The World of Deities Chapter 439

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In the melody of the music, the ceremony of the sprint project award began.

First, the top 6 garlands were awarded to 8 athletes in the top 6.

Then give the 8th garland to fourth to eighth place.

Then, the champion, runner-up and runner-up went to the podium.

The first runner-up and the third runner-up will be awarded. Each person has a silver divine power equipment in addition to the corresponding garland.

Finally, a master Priest of Apollo God’s Temple came forward and personally wore the champion wreath for Suye, awarded the “Pitia Sprint Champion Trophy”, and presented with a Golden divine power equipment and battlefield boots.

The Golden divine power equipment produced by God’s Temple is often 3 to 5 times more valuable than ordinary Golden divine power equipment, and some are even equivalent to the lowest-end Saint Domain Magic Tool.

Runner-up Gerner looked at Suye enviously. He wanted this battlefield boot exuding faint golden light.

The gentle-faced Priest handed Suye a magic beard and said, “Suye, being the sprint champion of the Pitiah competition, what do you have to say to the audience?”

Suye put on her magic beard and looked affectionately at the audience of Athens City State. She slowly said: “Although some Athens Aristocrat has stolen me, slandered me, cruel me, exiled me, but I don’t hate them, my honor I still belong to all Athens and all Greece. I am still an Athens person. I believe that since Aristocrat of Athens believes in God, he will welcome me back to Athens with goodwill.”

The audience was stunned for a moment, and the Athens Aristocrat suddenly turned black.

Many Aristocrat almost scolded.

This is the entire Greece Games!

There are not only families with faces and faces in each City-State, but also Priest in the God’s Temple!

There are even foreign envoys.

Suye can understand that he still regards himself as an Athens person.

However, it is also obvious that the evil of Athens Aristocrat is pointed out.

Apart from being mentally handicapped, no one would think that Suye would surrender to Aristocrat.

An inexplicable smile appeared on Sparta’s face.

Suddenly, a familiar voice of Suye roared loudly.

“Sparta welcomes you!”

The cries of Commodus.

Then, the Sparta people started to yell.

“Sparta welcomes you!”

“Sparta welcomes you!”

Athens Aristocrat looked at the direction of the Sparta people and cursed in a low voice.

Sparta people haven’t waited to be happy, a new voice sounded.

“Miletus welcomes you!”

“Miletus welcomes you!”

Everyone looked at the place where Miletus was. Miletus is the city of Magician. It is normal to come out to help Suye at this time.

“Welcome to You!”

“Welcome to You!”

Many people have a big laughter, didn’t expect Special Bai people also join in the fun, Special Bai actually has a good relationship with Athens, but not with Sparta.

In the Greek Army, Tebai is the only City-State that can confront Sparta head-on without falling.

After all, Hercules is a special people.

“Come to Macedonia!”

“Come to Macedonia!”

A group of Macedonia people also shouted.

Many Greece City-State looked towards Macedonia angrily. In fact, in the eyes of Greek, Macedonia is a typical foreign country, but it borders on Greece. The speed of Greece is high, and it often fights Northern Europe. Both sides often Cooperation means Macedonia is also considered Greece.

“Come to Rome!”

“Come to Rome!”

The new roar made Greek didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and the guys at Rome Empire dared to open any joke.

The Priest of God’s Temple behaves differently.

Some looked at the farce with a smile, some expressions were calm, and some frowned straight.

The Priest of Harmony Pantheon looked at Suye and showed a little disgust, but they were not happy with the Priest of Pantheon and discussed how to help Suye.

Most of the Aristocrat in Athens have black faces and do not say a word.

The civilian audience sitting behind Aristocrat looked at Aristocrat’s back with sneers.

The scene that made everyone didn’t expect happened.

Priest nodded, said: “I also believe that no City-State will be stupid enough to drive away glory like you.”

At this time, a handful of Athens Aristocrat looked scared.

If at first Sun God Hall just praised Suye, then this time, it is supporting.

The Athens Aristocrat looked at each other suspiciously. What path did Suye take to keep the multiple Priest in the Sun God Temple so maintained?

Some Athens Aristocrat trembling in fear, who believed in Apollo, bowed their heads silently.

The first championship ceremony of the Pitiah Competition ended in a weird atmosphere.

Subsequently, the host announced that after a half-hour rest, the round-trip race will begin.

Suye found a safe place, conducted meditation, and quickly recovered physical strength.

Those who participated in the sprint event and continued to participate in the warrior began to meditation recovery physical strength.

This competition will have strict regulations. In addition to using divine power mana recovery to eliminate fatigue at night, any unnatural power recovery is prohibited during the competition time, and no lunch breaks will be allowed. Participants are even prohibited from leaving the Divine Formation.

This is also one of the reasons why the champions are very few, because the intensity of the competition is extremely high, a big project will be completed in one day, without sufficient rest, the physical strength has dropped dramatically.

