The World of Deities Chapter 437

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The morning sun shone on the stadium.

The Pitiah Competition will be grandly opened.

The long opening ceremony consisted of multiple links, first of all worship Gods, then Godest Queen of Gods and Priest of Main God God’s Temple, followed by the referee team, then the City-State athletes, and then Then came the neat band.

After entering the ceremony, it was a variety of artistic performances, including two gorgeous performances of Saint Domain warrior flying around, which cheered the audience.

Finally, the host’s speech.

After the host made a speech, he announced that the competition was about to start.

On the loess ground, the runners are warming up.

Suye stretched in the audience’s curious eyes while thinking about today’s game.

赛跑共有4 个项目,分别是200米短跑、400米X2的往返跑、3000米长跑以及Greek 最喜欢的5000米重装跑。

Among them, the long-distance running and the heavy-duty running are after the determination of the thirty two strong ones, and the last two of the two will enter the final together, while the sprint and round-trip running must decide the top eight and then proceed to the final.

After a simple stretch, Suye looked into the auditorium.

This is not an Arena, it’s a stadium, bigger than Sparta arena.

As I saw in the sky before, the four sides of the arena are the four peaks moved by God incarnation, and then the auditorium was cut out on the hillside.

Therefore, the stadium at the moment is like a small city, and the four-sided auditorium is like a mountain surrounding the city.

4 On the hillside, the black audience was sitting down.

Even so, Suye calculated roughly, and the total number of viewers exceeded 3,000,000, completely beyond imagination.

Therefore, this stadium is also known as the miracle stadium, is the second only to the Olympic Stadium.

The Olympic Stadium is even bigger, and the entire stadium is covered by God’s power. Even the furthest people can see everything on the field clearly without using any magic props.

The main venue for the race is located in the northern half of the arena. Like all arenas, the north edge of the arena protrudes from a large platform with VIP seats.

Suye looked at the big platform, where some people suddenly extended the hand and waved their arms.

Some know themselves, some don’t.

Suye gently nodded is considered a return.

Subsequently, Suye glanced at the 63 nearby players.

Everyone was wearing shorts and bare feet, showing a strong body.

Everyone is covered with delicate olive oil, which shines in the sun.

The oldest is over 30, and the youngest is smaller than Suye, only 13-14 years old.

Although no one knows the few youngsters, they are all Silver warriors. Don’t think about it, at least the Hero family, or even the Demi-God family.

They also occasionally glanced at Suye, but no matter how tall, short, fat or small, whether expressionless or smiling, the same thing is hidden deep in their eyes.

An unclear thing.

Seems to be looking at a different kind.

A Magician, breaking into the top 64 of all non-music projects, is simply not a person!

If you can still win the championship, it is really not human.

In a short time, the host of the contest, Priest, a Sun God temple host, invited the first group of sprinters to play.

Eight people from the first group took to the track.

“The player standing on the first runway is from Tbai, and is a Captain of Tbai Divine Legion, who has an enviable achievement…”

The host one after another introduces 8 people.

Every time a person finished speaking, the whole city would have their City-State people cheering loudly.

Almost everyone with City-State tried their best to roar. Be sure to let your own voice spread throughout the audience and let athletes feel the power of support.

After reading the names of all 8 people, the host announced that the first group sprint is about to start, and announced that the top 8 will be selected from the 2 people, directly entering the thirty two strong. The remaining 6 people will be put into the loser group to compete for the second promotion.

Suye looked at the 8 people calmly, and they saw that they had different shapes and different postures, some bent over, some bowed, some loose, some closed their eyes mutter incantations, I didn’t know I thought it was A group of wizards can’t think of it as an athlete.

With the whistle of the main referee, 8 people fully charged ahead.

The audience cheered loudly.

They are all warrior, either silver or bronze, even if there is no divine power, the running speed is far faster than ordinary people.

Just over ten seconds later, the first player crossed the finish line, causing even greater cheers.

In the end, everyone crossed the finish line, the host announced the names of 1st place and 2nd place, and 2 people directly entered the strong two.

Suye probably calculated that the 200-meter world record of Blue Star was more than 19 seconds, and there was a starter. All of these people spent less than 15 seconds. The fastest one even took less than 14 seconds.

However, the 200-meter full Greece record is 5 seconds, and the record holder is Hercules, that many years, and no one can break it.

Then, one group after another group of players competed, and soon, Suye and the group 6 players walked onto the track.

The host’s voice rang throughout the audience.

“Dear viewers, Greek and foreigner, you guys talk about, who is the strangest athlete this year? Call out his name.”

Many spectators shouted loudly, and Suye had the most people.

