The World of Deities Chapter 448


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“You…” Gerner sweated coldly on his forehead and sat on the ground looking at Suye angrily.

He only realized that Suye realized that he was fast and skillful, so he used a more direct way to solve the battle.

Gerner’s eyes dimmed, without a word, his head was lowered, his left arm was covering his right arm, he jumped off the ring, and was treated with the help of Priest.




If at first, the audience still has some sympathy for their opponents, but under the stimulation of continuous blood and battle, they have completely inspired their fierceness.

Inspires the aggressiveness in Greek Bloodline.



Suddenly, millions of people shouted slogans simultaneously.

The player No. 3 shuddered and slowly walked towards the ring.

With just a few steps, he walked out of the 5,000-meter cross-country reload.

“I am Pavarote of Collins, a boxing player, who can fail, but not defeat without a fight!” Pavarote raised his arms gently.

“To fight without defeat, battle!” Suye said loudly, raising his arms and obstructing his face.



Many spectators got up and shouted together.

passionate combustion, passion broke out.

The whistle sounded through the sky.

The two immediately attacked.

Pavarot’s right fist just swayed a bit, and used his left arm to block Suye’s right fist, ready to attack with his right fist again.

However, Suye’s right arm is in his left arm, and with the sound of a tsunami, like a Giant’s collision, his right fist banged his left arm on his face.

ka-cha, a slight skeleton shattered from the left arm.

Second punch, Pavarote blocked with his right arm, when Suye once again bombarded his right arm on his chest.

ka-cha ……

Pavarote’s right arm heard a slight skeleton shatter.

The third punch, Pavarote bowed his head slightly, crossing his arms across his forehead.


Suye’s fist fell precisely at the intersection of his arms. Pavarot was in the cracked voice of skeleton. His eyes were black, his head leaned back, his body flew into the air, and hit the guardrail.

Suye still wants to pursue, but suddenly closes.

I saw Pavarote slipping to the ground, staring blankly, and staring blankly at the front, as if he had fallen into dementia.

Broken his arms and blood poured out.

The chest collapsed slightly.

“Suye wins the first round!” referee finished running.

“Pavarote, can you see it?” Referee held out his right palm and shook in front of Pavarote.

Pavarote was unresponsive.

“Suye wins this game!” referee announced loudly.

The audience screamed and cheered again.

The remaining few boxing hand expressions are unremarkable, and even some people are shiver coldly.

The boxing hands of other platforms have a lifeless look in one’s eyes.

That kind of power, that kind of speed, at least the extent to which Bronze Warrior uses bronze divine power, right?

Okano stared at Suye, but only slightly smiled.

Hort blinked and scratched his head suspiciously.

When did Suye become so powerful?

The most popular candidates for the championship are facial expression graves.

Under the watch of everyone, Suye played the following games one after another.

The fastest two punches to solve the battle.

No more than three punches!

In the end, the game was won with seven wins.

In the warm cheers of the audience, the eight groups continued to compete in the ring.

The audience lacks interest and discusses spiritedly.

“This Suye is really amazing, no surprise, the boxing project can be ranked in the top three.”

“Top three? That is an insult to him. I believe he can win the championship.”

“However, those who lost to him are miserable.”

“Losing to other warriors is nothing, but losing to Magician, the reputation is over.”

“He is now in the No. 3 ring with him and is known as the Pitia Second Wave Seven Wastes, or the Boxing Race Seven Wastes.”

“That is to say, Pitia now has fourteen wastes?”

“They are so miserable. Which of these all-Greece-level games is not the leader of each City-State? Which one is not respected by all parties? As a result, Suye became like this…”

“No, I think the worse is still behind. In case the battle behind Suye also wins in a row, will there be more waste?”

“Gods is on, I really sympathize with Suye’s defeated, but…I’m also curious about how much waste Suye can make.”

slowly, the audience’s playful jokes and jokes continue to spread, and Pitia’s race seven and boxing seven wastes have been determined, and everyone is waiting for the next round of wrestling seven wastes.

After three hours, the top 16 was selected.

Gerner is the one who is going out with Suye.

His injury was healed by Priest.

However, his face seemed to be hit by Time Freeze, staying at the moment he was defeated.

I have always been black and never laughed again.

Sixteen people are divided into four groups, each group is promoted to the top four, and the rest are competing for the top eight.

Gerner of Bad Luck and Suye are grouped together again.

In the end, Suye was promoted to the semifinals.

The other three are Okeno, Eugene and Hort.

Okano won cleanly throughout, and his opponent even had a member of the Demi-God family.

Eugene and Hort are both in a hard fight. The two opponents are either City-State’s famous genius or a descendant of the Hero family. Finally, they won at the cost of serious injuries. They can only fight again after receiving Priest treatment.

Next, four people draw lots on the main ring to decide their opponents in the semifinals.

In the end, Suye played against Eugene, and Ocano played against Hort.

Looking at his lottery, Ou Ke Nuo suddenly looked at Suye with a profound smile.

“Hort is your friend?”

Suye felt a full of provocation in her tone, her brows moved, and she looked quietly at Okenuo.

