The World of Deities Chapter 440

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In the resentful eyes of Athens Aristocrat, the morning game was all over.

After a brief lunch break at noon, the long-distance race began.

Unlike the sprint, the 3000-meter long-distance run and the 5000-meter heavy-duty run are both 32 people entering the final at the same time and competing.

After the thirty two strong match, the long-distance event went directly to the final.

Thirty two people stood on the runway.

Among these 31 people, Suye saw 4 acquaintances.

One is Gerner who wiped away tears.

One is Eugene who played against him twice.

One is Captain of Plato Academy’s long-distance running team.

One is the Gladiator battle of Sparta, the Silver warrior who was stunned by Wang Dachui.

Suye just nodded to others, but walked to Gerner.

Gerner’s first single thought is to stay away, but think about it, motionless.

“You said in the morning that there is a Silver warrior from the Demi-God family, which one? What is it?” Suye asked.

Gerner reluctantly looked towards a contestant and said, “It’s the linen-colored hair mixed with blond hair, the skin is particularly white, tender and water-like, and it’s very tall. Ocano, son of Eurytus, orthodox Demi-God Bloodline, the strongest Demi-God family of Argus, you should know who his ancestor is.”

Suye nodded, said: “Eurethus is a descendant of Perseus. It can be said that it is one of the strongest Demi-God families in the whole Greece and even the world, because their family is favored by Gods and has pure Godking Bloodline. And Europe Ruthus is the uncle of Renculed Hercules, although the age of the two is almost mistaken for brother.”

“You know how brutal Eurythus is, not only preaching to attack Athens, but even sending people to kill Hercules many times. The temper of Eucono cannot be said to be exactly the same as Eurythus, only to say that he is better than his father So a little bit. You lose to Okuno, everything is ok, if you win him, once the anger of Eury Perth is triggered, things will inevitably become unmanageable.” Gerner explained reluctantly.

“Then no one dared to win Okunno?”

“I can win, Eugene can win, but you may be dangerous,” Gerner said.

“I see, many thanks for your reminder.” Suye nodded and said.

“You really want to thank me. I don’t want to participate in any competition I will participate in in the future,” Gerner said.

“Don’t worry, I will be promoted to Golden soon, and I won’t fight these things with you again,” Suye said.

“Good… but why do I think you are saying that you will be promoted faster than me?” Gerner helplessly said.

“I don’t mean that, but you are right.”

Suye finished, and glanced at the bleak O’Keno.

Okuno just turned his head, glanced at Suye, and stretched his hand across his neck, showing threat.

“His father was cruel to Hercules. I thought he would be more tolerant. Didn’t expect you to be right, maybe he is a little better than his father.” Suye said without thinking.

“I’m not involved in your business.” Gerner hurried away from Suye.

After a simple warm-up, referee issues a command.


The finals start.

Thirty-one players bent over slightly and prepared to run.

However, Suye crouched down again.

The nearby players and referee almost scolded.

If you sprint in the 800-meter race, sprint in the 3000-meter race?

Are you still a bad person?

The whole world sprinted and sprinted all the way at 3000 meters long and succeeded. There was only one person, Hercules.

Without using divine power, the warriors under Legendary are just strong ordinary people.

referee fiercely glared at Suye, and the whistle sounded.

Suye flew out like a sharp arrow.

Many players were taken aback, and several of them couldn’t bear to swear.

It’s a hell!

Did you run the wrong track yourself, or did Suye run the wrong track?

Most of these players display disgust and contempt, and they do not believe that Suye can sprint all the way.

But a few people doubt that Suye can really sprint all the way.

Eugene and Gerner are good friends. The two looked at each other and were shocked by each other’s eyes.

Others underestimated Suye, but they did not dare to underestimate, one was beaten twice by Suye, one was beaten and sent to the second runner-up.

Especially Eugene, who claimed to have lost and continued to challenge again, will eventually defeat his opponent, but now it seems like he has forgotten to lose to Suye.

After the tour of Giants’ Hills, Suye was never challenged again.

The contestants and Athens Aristocrat looked at Suye displeasedly, but the overwhelming majority audience was different.

Obviously it is a long-distance running project. A person sprints from the beginning, which is something that has not been seen for how many years.

“Suye, come on!”

“Suye, come on!”

More and more viewers started to cheer for Suye.

Especially the Athens and Sparta people are full of passion and screaming.

However, the most passionate are the Magicians present.

Not only the teachers and students of Plato Academy, not only the Magician of Athens, the Magic Association and Miletus, and all the Magicians of City-State, like the warrior that is full of blood, roared loudly.

It’s not easy for Magician to stand on the stadium, even more how, now there is hope to win the championship!

Who do you cheer for if you don’t cheer for Suye?

Wild Magician.

The sound of cheering one after another echoed over the stadium.

The other 31 long-distance runners stared at Suye’s back, while clenching their teeth and running at their own rhythm.

However, they became weaker and weaker because they watched Suye get farther and farther away from him.

