The World of Deities Chapter 442


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The host loudly said: “Suye is really a Magician full of miracles. He has done things that even Hercules can’t. Let me briefly analyze it.”

“At that time, Hercules ran hard on his back and became slower and slower to the back. Suye’s body was strong, but it was far inferior to Hercules at that time, then we can be sure that he must have some strength to reduce the weight. According to the players , Referee and audience judgment, we can be sure that Suye has a mid-level Wind Elemental Bloodline.”

“In fact, both the powerful warrior and Magician can find that the surface of the heavy objects Suye is carrying has Wind Elemental gathering and is supporting the heavy objects. This is the main reason why Suye can run at high speed.”

The audience suddenly realized.

“Heavy objects are just one of the factors that affect reloading, and there is a second key factor, that is, physical strength.”

“We all know that when divine power can be used, sprinting at 5000 meters at full speed is a very simple matter, because divine power can greatly reduce the consumption of physical strength. However, do not use divine power to carry a weight of 100 pounds It’s difficult to sprint. In fact, there are also sprinters like Suye in history. At first, they sprint, but most of them have to slow down when they reach Middle-Stage.”

“Why is this? There is another very important reason, the previous competition. Today, Suye participated in multiple sprint and round-trip events, two long-distance runs, and one reload race, which consumed a lot of energy. .”

The audience was frequently nodded. In fact, they also found that those who participated in the four competitions at the same time and all entered the finals, only Suye and Gerner ended up.

Gerner, who was very good in the first three, performed very well in this fourth field.

“So, does Suye have any physical innate skill? I have consulted several Masters during this period, and the masters’ views are surprisingly consistent, thinking that Suye must have the’Abundant Physical Strength’ innate skill, which is even if he continues The main reason for not showing tiredness in the competition is that it is not easy to judge whether there is a stronger’long endurance’.”

“We can see that in the previous 3000-meter long run, other players started to sprint full force in the second half because the physical strength could not erupt for a long time. However, Suye was able to sprint from the beginning to the end. Obviously, he There is an innate skill of’physical burst’. But…”

The host paused for a few seconds and looked at Suye, his eyes changed.

“If there is divine power, the innate skill of physical expulsion consumes divine power, does it not? It consumes physical energy! The master who understands the innate skill of physical expulsion determines that once it exceeds 4000 meters, the physical explode will devour a lot of Physical strength, which greatly reduced Suye’s speed, may even be overtaken. Therefore, before the game, many Masters predicted that Suye will not sprint in the reload race.”

“Obviously, Suye is beyond the expectations of the masters, there are only two possibilities.”

“One is that Suye will run to about 4000 meters according to what the Masters said, and his physical strength will be exhausted and he will be unable to succeed.”

“One is that he has an extremely rare innate skill’physical recovery’! When the physical energy is exhausted, recovery has a lot of physical strength to support him to continue to sprint. This means that he may not only become a champion, he may even break Hercules The record has become a well-known sports athlete in Greece, and will be remembered by future generations! Even, it must be confered by gods of Main God!”

“Then, Suye will finally die in the end, or be reborn, let us wait and see!”

The audience stared at Suye closely.

Suye is wearing heavy black armor and carrying a brown backpack, still sprinting with full strength.

Suye has run to the other side of the track, and the players turn their heads to look at Suye from time to time.

It seems that the victory or defeat is no longer important. It is important to know whether Suye can sprint all the way.

Soon, some players panicked.

Pitia is very large, with a lap that is much longer than the ordinary track, so when Suye ran 3000 meters, it was impossible to beat others.

However, this is 5000 meters, and the heavy equipment runs 5000 meters. Everyone’s running speed is slower than the 3000 meters long run.

For them, it’s only early days, and even Middle-Stage hasn’t arrived. Impossible acceleration and impossible sprint, so the running speed is very slow.

What if Suye keeps sprinting all the way?

At this moment, each running player becomes a mathematician and calculates quickly.

It was quickly discovered that the top ranking people will not be caught up by Suye, but the bottom ranking people will definitely be caught up.

Hercules in the silver rank failed to catch up with the backward player in the heavy equipment race!

What if Suye catches up?

The last dozen players looked at each other, very worried.

However, if you are accelerating now and have insufficient physical strength in the later period, you may not be able to get a good ranking.

They are entangled.

With this distraction, their speed slows unconsciously.

Suye is still running at a terrifying speed, like the wind, tirelessly.

His feet even left an afterimage.

No one can connect him with Magician now.

The backward players are still entangled. They hope that Suye will eventually run out of energy and the speed will drop greatly, but they are afraid that Suye has the innate skill of physical recovery and can only keep looking back.

The more you turn back, the slower the speed, the slower the speed, the more likely Suye will catch up, and the more you will turn back…

Infinite loop.

