The World of Deities Chapter 444


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The old man’s right hand left the scepter. The scepter was suspended in mid-air. There was a magic silver crown inlaid with a sun stone in his hand, which he put on for Suye.

When the magic silver crown was worn on Suye’s head, a lot of glittering flowers grew on the edge of the crown.

“Thank you.” Suye’s tone is sincere.

“You bring joy to Pitia, and you deserve to shine.”

The trophy that olds hands apply a glittering has a full-foot gold trophy.

Many people hold their breath and hold their eyes closely against magic glasses. They are envious.

“Thank you.”

“You bring courage to Pitia and be rewarded.”

Bingola said, the rays of light flashed in his hand, and a pair of pure white wings appeared on his palm, each wing was no more than palm-size.

At the moment when the pair of pure white wings appeared, many people’s faces changed dramatically.

Some people even cannot to bear stand up.

Even some people in the Demi-God family are surprised.

“Damn it, this kid’s luck…” Sisyphus was envious and jealous.

Suye froze himself.

The white wings look normal, but they are the Saint Domain treasure owned by the white wings.

Apollo God’s Temple’s symbolic Saint Domain treasure.

Whether Magician or warrior, can be used directly!

The white wing is the highest Saint Domain flight treasure. In the sun, the flight speed ranks first in Saint Domain treasure. It surpasses the God of Wind wing of the God’s Temple and the travel wing of the commercial God’s Temple.

A Saint Domain treasure with Legendary formidable power.

This Saint Domain treasure can only be obtained in the Sun God Temple, and generally only rewards devouts and fanatics.

If the glorious cloak is mainly handsome, the white wings are not only handsome but also very practical.

This typical confered by gods treasure is endowed with the power of God, far more than ordinary treasure, and the number is rare, so many, the white wings that flow outside the Sun God temple, no more than 20 Pairs.

This means that Sun God’s goodwill towards Suye goes further than before.

After all, even when Hercules became the champion, he did not get the white wings, although the main reason is that Sun God Temple is afraid of Queen of Gods Hera.

Aristocrat of all City-States and even the people of the Demi-God family started to think about it.

It seems that Suye’s status needs to be reassessed.

“Praise the great Sun God Apollo.” Suye’s gratitude also escalated.

Bengora gave a kind smile, gently patted Suye’s shoulder, turned around and stepped onto the light bridge to return to the VIP seat.

In Athens Aristocrat, there is a flicker of confusion in the eyes of those who believe in Apollo.

Suye is being watched by Sun God Apollo. In fact, it is nothing. God is following too many people. Besides, God will not retaliate against a Suye.

But Chief High Priest is not a god, but a living person.

If you are a person, with Seven Emotions and Six Desires, you might be able to do something unexpected.

These Aristocrat looked at each other, sighed.

In the future, not only can you not oppose Suye, but also make a small sacrifice to Apollo God’s Temple in a short period of time.

At this time, the host did not step forward, still standing on the edge of the podium and watching Suye quietly.

Everyone in the audience looked at Suye.

Suye looks to the westward sun.

At this moment, the sun is about to set, the sun is pale yellow, and it is no longer blazing noon.

Suddenly, the sky is bright.

The time seems to be reversed, and the entire Pitiah stadium returns to noon again.

Even brighter.

The intense white light falls on every corner of the Pitiah stadium, and the entire world seems to be surrounded by dazzling rays of light.

After a while, the white light is dim, but the world is brighter.

Everyone squinted at the sky.

The blue disappeared, and Baiyun disappeared.

The boundless sky is replaced by the boundless sun.

The crimson sun pressed against everyone’s head, and the thin prominence seemed to be the flame of annihilation, which could be scattered from the sky at any time.

The sun is overwhelming.

Everyone who believes in Sun God Apollo stands or prays, or kneels half on the ground. Only a few people kneel on the ground, or even crawl on the ground.

Suye bowed his head humbly.

A red pillar of fire descended from the sky and slammed into Suye. The flame on the edge of the pillar of fire rolled and jumped like petals in the wind.

The pillar of fire is not large, but the diameter is only four five meters, but the sky is brighter.

Bright all over the world.

Many people cannot even squint, but close their eyes.

After a few seconds, the beam of light dissipated, and the sun, which was larger than sky, also disappeared.

Slowly eyes opened by everyone. People who don’t know God are just surprised. People who know God are close to horror.

The sun is overwhelming and the world is white. This is a rare miracle. Only the very few people who are most favored by Apollo can get this miracle.

There are no more than ten people in history.

Priests in the Sun God Temple looked at each other, and their eyes sparkled.

“Huh? Look at…”

Suddenly, the audience picked up the magic glasses again and looked towards Suye.

Suye’s right shoulder, I don’t know when there is a tall heroic owl. Unlike the ordinary owl, the hair on this owl’s head is like a helmet.

An olive branch is in its mouth.

The owl stood on Suye’s shoulder, his eyes gray and blue, and slowly scanned the audience.

Priests of Goddess of Wisdom Temple salute in a hurry, and those who believe in Athena also salute in a hurry.