“Everyone’s eyes are sharp, yes, that’s the Magician Suye! He not only signed up for all sports, but even got the top 64 of all sports. When I heard this news, I was shocked. I secretly asked Great Sun God Apollo Prayer, great Apollo, you are Sun God, music god, and god of prophecy, can you tell me where Suye can finally go? The great Apollo did not speak, I know God will not be easy Responding to me, so I walked outward in disappointment, but did not take a few steps.

“The voice said: I’m going to ask my father. My father said to me, wait a minute, he is considering whether to bet on Suye.” The host said.

The audience has a big laughter.

Apollo’s father is Godking Zeus.

Not only ordinary people laughed happily, but God’s Temple Priest also smiled.

This is the difference between Greece God and other Gods. On this occasion, a good joke is equivalent to preaching their theonym. Not only will they not be angry, but they will feel joy.

After laughing, many people looked at the host in surprise, then glanced at the chief High Priest of Apollo God’s Temple, and finally looked at Suye.

God doesn’t care about cracking a joke, but Priest takes a silver Magician cracking a joke, which is too unusual.

Suye smiled, but her eyes were full of surprises.

This is the Sun God Temple releasing great goodwill to itself!

This kindness was even no less than that of Goddess of Wisdom Temple.

Lord Priest took a silver Magician cracking a joke in the name of God. This is a great glory.

If an Apollo believer is treated in this way, I am afraid that he will burst into tears and bow to the sun on the spot.

On the huge VIP terrace, a large audience looked at Suye with interest.

“Sisyphus, what’s going on? How can Sun God Temple pay attention to this kid?” Leonida said to the people around him.

“Where do I know? But my future brother-in-law still has a face, without the Chief High Priest opening, this joke is impossible to let the host say. Interesting, very interesting.” Sisyphus looking thoughtful.

“What your brother-in-law may be my brother-in-law.” Pollux gave Sisyphus a white look.

“Shall I be your brother-in-law?” Sisyphus immediately smirked.

“Bah! My younger sister can’t look down on you. My younger sister must like Suye more!” Pollux said.

“Ah? Is it because Suye is the king of the gladiator battle? Isn’t it because of the status of the Demi-God family that I can’t be the king of the gladiator battle? Alas… but Menelaus’ face is a bit ugly…” Sisyphus smiled towards Mai The two brothers of the Sini royal family.

Agamemnon patted his younger brother’s shoulder.

Menelaus looked sullen.

Since being defeated by Suye in Sparta arena, he was often cracked a joke by a friend of the Demi-God family, saying that he lost to a Goblin and a Dwarf.

On the field, seven other sprinters looked at Suye simultaneously, with a little surprise in their eyes.

The host said with a slight smile: “Standing on the first runway is the strange silver Magician Suye. Don’t look at his young age. Look carefully. The muscles in this body make you envy many warriors. This Little Brat, he is not only one of the best students of Plato Academy, but also not long ago, he defeated Sparta’s ten consecutive gladiator battle king Commodus and successfully won the honor of the new gladiator battle king! It’s amazing. Let’s wait and see to see how far this strange Magician can go under the eyes of the Pitiah competition and Sun God.”

Hearing this, a few people were shocked.

“Under Sun God’s eyes” others can talk nonsense, but Lord Priest can’t talk nonsense on this occasion.

This is almost to say that Sun God Apollo is also following Suye, this time, Suye is equal to the attention of Goddess of Wisdom Athena and Sun God Apollo 2 Main God.

On the seats of Athens Aristocrat, many Aristocrat’s faces are like black charcoal, dark.

Later, the host began to read the names of other players, all in one sentence, and the difference between Heaven and Earth when introducing Suye, so that several players gritted their teeth.

Suye squatted lightly, but after thinking about it, she got up again and bent slightly, using Greece’s most common starting method.

Suye rushed forward with a whistle.

Before, Suye did not turn on Wind Elemental Bloodline, speeding and physical burst, because only Body of Demon Ox, Silver Body, Golden Body, Body of Storm, Nimble Physique, Swift Body, Body Balance, Stable Body Shape, etc. These innate skills are enough to enter the top 64.

After the top 64 talents are available, everything is possible.

This time, Suye opened Wind Elemental General Bloodline.

Among the 8 people, Suye rode the dust and reached the finish line first.

11 seconds.

More than 2 seconds ahead of second place.

After Suye crossed the finish line at high speed, the audience was absolutely silent, so that Suye was taken aback by herself. Is something wrong?

But then, cheers rang far more intensely than before.

The host’s excited voice sounded: “Gods is up! At this speed, it is already close to some champions! This is a young boy like the wind, and a magical Magician!”

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