The World of Deities Chapter 450


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Okano’s mouth cracked slightly and opened a small mouth.

Suye’s cheeks are slightly swollen.

This is the first time two people have been injured in a boxing match.

Although the injury was pitifully small, and both injuries healed at a rate visible to the naked eye, the audience was thrilled.



The audience cheered loudly, and even someone took turns calling the names of the two.

“It’s very good.” Okeno finished, slightly arching his back, and launched a fierce attack.

Suye was unequivocal and launched an attack.

Oukano’s power is above Suye, but his flexibility is slightly worse.

Suye is more flexible, but not strong enough. The key is that his skills are far inferior to Okeno.

Suye is not a long-term melee warrior, nor long-term boxing training. Two fatal flaws are magnified in front of powerful opponents.

You come and go between the two sides, it is really good-looking, the two people continue to add small injuries, but because of the self-healing innate skill, heal quickly.

Most viewers feel that the two are evenly matched, but many experienced warriors gently shake their heads.

Suye is already very good, but O’Connell’s battle experience is too rich, whether it is fighting skills or understanding of boxing, far exceeds Suye.

As a result, O’Connor has more advantages no matter how many times or angles he hits Suye, and his score is significantly larger than that of Suye.

Unless Suye knocks down Okunno, the first three rounds will fall behind by a big score and eventually lose the championship.

The champion of the boxing game is a three-win system in five games.

Eukenuo’s punches can release a light white wave, forming a powerful concussive force.

However, those shocks fall on Suye’s face, which can only cause slight redness and swelling, and cannot cause large-scale damage like Hort.

With Suye, as the wound heals, light elemental continues to work.

This leads to the accumulation of more wounds on O’Connor’s body, but Suye’s old injuries can always be recovered quickly.

A piercing whistle sounded, referee threw forward, extending the hand arm separating the two.

The two stepped back and leaned back against the ring guardrail.

Crystal sweat flows like a stream on the heads and bodies of two people.

The opponents before the two were stunned. The battle between the two before was not sweating at all.

Even though, the two men ran a 5,000-meter weight-bearing run before, and they didn’t get tired.

But now the two battles are less than a hundred seconds.

The two gasped, breathing heavily, hanging their heads slightly, and staring at each other.

“You are very resistant to fight.” Okeno revealed a look of ridicule, and the redness and bruise on his face disappeared completely.

On the other hand, Suye was attacked more often, but no scars were visible on her face.

“In the first round, Oconno wins!” Referee and the main referee calculated the score and got the result.

Okano immediately stood up arrogantly, raising his arms high.




A large half of the audience cheered O’Keno’s name, and Aristocrat was as enthusiastic as ever.

And not long ago, these Aristocrat still mocked the civilians and yelled and yelled. They are all country bumpkins.

Some civilians looked at Suye in disappointment, clenching their teeth, and said nothing.

“Suye Come on!”

“Suye Come on!”

Plato Academy people shouted, some Athens civilians shouted, and some Sparta people shouted.

However, their shouts were suppressed by O’Kenot’s cry.

Okano grinned at Suye again.

“Human sandbags, let’s concede defeat.” O’Connor continued to provoke.

His words caused cheers again.

Suye did not speak, but took a deep breath after thinking for a while.

Giant transformed.

Suye’s body swells rapidly, the skin is stretched to translucency, and the skin is about to be burst, and the sound of rock rolling appears, and a powerful force pours into the body. As the body grows, the body continues to strengthen , The skin is getting thicker.

In the end, Suye’s body surged to five meters high.

Pale skin color with a bit of yellow jade-like spots on the surface.

Both sides under the shoulders gave birth to a thick arm.

Suye’s eyes moved and his expression was stable.

However, all the Sparta who experienced the battle of the king of gladiator, such as Commodus, were stunned.

Before Suye had multiple arms, that was the role of magic.

But now, Suye’s four arms are exactly the same, all of which are extremely stout. They are all Giant arms, not Earth Elemental arms.

Also, Suye’s previous transformation was only four meters high.

This is less than a month, Suye’s power has been greatly improved?

In the foreign audience seat, the waxy skin-colored warrior with a hat covering his face and tall figure lifted the head in surprise, so that his face was exposed.

Ackers, the strange slave warrior who disappeared after snoring with Giant.

He hastily uses his hat to obstruct the face.

“This kid! After snoring into Netherworld, unfathomable mystery evolution is a four-arm Giant. These four arms are almost exactly the same as snoring.”

