The World of Deities Chapter 441


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After the top eight award ceremony, it is the championship award ceremony.

Champion Suye, runner-up Okeno, third runner-up Eugene, and special prize fourth-name Gerner stood on the podium.

Gerner not only won a special award garland that was different from other quarter-finals, but also won a silver divine power equipment.

The audience watched Gerner’s moving tears and smiled comfortably.

Gerner wiped away her tears and looked at Suye.

Suye’s crown above his head, the right hand championship trophy, his left hand is holding the glowing divine power Golden equipment, and the glorious cloak.

This is the famous God’s Temple divine power equipment. It will only be awarded after making a major contribution to the God’s Temple in the competition.

Even trading and buying and selling are prohibited.

At night, this glorious cloak rays of light radiate away the Dead Spirit like a sun,

“This is what I want…” Gerner lamented silently.

In the cheers of the audience, four people left the podium.

Suye patted Gerner’s shoulder and said: “Is there anything to pay attention to in the reload race?”

“I don’t know!” Gerner shook his shoulder and turned away.

“What’s wrong with him?” Suye asked Eugene standing next to him.

“Hehe, you ask me, who do I ask?” Eugene fiercely gave Suye a blank look, and turned away.

Suye looked towards Okeno.

“I will beat you in the reloading race! I don’t believe you dare to sprint all the time in the reloading race, even Hercules will not do it!” O’Connor eye shows the ominous light, and just walked away after speaking.

“Now the athletes don’t have any sports spirit, what about good friendship first and second?”

Suye whispered, and the three strode away.

After a short break, the reload race begins on time.

Unlike the pentathlon cross-country reloading race, the ordinary reloading race course is held on flat ground and the course is 5000 meters.

Heavy equipment races. Everyone must wear armor and a backpack with a total weight of 100 pounds.

Third two strong matches soon ended, Suye successfully reached the finals.

thirty two players wearing heavy armour and large backpacks stand on the starting line.

Even if they are all elites in the warrior, even if they all have multiple innate skills, or even members of the Hero family or the Demi-God family, they have just experienced the strong two without divine power. display a little tired.

even more how, 2/3 of them participated in the previous 3000-meter race.

Thirty two people looked at each other. In the hot sunshine in the afternoon, everyone’s breathing was a little heavy, and the sweat on his body was…

Everyone stared at Suye.

Why is he not sweating? Why is his breathing smooth?

Many people looked closely at Suye, his eyes suddenly fixed.


The weight of 100 kg is similar to a hat for a warrior using divine power.

However, divine power cannot be used now!

Every warrior present is tall and strong, with muscles bulging and sharp edges, everyone passes through thousands hammers, hundred refinements, but without divine power carrying a weight of 100 pounds, the body has a little sinking and back They all bend down slightly, making it difficult to keep their waist straight.

But Suye is better, just like a warrior with the body divine power flowing, and the body is almost weak.

Eugene suddenly said: “Suye, it seems that we guessed it right before, you really have Wind Elemental Bloodline, and the rank is not low, right? It is definitely not the lower rank Bloodline like the people of Wind Elemental! At least the middle rank Wind Elemental Bloodline can help you offset most of the weight!”

“No wonder! If it is a mid-level Wind Elemental Bloodline, it can definitely offset the weight of 100 pounds or even heavier. I suddenly understood why Suye dared to participate in the horse racing, he was riding on the horse, almost no weight, as everyone Knows, the lighter the rider, the better. I should have discovered it, and I should have discovered…” Gerner said.

Oknowows tightly knit.

At this time, the host’s passionate voice sounded.

“Dear viewers, next, we will see the last race of the racing event, reloading the race, and then want to see the race, it can only be a pentathlon cross-country reloading race. Everyone knows , Heavy equipment race is the highlight of the race, it symbolizes our Greek……”

After the introduction of the heavy equipment race, the mood of the audience was driven, and the host said: “Okay, let me introduce you to the three players who participated in the finals. Old rules, first of all… damn! Gods Forgiveness, why did you see Suye again? I really don’t want to see him anymore, he just came to blow the confidence of other players! Dear viewers, haven’t you seen enough of this weird Magician?”



The crowd shouted with a smile.

The host showed a wounded expression, helplessly said: “Well, I will continue to introduce him reluctantly… Wait! I suddenly found a terrible thing, very terrible thing! Audience, you Did you find it?”

The audience looked at the host doubtfully. What horrible thing happened?

Even members of the Demi-God family on the VIP stage and Priest of God’s Temple are also very curious.

“You guys think, if Suye wins the championship again, what will he be? Race King! Race King! Race King! Oh my god, a mage might become a race king! This too terrifying But, what’s even more scary is, spectators, who of you bet Suye to be the king of the race?” The host said at the end, the audience suddenly realized.

