The World of Deities Chapter 435

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Back in his room, Suye enters Ruins Space.

Giants’ Hills oil painting Transmission Gate are all transformed into vivid full color.

Entering it, let Mountain Goblin prepare the magic medicine grass and metal ore as usual, and then meditation cultivation.

Cultivation is completed, refreshed, and Mana Tree grows fast.

Cultivate once at Divine Power Plane, equivalent to outside cultivation for one month.

It is now coming in 3 days, basically equivalent to ten times the cultivation speed!

Although it is incomparable with those of Master and the big family with big plane, it is already one of the fastest people in the world cultivation speed.

As before, as Lord of Plane, Suye happily flew over Giants’ Hills, enjoying the beauty, relaxed and joyful, and finally returned to the Mountain Goblin tribe.

Good news followed.

All adult mothers Mountain Goblin are pregnant, and the number of Mountain Goblin tribes is about to skyrocket.

These days the magic medicine grass is growing happily, and some high-quality ores are often dug.

These signs are too obvious, Suye realized that this may be related to his Bloodlines Strength, especially related to the promotion of Earth Elemental Bloodline to elemental Priest.

Carrying a lot of things back to Ruins Space, Suye glanced at Ruins Space with a sense of accomplishment

The radius of Ruins Space has reached 200 meters.

This range is also the limit of Ring of Space, no matter how big, it is the plane Magic Tool, equivalent to Divine Item.

“A little empty, buy some food and daily necessities. The next small objective, master the second Divine Power Plane.”

Leaving Ruins Space, Suye began to choose courses, and decided to take important courses as major courses, and all other courses as minor courses.

On the 2nd day, Suye arrived at the training ground on time for running, fighting and omnipotent training.

In the afternoon, leave the Academy and head to the nearby racetrack to practice horse racing and war chariot skills with the participating members.

However, during the training process, Suye will converge his strength and achieve average results.

The results of the top 6 and top 1 are mediocre.

After training, Plato chamber of commerce sent 500,000 golden eagle cash.

In order to avoid these golden eagles being sacrificed, the final bet is not recognized by the altar, there is no sacrifice at the moment, and the sacrifice will not be made until the final payment is paid.

However, betting in advance will cause too much attention, the money will be kept first, and then bet yourself before the closing.

The Magic Tool worth 200,000 golden eagle is also the same, save for sacrifice after the game.

Suye simply calculated, if he can take all the championships in running, fighting, pentathlon and horse racing, he will win 5 championship trophy and 4 championship trophy, 14 championship garlands and 14 God’s Temple Golden divine power equipment. And every champion will surely get confered by gods.

The key is that the trophy can go to God’s Temple treasure trove for a high-value treasure, and the final value will not be a problem if it is increased by 4 5 times.

On the 3rd day, Suye was running and suddenly heard a familiar roar.


Suye looked around and saw that her classmates were walking towards her, and Hort was running.

Suye looked at it, but stopped helplessly, slowly greeted him.

When Hort approached, Suye quickly said, “Calm! Calm!”

Hort didn’t care, but it was a fiercely hug.

Suye is motionless like a little sapling hugged by a bear.

“You are stronger!” Hort smiled and released Suye, right hand scratching his short black hair.

Suye said with a slight smile: “You haven’t changed much. How did you get promoted to warrior apprentice?”

Hort sorry said: “I’m still the same, but I’m still working hard, I didn’t give up.”

Suye nodded, looking at the other students, his eyes fell on the red silhouette.

Blue and bright red are intertwined.

Paros, who is in a red leather armor, was as indifferent as ever, lightly nodded his head, without any other expression, so Suye was astonished.

“Suye, you can come back very good!” Jimmy also passionately stretched out his arms and hugged Suye gently.

“However, I’m more curious. How did you win the king of gladiator battle? Academy has spread all over, really depends on your Miracle Servant?” Jimmy asked in a hurry.

The students listened.

“Yeah, I totally rely on my 2 Miracle Servants, otherwise how could I win Commodus.” Suye said.

Looking at Wang Dachui and Di Aotian who protect Suye not far away, the master is pretending to be weak again, and the fools are not remembering.

“Miracle Servant is also your magic, Miracle Servant is strong, you are strong, no problem! I said you will be able to come back, Albert guy does not believe it, now look, or my vision is accurate!” Jimmy looked towards Albert with a smile.

Albert said weakly: “Don’t be too happy, he can only be in Delphi City, there is no way to go back to Athens.”

“This is also the Plato Academy, even if it is just a branch.” Jimmy said.

“Whatever you say, I kindly advise you anyway, Suye, you still have to be careful, those Aristocrat must still want to harm you,” Albert said.

“Okay, thank you for your reminder. However, long time no see, I can’t help but hug the desk-mate.” Suye finished, hugging Albert passionately.

