The World of Deities Chapter 449


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“Some words, I can’t say it clearly, you understand now.” Eugene sighed.

Suye nodded.

Recalling the performance of O’Connor in these two days, I reinterpreted it in my mind.

In a race event, he was grumpy and deliberately gave everyone the illusion that he was really a bully.

But in reality, strength has been hidden.

In the top four knock-out competitions, either Hort consumes energy or uses innate skill do it quickly, he chooses the latter.

At the same time, it also angers the opponent to the greatest extent.

Suye is lost in thought.

Oulknow’s father, Eurytus, is a famous madman, infamous in Greece, who has used various despicable methods to mutilate Greece’s first Hero Hercules, and everyone disdains his behavior.

The reason why Eurytus dared to harm Hercules was because of the permission of Queen of Gods Hera.

All Greeks know that Zeus had seven wives, and besides his wife, there were countless women. His favorite thing is to find beautiful women in the lower realm.

Even after the Myriad Realms ban, he still likes to use doppelgänger to get rid of flowers at Mortal World, which is the most famous big horse in Greece.

He left a very large number of heirs in Greece and contributed a large number of myths, legends and heroes to Greece.

To the extent that someone is cracking a joke, 1% of Greece Myths and Legends are other God’s stories, and 99% are Zeus’s romantic stories.

Zeus in the south, Odin in the north, Godking in the breed. Horse in the breed.

Even, Zeus only played with Hera. Later, Hera and Gods combined to force him to formally marry, and the relationship between the two was completely stabilized.

Even so, Zeus kept searching for women in the underground world.

In the history of Ancient Greece, a powerful Hero who didn’t make a name suddenly appeared, and God’s Temple Priest checked it, and more than half was Zeus’ son.

Hera hates Zeus’ behavior, so she uses various methods to obstruct Zeus and even kill Zeus’s women or children.

There are many children of Zeus, some of whom are children of God who have given birth to Goddess, such as Sun God Apollo, Goddess Al Iustitia, Dionysus, Vulcan, etc.

Apart from this, and some children of Demi-God, the best is Hercules.

The mother of Hercules is the granddaughter of Greece’s famous Hero Perseus, who is also the son of Zeus.


In short, Zeus loves Hercules very much, and Hera has been persecuting Hercules, and even once sent poisonous snakes to kill Hercules in her childhood.

In the legend, Hera used the most vicious curse on Hercules, so Hercules often went mad, killed his wife and son, killed Teacher, killed friends, and almost everyone he was close to was killed by him.

So, Hercules chose to exile himself, staying away from all relatives and friends, and preparing to live alone.

There are also rumors that Hercules chose to succumb to Hera, but to complete the test of Hera, only after completing the test, Hera really accepted him as his son and agreed to him as preferred.

Thinking of this, Suye understands that Eurythus’s cruelty to Hercules is only an appearance. Behind is the battle between Queen of Gods and Godking.

Euluthus, probably realized that he was a tool of the Queen of Gods Hera against Hercules.

He can only survive if he becomes a mad dog of Hera.

So, he chose to pretend to be a madman in the eyes of others.

And O’Connor is probably disguised.

“It seems that my understanding of this World is still not enough, and Greek is the film emperor.”

Suye thought silently.

“Give Ocano Magic Beard!”

“Give Oukano!”

Many Aristocrat audiences yelled suddenly, especially the yelling of Athens Aristocrat.

The host reluctantly spread his hands, teleported to the edge of the ring, handed Ocano a magic beard, and patted his shoulder passionately.

Many people cheered for O’Keno.

Aggs City-State people cheered, people in the Mycenae area cheered, and even many Sparta people cheered for Okanuo.

“At this sunny noon, the finals are about to begin. So, the champion belongs to Demi-God Perseus’s descendant, Eurythus’ son Ocano, or the brutal Magician Suye? No one can be sure, but you can What is certain is that the two will definitely contribute a wonderful game for us! Audiences, shouting out the people you support, Okuno, or Suye?”

At the call of the host, a large audience could not sit still and stood up and shouted the name of Suye or Okeno.

What makes many Aristocrat unbearable is that the amount of support for the two is evenly matched.

This disturbs all Aristocrat expression.

Aristocrat’s championships are almost all the championships of previous competitions. Aristocrat wins regardless of who wins or loses.

But now, that many people are cheering for a Magician, and they are a civilian Magician, and a foreign civilian Magician who has to pay every year to live in Athens.

What makes them even more uncomfortable is that many Aristocrat also support Suye, even some Demi-God family on the VIP table.

Sisyphus and Pollux cheered for Suye aloud, one is the Peak Demi-God family of Athens, and the other is Sparta.

Some elders of the Demi-God family glanced at the two people, and then hinted at Leonida, Leonida shrugged and said nothing.