A boiling cauldron of voices throughout the stadium.

All the players in the field were also staring.

“I won’t make you the king of racing! Magician should shrink behind us, not humiliate us! At a distance of 5,000 meters, you impossible keep high speed, impossible!” Okeno shouted.

Eugene shrugged and said: “His Wind Elemental Bloodline rank is a bit high, no surprise, I can’t run him anyway.”

“Suye, if you are a man, state the number of your innate skills!” Gerner shouted.

Suye shrugged and said, “I’m afraid you will shed tears of youth again after talking.”


The host said: “Let me think about what is the betting odds of Suye’s racing king… I think of it, I lose 1 for 10. If someone squeezes 50,000 golden eagles, in the end, I get 500,000 golden eagles! Gods Above, forgive me for not seeing so many golden eagles in my life. Guess, has Suye bet yourself?”

The host’s words aroused the curiosity of the audience. All the audience looked at Suye.

In the Sparta’s auditorium, a girl with her hair covered most of her face stared at Suye with pink eyes.

“So, let me take you to solve this doubt. Suye, did you bet yourself to become the king of the race? If you bet, nod your head.” The host’s voice spread throughout the audience.

Suye focused on her head.

“Have you seen it? Suye bet himself! Then, Suye, tell me how much you bet, if it is less than 10,000, if it is more than 10,000, one finger represents 10,000! Come on, tell How many golden eagles did you bet yourself.” The host said.

Suye slowly raised his right hand and extended five fingers.

The audience discusses spiritedly.

“Sure enough, it was Suye. Sure enough, he was so courageous that he directly bet to the upper limit! Presumably everyone is waiting anxiously, okay, then we won’t talk too much, and quickly enter the 5000m reload race final, let us look at it earlier. To the result. Lord referee, please prepare.” The host gave the command to the referee off the field.

Another 31 players:? ? ?

Their small eyes are confused.

Pitia competition temporarily changed the rules? Shouldn’t one after another introduce the names of thirty two?

How do you introduce a Suye and play directly?

Don’t 31 of us have a name?

Or did the host forget?

Damn Suye!

The crowd looked at Suye fiercely.

Many eyes are intertwined, gently nodded.

Long-distance running is not a short-distance running. The short-distance running is on a fixed track, and the body cannot collide.

But long-distance running, especially the heavy race of 5000 meters, everyone’s bodies often collide, injuries are common.

If a city-state has a large number of people, it will even use various dirty tactics.

At this moment, 31 players are as close as brother.

“Ready…” The referee’s voice sounded.

Everyone looked at Suye simultaneously, and each player was extremely nervous.

In case Suye, the lunatic, still squatted down, and then sprinted out, everyone stopped running, lying on the ground and pretending to die.

Suye bends slightly, not crouching.

All players let out a long sigh of relief.

However, the audience was a little disappointed. It seems that they can’t see the reload race sprint.

But if you think about it carefully, it’s nothing. After all, even Hercules can’t do it.

Besides, things that are so heavy on your back, squatting and running will become a burden, and so on…

The loud whistle spread throughout the audience.

Thirty-one players took a deep breath and took steady steps. There was a huge difference from the sprint, but everyone stared at Suye, and then all expressions were dull.

Suye didn’t squat down, but Suye charge ahead, charge ahead, charge ahead…

Sprint with exactly the same speed as before.

Carrying a 100-kilogram sprint.

More than half of the players collapsed and almost threw armor and backpacks on the ground.

I don’t want to run!

Huge cheers rushed to the sky.

A million-level audience cheered loudly.

This is an unprecedented scene in a world low-level sports competition!

A moment to witness history!

All the viewers’ eyes are as bright as the lights.

There is only one Suye in everyone’s magic glasses frame.

The Suye, wearing armor and carrying a backpack, is running like the wind, running at full speed.

This is the speed when he sprints, and it is also the same when he runs long distances. Now, the reload race is still the same speed.

It’s really not a person!

Everyone saw this scene, and divine light flashed in their heads.

Does Suye want to break the world record set by Hercules?

Breaking the world record, you will definitely get Main God confered by gods!

And there may be more than one Main God confered by gods!

On average, one runner in ten years, but after the new world record was created by Hercules, everyone believes that the world record has been ended.

Hercules does not break whose world record, but redefines the race!

There are only two athletes in the world, one is Hercules, and the other is all other athletes.

Does third appear now?

Most viewers are full of expectations, but they are also puzzled.

No generals dare to let their soldiers carry such a heavy load so fast, even more how a run is 10 miles, and it is a sprint run.

According to Suye’s speed, it will really kill people.

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