The World of Deities Chapter 446


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After dinner, Suye and Academy’s Teacher practice boxing, wrestling and fighting.

There are four players in the top 64 in the school, but only Suye and Hort have reached the top 64 in all three events.

2nd day, the fighting day contest starts.

Unlike yesterday, today’s contest is an hour ahead of time, and it is ready for the night.

As soon as the host changed yesterday’s words, he announced that there were no 32 top players in today’s game, and he directly selected 16 top players. There will be eight games on the field at the same time, taking place in eight separate arenas, please ask the audience to decide which game to watch.

Every audience understands that, because the top 64 is divided into 8 groups, and each group’s people have to play with others.

If you fight one after another, you won’t be able to finish tomorrow.

Next, 64 boxing contestants were drawn and grouped according to the number drawn.

After the moderator finished reading the list of each group, each of the eight people in each group walked to the ring corresponding to their own group.

Suye is in Group 3, standing in front of the third ring.

“It’s a coincidence.” Suye smiled towards Gerner.

“Give a face, don’t die, don’t hit your face.” Gerner said with a weeping face.

“I’m just Magician, I won’t.” Suye smiled harmless to humans and animals.

“I used to think so.” Gerner secretly aimed at Suye’s fist.

The referee of group 3 came over, holding a Magic Book, and looked at it carefully, and finally looked at Suye’s face.

“Suye, testing and your own registration materials all indicate that you have magic curing: rock armor, right?”

“Yes,” Suye said.

“Magician has a natural disadvantage in fighting projects. In order to maintain the fairness of the game, Magician can use magic once. However, only magic with pure protection ability can be used, and magic with extra features cannot be used, such as smooth, with sharp horn. And so on. Your rock armor is on the list of allowed magic. You can continue to maintain the effect of the rock armor, or you can temporarily apply for the master to seal your rock armor and replace it with other Protection Magic you like and the competition allows. “Referee said.

“No need to change, so you can.” Suye said.

“Okay. Then you remember, in the battle, it is forbidden to use any magic, otherwise it will be considered cheating, and all results will be canceled, including yesterday.” referee said.

“I remember the non-offensive Bloodline ability,” Suye said.

“I see the Bloodline ability you registered, you can use it.” Referee looked at Suye with a weird look.

“That’s good.”

“Let’s draw first, then prepare.” Referee left.

“What bloodline capabilities?” Gerner probe asked.


Gerner gave Suye a helpless look.

The draw was completed again, and the eight teams warmed up in the ring while looking at the remaining seven opponents.

Selecting the top 16 directly means that only the top two teams of each team can advance, and the remaining 6 will be eliminated.

And everyone has to fight with the other seven people. In this high-intensity, multi-frequency battle, skill and strength are no longer the main factors, physical strength is the primary factor, and the mind becomes particularly important. .

With the main referee’s whistle, each ring referee gave up No. 1 and No. 2 to play.

The players on both sides immediately jumped into the ring very actively.

Unlike the rules of the previous qualifiers, in order to save time, the official competition has formulated many harsh rules.

For example, if the offense is not active, referee can directly determine the negative game and add points to the other party.

If the attack is not active three times in a row, referee will consider it as a powerless battle and will directly decide the outcome.

Therefore, many methods cannot be used in the official competition of the contest, and the contest will also become extremely intense, which is more supported by the audience.


The eight referee announced the start almost simultaneously.

Afterwards, I saw sixteen people on the eight rings, as if there were no rational fighting dogs, and rushed towards the other party to attack.

You can use physical strength as an excuse for the following games, but the first round competition will be judged as a passive game if the defense is slightly overdone.

Almost all sixteen boxing hands put out their full strength. Even without divine power, the strength of these people is far superior to that of ordinary people. Many people fist in the sky, and many viewers simply cannot see their attacks.

However, this does not prevent the audience from feeling the blood in the battle.

“Come on!”

“Destroy that Athens!”

“Let Special Bayern people taste the power of our Sparta!”

