The World of Deities Chapter 443


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In the afternoon at the Pitiah Stadium, the audience on all sides shouted like a tsunami.

“Race King!”

“Race King!”

Plato Academy is where the blue-eyed girl’s smile is warm and sweet, and she quickly converges.

Euclid wrinkled frowned not far away.

“This kid, is a little bit wicked. Is it possible that I want to be the second Aristotle? In case I haven’t become a Saint Domain yet, but he was promoted in advance, what should I do? I must hold on! I always feel that I forget Those two things can help me get promoted to Saint Domain or even Legendary! Come to think of it, think of it quickly…”

Teachers like Niederne and Gregory are happy to bloom.

They raised money before the game and all bet on Suye to win, didn’t expect, and there was a huge return so quickly.

“cough cough! Gregory, are you full of 50,000?” Niederne suddenly raised his voice and asked loudly.

“It’s full!” Gregory responded loudly.

The two men straightened their chests and looked at the field.

As long as extremely few Teachers laugh with them, most teachers and students laugh unnaturally, even with some pain.

Or, there are too few bets.

Or, some don’t believe Suye at all, and Suye can be the king of racing without betting.

This is equal to the loss of a few thousand thousand golden eagle!

Great loss.

Especially see Niederne and Gregory proud of one’s success.

The loss is even greater!

Athens Aristocrat stared blankly at the bottom, and the mouthful of lemon juice burst.

What a great glory this race king!

In the eyes of Greek who advocates sports and battle, every king of race is Hero!

The racing king is recognized by all Greece. As long as he is not judged to be blasphemy, even if he betrays Athens City State, Athens City State will have to build a champion king statue for Suye.

The statue of the champion king, not only in the City-State, but also in the Delphi God’s Temple.

The champion is one of the highest honors in all of Greece.

As for the championship champion, one has been out for hundreds of years, and it was still the son of Zeus, and everyone basically does not exist.

In a very ordinary foreign seat, a middle age person who is far taller than everyone around sits there,

He wears a hat and covers most of his face. His body is sallow and his skin is slack, but his muscle ratio is perfect. Even if everyone can see that this person seems to be sick, he can still feel him within the body as if hiding There is a volcano that may erupt at any time.

“This kid still looks away…” the middle age person of tall smiled and shook his head.

Suye stepped towards the podium, but after walking for a while, suddenly realized that it was wrong.

Looking back, all the players are still running on the field, and occasionally someone looks over, their eyes are extremely complicated, resentful, jealous, resentful, helpless, painful, sad…

Every player seems to be taken away from his soul, running like a walking corpse.

It’s still very fast, still working hard, but no spirit.

Most of the audience on the field discusses spiritedly.

When the host announced congratulations to O’Knoll as the runner-up of the heavy-duty race, many spectators were stunned for a moment, and this was reflected. The original game was not over!

Eugene follow closely from behind and become the third runner-up.

At this time, Gerner ran down his head in despair, and with the Bloodline of God of North Winds barely entered the quarterfinals.

At the moment Gerner ran across the finish line, the host praised with full of goodwill: “Let us remember Gerner, except Suye, only one player in the top eight in all races! He made What we see is persistence, hard work, and will! Let us cheer for this brave boy!”


Many people cheered feebly, as if to give a face to the host.

Gerner sighed for a long time, and the tears ran out, and stopped flowing.

I don’t want others to see what they insist on and what they want, I just want others to see my victory!

Eugene came over and patted Gerner on the shoulder.

“Don’t be discouraged, you are still the second runner-up, I am miserable, the second third. I just thought about it for a long time and I didn’t want to understand why this is the case? Uncomfortable.” Eugene said.

“You still have three fighting games tomorrow. Boxing, wrestling and fighting are all your strengths. You still have a chance to win the championship, I have no chance.” Gerner said.

“Aren’t you in the boxing and fighting the top 64? Your family’s Fist of the Wind has always been strong, and I can only dare to say that you are on the front line. In the game, it is not surprising to lose to you.” Eugene said.

“I’m scared.” Gerner’s face appeared painful.

“How could it be? You are a member of the North Wind family, God of North Winds is one of the most arrogant God, how can you be afraid!” Eugene said with half sympathy and half blame.

“I was defeated by Suye’s servant. I was just discouraged. I was saddened by Suye’s continuous running. But, don’t forget, Suye also entered the top 64 of three fighting games!”

“He is just Magician, fighting ability is too strong. I wish to meet him in a fighting game, beat him injured badly with many teeth knocked out, revenge on the race.” Eugene twitched his lips, disagree.

Gerner looked at Eugene deeply and slowly said: “Just before today, I think so too.”

Eugene’s body was shocked, his face was shocked, he lowered his head and looked at his dusty feet.

“Yeah, how did I just didn’t expect. Before today, I thought Suye was a joke to participate in the race, but now, the reality is like Demon Dragon hits straight and then leaves on our back. You said that, I changed my mind! I originally thought that Suye won the gladiator battle king in Sparta with Miracle Servant, but now, I’m not sure.” Eugene is full of solemnity.

