The World of Deities Chapter 447


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Sparta warrior didn’t know how to describe this shocking scene. If someone shouted, follow it.


Even Sparta people feel brutal, and the city-states of Sparta’s vassals and the city-states of Peloponnese Peninsula also shouted.

Next, millions of people shouted.


Magicians sighed, how can this word be used to describe Magician?

At least it should be the encounter of courage and strength, bright red flowers spilling over the ring.

The other warriors on the other side of the ring no longer watched their team’s games, but looked towards Suye.

Even some boxing players who are fighting in the battle are looking at Suye.

And not one person, but two people watching together.

It took a while for referee to react.

“Look at what? Look at the negative game between you two!”

Two boxing hands shrugged their shoulders and sentenced them to a negative match at the same time.

Suye stood helplessly, waiting quietly.

After a while, the host didn’t know whether to cry or laugh sounded.

“Everyone knows that the great Apollo has the power of medicine, and the medical god Ask is his son. Therefore, the healing power of our Apollo God’s Temple Priest is the same as the medical God’s Temple or the recover completely female God’s Temple. .”

When everyone heard this for a moment, what did the host mean?

“Why should I say this? The reason is very simple. We have given Camoray a full range of treatments. We can guarantee that his body is in good condition and his mind is intact. It’s just… when When we mentioned Suye, he shook his body and said he abandoned the game. We told him that in the next six games, he didn’t need to face Suye, but he still refused.”

The crowd suddenly realized.

Those who saw Suye’s punches felt terrified.

Those who did not see the punch, showed regret, and could only wait for Suye’s next game.

So most of the audience stared at Suye, rarely watching other people’s battles.

The stadium is quiet.

When the host saw it, it didn’t work. The audience watched the Suye competition, what about the other platforms, so he secretly contacted the host referee.

The main referee immediately found Suye and asked in a low voice: “Suye, next you play in succession, how about the remaining six players in Lien?”

“No problem.” Suye said.

The main referee went to ask the other six.

“Agree!” Gerner agreed first.

Think about the rest of the warriors a little, and all are unified.

Only in this way is it possible to defeat Suye.

Lord referee nodded, indicating to the host in the distance.

The host immediately said: “Now after the end of this game, the rest of the seven groups of players will take a break. Next, in the ring 3, Suye will fight with the other six people in the group. You should know why you can’t let Suye attracts everyone’s attention! Do you agree, guys?”

“Agree!” many players shouted with a smile.

“Continue this battle, Suye, please prepare us for your gift! Are you not brutal? We are more brutal than you! I don’t believe you can win streak! Audience, you are right Not right?”


overwhelming majority The audience shouted excitedly, this is the game!

However, a few people are frowned.

Paros wrinkled frowned.

Crimella wrinkled frowned.

Niederne smiled.

Gregory asked: “Your student was targeted, what are you laughing at?”

“Just about the stinky fish and shrimps, can I still target my students? This matter is not bad for Suye. The second batch of Pitia Seven Wastes was born.” Niederne said.

Gregory didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, said: “The name of the seven wastes of Pitia has emerged from the reloading race, which has made those seven people sad enough. Now you have made a new seven. No, everyone in the 3 groups must hate you.”

“It’s useless to hate me, hate Suye if you hate it!”

The fourth game hastily ended.

All the rings stopped.

The audience looked at the fourth ring and Suye.

Suye walked into the ring, facing the VIP seat, and glanced down from the other six surviving players.

“Everyone, I am preparing for the championship, so next, I may make an all-out effort to adapt to the new growth. So, next I may make a heavy hand, please forgive me. Wait for the end After that, I invite everyone to eat at Giant Dragon’s Beatiful Object. Express my apologies.”

Suye’s words can only be heard by those around the ring. The other players’ faces are very unsightly, but there is no refusal.

People who end Camolay with two punches and one round are indeed qualified to say that.

The audience is lively.

“What is he talking about?”

“Give him a magic beard!”

“We want to hear what Suye says!”

“Host, have you forgotten what you said?”

The host has no choice but to dignified the main Priest himself, although for the atmosphere gag, the audience is too reluctant to regard themselves as Priest.

He looked helplessly to Chief High Priest Ben Gola.

old man gently nodded.

The host said: “Okay, this game is for Gods, but also for all the audience. I will send someone now… No, I personally give Suye magic beard, he can always use it in the next game. !”

After the host finished, body flashed and instantly appeared on the ring 3, handing Suye magic beard.

The back of the audience was cool. Just now, Guangtu had a quick mouth and forgot that this is Saint Domain.

“many thanks.” Suye took the magic beard and put it on.

The other boxing players are envious and jealous.

Athens Aristocrat gnashing teeth, it’s too unfair!

Priest at Sun God Temple is too much!

Does the Sun God Temple help Suye so much, is it just to blame Athens Aristocrat?

Sun God can’t be wrong, and Suye is right. Is it the Athens Aristocrat?

Suye suddenly repeated what she just said, but added a little bit more material.

“Everyone, I am preparing for the championship, so next, I may make an all-out effort to adapt to the new growth. So, next I may make a heavy hand, please forgive me. Wait for the end After that, I will express my apologies, please go to Giant Dragon’s Beatiful Object to dine, and give away a set of silver tableware, plus a good weapon equipment of the “Dragon Slayer” brand, of course, you can also choose the “Lighthouse” Magic Tool.”

The host who has returned to the platform didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, Suye, isn’t it advertising?

However, the audience did not care about this.

“The original new tableware is related to him.”

“What is the Dragon Slayer?”

There are only a few spectators who gently shook the head, the gap between the two sides is too great, but this is a fighting game, and it is bound to see blood.

Three punches.

“Sususususu…Victory!” The host first shouted long, and then shouted cheerfully, “The second one! The second one! Now let’s wait for the third one.”

The No. 1 player was carried down and treated quickly, and the No. 2 player came up.


“Isn’t this the little Gerner of our Beifeng family? He impressed me. Although he did not get a good ranking in the heavy equipment race, he ran at the end and did not rank in Pitia. Seven wastes…Oh, sorry, I’m not malicious, I just made a mistake, to be honest, I don’t think anyone who calls this kind is also malicious. So, can Gerner be ashamed today? Gerner, come on!”

Gerner’s face is black. Is this cheering or mocking?

Gerner looked at Suye, helplessly said: “Your punches are fast and your pace is fast, speak frankly, all above me, but your skills are far from equal to me. I hope you don’t carelessly.”

Suye nodded.

“Come on.”

A whistle sounded and the two rushed forward, waving their right fist at the same time.

Gerner’s mouth twitched slightly at the moment of swinging his right fist.

Perish together twice in a row, are the real boxing hands fools?

Gerner’s expression suddenly changed.

Suye’s body moves to the left, and his right fist changes direction.

Aim at Gerner’s right fist.

At this moment, Gerner felt like fire.

“Come and come, Beifeng family is fearless!”

The two fists right.




In the sound of Gerner mournful scream, his right arm showed a weird twist, his right elbow suddenly cracked, and the white and broken arm bone pierced the elbow and came out, blood was splashing.

Gerner 噔噔噔 retreated continuously, hit the ring guardrail, looked at his right arm hanging down in horror.

This is not a dislocation that can be connected immediately.

It’s a broken bone that breaks into a sharp split, like a bone spear.

“Suye wins this game!” Referee doesn’t care about Gerner’s emotions at all, and doesn’t even declare the end of the round, directly judges Suye to win.

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