Crowds cheering for City-State.

The game is two wins in three innings, 90 seconds in one round, but there are four games that are tightly scored in the second round, and the other four games are also divided in the beginning of the third round. It all ends with the surrender of one side.

Once you can’t beat it, you need to save your strength and prepare for the next step.

The game time of the eight rings is not the same.

With the end of the second battle, Suye, who draws No. 5, and player No. 6 play.

Camore, an outstanding Silver warrior in Mycenae, and a member of the Legendary family.

“Get rid of that Magician!” a number of City-State people in Mycenae yelled together.

“Warrior cannot lose to Magician!”

“Mycenae is invincible!”

On the VIP table, many Demi-God family members and Priest looked towards Agamemnon and Menelaus.

The two looked quiet, without saying a word.

Suye and Camoray wrapped their hands in cotton cloth and walked into the ring.

The two sides separated and stared at each other.

The host’s voice sounded: “Dear viewers, in the ring 3, we will see Suye’s official competition. In the previous sea elections, although Suye was strong, but he could not see anything, then, in In the top 64, can he make an all-out effort?”

Many people looked at platform 3 with curiosity, but others still focused on other platforms.

On the ring 3.

“Start!” After referringee finished, he immediately stepped back.

Suye and Camoley pounce on each other like tigers.

Two people are boxing right towards each other.

A startling scene appeared, where the right fists of two people hit each other’s left face at the same time, but Suye just flicked the body, and Camolay was beaten backwards, full of a mouthful of blood.


Camore spit out blood mixed with blood and saliva, and two broken teeth.

The left face was instantly congested and red.

The crowd stared at Suye’s left face.

Not even red!

Not to mention redness.

The audience froze in place and blinked desperately.

The warriors that can enter the top 64 are all able to overcome the existence of Black Iron Warrior without divine power.

A warrior like this, a punch on a Magician’s face is like a gust of wind?

Except for the level of gladiator battle king Commodus, no Silver warrior can achieve this level with one punch?

A Magician, Sparta better than warrior?

“Suye is invincible!” Julius’s sharp voice sounded.

Castor stared blankly at Suye and said to Commodus around him: “He seems to be growing a little fast.”

Commodus didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “When he flies this fist, do you know what I think?”

“What do you think?”

“Fortunately, I did not participate in this year’s Pitiah contest.”

“Is he this fist, so fierce?” Kastor surprised.

“He didn’t do his best, it’s almost the same as I did four years ago. Once he inspired Giant Bloodline, you think about it again,” said Commodus.

“He really doesn’t want to be a person! You see those audiences, they are scared by him.”

Everyone looked around. Sure enough, a large number of viewers were stunned. Nothing happened until now.

After a while, the host’s voice came to him, and he cried with regret: “It’s over, I feel I have to give Suye magic a beard again today. A Master told me that Suye’s warrior innate skill and battle body innate Skills are more than twenty! I am going crazy. A Magician has a double twenty battle system innate skill. What did he go through? Did he just learn magic casually before, but mainly exercise?”

“In addition, the Master saw that Suye’s great Sun God Apollo’s confered by gods might be transformed into light elemental Bloodline. He felt the power of light treating Suye’s face. Well, although Suye’s The face is only slightly touched, not even a bruise.”

“By the way, there is also the Master’s calculation. Suye has an innate skill of servant transformation type, which converts a part of Miracle Servant’s strength or innate skill into his strength, otherwise a Magician impossible is so powerful. Fighters, there are also behind Pentathlon warrior, as well as the final rider and driver, prepare yourself.”

Suye heard the host’s words, relaxed, but then I thought about it, maybe I really need a servant transformation innate skill.

The boxing competition continues, but the audience suddenly loses interest in those competitions.

Warrior fights warrior, how can Magician punch a warrior face covered in blood?

“Cruel! Too brutal!” Julius shouted excitedly.

The gladiator battle on the side saw the master shouting, and immediately shouted.


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