All the people who originally cheered for O’Connor shut up.

Everyone didn’t expect, Suye actually has such a powerful Giant Bloodline, not only can become Giant, but also can become a special tall four-arm Giant.

Persian in the audience looked at this scene in surprise, and someone secretly spread the word.

“The possible reason for Suye to retreat Giant Legion has been found. He has a rare four-arm Giant Bloodline. We only need to find a Giant with a high Bloodline, and Giant Legion will not be surprised by Suye.”

Some Northern Europe warrior hurriedly stood up and sat down after saluting.

God of Northern Europe owns Titan’s Bloodline, and even Titan directly joins Odin.

Okno grinned and said: “Although I am not interested in gathering your intelligence, I have heard that you used the power of Giant Bloodline in the gladiator battle of Sparta. Let me think about you What is this Giant Bloodline. Hmm…Giant General, right? sorry, I have it too!”

“I have it too!” Ou Ke Nuo suddenly laughed, his body also swelled quickly.

In the end, Okanuo expanded into a four-meter giant.

The whole audience was in an uproar.

The face of those boxing hands has changed dramatically.

Many families who oppose Perseus’ family are also watching this scene in disbelief.

They didn’t expect that O’Connell actually had this type of Bloodline, and it has been unbearable until this time.

In theory, every descendant of God has more or less Titan Bloodline, but it is difficult to inspire.

Okano can now inspire Giant Bloodline, and his future achievements are limitless.

Although Hercules has the Giant Emperor Bloodline in the silver rank, claiming to have the power of twelve Giant, far more than Ocano, but Hercules is different.

Okno has reached Peak of the members of the ordinary Demi-God family.

It can almost be said that Ocano must become Hero, and there is even a great chance of promotion to Demi-God.

Perseus family, really the first Godking Bloodline in Greece……

Many Aristocrat praised.



Countless viewers cheered Okunno again.

However, when shouting, the voice weakened because they found a problem.

It is also the Giant General, and Suye was originally shorter than Okeno. After changing, Suye not only had one meter higher than Okeno, but also had two more arms.

The level of Bloodlines Strength seems to be visible to the naked eye.

Okno was originally aggressive, but for a while, take a closer look at Suye, then take a closer look at yourself.

Suye five meters, four meters.

Suye has four arms and two of her own.

Suye’s skin is thicker and shiny, and his skin is noticeably thinner and dim.

Suye is like the king in Giant, and he is just ordinary Giant.

Like a little brother.

“Start! Start!” In O’Kanno’s face and eyes, red’s blood acceleration surged.

The main referee nodded, the referee on the field blew a whistle and jumped directly from the ring.

A Giant with a height of four meters, and a Giant with four arms with a height of five meters, turned the original ring into a crib.

“I want to make you a Giant skeleton!”

Okano was about to step forward, but stopped suddenly.

I saw Suye’s dense armor on the surface of his body, one piece after another, with a Giant’s look carved on each surface.

Suye becomes a Giant wearing a dark golden armor.

At the top of the helmet, three sharp horns stand like crowns.

Absolute silence.

ordinary people are just surprised or feel heroic, but those who study Giant’s deeply are incredible.

Many Magicians instinctively use Magic Tool to record, but unfortunately, all failed, here is the stadium built by God.

The Masters stared at Suye carefully, as if to put every detail of Suye into his mind.

Okano’s huge face is a little dull, why he hasn’t battled yet, he already has a bad feeling.

Why the two eyes behind Suye’s “T” face mask are full of Supreme’s majesty, and why his soul is trembling.

But Godking Bloodline!

I also own Giant General Bloodline!

It must be an illusion!

It must be!

“I, great-grandson of Perseus, son of Eurytus, Eucono!”

Okno made a roar resounding through the audience, slightly short, and rushed towards Suye like a mountain.

one meter, two meters, three meters…

A scene that surprised everyone came up, Okeno like a beast that offended God, melted by God’s glory.

His body is getting smaller and smaller, and all Giant forms are rapidly stripping away.

His fist was aimed at Suye’s head, but in the end, his right fist fell slightly above Giant Suye’s knee, not even to the middle of the thigh.

The skin on the legs trembled and disappeared.

The audience was stunned.

Okano lifts the head, with his mouth wide open, slowly looking up at Suye, which is two stories high.

Suye lowered his head and looked down on Oukono’s small face, raised high his right arm and right arm, and then his right fist and right fist hit his face, chest and abdomen heavily.

Two punches from the sky.


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