In the eyes of everyone puzzled, Suye walked towards Paros.

“You are also my desk-mate, come and hug one.” Suye opened her arms to Paros.

Paros’s eyes seemed to have blue waves, fiercely glared at Suye, stepped back, raised his small chin proudly, and the ponytail behind his head flicked gently.

“Ai, I miss you every day, but you treat me like that, I’m sad.” Suye shook her head and sighed.

The whole class laughed and hehe looked at 2 people.

“Suye, when you go out, not only your body is strong, but also your skin is thick!” A male student cried a joke loudly.

“Yeah, just like you to have no shame, it must be very moist.” Another male student coaxed.

“You don’t have to chase Paros in a hurry, first talk about your experience these days.”

“Your growth is fast, we are not bad, we participated in the Battle of Marathon, how about you?”

“Now all the students in the class except Hort and Black Iron, Paros did not know why that day inspired the power of the Victory Gun Sword and was promoted to silver.”

An inexplicable smile appeared on Suye’s face and said to Paros: “I don’t thank you anymore. After all, you are helping yourself.”

Paros was still cold, but his eyes flashed with doubt.

Suye wanted to crack a joke with Paros, she didn’t understand.

“The person who borrowed the victory spear did not say who chased me down?”

“He said let me ask you.”

“Then ask.”

“Who is it?” Paros asked.

“Tell you later.” Suye slightly smiled.

Paros narrowed his eyes slightly, cold light flashed in his eyes, and the half lake was frozen.

“What dumb puzzle are you two playing? Suye, tell us about your business, we often talk about you.”

“Yeah, we all want to know what you encountered after you left Athens.”

Suye thought about it, and can’t talk about the marathon now, nor can he mention the help of Aristotle and Academy.

“At first, I originally went to Miletus, but because of the storm, I had to go to Ephesus. As a result, I bought 2 slaves casually, one was Giant with the magical innate skill, and the other was Legendary. warrior, helped me solve the enemy who chased and killed me, and then we have a magical journey…”

The crowd walked to the nearby grass and sat together to listen to Suye telling stories.

“After solving the enemy who finally chased me down, the Legendary warrior Akdes said that there were still people chasing me, so he took me to Sparta and arranged me in arena. at first, those gladiator battle sergeants looked down on me, I originally wanted to submit to humiliation, but then I thought, I can’t embarrass Plato Academy, so I started fighting bravely…”

“I won the queen of gladiator battle, and I stayed in Sparta. Then I asked the Teacher of Plato Academy to help me sign up for the Pitia competition.”

The students are nodded one after another.

“Your experience is really Legendary. There are so many Heroes in the world. I have never heard of a Legendary warrior named Akdes.”

“Ai, I actually want to go to the Arena more than the marathon.”

“You have time to talk about Sparta.”

“How do I think that you actually rely on the magic servant to gain a foothold in the arena?”

“Wait!” Jimmy shouted suddenly.

Everyone looked at him.

Jimmy freckles scratching his nose, said: “Did you not find the biggest problem?”

The students shook their heads in doubt.

“Suye actually signed up for the Pitiah contest, what kind of registration did he take? Everyone knows his music scores, it’s very general, he wouldn’t go to a race, fight or horse race?”

“Yeah, I was just surprised that Suye was still in exile. How come Pitia is here.”

“Suye was training with the school runners just now, which is kind of weird.”

“Suye, what item did you report?”

“Except for the music project, I have reported all other projects.”

Absolute silence.

“Bullshit Su…” Albert murmured softly.

“Suye, haven’t you cracked a joke? I signed up for fighting and pentathlon, just to exercise myself, knowing that the ranking will not be too high, but you…” Hort looked at Suye incredulously.

Paros stared at Suye, puzzled.

Although she put on a look of arrogant and unapproachable when she saw Suye, from the very beginning to now, her eyes have never left Suye.

“Suye, you don’t crack a joke. My running level is one of the very best in the Magician of the whole school. I dare not compare with the warrior. I dare not even participate in the City-State sports event of Athens. How dare you participate Pitiah competition, this is the full Greece level competition. Do you know how many people will register for the 4 races? More than 10000! The maximum number of experts will reach 30000. The total number of registrations for this year’s Pitiah competition will not be less than 50000!”

“I really didn’t crack a joke, I don’t have much explanation, you will understood when the game is over. If you want to make money, remember to bet me.” Suye said.

The class has a big laughter.

“Suye, your sense of humor is getting stronger!”

“I think the biggest thing you have grown through escape is the body, didn’t expect is the courage.”

“You kid, we are worried about you. Who can think of you so optimistically.”

“It’s okay, it’s better to lose than to lose, it’s better than being beaten and bleeding in exile.”

“Suye, what level are you in now? Some people say you bronze, some people say you are silver, otherwise Impossible defeats Commodus.”

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