Suye lowered her head slightly.

The owl suddenly opened his mouth and made a cry.

The olive branch landed on Suye’s shoulder and disappeared.

Then the owl fluttered and disappeared into the sky.

Everyone looked at Suye with hot eyes.

At the same time get the confered by gods of the two Main Gods, which rarely appears in the history of Greece, and will not exceed twenty times.

Suddenly, a broken blood light fell from the sky like lightning, hitting Suye’s forehead.

blood light enters Suye’s eyebrows, and disappeared.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, Scarlet Lightning, Goddess, how could they lower the confered by gods for Suye?

Disputing Goddess is under the command of God of War Ares. It is clearly against Goddess of Wisdom Athena, and it is not harmonious with Sun God.

What everyone didn’t expect is that a white dove with olive branches flew over Suye’s head, a beak, the olive branch landed on Suye’s head, disappeared, and the pigeons also flew to the distance.

Everyone is looking thoughtful.

didn’t expect discord with Goddess and peaceful Goddess, already concerned about Suye.

Many people are puzzled.

There is no Main God in the Panheon and the Xiaohe Pantheon, but the power of their act together is not inferior to any Main God. They paid attention to Suye so early, and even competed for Suye, which is a bit exaggerated.

Only those who know that Suye and Urak are one person understand why God of these two little Pantheon did not hesitate to end the game at the same time.

Suye didn’t say a word, only felt hot all over her body, but at this time there was no way to meditation to absorb the power, and could only wait quietly.

Everyone can see that Suye’s skin is slightly red.

A few people are envious, including those high-level warrior or magic, including those Demi-God family.

The better the confered by gods, the more obvious the changes.

Like the confered by gods, which can cause visible changes to the naked eye, you will definitely get a particularly powerful innate skill.

Even the people of Demi-God family are hard to get.

The host said nothing to Suye.

When the red slowly on Suye’s skin dissipated, he said: “Suye, the racing king, we really want to know, what do you think of today’s game?”

Many viewers raised their ears.

“First of all, thank Gods.” Suye’s tone is sincere and natural.

All Priests are gently nodded. Although this person has some shortcomings, the essence is not bad.

“Secondly, thanks to all Greeks, it is our Greece that has virtues unmatched by other countries, and thus it has strong power to hold the world’s attention contest.”

All Greeks are content.

“After that, thank Athens and everyone in Athens. My champion or runner is not my own, but the credit of all Athens people.”

All Athens people are satisfied with the nodded, and even those Aristocrat’s expressions have been eased. This time, Suye did not speak indiscriminately, which was considered decent.

Perhaps this is a sign of confession.

Suye looked at the position of the Athens people and said, “Finally, I would like to thank the great Sun God Apollo and Goddess of Wisdom Athena especially, thank you for not being with Goddess and Goddess, and hope that all Athens people will stand up with me. God thank you, thank them for lowering confident by gods for the Athens people.”

Athens Aristocrat froze for a moment, and his body rose slowly instinctively.

At this moment, they cursed Suye with the most vicious language in their hearts and used countless reasons to stop themselves from standing up, but their bodies stood up submissively.

More than half of Aristocrat’s body is trembling, and the power of anger and abhorrence is combusting in their bodies.


Plato Academy teachers and students stood up with a smile.

The civilians of Athens stood up laughing.

The other City-State Greeks either laughed loudly or looked at Athens Aristocrat sympathetically.

Suye just got confered by gods, under the banner of thank God, which Athens Aristocrat dare not stand?

But getting up, not only thank God, but also recognize that Suye is an Athens, and that Suye won the championship.

Congratulations to Suye.

Some Priest of God’s Temple look displeased, but the Priest headed by the little Pantheon has a smile.

At this moment, Suye is like the conductor of the band, with a simple sentence that makes Athens Aristocrat a puppet.

“Thanks Gods.” Suye bowed her head slightly.

“Thanks Gods.” Athens Aristocrat gritted their teeth and said the same thing.

“In the eyes of Gods, we are all Athens people, and we are all Greek.” Suye suddenly looked at all Athens people.

Countless Greek gently nodded.

Even if it is some unpleasant other City-State Aristocrat or Priest, it also shows a surprising color, gently nodded.

Athens Aristocrat didn’t seem to hear anything and sat down silently.

Many Aristocrat looked at each other and saw fierce tigers, hungry wolves, and demons in their eyes.

André clenched his fists, and the exposed green tendons outside his skin resembled a twisted iron bar.

“Untouchables! Untouchables! Untouchables! Even humiliated me in public, humiliating all Athens Aristocrat in public!”

Suye’s gaze swept across the crazy faces of each and everyone, the expression remained unchanged, patted his clothes, paid tribute to the host, and walked off the podium.

Afterwards, the host announced the end of the first day of the game, tomorrow will be boxing, wrestling and fighting three events.

“I look forward to Suye being beaten to bloody nose and swollen face tomorrow!” the host loudly said.

In the sound of discussions with good intentions and malicious intentions, the audience left the scene in an orderly manner.

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