Suye doesn’t care about anyone, running, running, running non-stop.

“Everyone notices that Suye is getting closer and closer to 4000 meters. Is there any physical recovery innate skill, you can get the results immediately! In the moment of physical recovery, he will inevitably slow down slightly, we, just wait for that opportunity! “

The host’s voice suddenly sounded.

The audience stared at Suye.

The last few players who ran in this brief moment seemed to be a pheasant in a vigilant territory. They glanced back at Suye every one or two seconds, then ran back and ran for another one or two seconds. Take a quick look at Suye…

The audience who discovered this scene either didn’t know whether to cry or laugh or laughed.

The host glanced at him, grinning and ignoring and continued to stare at Suye.

“4000 meters…” The host’s voice sounded.

Suye is nothing strange.

“It is about 4500 meters soon, soon…”

Suddenly, everyone saw that Suye’s figure swayed slightly, as if stepping on something, or losing balance.

However, Suye recovered balance in the blink of an eye and continued to sprint.

The speed is even higher than before, reaching the sprint speed of Early-Stage.

“Physical recovery…” The host muttered to himself.

All viewers are also aware that the big picture is set.


The last few players in the ranking saw this scene, and even no longer turned their heads, but kept staring at Suye, the body continued to run, but it was getting slower and slower.

In their eyes, Suye seemed to be carrying a storm like a wind king galloping.

It’s too fast!

It seems to be a monster made up of wind.

“What to do?” a backward player shouted.

“We cannot be the shame of warrior!”

“Can’t let a Magician surpass us! This is not a small stadium, but this is the Pitiah Stadium!”

“Resolutely not!”

“Sprint with all your strength, rather lose to warrior than Suye!”

“No, you can lose to Suye, but you can’t lose a lap!”




The last seven warriors, like seeing evil spirits, express panic.

It seems to be struggling for a noble mission with a firm vision.

With extremely contradictory expressions, they sprinted with all their might.

“Come on! For the glory of the warrior!”

“Come on! Warriors!”

Many of the Greece warrior who saw this scene gave up cheering for Suye and changed to those seven people.

The seven warriors heard more and more encouragement. Instead of looking back at Suye, they ran forward and ran as hard as they could.

In front, two referee stand on the finish line.

Due diligence, he pulled out a collision line.

One left and one right.

At this moment, the seven warriors are even more contradictory.

On the one hand, there is hope, and there is a chance, Suye has not touched the line.

On the one hand, didn’t expect referee did so. The soft cotton cloth hit the line like a high mountain, and it seemed like a long river traversing.

However, they are not discouraged, gnashing their teeth and sprinting constantly.

Their faces are distorted and their eyes crazy.

Can’t be caught!

Can’t be caught!

Can’t be caught!

Everyone roared in their hearts.

The players in front look back from time to time, and each time they look, their eyes are dimmed.

The sound of pedaling Earth appears behind.

It’s like Giant is running, and it’s like Demon Beast is chasing.

Closer and closer.

Seven people change color simultaneously.


“For the glory of warrior!”

The audience shouted, and the seven warriors stretched out their red necks and screamed as hard as they could.

Gerner in front looked back at the seven warrior faces, and suddenly developed an unstoppable sympathy.

“Come on! Friends! Come on…”

I don’t know why, Gerner blushed.

His eyes are bright, and finally a picture is reflected.

The demonic silhouette, as if Giant stepped on the ant nest, as if the giant elephant crushed a snail, surpassed seven warriors and hit the colorful strip.

The ribbon is wrapped and the champion is born.

Gerner turned his head angrily, tears slipped down on his dusty left instep, like a little oil stain on his shirt.

For the first time, he knew that the tears were so cold.

The originally violent cheers suddenly lowered, as if a huge wave was suppressed by God’s giant hands.

Every audience’s eyes moved away from Suye and fell on the seven warriors behind him.

The silhouette of the seven people is full of tragic.

Seven warriors watched Suye desperately across the finish line, with their heads lowered simultaneously, running forward silently, running forward.

As long as you run fast enough, you can’t keep up with yourself after being infamous.

However, they can no longer maintain the sprint and become slower and slower.

Suye blinked and looked around the room in confusion. Why is it so quiet again?

After three seconds, the host shouted excitedly: “Let’s congratulate! Congratulations to the reloading champion, king and… the new reloading world record holder, Suye! Cheers! roar. !”

The original strange atmosphere was swept away, and all the audience forgot the seven sad and angry people and shouted wildly!

Not only screaming for Suye, but also cheering for the upcoming Main God confered by gods.




Suye’s name was once echoed through Athens, once echoed through Sparta, and almost resounded through the marathon.

Now, resound throughout Greece.

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