When the time is up, the round trip begins.

The round-trip schedule is the same as the sprint, and the top 8 is selected from the thirty two.

Because the total distance of the round-trip run is 800 meters, the athletes consume a lot of physical energy, which leads everyone to play the game, to save physical energy before the final, but not too much, otherwise it may not be able to break into the top 8.

Suye made it to the final.

Eight people arrived on the track, and the other seven athletes watched Suye watchfully.

Among these 7 people, 2 people also participated in the previous sprint finals, including the runner-up, Gerner of the north wind family.

Gerner has been staring at Suye, or he has been staring at Suye since running back and forth.

Even if he is a descendant of God of North Winds, his physical strength has already been obviously insufficient. The next finals can only rely on will and skill to compete for the championship, but Suye has no signs of exhaustion, he is 100 puzzled.


The referee sounded.

Subsequently, both referee and the athlete were stunned.

Suye squatted down again and used the squat start again.

Everyone vaguely understood that Suye’s posture can accelerate the starting speed, but this is an 800-meter race, not 200 meters. What is the use of at first sprint?

There are indeed people in history who can do 800-meter sprint runs, Hercules can, and a few geniuses of the Demi-God family can, but that no longer depends on skill or body, but on powerful innate skills.

A Magician dared to run like this, just like courting death.

“Sure enough I’m still proud.” Gerner sighed softly, but then the joy on his face flashed away.

I have a chance!

Gerner calculated silently in her mind that Hercules’ monster was not counted. The 800 round-trip champion’s score was basically around 50 seconds. You only need to keep the first 4 and keep a sufficient distance from the first. At the last 400 meters, sprint with full strength. There is definitely a chance to win the championship.

The north wind family, the king of the racing field!

Gerner clenched his right fist hard.

The referee’s whistle sounded.

The seven athletes immediately moved forward. Whether they are speed, stride, frequency, breathing or other aspects, they are different from the 7-meter sprint. It seems that only the distance of the runway is extended, but in fact it changes greatly.

The audience on the field exclaimed.

It turned out that Suye sprinted at full speed from the start.

At this time, the seven athletes behind Suye did not despair, but instead smiled.

It turned out to be a fool.

7 people continue to run at their own pace, but running and running, suddenly all the complexion slightly changed.

Suye is rushing towards herself.

what happened?

Why has Suye bypassed the turning point and started to return?

How is it completely different from what was expected?

Say good physical strength is not enough to slow down?

Why did Suye keep sprinting speed when returning from the turning point?


Suye passed through 7 people, and the strong wind brought them through their hair.

7 Individuals endure their desire to turn around and continue to rush towards the turning point, getting closer and closer to the turning point.

Suddenly, thunderous audience cries came from his ears.

Seven athletes gritted their teeth, never turned their heads, rushed to the turning point, and then turned around with far better technology and perfect angles than usual.

Not to run back, but to see Suye immediately.

Everyone just glanced at it, and his heart was cold.

The hit line at the end was lying on the ground, and the wind blew slightly.

Suye has crossed the finish line and walked slowly.

Suye’s back seemed to cover the sky.

It also covers 7 people’s sports dreams.

7 people run with all their grief and indignation, endure the urge to wipe tears, go all in, go forward, go forward!

Running and running, Gerner’s vision blurred, he turned his grief into strength, far ahead of others, the second crossed the finish line.

The host’s voice sounded.

“Look at the Gerner of the Beifeng family. At the young age, he won the runner-up in the competition and shed tears with excitement. This is the tears of sincerity. This is the tears of hard work. It is also the glorious tears. Let us congratulate the doubles of Beifeng family Runner-up, Gerner!”

The audience applauded Gerner.

Gerner shed tears and roared in his heart.

I was so angry at Suye!

Double runner-up?

Gerner cried even more.

Without Suye, you are a double champion!

Too bully!

“Look, the tears of joyful runners, the breath of youth!” The host even more passionate.

Suye turned her head to look at Gerner. He always felt something was wrong. Forget it, go to the podium.

The award ceremony for the round-trip race was held as usual.

Gerner red eyed the runner-up garland and runner-up silver divine power equipment.

Then, Suye took over the championship garland, championship trophy, and Golden divine power equipment, Swift Greaves.

“This is also what I want.” Gerner’s eyes stuck to the shimmering shin guard.

Looking at Suye’s rays of light ten thousand zhang like the sun, Gerner’s heart was bleeding.

Priest, the Lord of Sun God Temple, walked to Suye again and handed Suye magic beard.

“I think you should wear a magic beard competition, this will save time, spectators, do you say that?”


The audience hehe haha ​​responded.

“So, our round-trip champion, Suye, tell me, what strength is supporting you all the way?”

The audience raised their ears.

“Justice.” Suye looked straight.

The audience was silent for a moment, and then laughed.

Athens Aristocrat’s faces are green.

When will you be ruined by Suye?

Is it over?

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