The family behind Ocano is Queen of Gods Hera, who supports Suye, will it cause Hera’s disgust?

Everyone knows that Hera is a jealous woman.

However, the members of the extremely few Priest and the strongest Demi-God family are calm and don’t care.

In the audience in the Macedonia country, a short young man with arms around his chest stood up and looked down. He had black curly hair, fair complexion, and slightly red cheeks. At first glance, it was not surprising, but if you take a closer look, He would be surprised to find that he just stood alone, as if it were the center of everyone nearby.

Even if his perspective continues to expand, he seems to be the center of the auditorium on the entire hillside.

“My little Junior Brother is not bad.” The little youth smilely smiled.

“Alexander, can you say he can win the championship?” Hefeis asked.

“Who knows?” Alexander shrugged. “I only know that he showed Giant Bloodline at Sparta, but it’s not clear what rank it is.”

“This is the final, you can use magic glasses to watch carefully.” Hephais’ words caused everyone around to laugh.

Alexander said ill-humoredly: “I don’t want to faint at a critical time.”

“Poor Bloodsick Alexander.” Hephais’ words caused laughter around him.

Alexander shrugged again, not looking at the ring below.

On the ring, Suye and Ocano face each other.

“How do you feel about seeing your good friend Hort being skeletonized?” Tall’s Okunno stood down and looked down at Suye, his right lips grinning, revealing white teeth.

“My feeling is that your drama is good, even your father Eurytus’ acting is very good, you not only deceived others, but also concealed God.” Suye smiled politely.

Some Aristocrat suddenly realized in the Aristocrat audiences everywhere.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I can be sure that you have covered it up very well. Your good classmates were beaten by me like this, and you pretended not to be angry, not bad.” Okenno said.

“I came here not to be angry, but to compete for the championship. Your behavior will not change the result of my championship, but it will change the process of my championship.” Suye expression is indifferent.

Cheers and boos sounded in the audience at the same time.

Ou Ke Nuo suddenly smiled at the host, said: “Everyone looked at this cold Xue Wuqing’s Magician, but he did not put the life and death of his friends in the eyes at all. I am ashamed to compete with such people on the same stage. Of course, I will teach this kind of person fiercely, and I can’t even recognize his classmates! This stage belongs to the warrior, it belongs to us!”

Okano suddenly raised his arms.

Big and sturdy arms are like engraved root carvings.

At this moment, almost all of Aristocrat’s blood is boiling and yelling loudly.



Athens Aristocrat is the loudest.

Many civilian audience smiles disappeared, and some even booed against it.

“You will be like that idiot today, turning into a half-skeleton lying here.” Okeno pointed to the ground, the corners of his mouth were high, and his teeth were shining.

“I must admit your powerful far surpasses the imagination, and I can even be sure that you have other powerful innate skills or even Bloodlines Strength. However, you will be lying on the ground.” Suye’s emotions have no slight fluctuations.

Plato Academy teachers and students are frequently nodded, and even Hort, who has just awakened, is nodded.

He least wants Suye to be emotionally upset because of himself.

At this moment, both the Pantheon God’s Temple and the Priest of the peaceful Pantheon God’s Temple showed their praises.

“This Suye…”

Athens Aristocrat are getting more and more headaches, Suye is completely unaffected by Okanuo, and will surely be recognized by many influential figures. In the future, it would be a bit difficult to smear Suye in front of those neutral influential figures.

Okano finally couldn’t keep calm, his eyes flashed a look of disappointment.

“So, let’s talk with fists!” O’Keno gently boxed the left palm with the right boxing.

“You are not a good warrior, but a good opponent.” Suye twisted her neck and lightly bounced to warm up.

“Interesting.” O’Knowle immediately learned something and jumped in place, moving his limbs.

“Yes, it works, and I will do the same before the boxing match in the future.” O’Keanor’s provocative look caused the audience to laugh.

Suye is more and more certain that O’Knowle has definitely studied drama, and he usually shows arrogant and conceited. Once in the ring game, he has no face, no skin and no self-esteem. He even directly learns the behavior of his opponents. None are so powerful.

Okano is using provocation to cover up learning.

“I very much hope that we will enter the same group in wrestling and fighting.”

Suye said something that most people didn’t understand, gently raised her arms, stood in front of her, and took a battle posture.

“The first round begins!” referee sounded his whistle.

Two people attack at the same time.

The movement is the same, both are resisted by the left arm and attacked by the right fist.

However, Ocano is one head taller than Suye and has longer arms. The attack angles of the two are completely different.

Suye had to take a small step forward to take the shot, and at the same time, when O’Keno attacked, he evaded.

Two people’s right fists were blocked by the other’s left arm at the same time, but they cleverly used the edge of the fist to scratch the other’s face.

The two will retreat with one touch.

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