Suye hasn’t slowed down, the whole body is always swayed by the wind, and Scattering Dust flutters behind him.

Gerner calculated while running. The normal championship score of 3000 meters is about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. His best score is 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Suye It shouldn’t be too fast. In the end, it will inevitably slow down…

Thinking of this, Gerner was suddenly awakened by the cheering of overturning sky, his eyes quickly focused.

Suye has crossed the finish line, spread her arms, and wrapped the ribbon.


Gerner was blinded.

Almost a minute and a half, which means that throughout the course of 3000 meters, Suye’s average speed is almost the same as the 200-meter sprint.

The rest of the players were embarrassed, Suye not only surpassed the speed of their bodies, but also the speed of thought.

Before I even realized it, Suye won the championship!

What else is running!

A dozen players suddenly slowed down, their breathing was chaotic, their pace was chaotic, and their entire rhythm was chaotic.

However, the remaining dozen players suddenly accelerated simultaneously.

Some expressions are firm, some are gnashing teeth, some are full of resentment, but they have one thing in common.

unyielding suit.

Even if you can’t win the championship!

Even though Magician is comparable to Hercules!

Even if you can only compete for the runner-up!

Can fail, but must be closer to success, must become a better self!


Ou Ke Nuo suddenly roared loudly, his skin was slightly red, did not know what inspired the innate skill, and suddenly surpassed everyone, faster and faster.

Gerner blinked.

My 2nd runner-up is already a humiliation. If I become the 8rd runner-up or even the top 3, I won’t even get the 1rd runner-up. How can I call myself the son of the north wind in the future!

Gerner’s speed has increased again.

Eugene’s eyes widened.

Can’t beat Suye, can you beat you?

3 people far surpassed the other players, successfully ranked in the second echelon.

Suye of the first echelon is stretching.

“Come on!”

“Come on!”

The audience who shouted for Suye for a long time, turned their attention to the three people and cheered for them.

Some spectators are suddenly uncomfortable. Where is the weirdness? Isn’t the game over? Why are you still so excited?

Many people thought about it, and suddenly remembered scenes that they once knew, such as some players running and suddenly fell and injured, such as an old man who participated in long-distance running, even if they were far behind, even if they could no longer run, they could only walk, They can only be helped by others, but they still insist on going to the finish line and still have to finish the game.

At that time, no one will laugh at them, no one will hate them, but will encourage them with the best kindness, they won more cheers, even more than the champion.

The scene in front of me is very similar to what happened in the past.

Many audiences were suddenly moved. Yeah, the champion had finished running more than a minute ago, but they just started to sprint and still did not give up. Isn’t this kind of spirit very valuable?

As a result, more and more spectators cheered for the remaining players.

The sound of goodwill encourages the audience.

Eucono, Eugene and Gerner don’t pay attention to the outside world at all, sprinting, sprinting, and sprinting again!

Never lose!

In the end, Okano broke through the finish line with a small advantage.

Eugene follow closely from behind, and Gerner is only half a step slower than Eugene.

The audience roared with excitement, as if they saw three 3-year-old old men walking staggering across the finish line in order to fulfill their long-distance dreams when they were young.

3 people were relaxed, but they always felt panic from the chest to the throat.

As they walked, they looked towards the audience. Three of them had hearing and sight innate skills. After listening to the words of comfort and looking at the sympathetic faces, three people were about to collapse.

When did the Heaven’s Chosen Child of a Demi-God family and 2 Hero families fall to the point of being pathetic to a few 1000000 people?

Our results definitely exceed previous ordinary champions!

What are you crying for?

Should we cry, okay?

Gerner’s eyes were disappointing red.

I was very happy when I ran before.

Why can’t I find that kind of happiness?

Is it because of growing numb?

No, it’s because Suye!

I can’t even enter the top 3 now!

Gerner’s dim eyes fell on Suye.

Gerner sighed and walked slowly.

The audience and God’s Temple will not appreciate the hearts of the three Aristocrat, and the award ceremony begins as usual.

After the top 6 award ceremony ceremony was over, the host suddenly looked at Gerner and excitedly announced: “Everyone has seen the game just now. Each of us was moved by the three silhouettes struggling forward. Suye won in advance What about the champions? They didn’t give up, is not discouraged! A kind old man found us, hoping that we can make 3 people win at the same time and stand with the champion. After consulting all referee and God’s Temple, I represent The God’s Temple and all referee announced that, in view of the 3 people bringing a wonderful long-distance race and feeling the audience, we agreed to the request of the old man to issue a special long-distance prize for Gerner of the fourth name! Let us cheer for the winner Right!”

The audience cheered loudly.

Gerner’s tears that had been circling in his eyes finally came out.

This is a special prize, this is a consolation prize!

For Beifeng family, this is simply shameful.

I don’t want to receive a consolation prize!

I just want to be a champion.

However, God’s Temple announced jointly that they would not dare to claim the prize.

Gerner looked at Suye’s silhouette again.

Shivering and crying.

Suye, your uncle’s!

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