid. We spend more than ten thousand to buy Rock Dwarf remains plus Miracle Stone for a 10000 profit. So, the problem is with you. It should be you and them. When they arrived at the magical Alchemy reaction, they gained special strength.” Niederne’s eyes kept sweeping on Suye.

It’s like the group of mage touching Wang Dachui and Di Aotian.

“I may have God Bloodline,” Suye said.

“It may also be God’s doppelgänger,” Niederne said.

“How important is it to make you talk like a joke?” Suye said with a smile.

“The famous Heroes in history are more than half of God’s incarnation or even their real bodies. You are no worse than them. Naturally, this is possible. It’s just that there have been fewer few decades, but it doesn’t mean there is no.” Niederne said calmly.

Suye nodded, said: “You help me prepare for the Magic Tool Trading Company, where to choose the location, what category to operate, planning the development direction, etc., give me a complete plan.”

“How do I think I am working for you?”

“How many people are this year for something even in dreams.” Suye said.

“I…Forget it, if you meet a student like you, it’s my bad luck. How is the shares of Lighthouse Magic Tool Trading Company divided? Should I get 2 now?”

“Magic Tool Trading Company’s investment is high and the profit is large. Only 100 shares can give you 5 shares. Some of the shares will be sold in the future. In the end, I will not own more than half of the shares.” Suye said .

“Ai, yeah, that’s a group of dragons, and they have to pay protection fees,” Niederne said.

Suye surprisedly said: “no no no, Teacher, you misunderstood. You don’t need to think about this matter so negatively, this is cooperation, cooperation that is beneficial to both parties. You shouldn’t just see golden eagle and Trading Company , You should also see the hidden benefits behind this incident.”

Niederne froze for a moment and sighed softly.

“Your recent growth is not small. I know this reason, but it will still be a little unwilling to switch to me. And you, now have skipped this stage and arrived at the new realm.” Niederne said.

“This outing really accelerated my growth.” Suye sighed softly.

“Conquering instincts is the only way to advance to Legendary.” Niederne suddenly looked out the door. “This is what Thucydides Master said in the past. I have only slowly understood these years, and the simple conversation just made me understand more deeply. .”

“Yes, if my student’s spirit realm is higher than me, my knowledge will be more profound.” Suye said.

“Is there anything else? It’s okay to go away quickly! I look at you now especially disgusting!” Niederne incarnation irritable Old Brother.

“When will you be promoted to Saint Domain, tell me, I will give you some gifts.” Suye laughed and turned away.

Niederne looked at Suye’s back faintly and sighed for a long time.

“This guy is really exciting. It won’t take long for him to surpass me. If I don’t work hard, it will probably be farther and farther away from him. I will be jealous of being surpassed by my classmates in the past. By Academy Four Heroes Beyond, I will envy. But, knowing to be surpassed by Suye, I am a little happy, because this will be my motivation. Huh? It seems that I have also reached the new realm, and my Niederne is really the best.”

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