“You’d better let him surrender.” Okeno said as he walked down the ring.

Eugene suddenly said: “I’m not a friend of O’Connor!”

Because they are very close to Suye and the host, the conversation spread through the audience through the magic beard.

Everyone froze for a while, and watched Eugene laugh. Obviously, Okeno wanted to attack Suye by attacking Hort, but Eugene expressed hurriedly for fear of being retaliated by Suye.

Suye ignored Eukenau and Eugene and patted Hort’s shoulder in the past.

“Normal game, if you can’t play, you will admit defeat. Don’t worry, if he is too much, I will repay it tenfold.” Suye’s voice spread throughout the audience.

“Okay!” Hort smiled honestly.

The sounds of coaxing one after another are connected together.

Looking for fear that the world will not be chaotic, the audience shouts in various voices and wants Suye to fight Okeno.

First Stage, Suye against Eugene.

Eugene is stronger than all previous opponents, but the ring is so small that Suye uses both sides suffer completely.

In the first round, Suye failed to defeat Eugene, but Eugene suffered bruises all over, and finally calculated points, Suye won.

Suye didn’t hurt at all, and the audience was surprised by tsk tsk.

In the second round, Eugene was finally unable to withstand Suye howling wind and torrential rain-like attacks, and his attack could not break Suye’s rock armor, and Suye was directly shot out of the ring.

“Convinced!” Eugene lying on the floor vomiting blood, a helpless expression.

Suye jumped off the ring and waited quietly.

Soon, Hort and Ocano play.

However, what didn’t expect to everyone is that, as soon as they fought, O’Connell’s body suddenly jumped twice, his skin suddenly turned red, and black stripes appeared on the surface.

“Crazy blood…”

Okino’s eyes instantly turned white, like a little red-skin Giant, madly attacking Hort.

Hort is taller than O’Keno, the muscles of the whole body are perfect, and the pure physical strength is no less than O’Keno.

However, Hort’s warrior and battle body innate skill are average.

Oukano’s double fists hit like a rainstorm, as if they had more than a dozen arms at the same time, turning into densely packed afterimages, which fell on Hort.

Hort was forced to use both arms to block even before he could attack.

Oukano’s double fists are so powerful, they are simply two hammers.

Every punch falls on Hort’s arm, and there will inevitably be a peculiar shock. A pale white Impact wave will appear, tearing Hort’s skin and flesh, twisted into pieces and fluttered.

At the same time, every time Okeno punches, his body makes a tsunami-like sound.

Boxing players were dumbfounded.

“Sounds like a tsunami, he turned out to be a double twenty innate skill. It turned out that he had been hiding his strength.”

“He actually mastered the extremely rare “destructive shock” innate skill. Fortunately, he didn’t use divine power. If he used divine power, the punch of the same rank’s warrior body may be directly burst.”

“Is this the Demi-God family? It really is powerful.”

“It seems that the boxing hand of the Demi-God family before knew Okeno’s innate skill, so he took the initiative to admit defeat after a while.”

“I said why there are so few warriors in the Demi-God family who signed up for fighting this year, it turned out to be because they were afraid of Okeno.”

In just a few seconds, Hort’s arm was completely smashed, revealing a cracked skeleton.

However, Hort also seems to have a reinforced iron bone innate skill, and the arm bone has not been broken.

However, when he lost muscle, he also lost strength.

Okno punched through Hort’s protection and hit Hort’s face.

The peculiar shock power in fist strength explodes Hort’s nose and spreads along the face to all directions. After a while, the blood and flesh of most of Hort’s face was shaken by fist strength.


Hort is so strong that he can’t fight back.

“Oukano wins!” referee hurriedly pronounced the sentence.

Hort’s huge body fell heavily on the ground.

Suye jumped into the ring and Hort passed out.

“Priest!” Suye yelled.

Priest at Apollo God’s Temple appears in a hurry, takes Hort away for treatment.

Golden Priest’s divine spell is extremely ineffective. The host, Saint Domain Priest, came out in person to make Hort recovery the same.

Looking at the sleepy Hort, Suye thanked the host.

The host just patted Suye on the shoulder and said nothing.

Suye lifts the head, looked towards Okuno.

The mouth of Eucono’s zip is raised high, revealing shiny white teeth.

Eugene, who has been cured, comes over and whispers: “Never underestimate the Demi-God family.”

Suye nodded.

It seems that I really underestimated Okeno, or that Okeno has a lot of battle innate skills, but not many racing innate skills.

Moreover, Okano is very acting!

Suye stared seriously at Okeno.

A typical Greek than your own tall, with olive oil applied to the skin of the bronze, it is shiny and radiant. It has light black curly hair, a tall nose bridge, and deep eyes.

Obviously less than 20 years old, but it looks almost thirty years old, extremely old.

His skin is extremely rough, as if polished by sandpaper, but at the same time glowing strangely.

Like muddy jade stone

“It is worthy of being the cousin of Hercules, a descendant of Perseus, one of the top ten Heroes of ancient Greece, and a descendant of Godking Bloodline.”

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