The World of Deities Chapter 438

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The host couldn’t see the desperate expression of 7 people behind Suye.

They are either powerful warriors, family multi-generation practice runners, or athletes admired by the entire City-State, or even the heroine’s son-in-law, but here, they can only look at the back of a Magician.




After a few cheers, most of them stopped, but many people were surprised.

Because there are still many people who have not stopped, and they are located in two places in different directions, still chanting Suye.




Everyone looked around, one was Athens and the other was Sparta.

There are really strange things every year, especially this year. These two City-States are famous rivals. How can you cheer for a Magician at the same time?

And the people on Sparta seemed to be more fanatical than Athens.

Some Sparta athletes are a bit ignorant. When they win, they don’t have such a passionate.

Suye waved to the Athens first, then reluctantly waved to the Sparta, whispering.

“Hope this black powder don’t black me here…”

After selecting the top 8 in 2 groups, the loser group competition will be held, and 16 people will be selected from the loser group. The final 32 will be determined.

Then came the top 16 and then the top 8 ended.

Suye’s previous 4 results have successfully advanced to the quarterfinals.

The final moment came very quickly, and the eight people whose names were read by the host each walked towards the track.

In previous competitions, every athlete who broke into the top 8 will be very excited. Before the finals, they will happily wave to the audience, salute to the VIP seats, and even bow down to God.

However, now they are in no mood.

Whether it is the running champion of the Delos competition last year, or the Silver warrior of the Demi-God family, or the innate skill runner who has just emerged, all 7 warriors have no intention of doing anything else.

All stared straight at Suye, with a complex complexion.

This perverted Magician!

Why did he break into the quarterfinals all the way?

Why do you even run that many games and still have a spare look?

What makes you think this Magician has the chance to win the championship?

Why did the host bring a word to others, but ridiculed him in public for a long time?

If you lose in the final sprint finals, do you want to thank the world for your own 7 warriors?

The players looked tangled, but the audience didn’t care. To be precise, the audience except Athens Aristocrat didn’t care.

They screamed for Suye frantically and hoped Suye would win.

Warrior champion and so on, after so many years of boredom, it’s time for something different.

Therefore, when the host pronounced Suye’s name, more than 70% of the audience chanted Suye’s name!

The champion has not yet been determined, Suye’s name resounded through the stadium.

Some athletes didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Sometimes when a game came down, the treatment was not so high when the championship was awarded.

Of the seven opponents this time, Suye knew one of them.

Gerner, a member of the family of Northwind family, has just been promoted to Bronze Warrior, but because of the favor of God of North Winds, he has a powerful innate skill and Bloodlines Strength.

The azure imprint with a big slap on his forehead is still striking.

Compared with a few months ago, he was a lot taller, the expression was more stable, and there was a gentle whirlwind around him.

God of North Winds is known as the head of the wind god, and is the fastest God.

In previous competitions, the God of North Winds family is a popular candidate to win the championship.

Half of the Olympic champions belong to the Queen of Gods race, and the North Wind family accounts for half of them.

While in Giants’ Hills, Gerner was once burned by Di Aotian’s magic in the abdomen.

Suye and Gerner glanced at each other, gently nodded.

Suye stood on the starting line, bouncing up and warming up, performing a final stretch.

However, Suye inadvertently glanced at the ground under her feet.

He determined early on that he used the famous squat start in the finals, but the squat start was used on flat ground, and the effect was not particularly obvious. A starting block was needed. Without a starting block, a small hole should be made under the feet. A small pit may be judged to be cheating, so it is still a squat start, just need to master the angle strength, how can it run faster than standing.

When the host all started, the audience quieted down instantly.

In the morning sunlight, the entire stadium glittering, as if covered with a layer of Golden plush.

Every athlete starts to take a deep breath.

“Prepare.” Referee finished putting the whistle in his mouth.

The other seven players were slightly short, looking ahead, and concentrated attention completely.

Suye squatted.

Pedal on the ground, lean forward, and support the ground with both hands.

Start innate skill and run at speed.

Turn on innate skill, physical strength explodes.

referee forgot to blow his whistle and looked at Suye blankly.

The 7 sprinters gave Suye a squint.

The host could not bear to say: “This Suye, want to make others laugh, and then grab the first?”

The audience discusses spiritedly.

In the auditorium of Plato Academy, Euclid looked at Suye in surprise, staring at Suye’s feet and the ground.

“Yes, the geometry is good, but it’s not standard enough, it would be better if the butt is bent a little more.” Euclid murmured, and the teachers next to him were silently away.