“I don’t want to meet him at tomorrow’s game.” Gerner whispered.

Eugene glanced at the expression of erotic Gerner, and pats his shoulder again, sympathetic, wanting comfort, but just sighed.

In the race, losing to Suye is only surpassed, but in fighting, losing to Suye may mean bloody nose and swollen face.

“Waste! It’s just like the seven wastes of Pitia! Tomorrow, I will definitely break Suye’s bones by my own hands!” O’Keno walked by and said the next sentence.

The two of them looked at O’Keno’s back.

The back muscles of the Silver warrior of this Demi-God family are ups and downs, like a mountain range, exuding a touch of luster under the sun.

“After all, he is nourished by Demi-God Bloodline, or a great-grandson of Perseus. His physical condition is too good, and the probability of defeating Suye is great. How are you going to go against Okunno?” Gerner said.

Eugene helplessly said: “He has long been promoted to silver and has a gap in rank. He has never challenged, but I have challenged his younger brother with three wins and two defeats. My so-called battle must be won only by the Demi-God family In addition, I met the opponent of the Demi-God family, or losing more than winning.”

“However, after all, you have beaten the people of the Demi-God family many times, and on this alone, I admire you in particular.” Gerner said.

“Don’t be too busy to admire, wait for me to beat Suye in a fighting game. Let me say that, in case I’m just like you, Suye is a poisoned player. Let’s jump on Aegean Sea together.” Eugene looked at Suye and was astonished.

“Let’s go, you want to claim the prize.” Gerner said.

Eugene sighed, walk to the podium.

Looking at the three silhouettes on the podium, Gerner suddenly missed the consolation prize.

Gerner looked at the three people on the podium.

Suye, four champions.

Oukano, double runner-up.

Eugene, double third place.

Gerner is secretly relaxed, so it seems that he is not bad. He is a double runner-up plus a consolation prize. The overall ranking is regarded as the second in the race.

As long as you don’t run into Suye, you may be ranked in the top three in boxing and fighting.

Gerner suddenly lost in thought.

Why did I just lose to Suye in the race and felt that I couldn’t win in the fight?

Why is a warrior afraid to fight Magician?

No, it’s not my fault, Suye is too perverted!

Suye is more than alone.

It’s not just you who will be beaten by Suye tomorrow with bloody nose and swollen face.

Thinking about this, Gerner relaxed, the sky was clear, and the sun was also bright.

However, Eucano and Eugene have a slightly unhappy face.

Because in accordance with the usual practice, the final reloading of the awards will make the runners-up and runner-ups express their thoughts and spread their reputation. Although they are incomparable with the champions, they are all Greece-level competitions. The runners-up and runner-ups are excellent. Grades.

However, the host didn’t even care about the two of them at all. After hurriedly giving them a wreath and silver divine power equipment, they walked directly to Suye and handed out their magic beard.

The host was powerless and said: “Dear viewers, four times, I have submitted my magic beard to Suye four times, Gods is on, I don’t want to hand it to him next! I should apply to each God’s Temple, back Of the ten competitions, let Suye wear magic beard directly.”

The audience looked at this scene with a smile.

Athens Aristocrat’s resentment qi is running around. Since coming to Pitia, he hasn’t done anything else, either listening to someone cheering for Suye, watching Suye performance, or being framed by Suye.

Is it the Pitia Competition or the Suye Competition?

“However, I am very willing to award Suye, because this is a teenager who can create miracles!” The host said, giving Suye a regular championship award for reloading, garlands and trophies, and Golden divine power equipment, brave shoulderguards.

The warriors looked at the pair of shoulder pads with jealousy, like two golden lions lying on their backs. They not only have strong protective capabilities, but also form sacred barriers at critical moments to block the enemy.

“Then next is today’s most important ceremony, the awarding ceremony of the King of Race.”

The host glanced at Eucono and Eugene with a smile.

A Demi-God family’s Heaven’s Chosen Child, a Hero family’s supernova, hid all the anger and helplessness in his heart, and walked down the podium.

Gerner is relaxed again, but fortunately he is not on stage.

Suddenly exclaimed in the audience, because a light white light bridge flew out of the VIP station and connected to the awards stage.

An old man in a white robe holding a simple scepter and a gorgeous golden crown on his head, stepped on the white light bridge, stepped over ten several meters in one step, and walked to the podium in a few steps.

High Priest, Sun God Temple, Bain Gora, a devoted believer of Sun God Apollo.

The host immediately bowed his head and stood back.

The silver hair of the old man exudes a strong holy light, as if there is an invisible sun behind his head.

Whoever sees this wrinkled old man has a feeling of self-sufficiency.

His whole person seemed to be a beam of pure sunlight, and his eyes seemed to spray a thin light.

Suye slightly nodded greetings.

“You bring surprises to Pitia and be honored.”

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