“Referee, you don’t whistle anymore, my legs are numb!” Suye unable to bear said.

referee quickly shouted again: “Ready…”

The harsh whistle spread throughout the audience.

The eight best sprinters in Greece are like sprinting horses.

All those who understand sprinting have wide eyes.

Suye rushed to the front!


In every previous start, Suye was slightly behind other warriors. The reason is very simple, because the reaction abilities of other warriors are more than Suye, and they have long practiced running and have too much experience.

But this time, Suye turned out to be one of the fastest starters.

So that the four warriors behind Suye saw this scene, and their hearts were cold.

They have analyzed before, Suye is very fast in the middle and late stages, so many games come down, to Middle-Stage, only Suye is ahead of others, and no one can surpass Suye.

Everyone who leads Suye builds an absolute advantage at the start.

But now Suye is not behind.

After the heart is cold, it is despair.

Not 4 people despair, but 7 people.

Suye’s skin was lightly red all over her body, and the whole person rushed forward like a gust of wind. The earth passed, Earth vibrated, slightly Chen Feiyang.

He surpassed all 7 people, and the speed is getting faster.

A ride to the dust.

This speed surpassed everyone’s perception.

Gerner, known as the son of the new generation of north wind, has a forehead full of blue muscles, and the whole body is violently turbulent, mobilizing all the power, and leaving six other people behind.

However, still farther and farther away from Suye.

When Suye’s body hit the soft cotton cloth hitting the line, there was no cheers in the audience, and everyone looked at Suye blankly.

Ordinary viewers cannot understand.

Suye’s speed is too fast, as fast as using magic or divine power.

Experienced high-level warrior or mage, guessing how many strange warrior innate skill or battle body innate skill in Suye.

The eyes of the Aristocrat in Athens almost fell out.

The teachers and students of Plato Academy were equally shocked.

This damn pervert has been hiding strength before!

Betting less!

However, almost everyone has doubts. Will Suye cheat?

Many people looked at the host in doubt, to the middle of the front of the VIP seat, to the Sun Priest High Priest, an old man with yellow eyes and thick eyebrows almost covering his eyes.

Suye slowly walked and looked at the host in doubt.

The host also looked towards the chief High Priest.

After a while, Chief High Priest’s lips flicked, but no one heard him.

The middle-aged host straightened the magic beard under his nose, said with a slight smile: “Huh? Why is it quiet? Let me think, do you suspect that Suye used magic? Actually, the whole stadium is in Under the hood of Divine Formation, no one can use divine power or mana. This is the incarnation created by the great Sun God Apollo. Even Demi-God is impossible to cheat. Not only that, Magic is placed everywhere in the stadium Tool and divine power formation, once it is detected that someone uses divine power or mana, it will make a harsh scream, enough to scare the kind of crying child…”

The host looked around the audience, slightly smiled, and continued: “Here is located in the realm of God. Under God’s watch, I also just verified the Chief High Priest Ben Gora Master. Now, I represent the Sun God Temple, to The name of Sun God Apollo announced that this game is fair and fair. Suye is the champion of the sprint event of this year’s Pitiah Competition! Let us cheer together and congratulate this strange Magician sprint champion!”




1000000 people, mountain cry out and sea howl.

Seven other warrior athletes cried to Suye.

Congratulate or hug according to etiquette

“You absolutely have an innate skill for high-speed running, and even high-level warriors may not be useful. Where did it come from?”

“Your Wind Elemental Bloodline’s breath is too obvious, I feel you are flying!”

“Either you abandon mana as a warrior, otherwise I can’t stand it!”

Gerner helplessly said: “Suye, I don’t want to compete with you in the future. I thought your servant was ruthless enough, you are even more exaggerated than your servant! In addition to elemental Bloodline, you have at least 4 acceleration class innate skills! Next round trip I think the project is still inferior to you. However, you have to be careful about long-distance running and heavy-duty running, because your main opponent is not me, and even Eugene is not a hot champion, but a Silver warrior of the Demi-God family, very strong. .”

“Many thanks.” Suye said with a slight smile.

“Don’t be proud,” Gerner said kindly.

Suye nodded, sincerely said: “You can rest assured, no. If I am proud, the next 13 champions may not be able to get.”

Seven athletes nearby rolled their eyes together.

The referee not far away looked down at the stone.

Soon, the results were announced, Suye’s speed actually reached 7 seconds, only 2 seconds slower than Hercules.

Become the second best score in the history of Greece low-level sprint competition.

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